Beta Mates

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Chapter 31

Emitt’s P.O.V

Life has been good.
No that feels like an over simplification, the better description would be sensationally remarkable!

I still couldn’t really believe it was my life. It was too good to be true. I had a loving friend group, a man who loved me and now I was house shopping with him, since our first joint didn’t work out to well.

We moved into a nice ,old home in the center of the pack that we were going to spend break fixing up. Like a cheesy couple activity. But our neighboring wolves complained we were too loud. Psh! Like if their stupid kid wasn’t screaming at three am in the fucking morning when I was trying to get laid.

Of course this was after my memorable ceremony a couple of weeks ago, after Beckett and I managed to get off one another. I went home to face my family’s reaction to me being gay.

Lucy claimed she always knew since I was a kid and simply hugged me before punching me for keeping my mate a secret. She didn’t even seem to care much that I was gay, she was just happy for me.
It made me feel dumb. Dumb that I’d worried so much when I had such an amazing sister who I should’ve known would love me no matter what.

Our parents on the other hand, not so accepting. Me coming out seemed to be the thing that pushed them over the edge, their masks fell off and they let everything out.

The things they said to me...... I hadn’t been able to find the strength to repeat the words to Beckett yet. It just...they...

It doesn’t matter now.

I was living with Beckett and his Uncle for the time being and so was Lucy who left our home quite happily with me. She was looking to find somewhere else more permanent but was happy with Jack’s company for the time being.

So things worked out well in a sense and I was happy. I mean, it hurt that I couldn’t see myself facing my parents again or get those words out of my head, but I was surrounded by people who truly loved me. All of me and that’s all that mattered.

“Eek!” I squeak in surprise as someone grabs my shoulder before turning me, before my eyes can focus on their face, I find lips pressed to mine as I’m pressed into my open locker that I was cleaning. “Mhmmm!” I hum with a smile stretching across my lips as I slung my arms onto Beckett’s shoulders, kissing him back happily as he grinded himself into me.

“Hey.” He whispers once we part lips.

“Hi.” I reply with a smile that wasn’t fading any time soon.
This was what made my parents repulsion towards me seem irrelevant, the fact that we were openly gay now. Loving one another with no boundaries or worries, sharing our affection whenever we please because we’d hidden it for way too long to do anything else.

“How was your last day?” I ask as I play with the ends of his hair with my finger tips.

“Boring.” He frowns lazily. “But it’s okay because it’s over now and that means...”

“You have me all to yourself.” I finish for him making him crack a smile.

“Meet me in the parking lot?”

“Yeah, I’m almost done here.” I reply eagerly, he kisses me again taking his time with me as our tongues danced together in perfect harmony. He grinds my into the locker, forgetting all those around us as we relished in each other’s touch, something I’d never tire of.

“Okay. See you in a bit.” He replies pulling away from my grasp leaving me a panting mess as he jogged down the hallway.

I somehow manage to gather myself and quickly start packing my bag of all the extra items in my locker that I’d need this Christmas break. I couldn’t believe the school term ended so quickly but I guess time passes quickly when you have an amazing boyfriend who is bomb at sex.

I turn around swiftly to see Mickey beaming up at me.
I had never seen the guy smile as much as I have in the last couple of weeks, and it was all because of Nicolas and Christopher. He walked around as a ray of sarcastic sunshine wearing tank tops despite the unforgiving cold weather to show off his two bite marks on both his shoulders that he was extremely proud of. It confused the hell out of the humans but he didn’t care.

It didn’t take long for him and the twins to mate and even shorter for them to completely be head over heels for one another. It was a beautiful thing to watch and I was so happy he had people so wonderful in his life that were now his family.

“Hey.” I reply mirroring his smile before shutting my locker. “Thought you’d be half way to New York by now.”

“We’re leaving this evening so I have time.” He says shaking in excitement as we walked together. He was spending Christmas in the concrete jungle with the twins’ family and was packed two weeks ago. “I just wanted to say bye.”

“That’s sweet of you.” I say hugging my friend tightly. “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too. What I won’t miss, is hearing you fuck your boyfriend in my house almost every night.” He says making me scoff. “What?”

“And what do you think I hear when you and those boys get intimate.” I say with a chuckle as his cheeks turned a bright red. “I thought Beckett and I were bad, but you guys. You’re animals.”

“It’s my house so it doesn’t matter.” He says as we exit the main doors walk down the path that had two cars parked, one for me and one for him. “Don’t be mad cause I have two dicks fucking me good while you’re stuck with one that’s well.....satisfactory.”

“You fucking cu-”

“Byeeeee!” He drags cutting me off as he rushes towards his mates that were waiting outside the car for him. He jumps into Nicholas’ arms while Chris hugs them both, if I wasn’t so mad at his little comment just now I’d find it cute.

“What was all that about?” Beckett asks as I slide into the passenger seat before buckling up.

“Nothing.” I say flipping off Mickey as we drive away. “Can we stop by Pizza Hut for some cinnamon sticks?”

“No.” Beckett replied making me freeze as I turn to him slowly with crossed eyebrows.

“What did you just say?” I say slowly as I give him a death glare.

“I said no.” He repeats making my blink in surprise. “You’ll get diabetes with the amount of sugar you consume by eating those.”

“Werewolves don’t get diabetes!” I exclaim appalled by his ridiculous reasoning.

“You don’t know that!” He retorts idiotically.

“Have you ever met a werewolf with diabetes? No!” I say answering before he can. “Now go to Pizza Hut before I jump out this car and hitch hike my way there.”

“Fatass.” He mumbles while taking a sharp turn.

“Fuck you!” I exclaim chuckling a bit while slapping his arm, which makes him crack a smile. “When your mate’s a piece of shit.”

“Hey!” He says in surprise making me laugh even harder.

“I love you.” I say quickly as he stretched his hand over to pinch me, I avoid it carefully as I continue to scream how much I love him. “I love. Love. Love. Love. Loveeeeee you.”

“I love you too.” He says retracting his arm, letting me sigh on relief. “Even though you’re a fatass.”


------------days later or something. Time passes--------

“What you want to do?” I ask as we laid on opposite ends of our couch in the weirdest position while I ate some chocolate. My head was slung back over the leather as I watch the television upside down while half Beckett’s body remained over the side of his couch.

“Sex?” He offers making me groan.

“You know we can’t.”
We read this thing about having amazing sex if you refrained from it for a long time. So we agreed to get through two weeks without fucking and see if the theory was true. We weren’t even allowed to masterbate which was proving more difficult than I thought I’d be.

“What about.......a pool date?” He offers making me frown a bit in confusion. “Like we just talk and stuff while swimming.”

“That sounds fun.” I say agreeing to him.

“Okay you get you-”
He’s cut off my the sound of his phone vibrating on the small coffee table making the both of us freeze as we sit up quickly. My palms were already sweating as I stared at the object wishing to break it into a million pieces.
Beckett gulps nervously before picking up the phone only to let out a breath of relief making me flop back down on the sofa with relief washing over me. He answers the phone carrying a conversation with someone while I wandered off into thought of what that could’ve been.

We’d been waiting patiently for the call.
The call we’d receive from Beckett’s parents when they heard the news about us. It’d surely reach them soon if it hadn’t already and it scared the shit out of Beckett.
Since I knew so little about the people, what I was able to gather was that they wouldn’t be happy with the idea of gay mates like my parents. I knew Beckett was scared to face them and after what I went through, I didn’t blame him.

He didn’t call them or reach out to them, wanting to postpone the inevitably for as long as possible. So every time the phone rang now, it scared us both at the possibility of it being one of them.

“So what about that pool date?” I ask once he gets off the phone.

“I think I’m going to go up early.” He says with a yawn, I frown looking at the time, it was barely six.

“Okay.” I say knowing he was too stressed to think straight. “Sleep well.” I say before getting up quickly to give him a kiss before letting him make his way up the stairs.

I stroll into the kitchen with a frown of disappointment where I find Jack making dinner with Lucy, though he was hacking the vegetables to death.

“I swear I’m going to kill those bastards.” He growls angrily. “He doesn’t deserve this.”
I instantly knew he was talking about Beckett. He cared for his nephew like if he were his own and I often wished he was his father instead of the parents he had now.

“He shouldn’t have to be afraid to answer his fucking phone.” He says before slamming the knife down, Lucy gives him a weak smile while I take the knife away from him gingerly.

“Have you spoken to them?” I ask the question nobody seemed brave enough to yet. “His parents.”

“No. They’ve been ignoring my calls, like always.” He groans before he starts the fire.

“You’ve been trying to reach them?” Lucy asks in surprise. “Aren’t they the bad guys? Or did I miss interpret this?”

“They are.” He says with a stressed chuckle. “But I want to talk to them so I can get a level of how horrible they’re going to be to him so I can prepare him.”

“You’re trying to protect Beckett?” Lucy asks awing slightly.

“He may not be my son but he’s my kid and I’ll do whatever I have to to help him through this shitfest.” He says with a shrug like if his words didn’t just make Lucy fall in love with him on the spot.

“Thank you.” I say making him frown a bit in confusion. “When you help Beckett, you help me. So thank you.”

“Of course.” He says with a warming smile.

I leave the kitchen returning to the living room where I had left my phone which was currently ringing loudly. I snatched it quickly before answering, fearing to have missed the caller.

“Hellllo!” I stretch longer than necessary.

“Hey.” Aiden replies into the phone. “Are you free today?”

“Yeah why?” I ask immediately fearing the worse.

“I say it’s about high time that we had a Bolf Day.” He says with a smirk lacing his words, I smile widely as the mention of the beyond ridiculous name we made for the activity.

“I couldn’t agree more.” I say with bubbling excitement as I start looking for my keys. “Meet you at the course in ten?”

“I’m already here so make it five.” He replies before hanging up.

I run up the stairs to tell Beckett I’m heading out, I find him reading a book like he often did before going to sleep.

“Hey, I’m heading out to hang out with Aiden. I’ll probably be back late.” I say from the doorway, he slides down his reading glasses as he shifts his attention to me.
The first time I saw him with glasses I tied him up and fucked him until the glasses broke and that led to him getting another pair that were just teasing me.

“Okay.” He says with a smile. “Have fun.”

“Will do.” I say before sending him an air kiss and rushing back down the stairs and out the house.

It doesn’t take me long to reach the abandoned golf course and find Aiden at the entrance with our little go-cart, bags of golf balls and two club sticks in the back.

“You brought the beer?” He questions as I walk towards him.

“No I’m just carrying two cases of orange juice that I poured into beer bottles.” I reply sarcastically before placing the beer bottles into the back of the cart. “Dumbass.”

“Midget.” He grumbles making me gasp in horror as I turn to face him. “I’m sorry!” He screams while running away when I pick up a club stick and charge after him.

“Come back here!” I growl as I gain on him a little bit while he dodges my swings with the club. One connects with his back sending him to the ground, I take the opportunity to start whacking him with it like if he were a piñata. I told him one too many times in the past not to call me that bloody word and I’d finally snapped.

“I’m your Alpha, I command you to stop!” He shouts pathetically. “I said stop!”

“Never! Call! Me! That! Again!” I shout between each swing as the metal rod came in contact with all parts of his body. I press it against his jewels threatening when I finish making his eyes widen in fright. “Do it again, and it’ll be much worse.” I say before retracting my now bent club and walking back to the golf cart.

“You’re the spawn of Satan!” He croaks behind me as he follows with a limp.

“No Aiden.” I say turning as I continue to walk backwards with the stick at the back of neck and my arms resting on it. “I am Satan.”


“You’re not going to make it.”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not.”

“Yes I am!”

“No you’re not!”

“Aiden fuck you!” I shout with rage as we closed the ball, I lift the stick before smashing it into the awaiting ball sending it flying across the course completely out of sight. “Ha!”

“I said you could do it.” He lies making me growl as the cart comes to a halt and we switch places for him to have a go.

The game was pretty simple, we scattered the balls across the golf course, before getting in the cart, we drove around while drinking beers. Who ever wasn’t driving would have to hit any ball in sight while the cart was still moving.

It was like golf on the go while slightly intoxicated with no real objective.

When we first tried this years ago when we were in middle school, it usually resulted in someone’s head under the wheel but now we were professionals at the act and Bowl Day as we called it, was just some time of us relaxing and having fun.

“I got this.” Aiden says licking his lips as he extends the stick out the cart, we were approach a ball on the top of a little bump in the course and I knew he’d miss yet I remained quiet. “This ball is my bitch!” He shouts while raising the club.

“And he misses.” I drag chuckling myself when he does indeed swipe the ball by completely.

“Shut up.” He growls before focusing his attention back on the course.
We continued playing for hours until the sun was setting and we could barely see the balls anymore.

We now sat on the hood of the small cart with the last few beers between us as we drank together watching the sun fade away leaving behind a breathtaking sky in its memory.

“So how are things?” Aiden asks as he sips his beer. “With Beckett?”

“Great.” I stretch with a smile. Aiden was one of those people who didn’t care about me being with Beckett, I hadn’t told him I was gay yet and as far as I was concerned I think he thought that I was just put in the same situation as him. “Um Aiden?”


“You know I’m gay right?” I blurt out without thinking, looking his way nervously.

“Well I figured as much since you’re getting downed by a guy.” He says nonchalantly.

“I mean before Beckett. I’ve always been gay.” I clarify making him raise an eyebrow. “Before I even knew we were mates.”

“Really?” He questions. “Huh. That’s cool.” He says simply before sipping his beer again.

“That’s it?” I say in complete shock.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you, I mean I’m gay too now I guess. Though only for Julian.” He says with knitted eyebrows. “If you like getting dicked then you like getting dicked, why does it matter?”

“It doesn’t.”

“Then what’s there to talk about.” He says making me words stick on my tongue. My face alters between confusion and anger as I take in his words before settling on happiness that he didn’t care in the slightest.

“Why do you assume I’m the one taking it? I could be giving Beckett g-”
I’m cut off by Aiden’s loud laughter that filled the large open space. His hearty laugh echoing through the surrounding trees as he almost feel off the cart, tears springing from his eyes as he banged his fist against the hood.

“You!” He shouts between laughter. “You....f-fucking Beckett!” He says before bursting out into further laughter making me pout in embarrassment. “Shit. That just made my day.”

“Shut up.” I groan shoving him angrily. “Couples switch sometimes you know. Julian might fuck you soon enough.”

“No way in hell!” He declares suddenly with a straight face. “He’s the bottom, in the top. We don’t switch.”

“Whatever you say.” I reply laughing internally knowing that it was only a matter of time before Julian turned Aiden into a moaning mess. “So how things with you guys? You don’t tell me much.”

“I do.” He says making me through a look at him. “Okay, maybe I don’t.”

“No shit.” I mumble sarcastically.
Silence falls over us and I realise that he probably won’t share much anyway, he’s always been a private person ever since that shift when he was young. I didn’t expect him to expose his heart to me because I’m his best friend.

“I told him I loved him.” He says suddenly making my eyes basically burst out of my eyes. I look at him in complete disbelief but he keeps his gaze on the stars that were slowly coming into view.

“Wow.” I reply still in a state of shock. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say that, not even to his parents. “And he did what?”

“He started crying and told me he loved me too.” He says with a smile tugging its way onto his lips. “I really love him Emitt.”

“I know.” I say with a proud smile.

“I bought him a star.” He reveals making me choke on my beer.

“You did what?!” I exclaim in surprise. “Can you even do that?”

“What do you mean?” He questions with a frown.

“Do people buy stars? Just like that?” I say looking up at the stars and then at him and then at the stars again.

“Yeah. From NASA and you get a certificate and everything.” He says with a shrug while I feel my face drain in horror. “What?”

“So people just go around whoring out stars? Do they know that someone bought them like if it was the fucking black market?” I question suddenly wanting to become a star lawyer. “This isn’t fair!”

“Dude, calm down.” Aiden says laughing at my reaction while I pant heavily in rage. “I can’t see my life without him anymore Emitt.” He says with a voice that sounded more scared than his words suggested. “I physically can’t.”

“And that scares you?”

“Wouldn’t it scare you?” He says questioningly. “I’ve given him everything I have and I’ve never done that, he knows everything about me and is basically a part of me. I can’t...if I lost him...”

“You won’t lose him Aiden.” I say rubbing his back comfortingly.

“But what if I mess up?”

“You won’t. I’ve never seen a pair of mates like you two, if you two break up then there’s no hope for the rest of us.” I say making him chuckle a bit. “You say he knows everything about you, that’s great. There’s someone who knows how to make you happy when you’re sad and he’s a part of you, that just means that he’ll always be there for you. Every step of the way.”

“Thanks Emitt.” He says hugging me tightly, I return the hug without a second thought.

“He’s bringing back the old you.” I say making him tense in my hold. “The one that made cookies almost everyday and sang his heart out in the junior choir even though you sounded like Dark Vader with a soar throat.”


“I don’t know what happened but I’m sorry.” I say holding him tightly. “I’m sorry that it changed you and I hope you’ll tell me about it one day.”

“Maybe one day.” He whispers after a while. “I love you Emitt.” He says making me smile.

“I love you too Aiden.”

I swear bromances fuck me up right in the heart.

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