Beta Mates

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Chapter 35

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Emitt’s P.O.V

These were his parents?
They didn’t look like shit to me.

They had the resting bitch face thing going on, with pursed lips that just looked like a failed duck lips pose but besides that they looked pretty normal to me.

After all these months of having zero detail to go on, I guess I’d conjured up these evil beings in my mind with tentacles and one million razor sharp teeth but they were just normal everyday people. Grumpy people, but still people.

“Hello I’m Emitt.” I say with a beaming smile, hiding my repulsion at them just from reputation.

“Hello, the other beta of our pack I presume.” His mother replied politely, who even talks like that.

And yeah I’m the beta, but I’m also your son’s mate.

Damn Beckett wasn’t exaggerating when he said they were adjusting, she didn’t even mention it. But I wouldn’t force it on them, it’ll make Beckett mad and I just wanted this to go well.

What are you doing here?! - Beckett hisses through our link as I sat down in a seat across the broad table from his parents.

Getting to know your parents. Don’t worry, I’ll behave - I say quickly as I smile at the parents who were clearly judging me.

You need to leave, now! - He booms through our link. He was trying to sound intimidating, and I guess he achieved that to some extent but he sounded more.....panicked to me. There was a sort of shakiness to his tone that I didn’t appreciate and fear that vibration along every letter.
Was he really that scared of these people?

“So how about desert?” I say with a cheerful smile as I blocked our link.

“Yes Beckett, that’d be lovely.” His father says all poshly. I always hated people who viewed themselves as superior in any situation and they clearly did to me as well as their own son. “So Emitt, what brings you here?” He asks as Beckett hurries to the kitchen.

“Beckett said you were having a family dinner so I thought it’d be a great opportunity to meet you both.” I say politely, the offer me a weak smile though they didn’t seem impressed in the slightest. “This is a beautiful home.”

“Thank you. It was actually designed and built by one of our ancestors and has been trickled down the generations to us.” His mother’s says proudly as she admired the truly breathtaking house.

“Beckett, why don’t you want to live here?” I question as he renters the room with small plates of apple pie. “It’s magnificent.”

“It gets lonely.” He mumbles under his breath.

“I think it’s amazing.” I say with a smile that brings a bit of the usual light in his eyes back. They’d seem to disappear with the presence of his parents and I didn’t like that in the slightest.

“I like you Emitt, you appreciate the finer things in life.” His father comments with a half-genuine smile that makes me mentally fist pump. Even though I wasn’t necessarily fond of them, I still rather them like me than hate me.

“Thank you.” I comment as I refrain from stuffing the pie in my mouth and chew slowly.

The room is filled by an unwelcoming silence as everyone ate with their thoughts. Beckett looked scared, so scared he was paling and I started to think coming was a really bad idea. But it was going well so far and I’d been staying away from the topic of mates or anything involving the both of us so why was he so scared.
His parents on the other hand were very attentive, studying my every move with watchful eyes for a flaw I wouldn’t let them find. I was behaving like perfection today and I needed them leaving this house believing I was just that, perfect.

Perfect for their son, because I was.

“So Emitt, tell me.” His mother starts making Beckett take in a noticeable breath. “How is working in a pack with another beta, it surely must be frustrating?”

“Not at all. We work very well together, after all we’re ma-”

“Mature.” He finishes for me making me frown in confusion but I brush it off, not letting myself dwell on it too long. I would question him about it later when we made it through this.

“That’s surprising.” His mother comments.

“As a Beta, obviously the need to dominate is quite high due to our ranking.” I say making her nod agreeingly. “But, the need to serve our pack, alpha, is much stronger. And if I have to work with someone else to do so, then I will. If I didn’t because of some useless pride then I’d lose my honor.”

High five! - Chris cheers in my head as we mentally high five.

“That’s very true.” His mother comments with a smile. “You’re very wise Emitt. Mature.”

If you only knew....

“Thank you Mrs.Stone.” I say politely with a smile that she actually returned.

“And Beckett? How do you put up with him?” His father jokes, his humanity showing a bit as we diverse further.

“I don’t know. Ear plugs always do the trick.” I joke making them laugh. Like actually laugh, mouth open, smile and everything.

Beckett seemed completely spell bounded at what was taking place in front of his eyes and damn did it feel good. To show him that I could be pleasant and mature when needed, I didn’t want to be hiden away and maybe after this he’d learn to trust me more.

“As a child Beckett would ramble on non stop, I tried to listen to every word but it’d come out a mile a minute.” His mother comments with a memorable smile. “So much energy in one kid, it was astounding.”

“I can imagine.” I say looking to Beckett who was still in a state of shock.

“Do you want kids?” Beckett’s father queries making me smile.

“As a matter of fact I do.” I reply thinking about the kid that was inside of me. “I’d love them.”

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“I think the better question would be, have you found a mate yet?” Mrs. Stone asks with a wide smile. A genuine smile, like she didn’t see the fault in her question.

“Of course I have, Beck-”
I stop when I turn to point to Beckett, my eyes catching the guilt that encompasses his entire body. His eyes were overflowing with regret as his face contorted between pain and discomfort.

.....w-why is he looking at me like that?

“Beckett hasn’t found his yet.” She continues making my heart shatter as I continue to stare at him.

And that’s when my world stopped moving, the earth slowed down and the axis coming to a halt.
As I looked at him my world fell apart, my throat growing dry suddenly as my heart struggled to continue beating, my body suddenly frozen in my spot.

......he didn’t tell them about me.......

They didn’t know.

His eyes averted from mine as I continued to stare at him blankly. Trying to formulate a reason, any reason that would explain why they were wrong. They probably were confused, mixing words. They d-didn’t know what they were saying.....they couldn’t.....

“He’s been looking for months and not a soul in sight.” She says sadly, each word driving the knife deeper into my chest as my eyes flooded with tears. “I wish he was as lucky as you dear.”

“Lucky...” I repeat, my voice cracking causing Beckett’s eyes to find mine. I saw regret first then sadness followed by pain, pain I knew didn’t come near mine.

“He’s gone searching through other packs per our requests, but nothing.” She reveals making me cover my mouth in complete horror.


“We were suggesting he mated with someone of higher ranking if he doesn’t find some soon. You know, arranged mates.” She says with a chuckle, his words making my insides contort in pain.


“You know, we need heirs as Betas.” She continues making me sob slightly as my trembling hand finds my stomach.

“Are you okay?” His father asks worriedly making my eyes draw from Beckett finally.

I wipe away my tears before the could fall as I stand on to my feet, ignoring how my legs felt like twigs, how they threatened to give out beneath me like the world had just done.

“I’m sorry, but I h-have to go.” I say giving them a weak smile as I struggle to keep myself together. “It was nice meeting you.”

The sound of my name on his tongue made my entire body cry out along with Chris who was howling so loudly I could barely hear anything around me. My skin was on fire, my body forgetting how to work. We’d been rejected.
I knew it, I didn’t need to hear it to know it.

I need to go. To get as far from this place as my legs could take me.
So I ignore Beckett’s call and exited the house. Walking away quickly, unable to shift or run, my body on the verge of collapsing as the emotions drowned me viscously. All at once, seemingly seeking revenge on me, but I didn’t nothing wrong so why was I being punished like this. Why was my heart bleeding like this?

Tears coated my skin but I didn’t care. I couldn’t care. Not when I felt like this......unwanted.

Beckett lied. He denied my existence to his parents for months and lied about to it straight to my face. Everything started to make sense now, all the secrets and the lies feel together as all the promises and loving words feel apart.

Everything feel apart.

“Emitt!” I hear him call but I keep walking.

“Emitt!” I don’t dare look back.

“Emitt!” He says grabbing my arm but I pull back instantly as I spin to face him.

The man I loved and supposedly loved me too, the one who looked broken now, fearful, regretful. I didn’t want to look in his green eyes anymore, they didn’t comfort me, they made me see, see what u couldn’t before.

“.....h-how could you?” I stutter with a trembling lip as my tears streamed down my face. He tried to move towards me but I moved back, I couldn’t....I wouldn’t let him touch me.

“Emitt listen to me.”

“Y-you lied to me.” I say in horror holding my palm to my mouth, shaking my head in efforts to expel the truth. The truth I couldn’t bare to believe. “For so”

“I was going to tell them.” He says hurriedly. “Today, just then. I was telling them and you came in. I swear to you Emitt, I w-”

“What was the bad thing?” I ask as I wipe at my running nose, wiping my tears to see him. “What was it? All those months ago....”

“Emitt please let-”

“What!....was it...” I say shouting a bit.

“They called. They asked if we were mates and I told them....” He stops as his eyes become blurry.

“What did you say?” I demand through gritted teeth as fresh tears rushed down my cheeks. I didn’t want to believe what I already knew. I needed him to say it or I wouldn’t believe him.

“Emitt please...” He begs desperately as I stare at him with clenched fists.

“What the hell did you say?!” I shout my voice booming through the woods.

“I told them it was a rumour.” He says before he breaks down before me, crying like I should be not him. I should be the one who got to fall crying not him.

I raised my head staring up at the sky that was hidden behind the dead trees, my eyes swimming with tears as the reality sunk in.

“You d-denied me...” I state sniffing feverishly as he tried to approach me but I pushed him away. “You denied me!” I scream as Chris whined deep inside. He denied our relationship. He denied me as a mate. He denied us.

Nothing made sense anymore, nothing seemed real. Like this was all a nightmare I’d wake up from and Beckett would be there pressing a kiss to my forehead and he’d tell me it was just a bad dream.

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t.

“You know.....” I say with a chuckle as I let my drowning eyes land on his, his green eyes that were reflecting mine as his cried before me. Sobbing loudly as he knew what he did was.... “...all that talk you gave me about loving myself, accepting who I was and owning it. How did you do it? How did you tell me to accept myself, when you never once did!” I shout as my voice shook with rage. “You never accepted me! Never!”

“That’s not true!” He pleads desperately, waves of regret flooding into me from him. Emotions he was feeling making mine so much worse. “I do! I accept every single part of you.”

“Don’t....” I warn stopping him as my heart squeezed itself at his words.

“Y-y-your love for pink, your small laugh, y-you mewls when you sleep..”

“I said don’t!” I say trembling as my heart bleed desperately. “ could you?”

“I’m sorry!” He pleads desperately. “I was s-scared, what they’d say, react.”

“And I wasn’t?!” I exclaim at the words that turned all my emotions to anger. “What? I wasn’t s-scared? Petrified! When I told my parents?! They kicked me out! Beckett, do you know what they told me?! You always wanted to know! They told me they didn’t want a disgusting vermin like me living in their house! That I was a waste of air! T-that they wished I was never born! That they never had me! That I deserved to die!” I reveal making his eyes widen in horror while pain swirls in my body as I remember the words they installed into my head. “I was scared. I was so scared......but I did it. I did it for you.” I say taking a deep breath. “And when they kicked me out, I moved on b-because I loved you. Because I thought you loved me too.......I gave up everything for you..”

“Emitt. I’m sorry. I should’ve, I know. I regret it e-everyday.” He says desperately as he grabs onto my hands tightly. “I messed up. I m-messed up...I’ll fix it. I’ll fix this..”

“I’ve been in love with you for almost thirteen years now Beckett.” I reveal as he looks up at me in surprise. “When we kissed that day in your house, all my dreams came through. I had the man of my dreams, the guy I’d been crushing on forever liked me back. I couldn’t believe it.” I say with a chuckle as I looked at him, tears leaking out my eyes. “You know Mickey and I had a nickname for you....Bacon Bits..stupid I know, but it worked because you were Bacon Bits.
Then we became mates and I thought I won the lottery. You knew all my secrets and you accepted them all, you accepted me as your mate. I couldn’t believe it.
So I never asked for much. I was petty at times I admit, but a crush does that to you. I was silly, I was annoying but you still stayed. I was so happy...” I say looking down at him sniffing to myself. “And all this time, I only wanted one thing. I thought, if you loved me even a quarter, no an eighth of how much I loved you, I’d been happy. If you......loved me back, even just a little, that’d be all I needed. That’s all I wanted.....” I say as I stare into his eyes. “But you couldn’t do couldn’t love me, even just a little...”

“I do love you!” He declares. “I love you Emitt Smith with every fibre of my being I love you! I love you like I’ve n-never loved anyone before! Anything before! You are my world, I would do anything for you. Anything!”

“Anything but tell your parents about me..” I finish for him with a broken smile.

“I’ll go tell them right now! Right now!” He says sobbing before me. “Watch me! I will!”

“It doesn’t matter now.” I say making him tense as he looks at me. “It’s too late.” I say rubbing my swelling eyes.

“What do you mean?” He questions wearily.

“I can’t do this anymore.” I sob, the words cutting at our bond as my heart squeezed itself painfully.

“No.” He says desperately rushing to me, grabbing my face in his hands. “Emitt no.”

“You don’t accept me. You don’t accept yourself. No matter what you say, no matter how much you claim to love’s not true.” I say revealing the painful truth. “You would’ve told them, if you loved me, you would’ve.”

“I will now!” He exclaims tears rushing down his cheeks as he held my face in his hands, cupping my cheek like he’d always done, but I couldn’t lean into it. “Baby please, l-let me fix this.”

“There’s nothing to fix.” I sob as I stare up at him. “There’s nothing t-”

“Emitt..” He begs shutting his eyes.

“Beckett Stone, I am bre-”
He clasps one of his hands over my mouth as he peers down at me now. Complete panic and horror running rampant in his eyes as he cried desperately before me. Losing any control he possessed, it was gone now.

“Baby please.” He begs making my heart shatter. “I’m sorry. Emitt..... I’m sorry...........Please."

I pull his hand from my mouth weakly as he pleads for me to listen, to reconsider to forgive him.
But I knew I couldn’t. We wouldn’t be the same ever again.

“Beckett Stone.” I begin again as his eyes search mine pleadingly, I ignore the tugging on my heart, the pleads from Chris, all the millions of reasons that told me not to and listen to the one that told me I had to. Because I knew I had to.

“Donut please...”

“I’m breaking our bond.” I finish making his hands slip from my skin, the sense of loss immediate as he sinks to his knees with a sharp cry that broke my shredded heart.
I could feel our bond breaking, the agonizing pain that rippled through my body as every emotion and memory we shared flooded through me all at once and was torn away and contorted. Our first kiss a saddening memory, the night he told me he loved me no longer a joyful memory but a distant one, when we moved into our first home together, a fake memory that represent nothing but pain. Pain I was enduring everywhere as he was too, he cried before me, his hands shaking as our bond was torn apart until there was nothing left.
Nothing but pain.

Just pain.

“Goodbye Beckett.” I say finally as I turned slowly, the first step I took away from him was the hardest and then the second.
Each step made the pain grow tenfold as we grew distant, our wolves screaming for one another. Chris crying desperately for him to see Tobias, to see him one last time. But I couldn’t, I needed to go. I couldn’t stay here anymore.

I walked further and further away until Beckett’s cries were nothing but a distant hum as my hand drifted down to our unborn child.

A child I didn’t get to tell him about....



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