Beta Mates

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Chapter 34

Beckett’s P.O.V

“What do you mean you’re pregnant?” I question my best friend as he looks at me intently.

“I mean I’m pregnant.” He says slowly, his eyes showing the nerves his sweaty palms were reflecting.


“I don’t know.”

“You’re a guy right?” I question making him groan as he runs his hand through his long hair.

“Yes Beckett!” He exclaims angrily. I stare at him for a while before my eyes drift downwards, I stretch a hand out to feel for proof but he slaps it so hard I thought it broke. “What the hell are you doing!”

“Checking!” I shout back with equal frustration.

“That I’m really a guy?!”

“Precisely.” I say making him groan angrily before he stands up and starts pacing.

“I know it’s weird okay, I get it. It freaks me out too. But it’s true. There’s a kid in here and it’s going to pop out soon and I’m freaking the fuck out!” He unloads on me, clearly releasing thoughts he’s been hoarding for God knows how long.
(Unload, realsing - I hear it too u nasties)

“Is it because of Levi?” I question making both our eyes dart towards the kid that was sitting in front of a tv watching cartoons, though he wasn’t watching, he was drawing in his little notebook. (Alpha Mates - it explains shit like Levi.)

“No.” He whispers sitting down. “I love him and he’s not the problem, I didn’t expect to have a kid so soon let alone two. Levi and now the baby? It’s happening so fast and I’m scared.”

“Of what?” I question with a frown.

“That I won’t be a good father to either of them.” He reveals making my eyes soften. “That I’ll disappoint them or mess up somehow.”

“You probably will.” I say making his eyes fill with horror. “But that’s human Julian, and although we may not be human, we’re very much alike. You’ll mess up yes, but you’ll also do some pretty amazing things for them both.”

“You think so?” He asks nervously.

“I know it. You’re already an amazing father to Levi, how hard can two be?” I say making him chuckle as he smiles widely with a new found confidence.

“Thanks Beckett.” He says stretching over to hug me.

“When are you going to tell the pack?” I question with curiosity on how our pack makes would react. They’ve been pretty supportive with the whole gay mates thing, but they’ve been haggling us both for kids as the alphas and betas of the pack. This was a great solution as the child would have both Julian’s and Aiden’s blood but would they accept the not so common way the kid would be coming into the world.

“Tonight.” He replies firmly. “I just wanted to give you the heads up. Emitt already knows.”

“You told Emitt before me?!” I question feeling a bit hurt. “What happened to bros before hoes?”

“I guess it changed to bottoms before tops.” He says with a shrug accompanied by a cheeky smile. “But you do get what this means now right?”

“No....” I stretch raking my brain for answers.

“It means that you guys can have kids too.” He says with a weak smile. “Beckett, you and Emitt can have kids of your own as well.”

“Holy shit...” I mumble as I cover my mouth with a million and one thoughts racing through my mind.

“You don’t want kids?” He questions with a bit of a frown.

“It’s not that. I’d love them.” I say thinking of how a little girl or boy would look made from both Emitt and I. “But we are no where close to being ready for kids. Emitt will want to though.”

“And that’s a problem?” He inquires as he pours himself a cup of water.

“Not necessarily. But it’ll be troublesome.” I groan running my hand through my hair. “I’m happy that it’s possible though.”

“Me too.” Julian replies with a contagious smile. “I’ve always hated kids, but now.....I-I don’t know.” He says with a smile tugging its way on the corner of his lips. “Mine will be better.”

“Of course. The kid’ll probably have an IQ of two hundred with the shitty attitude from Aiden.” I joke making him chuckle with a light in his eyes that reflected how excited he sounded. (Lowkey just described Damon. There will be a book for him...🙃)

“But they’ll be mine.” He says with a smile. “All mine.”

--like a month or two have passed---

“Tomorrow?” Emitt repeats after me in complete disbelief.

“Yeah, my parents are coming tomorrow.” I say giving him the date he’d been desperately yearning for the last few months since I told him they’d be coming.

“I’m not ready. Oh my god, I need to change the curtains and wash the walls and feed the dog. Fuck the y-”

“You don’t need to do anything.” I say gripping his shoulders tightly. “Because you won’t being meeting them.”

“What?!” He exclaims once again making my ears ring again. He’s been overly dramatic and emotional as of late and it was starting to affect my hearing. “Why not?”

“Because there’s no need.” I say simply as I look down at his stern frown. “You know by now that they’re not the most pleasant, I don’t want you meeting them just yet.”

“Actually I don’t know that. Seeing as we’ve been together for almost a year now and you barely talk about them. I don’t even know their names Beckett!” He exclaims making me flinch a bit.
He was right. I’d been extremely closed off when it came to them but it was for the best. It’ll all be changing tomorrow. I just needed to keep them apart a bit longer, after tomorrow, I’d fix everything.

“Emitt. They’re only going to be here for the afternoon, I want to get through it without any problems.” I say making him scoff.

“And I’m a problem?” He queries before sadness fills his eyes. “You told me a few months back that you’d told them about us, did you really? Or are you hiding me from them because you haven’t?”

“I told them Emitt.” I lie. “That’s why I don’t want you there, I’m easing them into the idea of me being gay and you being there will just fog their minds.”
I say desperately hating the sadness that my words injected into his eyes. “Look Emitt, I know it sucks and it’s horrible but it’s the way it is for now. Please just accept that.”

“Okay...” He grumbles after a while. “I’m spending the night by Mickey though.”

“Why?!” I whine. I hated when he did because then Julian would go too, then the three of them would kick the twins out for what reminded me of a girls night. Then the twins would end up in my house and Aiden would stumble his way in.

By the end of the night, the guys and I would end up at a major bar fight while the little ‘bottom gang’ got arrested for skinny dipping.

It never ever ended well. But we always ended up together in a large jail cell so I guess that was nice.

But Emitt was the cause of each and every fiasco because he decided to go to Mickey’s house.

“I promise we’ll stay in the house.” He says while playing with my collar.

“You won’t. You said that last time and you ended up scaling a flag pole butt naked.” I remind making him blush as a mischievous smirk took his lips.

“I really mean it this time.” He says kissing me quickly. “Cross my penis.”

“Okay.” I say knowing that he’d never swear on his manhood. “I’ll see you sometime tomorrow okay.”

“Okay.” He says kissing me again before grabbing a packed bag I didn’t even know he had and running out the house.

I better get the beer out for the guys.


Emitt’s P.O.V real quick.

“What took you so long?” Mickey groans opening his front door before tackling me with a hug. “Even Julian’s here already.”

“Sorry the husband.” I joke making him roll his eyes as I walk in before he closes the door.

“Stop calling him your husband when you’re not married.” Julian shouts from the living room, I walk in to find him downing a glass of wine while watching the Discovery Channel on the large tv.

“We will be any minute. Don’t be cheeky because Aiden hasn’t proposed yet.” I say making him scowl angrily.

“Peasants.” Mickey says with a scoff as we sit down on the couch beside him. “Bam! Suck on that bitches!” He exclaims dramatically as he extended both hands with a large diamond rocks on his rings which were wrapped around both his ring fingers.

“Okay, okay.” I grumble shoving their hands away. “Get off your high dick.”

“I’m just being silly, don’t get in one of your moods.” Mickey says giving me a playful shove. “It’ll happen when the time is right.”

“You could always ask him.” Julian suggests before taking another sip of his wine.

“I know. I will if he doesn’t soon.” I say nodding at my plan as we gathered closer. “Where’s Isabel?”

“She said she had to pack for tomorrow.” Julian says sadly.
The forgery ball of life was leaving for the academy tomorrow and we wouldn’t be seeing her again for God knows how long.

“Isn’t her flight like kind of early?”
Mickey questions with a chuckle.

“Yeah, and she chose to pack now.” Julian chuckles. “We’re all going to see her off right?”

“I can’t. The boys are taking me out. They said their surprise was not postponable so I already said my goodbyes to that pervert.”

“Can you take the kids after?” Julian asks desperately.


“Aiden wants to take me out.” He says with a bright smile.

“Sure fine. I’ll take them. How’s Damon?” I ask still weary of the devil baby.

“His name is Demon.” Mickey corrects making Julian growl angrily.

“Stop calling him that!” He snaps while Mickey and I laugh. “He’s not a demon.”

“He’s fucking evil.” I say while Mickey nods in agreement. “Don’t get me wrong, I love that baby to death and will protect him with my life. But come on Julian, what baby plays with knives and only eats when you switch out a spoon of baby food as an airplane to a bomb. It’s not normal!”

“Okay. So he’s a little violent..”

“A little?!” Mickey exclaims. “He poked my fucking eye out and he’s not even one yet.”

“Okay! So he’s very violent!” Julian admits agitatedly. “But he’s not evil, he’s just a bit special.”

“He’s going to be one scary ass Alpha.” I say with a chuckle. “And Levi? How’s the little genius?”

“Quiet as always but he’s opening up a lot more with Damon around. They get along really well.” He says with a bright smile.

“That’s nice to hear.” Mickey says with a wide smile. “I want a monster of my own.”

“You’ll be a cute dad.” I say as Julian offers me some wine. “I can’t.”

“Why not?” Julian growls. I was his drinking buddy usually but I couldn’t tonight. “Drink!”

“No, I can’t.” I say with a growing smile as he looks at me as though I was mad before he looked down at my stomach and then back up at me and then my stomach again.

“Holy shit..” Mickey whispers.

“You’re pregnant?!” Julian exclaims sitting up immediately.

“Yes!” I squeal before we all erupt into screams of joy. Jumping around like girls as they hugged me tightly.
I’ve been keeping this a secret from everyone including Beckett, I wanted to be one hundred percent sure I was right before I told anyone.
Kat confirmed it last week and I was bursting at the seems to hide it.

“Oh my goddess!” Julian shouts as we stop jumping. “You’re having a kid.”

“Yeah..” I say with a winding grin. “I’m going to be a dad.”

“Ahhhhhh!” We all scream again as Mickey hugs me tightly.

“Does Beckett know?” He enquires.

“No. I’m telling him tomorrow after he’s done with his parents. They are coming into town and he’s been on edge.” I reveal making Julian pale a bit. “What?”

“They’re coming here?” He questions and I nod. “I hate those bastards. They always mess with his head.”

“He doesn’t want me to meet them.” I say making both Mickey and Julian frown.

“I say crash the party. Show up with an orchestra, introduce yourself announce your pregnancy, then bounce.” Mickey says with a twinkle in his eyes that makes Julian and I laugh loudly.

“He said it weird but I’m with him. Beckett will probably never introduce you all to one another, he’s too scared. Pop up and introduce yourself.” Julian says supportively.

“What if he gets mad?” I question nervously.

“You suck his dick, easy.” Mickey says while Julian nods in agreement. Ever since Julian and Mickey became friends, the little minx had polluted Julian’s mind to the point that he hardly blushed at sexual innuendos but always when Aiden was around so it was fine.

“Okay.” I say taking their advice. “And if it goes well, I’ll tell them together.”

“You’re pregnant bitch!” Mickey screams loudly as he jumps on the table.

“Woahhhh!!!” Julian shouts in agreement.

This is going to be a long, long night.

------------------ after the airport scene with Isabel (Alpha Mates) ---------

Beckett’s P.O.V

“Are you sure you’re fine with being alone with them?” I ask as Damon pokes and prudes at Emitt’s face.

“Yeah, I have Levi.” He says smiling down at the boy who smiles back up at him widely. To think the kid used to avoid Emitt like the plague but now he was stuck to him like glue.

“I’ll be with my parents for three hours tops and I’ll be right back home.” I say making him nod tightly.

“Okay.” He says as I lean down to give him a kiss.

“Love you.” I whisper.

“Love you too.” He replies before leaving.

Today would be the day.
The day I’d tell my parents I was mated to Emitt, I was gay and I was going to propose to Emitt after. Whether they reacted well or not, I was going to make that man my husband today.

I’d spent way too long worrying about how they’d react that I’d lost myself. I’d ended up lying to Emitt repeatedly for months now and it made my insides rot with disgust at myself. Tobias snapped at me daily at how much of a horrible mate I was being.

I’d denied him months ago to them and I lied to him repeatedly, telling him that they knew that we were mated when they hadn’t got a clue. They thought I was still looking for my mate and I knew I was the only one to blame for the mess I’d found myself in.

So today. I’d sit them down and tell them everything. Because I loved Emitt more than them and he deserved to be loved wholeheartedly.

When I arrive at my family manor, I start cooking, already having cleaned up a week before expecting their arrival.
I would die before I met them at my own house, it’d been years since I’ve been to this home. The place I grew up before I moved in with uncle jack. Everything was the same except it was no longer a place of joy my parents created once upon a time, it was a place of sad memories that I felt uncomfortable being in. It made me feel lonely and I hated it. I hadn’t felt like that for a long time, Emitt pushed that away.

I take a deep breath when I hear a knocking on the door. I’d just finished setting the table with the meals for the three of us. There was nothing left to do now but eat and drop the gay bomb on these homophobic bastards.

“Beckett.” My mother greets as I open the door, my father standing directly behind her with a smug look.

“Mother, father.” I greet not offering a hug like I once would as I move out of the way for them to enter. They look at me confused at my behavior.

Good. I won’t take your shit any longer.

“It’s been so long.” My father says as we walk to the dining table.

“Not long enough.” I say making them both frown as I sit down with a smile. This felt way too good, I should’ve done this a long time ago.

“Still no mate I see.” My mom comments with pursed lips.

“And you still have no heart.” I snap back making her lip hang a bit.

Ha! - Tobias laughs as he rolls around in my mind.

“What’s wrong with you?” My father growls lowly.

“Nothing. Just getting started.” I say with a smile as I take a large bite of my food.

The meal continued with snark comments and hateful glares as we ate together. Not long after, we were finished and the time had come. I take a deep breath before sitting up straight.

“I have something to say.” I say as they raise their brows, whipping their mouths.

“Out with it.”

“I have a ma-”
I’m cut off by the knocking on the door that making me groan in annoyance.

“I’ll get it.” I groan as I stand up to go and see who disturbed us.

“Yes.” I say opening the door. My eyes widen in surprise as my heart takes off in a panicked rush, my blood turning cold as my insides turned.

“What are you doing here?” I hiss quietly trying to close the door but Emitt holds it open before slipping in under my arm.

“Meeting the in-laws.” He says cheekily.

“Emitt no! Emitt!” I call desperately trying to stop him but it’s too late as he walks into the dining hall where he comes face to face with my parents.

“Hello!” He says eagerly making my heart drop as they look at him suspiciously.


Ha, y’all ain’t ready.


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