Beta Mates

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Chapter 1

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Emitt’s P.O.V

“You coming to Alice’s party tonight?” Russell asks me as soon as I walk into the school’s crowded halls.

“Is Alice going to be there?” I ask making Russell frown as his eyebrows knit together.

“Nah I heard she got this import- of course, she going to be there!” He exclaims making a few heads turn our way, well the ones that weren’t already looking at us.

“Then no,” I say calmly.

“Oh come on! You’re my number one guy, not even my’re my pilot.” He says making me laugh. “Seriously dude, don’t make me go alone. Aiden already bailed, said he’s going hunting, like if there’s anything to hunt in those woods.” He says making me scoff internally, if he only knew that he wasn’t hunting deer or anything else, he was actually hunting rogues.

“I’ll think about it.” I say making him smile widely as he runs away to some girl that called him.

“Hey Em.” Sam says popping in front of me with her boobs basically grinding against me.

“Hey...” I stretch uncomfortably.

“Want to come over tomorrow? My parents aren’t home.” She says licking her lips at a failed attempt to be seductive.

“No thanks.” I say waddling around her awkwardly.

“I’ll get you one day!” She shouts from behind me as I quickly walk away.

I’d die before I’d allow myself to fuck that STD magnet.

“Hey.” Mickey says appearing out of nowhere. “We still on for after school? I’ve got the new Call of Duty.”

I open my mouth to reply but stop short when I bounce into someone sending me straight to the floor.

“What the fuck? Next time watch we’re yo-”
I stop short when my eyes land on the owner of the hand that was already stretched out for me.

“Sorry.” He says with an apologetic smile, I take the hand as he pulls me up with ease. The contact making my skin buzz slightly, the feeling lingers a bit when he draws his hands away.

“It’s fine.”
He just nods and walks away as I watch his muscular back from my spot.

Those large hands belonged to a blonde haired, green eyed, six foot two guy with a perfect, pearly white smile and drool worthy body known as Beckett Stone.
The guy I’d been crushing on for the past twelve years.

“Careful babe, you’re drooling.” Mickey warns making me immediately shut my mouth as I look at his amused eyes before grunting and walking away, he quickly follows with laughter that echoes through the halls.

Mickey was the only person who knew I was gay. Not even my best friend Aiden knew, I was too scared to tell him. Aiden was a wildcard and no matter how close we are, I’m too scared to risk telling him and it ruining our friendship. I was going to keep the secret with me to the grave but Mickey caught me eyehumping Beckett and I’m a horrible liar, so he knew in a minute.

Lucky for me, Mickey was gay too and in the plot to keep our secrets, just that, we became very close. We would probably never tell a soul, after all we were two gay werewolves. The outside supernatural world wasn’t aware that we existed but we did, a lot of us probably did, we just kept it hidden. Maybe one day it’d be different, but as of now nobody was brave enough to just come out and say they were mated to a guy or at least wished they were.

“I don’t blame you, I’d fuck him in a heartbeat if I got the chance.” He says as he leans against the locker next to my own, I peak a little behind my opened locker door to stare at Beckett like he was. “That’s got to be steroids right?” He says referring to his beautiful muscles that were bursting out of his shirt sleeve.

“Nah, he goes to the gym like everyday.” I say like the stalker I truly was, we both sigh in unison as we watch him dig through his locker across the hall from us. “What I’d give to just lick him.” I groan as Mickey hums in agreement. “Think if he got drunk enough I could get him in bed?”

“He doesn’t drink.” Mickey reminds me making me frown. “Stick with fantasies and wet dreams babe.” He says making me chuckle, Beckett looks back suddenly making me basically dive into the locker as Mickey scrambles to hide besides me.

“Think he saw?” I whisper as quietly as I possibly could, times like this I really wish we shared a link but Mickey was in The Black Moon Pack.

“Maybe.” He replies making me gulp nervously as I hear a set of footsteps approaching us. I clench my eyes shut as my heart races with building anxiety.

“What the fuck are you two doing?” A voice says, I let out a breath of relief as we turn around to see Aiden looking at us, his shades resting comfortably on his nose.

“Nothing.” I say awkwardly as I peak over his shoulder to find that Beckett had already left. “What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just wandering if you wanted to do something after school.” Aiden says making me frown a little as I look at Mickey.

“I already promised to go by Mickey.” I say making him frown behind his dark shades. “I’d invite you but we’re playing the new Call of Duty an-”

“Say no more. You did the right thing, I fucking hate video games.” He says making me laugh a little as I grab some things from my locker before shutting it. He glares at Mickey who gives me a weak smile before running away.

“Can’t you be nicer to him?” I grunt angrily as we start walking.

“He’s a member of the Black Moon Pack, of course not.” He says making me frown. “Don’t look at me like that. I’ll be an alpha in a couple months and you know with who’s going to be the alpha of their pack, we’ll be at war.”

“I swear with the amount you talk about me, I’d think you were obsessed with me Calderon.” Julian says walking past us with his usual stone cold expression that honestly scared me. Aiden growls in clear rage as he watched Julian walk away completely unbothered by his deadly glare.

“Let’s just go.” I say tugging on his arm, he gives eventually and follows me in a different direction.

I hated Aiden for a bit when my crush on Beckett started, if it wasn’t for his feud with Julian who was Beckett’s best friend, maybe we could’ve stood the chance of actually being friends if nothing else. But we were on opposite sides of a battle field and that was never going to be an option.

“I’ll see you at lunch I guess.” I say to Aiden who just walks away when I reached my class. He let Julian get to him too easily and his already sour mood just worsened whenever they interacted.

I enter my class with a sigh, completely unprepared for the bloodsucking vulture that was the education system.


“Sorry I’m late.” I say once Mickey opens his front door, he looks at me with lazy eyes before the drift down to my box of cinnamon sticks.

“All’s forgiven if I get one.” He says making me smile as I pull a second box I bought for just him from behind my back making his dead body immediately come to life. “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

“Not enough.” I say handing him the box before walking into his house behind him. Mickey’s parents died a couple years back in a witch hunt and he now lived in his own house in his pack lands, I didn’t approve of being so secluded but he wasn’t hearing any of my complaints.

“Did they give you any trouble coming in? Cause I put in an entry notice for you.” He says as I follow him into his tv room.

“They didn’t.” I answer, changing into some sweat pants and a pink sweater that I didn’t have the balls to wear outside.

“How gay can you be?” Mickey says watching my appearance with judgmental eyes as I roll my eyes before lying down next to him as he puts on How I Met Your Mother.
We never played video games, Mickey didn’t even have a PS4 or Xbox, it was a lie we came up with whenever we just wanted to talk and hang out without having to put on a facade for others.

“Ya know, The Moon Goddess must be a real bitch.” Mickey says out of nowhere making my eyes widen in surprise.

“Are you trying to die?”

“Just a little.” He says making me roll my eyes. “I mean what kind of sick bitch puts us in a situation we’re we have to hide like this, like it’s such a crime to be gay. So I like dick, shoot me.” He exclaims before throwing himself back onto his couch dramatically. “Look at you, you’re sought out by almost every girl in that school and they don’t even know that you prance around in pink clothes when you’re home.”

“What crawled up your ass?” I reply with a scowl, feeling a little offended.

“Nobody! That’s the problem!” He exclaims. “Will we even have mates? Are we destined to spend our lives alone and miserable?”

“You’re the only one who’s miserable.” I comment making him frown a little. “You complain like this everyday and nothing ever changes, so can we please just focus on something else? Something not so depressing?”

“Fine, sorry.” He says stuffing his mouth with a cinnamon stick.
We stay like that for what felt like hours, eating and laughing before I realized it was getting dark and my sister would probably kill me if I came home too late.

“I got to head out.” I say making him whine loudly as I change back into my previous clothes of some skinny jeans and a plain, black shirt.

“Can’t you sleepover?” He begs as I gather my things.

“Not tonight, sorry.”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” He says leaning against the door as he watches me quickly run down the porch steps. I give him a weak smile and a wave before I start jogging quickly through the woods towards their pack gates, it probably wasn’t the best idea to leave when it was getting so dark.

I’m suddenly tackled to the ground by a wolf that appeared out of nowhere making a surprised yelp escape my lips as I roll on the dirt round until I come to a complete stop, lying on my back. When I look up, I see a brown wolf growling above me with glowing green eyes that clearly wanted to kill me.

“I’m a Dark Woods Pack member! I got clearance to come in!” I shout as I use all my strength the keep the snarling wolf from ripping my head off. If I was in wolf form it’d be a fair fight, but I was relying on about half of my usual strength.

The wolf pulls back in surprise at my words before sniffing me a little, it jumps back after as I scramble to my feet getting in a defensive stance. My eyes widen in surprise when they shift revealing Beckett, I relax a bit as I dust myself off, the dirt on just about every part of my body.

“I’m so sorry.” He says quickly as I glare at him a little, I didn’t care if he was my crush, that was uncalled for. I wince a little making me check my arm to find a pretty deep cut that was already bleeding.

“Great.” I say sarcastically as I examine the rest of my body for more cuts.

“I thought you were a rogue.” He says apologetically as he comes a little closer, when he sees the blood his eyes fill with guilt and regret.

“Don’t they teach you guys how to use your noses in this pack.” I growl before Christopher, my wolf, starts beating me up for being so rude. “Sorry, long day.”

“It’s fine, I was in the wrong.” He says before walking towards me making me freeze as my heart races. He lifts my arm a little to examine my wound, the second his skin touched my own I felt those shocks again making me tense a little.

“It looks pretty bad, I can take you back to my place to get it cleaned up and you can borrow some clothes since those are pretty dirty now.” He says stepping back as I blink a few times, not believing the words that just came out of his mouth.

“No, it’s okay. It’s just a scratch, it’ll heal quickly and I don’t need new clothes.”

“I insist. I’m really sorry, let me do this.” He basically begs as those beautiful eyes search my own. “You’re bleeding on your clothes, seriously, let me help.”

Go! - Chris shouts. He knew I liked Beckett and he didn’t care. He didn’t care much for anything, his only warning was to not let me liking him develop into anything further than just that.

“Okay.” I say after a while making him smile widely.

I follow behind him with my eyes focused on the ground, I wouldn’t allow myself to look at him. If he caught me it’d definitely be over for me, so I kept my eyes on the ground.

Goddess help me.

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