Beta Mates

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Chapter 33

Some quick things before you read this chapter :

1) Beckett did not deny Emitt as his mate because he was mad, he did it because he’s afraid of disappointing his parents. Please remember how much he lives to please them, he’s done this before Emitt came into the picture and remember how scared he got when they reacted to Julian and Aiden being mates. I think the following comment by @EmmaTomlinson691 was spot on.

I don’t get why no one understands why Beckett did that. It wasn’t as a way to get back at Emitt. He loves Emitt, but his [Becketts] parents are abusive. What is the first stage of abuse? They take control of your life. That is what his parents have done. Despite the fact that he knows that they’re horrible people, they have ingrained in him a desire to seek their approval, their love. He already knows what they think of gays and gay mates, and he doesn’t want them to hate him, or be disgusted with him. Did y’all forget the fact that he had a MASSIVE panic attack when his parents made that comment about Julian and Aiden being mates, how it’s unnatural and disgusting? How, when he was just about to black out, his final thought was ’Would they think I was disgusting?’Keeping that in mind, maybe don’t make the mistake of judging too harshly. KEEP YOUR SHIRTS ON PEOPLE!!!!

2) This book will begin to have time jumps in it, if you read Alpha Mates you know all the shit with Oliver and the rouges was a big issue that involved more Julian and Aiden than Emitt and Beckett. So you’ll be experiencing a lot of days/weeks passing, I’ll try to transition it to the best of my ability but I am only a girl failing at everything in life but eating.

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Emitt’s P.O.V

Beckett has been acting weird.

I knew it was my fault for attacking Julian the way I had and the blame was on nobody else but me. I wish I’d never opened my stupid mouth because not only had I made Beckett mad, I’d hurt Julian. I said some cruel things that rage drew me to say, I took out all my anger and sadness on him and I truly did regret every word of it.

I went to apologize to Julian the first chance I got, but he was gone. He’d apparently went to find Aiden, disappearing with a potential location that his mate could be residing in. I was praying with every fiber of my being that he’d find Aiden and that they’d fix things and come back home. That I’d apologize and everything would go back to the way it once was.

He left over a week ago and nobody had heard a word from either of our Alphas in a long time, the pack was struggling to keep afloat without them but Beckett and I were trying as best we could. Of course this would’ve been a lot easier if he’d just talk to me, not like the stupid one worded thing he was pulling but actual conversations.

I apologised to him as soon as he returned home expecting him to ignore me but he said it was okay and that he knew I was sorry. I was surprised at how quickly he got over it but I didn’t question it, what I did question was why he kept telling me he was sorry.
He didn’t do anything wrong but correct me so why was he so repentant. Now he was incapable of looking me in my eyes or holding me and it was proving that he really didn’t forgive me, I didn’t know what to do.

“Emitt.” Isabel calls making my head snap up. “Someone just sent news at the gate that Aiden and Julian are back.”

“Here?” I question in disbelief as the words ring in my ears. “In the pack?”

“Yes you bum. Now let’s go!” She shouts before taking off down the road. I follow after her as we sprint at top speed heading straight for the gate, Isabel slowed down suddenly but I didn’t have time to worry about her.

When my eyes landed on Aiden my heart raced with joy, he looked fine. He looked healthy, tired but fine. I wanted to beat him to a pulp, question him to death on where he ran off to and why he didn’t talk to me.

“Aiden!” I call making him look up to me, that’s when I realise that he’s carrying Julian in his hands. He looked a bit better physically than when I last saw him, but he was knocked out and looked like if he went to hell and came back. “Where the fuck were you?!”

“Out.” He says simply making me scowl at him, but that quickly fades when he gives me a weak smile. A smile that told me he was okay.

“I missed you.” I say quietly making his eyes widen a bit, but he doesn’t get to comment as my eyes shift back to Julian. “Is he okay?”

“He will be.” He replies as we continue walking, soon enough we’re almost at the pack house. I knew now wasn’t the time to attack him with questions, so I bit my tongue. “How’s things been without us?”

“Fine. Beckett and I have been keeping things afloat.” I reply with a smile, leaving out the part about the personal issues we were facing.

“Good.” He says simply as we walk up the pack house stairs, opening the door I flinch at the low growl that he lets out when his eyes find Isabel. She was shivering in her spot, while his eyes glowed a bright red he often tried to hide.

“A-Aiden.” Isabel stutters as her eyes between her alphas. Aiden looked like he was ready to kill her but he only took a deep breath before walking towards the elevator.


“Do me a favour Emitt?” He says once inside making me raise my head to him. “Make sure nobody comes up to our suite.”

“Okay!” I say a bit more eager than I intended before I glance across at Isabel. Aiden just stared at Isabel as he stood there. The type of stare that made your soul chill, one that resembled death. And it was pointed straight at her.
When the elevator doors finally closed, she released a stressed breath along with a small cry.

“What did you do?” I question, but she just left the house in hurry, shifting in the back yard and taking off into the woods.

“Is it true?” I hear a voice from behind me, I turn swiftly to find Beckett panting harshly as he stared at me. “Are they back?”

“Yeah.” I say before stretching out a hand to stop him from going to the elevator. “Aiden said not to let anyone up. They’ll have a meeting tomorrow to talk to the pack.”

“And Julian?” He asks a bit more sharply.

“He was sleeping, he looked drained.” I say making him run his hands through his hair. “I smelt witches and rouges on them.”

“What the hell happened when they were away?” He groans before letting his eyes settle on me. In that moment, guilt floods his beautiful green orbs and drift away from me. “I should head out then.”

“Beckett!” I call harshly as he makes an empty to leave. My tone keeping him frozen in his spot. “Why do you keep running from me?”

“I’m not.” He lies making me frown as I approach him slowly.

“You won’t look at me. Touch me. You barely speak to me anymore.” I list making him shift a bit in his space, when I’m right in front of him, I let my hand cup his cheek as I look up at him. “I said I was sorry, I’ve apologized. So when will you stop punishing me for it?”

“I’m not punishing you.” He insists. This time there was some truth to his words. “I’m just....I’m going through some stuff...”

“Like what?” I question forcing him to look at me as I brought my other palm to his face. “Beckett, talk to me. I’m here for you.”

“I did something bad Emitt...” He groans his eyes becoming watery. “And my parents are coming to visit...”

“What does that....what did you do?” I question but he just shakes his head no trying to pull himself away from my grasp. “Beckett, what did you do?”

“I’m so sorry.” He apologizes again making me frown. He manages to escape my grasp and pulls away, leaving before I could stop him.

What on earth did he do.....


“Beckett!” I call angrily once I hear him enter our house.

He’d been avoiding me even more than before at I was reaching the point of anger that made me think of leaving him in a cage in the basement. I didn’t know what he did and at this point I really didn’t give a fuck, I just wanted my mate back. I just wanted my Becky.

“Not now Emitt.” He says avoiding my eyes again as he starts walking up the steps while I stand at the bottom watching him.

“Then when Beckett!” I shout as he continues to ascend. “When? Because I’ve been patient, so fucking patient that it’s ridiculous.”

“Emitt, I g-”

“I don’t give a fuck what you did or why you refuse to tell me? I want you back Beckett.” I say desperately making him turn to me. “I just want you back. You don’t talk to me, you barely look at me, you won’t even sleep in the same bed as me anymore. I can’t take it any longer...” I say pausing to wipe away my fallen tears. “If you want to reject me then just say so!” I cry sobbing now as he rushes down the stairs to hold me.

I clench onto him tightly, my body sizzling at the feeling of his body against mine along with the warmth it presented to me. Something I’d almost forgotten the feeling of.

“I’m not going to reject you Emitt.” He says holding me tightly against his chest. “I thought you got over this, di-”

“How am I supposed to not think that when you treat me like trash?!” I sob pushing at his chest to release me from his arms. “And don’t you dare say that you aren’t, because you are. I love you Beckett and I’ll take just about anything you do to me because I love you. But this.......” I say taking in a shaky breath. “’s too much.”

“I’m sorry.” He says taking a step forward but I take one back while shaking my head. “I’m sorry Emitt.”

“Don’t touch me if you’re just going to do this again.” I say with my head held high. “If you’re not going to behave like a proper mate, then don’t you dare touch me.”

“I will.” He says looking at me with honesty. “I promise you that I’ll make up for it all, I promise.”

“And what ever this is that you’re hiding.” I say making him tense a bit. “Whatever it is, will it hurt me?”

“I’ll fix it.” Is all he says making me frown. He purposefully avoided answering the question and that in turn gave me the answer, it would hurt me.

“D-Did you cheat on me?” I question with teary eyes that make his soften.

“Of course not.” He says quickly looking me straight into my eyes, I study him for a while before nodding. “I promise you that’ll make everything okay.”

“Don’t hurt me Beckett.” I warn making sure that my eyes pierced his own. He needed to know that I was serious, I loved him blindly and I knew it could hurt me one day. “Please...”

“I won’t.” He says carefully stepping towards me, I walk into his arms and let my body mold with his as our wolves howl in contentment from our hearts beating as one again. I let myself sink into his hold as well as my trust lay with him, Beckett wouldn’t hurt me.

We’d been through too much to fall apart. We loved one another too much. I loved him too much.


“Call him daddy.”

“Dear God.” Julian says hugging his knees tightly under his chest from his side of the booth to hide his tainted cheeks.

He screams out loud suddenly startling both Beckett and I, he then zones out, probably talking to Aiden through the link.

The irony......

He’d come over suddenly to get relationship advice on how to lift some sex ban he put on Aiden that was backfiring. He wanted Beckett’s help but I ended up tagging along, every since we made up, Beckett’s be undeniably extra loving to me. He’s been doing his all to show that he loved me and that he was sorry and I sincerely appreciated his efforts. We were taking a step in the right direction, he was trying and that’s all I could really ask for.

“So about the daddy thing.” I say once he redirects his attention to us making him squeak a little in embarrassment. I’d be lying if I said Julian wasn’t adorable when he was ready, he could be so fucking cute.

“Emitt...” Beckett says in clear disapproval making me widen my eyes.

“What?!” He exclaims seeing no problem. “The guy has a secret little thing for that. I don’t know where it came from, but he does.”

“I’m not calling him that.” Julian mumbles into his jeans.

“You give and you get Julian. Give in and you’ll get some great sex!” I groan rolling my shoulders suggestively making him groan as he slides out his both, scrambling to his feet.

“Thanks, but I’ll figure it out on my own.”

“There’s one more.” I say grabbing his arm before he could bolt. “You should be able to do this one.”

“I’m leaving if it’s too ridiculous.” He says glaring down at me.

“Deal.” I say before turning to Beckett. “You need to go.”

“What? Why?” He groans in annoyance.

“You may warn the target.” I say making both of them frown. “A feeling of obligation, just leave babe. I’ll reward you if you cooperate home.” I say making his eyes darken a bit as he gulps.

“Fine.” He groans before sliding out the booth and giving Julian a final wave before leaving.

“So what is it?” He asks nervously chewing at his lip.

“Now if I’m right, you bottom in the relationship right?” I say making him light up like a Christmas market as he played with the ends of his sweater sleeves. “Calm down, I’m not judging, Beckett fucks me all the time. You heard us j-”

“Okay, okay!” He says blocking his ears like a child hearing something vulgar. Well I supposed what we were doing wasn’t far from it.

“Since you won’t call him daddy or wear the stockings, my last suggestion...” I say making him take in a deep breath. “ to top him.”

He just stares at me blankly making me wonder if he didn’t understand what that meant. But before I could clarify he flies back in his seat with a small scream.

“I can’t!” He says squirming in his place. “I can’t..... oh no no....I can not....” He says before leaning over the table with a whisper. “I can’ Aiden...”

“Why not?” I question making him freeze a bit.

“B-because....” He says racking his brain for reasoning. “He’s the top.... I’m the bottom.” He says regurgitating the words Aiden no doubt drilled into his pretty blonde head.

“Are you not an Alpha?” I question making him groan.

“Being an alpha had nothing to do with it.” He says with a bit of agitation. “I do it because I love him, I trust him with my heart and my body. I wouldn’t let anyone else do it.”

“And does he trust you?” I ask making him nod slightly. “And does he love you?” He nods again. “Well Julian, if he loves youuu and he trustss you like you do him, then he shouldn’t have a problem with it. Should he? I mean you do it all the time, so why can’t he?”

He thinks on it for a while while nibbling on his lip before letting his bright blue eyes return to mine.

“So what do I do?” He questions making me mentally fist pump. He was on board.

“Aiden’s a macho man piece of shit that will protect his butt virginity with his life if you just pounce on him.” I say making a blush flood his ears. “You got to draw him out. Bait him, make him desperate, uncomfortable in his own skin.”

“And how do I do that?” He asks sipping his lemonade as he listens to me eagerly.

“Step one.” I say making his eyes widen as he quickly pulls out a pen and notebook from thin air making me frown as I grab them and throw them across the room.

“Hey!” He exclaims as he watches me in horror.

“This isn’t Astronomy class. This is sex. Hot and heavy sex. You don’t take notes, you listen and you act.” I say making him gulp nervously. “So first, bait him. You act like you always do, whatever the fuck that is, but you add a bit of sexual tension to that. I’m talking subtle turns on, whisper in his ear, accidentally press your ass into him. All that good shit, but you have to must make sure he doesn’t at any point pick up on it. He must think it’s completely innocent.”

“Okay....” He says nodding unsurely.

“Next, distance yourself from him.” I say making him frown. “If you do the first step right, then this will work. Trust me! You need to pull yourself away, if you usually hug, don’t. If you normally cuddle, don’t. If you kiss a lot, don’t!”

“That’ll be hard.” He whimpers slightly making my heart beat a bit faster.

Julian was dangerously tempting. Aiden should collar the guy.

“Well you need to control yourself. If you do this right, he should be desperate enough to beg you for attention. A hug even, a kiss maybe. Deny it to him, only give him when he begs even more. Then you tease again, a bit more hands on this time. Make sure you’re the dominating one. You don’t let him squeeze your ass, you squeeze his. Understand?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“From there, he should be putty in your hands.” I say leaning back into my seat. “Willing to do just about anything you tell him to.”

“What if this backfires like last time?” He asks softly rubbing at his arm. “What if he leaves?”

“There’s no way. Worst case he doesn’t pick up on the signs and you go to bed or he does, gets mad and fucks you.” I say making him nod a little.

“Okay.” He says with a weak smile before gathering his things. “Thank you I guess.”

“Julian.” I call before he can get up. “Can we talk, about something else?”

“Sure.” He says friendly making me feel even worse. He was such a nice guy.

“I need to say that I’m sorry.” I start making him stiffen with realisation. “I should’ve come to you much sooner but I haven’t. I’ve been afraid to face you every since that day. I said some really horrible, repulsive things to you that day and I am so sorry. I had absolutely no right and I was one hundred percent in the wrong, if I could take it back I would.”

“It’s fine.” He mumbles quietly as he scratched at his arm, avoiding my eyes. He was uncomfortable.

“My parents are homophobic.” I reveal making his eyes shoot up to mine. I take a deep breath so I can continue. “I’ve known that I was gay long before Beckett and have always feared how people would react, especially my family. They reacted to Lucy giving up the Beta title through alienation so I feared the worse and rightfully so. When they found out, they called me ‘disgusting’ among other things. I’ve never felt so useless, unloved or unwanted as I had that day. I remember every word and every glare and I know I’ll never forget them. I know that they’re not true, but I can’t help but believe them to some extent. Beckett is trying to convince me that they don’t and he helps, but its still there. I reduced myself to their level when I attacked you like I did, I know these words may not help, but Julian....” I say reaching over the table and grabbing his hands as I looked into his tearing eyes with my watering ones. “You are not disgusting. You are beautiful inside and out. You are loved. You are amazing. You are everything but’re a great person.” I finish as tears swim down the corners of his eyes, I circle the table to hug him tightly as he cries in my arms.
It was a bit strange since we weren’t close, but something told me we would be after this.

“Thank you.” He sobs clenching onto me tightly.

“Always.” I reply rubbing his back gently.

-------------not in the mood to write a sex scene. Might write Beckett’s reward as an extra, I don’t know. -----------

I play with the pencil as a sat on one of the sides of the large wooden table that had our packs history engraved along the sides. I’d zoned out a long time ago and was just thinking now.

Somehow we’d gone from everyday pack problems to a full on war. I knew our relations with rogues weren’t the best, but they’d always been pretty good compared to other packs.

But now it seemed like Julian and Aiden had a goal of annihilating them all and no one seemed to argue against it, nobody liked rogues anyway.
Especially after Aiden’s little revelation to the pack, he didn’t go much into detail but he hinted enough about his experience when he was younger for no one to even think twice about fighting for him, for the pack.

“The rogue pack we are targeting is located here.” Julian says snapping me out of my line of thoughts, my eyes find him standing at a map pointing at a marked spot on it. “They’re smaller packs closer by and we have to assume that they are working with them. Now, the plan is simple, nothing we all haven’t been trained for. We start with the outer layers, they use arrows laced with a venom of sorts so we’ll have to use the trees. Isabel, your team will be focusing on this.

Griffin, your team will be dealing with the other rogue packs in the surrounding area. In the case that they are not already with the one we are targeting, we’ll need them gone.

Now we need this to be done at the exact same time and done quietly. Not one rogues it to get away, because that’ll just make the job harder for the rest of us. Got it?”

“Yes Alpha.” They say in unison.

“Now for the main event.” Julian says directing his attention to everyone else. “The rogue pack’s numbers having been growing slowly over the last few months but nothing that has worried us much until now. To hit them hard, we’ll be attacking at the brink of dawn.”

“Dawn?!” One member says making Julian roll his eyes. “We attack at night. Always have and always will.”

“Always have.” He repeats almost kicking with a glare that makes me smile. Rude. “They know that, their patrols and sentries will be most alert at night, they know as we do that night is the perfect time to attack with the best coverage. If we go at the brink of dawn, their first line of defense will be tired. They’d have spent the whole night awake and if they changed shifts, those people would be tired from waking up so early. It’s the best option. We have to treat this like we were attacking another werewolf pack, it’s no longer for the kill, this is serious. If Griffin and Isabel are successful we move on the pack from all sides. No spot left open, none without one of our own. I presume you all know how to fight, should be child’s play from there.”

“Forgive me Alpha, but how do you know so much about them?” One warrior asks making all the others mumble words of agreement. “I mean, that they have witches and the types of arrows they use.”

“We had a witch on the inside.” He reveals making me choke on nothing.

Bitch since when?!

“She’s an ally and has given us a lot of information about the enemy. She’s also fought with us before, killed her entire coven to be precise.” He says making everyone silence a bit.

“We’re supposed to trust a witch and one that killed her own people. Very reassuring.” One man says making my talons extend. Disrespect like that shouldn’t go by unpunished.

“Watch your tongue with me.” Julian growls making him bow while apologizing profusely.

“Kat is not some witch, she’s one of the strongest I’ve even encountered and she’ll help us with the other witches the rouges have adopted.” Aiden says but they were all clearly not on board. “She’s a friend and I trust her with my life.”

“Aw Aidennnn.” Some girls says appearing in an empty chair making everyone stand to their feet as the stench of witch invaded the room.

I’d never been so grateful that Mickey was still on vacation. He hated witches after what they did to his family and this would trigger him into a state of horrible depression and anger.

“This is Katerina.” Julian says for the girl who waves with a large smile.

“I know I’m a witch, repulsive.” She says before faking a vomiting action. “Here’s a fun little fact, I feel the same way about you all. You guys need me to take out those other witches, so let’s play nice. Kay?”

“We’ve killed witches before, we don’t need one to do it again.” Griffin growls angrily.

“You don’t know the first thing about witches.” She growls back. “The ones hiding away with the rogues are ancestral ones, you know what that means?”


“Wrong!” She says cutting him off as Aiden struggles to stifle a laugh and I find my lips tugging into a smile. “They draw from our ancestors, that’s a shitload of witches with a never ending hatred for werewolves. Can you take on witches who have the power of hundreds of witches at their disposal?”


“That’s what I thought.” She says making the air thicken in growing hatred for her but I quite liked her. She had a sort of piazza. I don’t know.

Isabel starts talking and I zone out again. My mind circling with all the new shit happening in the pack. It was so much I barely got any time to breath.
The meeting thankfully ended soon after and I was heading back home with Beckett, out hands tightly intertwined.

“Are your parents still visiting?” I question surprised that he didn’t react at all, he remained completely neutral.

“Yes. After this is all over though, they don’t want to risk dying.” He says making me scoff.

He seems to take offense to this but doesn’t comment. It didn’t take me long to realise that Beckett defended his parents a lot, even when they appeared to be horribly wrong. But I knew it was a sensitive topic in our relationship so I avoided it when I could.

“How do you feel about tomorrow?” Beckett asks unlocking our front door as we walk into our beautiful home. “I know you don’t like messy kills.”

“I get my hands dirty when necessary. I wish I was on one of the other teams but sadly I’m right in the thick of it.” I say with a sigh as we walk to our kitchen, him thirsty, me hungry.

“I’ll be right there with you for the whole thing.” He says pressing a kiss to my forehead. “We’ll be like a team. A killing team!”

“How sinisterly romantic.” I tease making him scowl.

“Look at you, using adjectives and formulating basic words.” He tease with a smirk making me glare at him as I raise my hand to hit him but he catches it before attaching his lips to mine. He keeps a firm grip on my wrists as our lips move against each other’s slowly before we part with satisfied hums and addictive vibrations running through our veins. “You know I love you.”

“I know.” I say before giving him a quick peck. “I love you too.”


“Be careful Emitt.” Beckett says seriously. We were in the front of our pack house and everyone was saying their goodbyes and sharing their love to their loved ones. Even Julian and Aiden were doing the same not to far away.

“Why are we doing this? We’re re going to be together the entire time Beckett!” I scold hitting his arm.

“So.” He says pulling me into his arms, resting his head on my head while rubbing my back. “I still have to tell you to watch out or you’ll zone out and get you’re arm bitten off then I’ll be forced to go on a killing rampage and kill everyone and I really can’t be asked to do something so tiresome right now.” He exclaims making me gasp in disbelief as I beat against his chest while he just laughs before holding my face in his hands. “I’m kidding! I’d gladly kill everyone for you.”

“You better.” I reply with a reluctant smile.

“Seriously though, be careful donut. I love you too much to lose you.” He says making me heart warm as I stare up at him. “To live without you.”

“Okay Romeo. I love you too.” I say giggling making him smile. “Watch your back and I’ll watch mine.”

“Okay.” He says before they signal for us to start moving. I give him one last long kiss, memorizing his lips before pulling away and heading straight into the lion’s den with him.


You okay? - Beckett questions next to me as I drink desperately from the small stream of fresh water. I whine a bit as he nuzzles himself into my neck, his fur brushing my own.

Yeah. I’m just a little drained - I say making him nuzzle me even more, licking my nozzle with his warm tongue.

We’d been fighting for the entire day and managed to take out the entire rogue army easily. Too easily. Turned out it wasn’t all of them and now we were outside some factory that Julian and Aiden went to scout while we relaxed a bit.

I shift with him before sitting down on the hard muddy ground, he immediately wraps his large arms around me allowing me to rest comfortably.
Mates always looked after one another and this little war was bringing out the protective side of Beckett. He wouldn’t let me wander too far from his side during the blood bath that was their inhalation, it really was like a killing couple or whatever he called it.

“Killing team.” He corrects as Julian and Aiden return before telling everyone else to shift and rest.

“The main entrance has the least number of rogues, which means it probably has much more behind the doors. The others are heavily guarded, it’ll be easier to get through there but by the time we get in, they’d already be waiting for us.” Julian says letting out a breath of exhaustion. “There’s probably an underground entrance, but we don’t have blueprints and it’ll take way too long to find.”

“If we can’t go through any of the entrances, then how do we get in?” I ask as Beckett rubs my shoulders to help warm me up a bit.

“From above.” Julian answers making everyone internally freak out. It’s official, he’s lost it. “Kat I know you’ve never transported a group this big, but do you think you could take us to the roof.” Our eyes trail to Katerina who looked exhausted and bored. “And you have to put us right on top of the wolves who are up there.”

“That’s insane.” Aiden says after a while. “She’s strong but not that strong. There’s more than a hundred of us here and to place us each directly above a rogue is......”

“Madness.” The girl says with one of her creepy smiles. “I’ll either have to teleport you all and I can’t do that without a view above myself or carry us all up and position you above and then, I guess, drop you.” She says with a chuckle as she runs her hands through her hair. “I’ll try.”

“Good, cause that’s not all.” Julian says making her eyes widen along with the rest of us. “We need to do this quietly, taking out all the rogues on the roof without them making a single sound, anything can give us away, so Kat you’ll have to cover the roof with some sort of barrier so they won’t smell any blood or hear anything.”

“Am I doing everything?” She says sarcastically as she pets her gigantic beast wolves that for some reason NOBODY SEEMED TO FIND SERIOUSLY WEIRD AND FUCKED UP!!!

“Once we’ve taken over to roof completely, we’ll use their own weapons against them, killing every single rogue on the ground with those stupid arrows. If we do this right, we’ll finish all of them on the outside in minutes. For the inside, I think only a handful of us should go in.” Julian says making everyone break off into their separate conversations. “It’ll be safer this way, we don’t know what’s in there and with only a few of us, we’ll be able move faster and kill them easily without being noticed. In the meantime, you guys watch outside to warn us of incoming rogues or to kill those who may try to leave. When we give the all clear, you come inside and help us finish them off.”

“That’s it? That’s the plan?” Griffin asks in disbelief. “We’re going to die.”

“If you have a better one, I’m listening.” Julian growls in clear aggravation. “If we do everything the way I described, we’ll be fine....most likely.”

“Most likely?!”

“You’re free to leave if you want, no hard feelings here.” Aiden says making us all look to him. “You can go or you can fight with the rest of us.”

“Rogue packs started with this son of a bitch, if we take him down we stand a chance of taking them all down worldwide.” Julian says looking around at everyone who was gathered. “I rather die trying than go home empty handed, what about you guys?”

“I think I speak for all of us, when I say that we want to fight.” Beckett says as the men nod in agreement.

I mean I guess I’ll fight too.

“Then we’ll wait a little while to monitor them, Emitt you know what to do. The rest of you rest as much as you can and prepared yourselves.” Aiden says while standing up, dragging Julian to with him.

“Can I stay with Emitt?” Beckett asks making Aiden freeze.

“Absolutely not, I want you on opposite sides.” He replies making Beckett squeeze my shoulders so tight I winced a bit. “You’ll get nothing done if your together.”

“But he’s my mate, I have to stay with him.” He argues making me stifle a moan. He was hot when he was all possessive and protective.

“Have you noticed something about Aiden and I whenever we fight?” Julian asks making Beckett’s eyebrows knit together accompanied by wrinkles as he ponders it for a moment.


“Because we don’t fight together. If we’re together, we’ll only worry about each other and we can’t do that as Alphas. We stay apart as much as possible and I recommend you both do the same.” He finishes before dragging Julian away into the woods. No doubt to get a quickie.

“I’ll be fine babe.” I say leaning up to give him a peck.

“Call me if anything and I mean anything looks suspicious.” He says seriously making me roll my eyes as I back away from him.

“Yes sir!” I say saluting him before I jog off into the woods to watch this nasty factory.

I lay down hidden by some thick bushes as I watch the large building. It was crawling with rogues like cockroaches in a garbage dump, literally like a hoard of them.
I watched the door carefully as well as the surrounding areas, they just talked lazily barely even watching the entrance. Nothing happened.

I almost squeal with happiness when Aiden tells me to come back after a while through our link.

“Normal, no movements. Nothing went in and nothing went out.” I say to my alphas but barely get the last word out before Beckett hugs me tightly.

“Then we need to go now.” Julian says making everyone frown.

A bitch needs to restttttt!!!

“Shouldn’t we wait a bit, until it’s at least nightfall or we’re more sure of what we’re going into.” Isabel says acting as the voice of reason. God bless her soul.

“There’s a child in there being tortured by those mutts and we’ve already extended the time he’ll be scarred by planning this attack.” Julian says making everyone mute in a heartbeat.
A child? Since when? And torture?
They really needed o be so fucking secretive so people could at least know what they were fighting for.

“Are you ready?” He asks the witch who was petting her beasts.

“Why not?” She says with a shrug before snapping her fingers and making the wolves disappear.

Not weird....not weird at all......

I groan internally as I stretch my muscles. I just wanted to sleep and listen to some music today, instead I was getting ready to fight a bunch of overgrown men who for some reason for what a shower was and drooled too much.

I can’t wait for this to be over.


Sorry again for time jumps but I honestly couldn’t be bothered to write these scenes again.
Read Alpha Mates if you haven’t, explains better.


This book got two more chapters before I take a little break.
You were warned.

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