Beta Mates

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Julian’s P.O.V

Nobody knew what happened between Emitt and Beckett.

One, because we couldn’t find Emitt. He literally disappeared off the globe. We used our best trackers to search for him, most of the pack was searching from him but nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

So we spread out, looked throughout the country through pack relations and personally, still nothing. He knew how we worked as a Beta, he knew everything we’d do to try and find him, so out thinking him was challenging. When that failed, we went international. Just about every pack was keeping an eye out from Emitt and not one had seen my friend.

Nobody had.

The last I’d heard from him was that he was on his way to Beckett’s old family home. Next thing I knew Beckett’s parents called me and I found my best friend crying in a field. Clenching onto things that weren’t there, crying with a heart wrenching sound.

That was half a year ago.

Now, less people looked for Emitt.
Less people still kept an eye out.
But that didn’t include us.

Aiden left every single night to look for him, he’d come back at all sorts of hours after traveling different parts of the country. It was killing him but I couldn’t stop him, I didn’t want to, I looked when I could too.
Aiden took Emitt’s disappearance in stages, he at first was sad and began the search immediately filled with hope but months had passed and without any signs of his best friend, he’d grown a bit rougher around the edges. He’d snap at me sometimes and once to Levi, I thought the boy would cry but he just hugged Aiden and told him that everything would be okay. He hugged him even when he broke down and began to cry on his son.

Mickey and the twins as well, they looked whenever they could. Mickey was a bit irrational without Emitt, he suffered horribly as the two always were especially close and the twins had a hard time keeping him at bay.

Everyone was desperate to find the person who seemed to hold us all together.

But he didn’t want to be found.


Today marked the two year anniversary since Emitt left.

Nobody looked anymore.
Nobody but Beckett.

It broke Aiden.
He’d grown accustom in a sense to his friend’s absence but I’d still find him crying sometimes as he stared at a photo of them. He’d still go out on an especially hard day to look for him and I don’t think he’d ever stop.

I was scared. Emitt had become one of my best friend’s in a short period of time and the loss of his bubbly personality hit me like a truck.
Life seemed duller, not nearly as bright as it once was.
But I was scared for him. He was out there all alone, a lone wolf with a child by now. He’d surely given birth and he was doing all that alone, with rogues, witches and especially evil packs out there.

It made me question if he even made it, or if he died a year ago and nobody knew.

And that scared me even more.

Beckett rarely speaks anymore.

In the beginning, he was truly destroyed. He’d lost weight, he always had tear stricken cheeks and he was never in the pack.
He searched for Emitt more than anyone naturally, he looked for him to the point where we’d bring him home after a month of searching nonstop because he’d pass out from exhaustion. But when he woke, he’d be right back out again.

After the second year had passed, he’d changed. He wasn’t the sweet guy I grew up with, the one with a heart of gold. He was different.

Though he regained his weight and strength, he never regained himself.
He never smiled, barely spoke and he was so violent. He went on every mission, every attack, he would kill mercilessly. He was worse than Aiden with the rogues, he didn’t stop attacking them, even when they were dead. Taking out his anger on others, he was viscous.

But after all this time, after we’d grown accustom to the idea of never seeing Emitt again.

We still didn’t know why he left.

What happened that day when he went into the old manor to make him up and leave. Without telling a single soul where he was going, not even a note.

“Dad.” Levi calls making my eyes drift to him. “Aiden’s mad again.” He says making me stand immediately. He called us dad but when one of us scared him, he reverted back to first names.

“Go in your room.” I warn making him frown. “I’ll be fine, take Damon with you. Now Levi.” He nods and picks up the toddler before rushing into his room.

I take a deep breath and make my way to our bedroom. I could here the growls and thrashing around as I walked down the hallway, no doubt the day being the date of Emitt’s disappearance making him like this.

This always happened around this time of year.

“Aiden.” I call carefully as I peer into our room. It was a complete mess but I wasn’t concerned with how I’d make him clean this up later, I was concerned with the bright red eyes that looked straight through me.

“Go away.” He growls as he shows me his canines. I just slide into the room and close the door behind me.

“You’re scaring the kids.” I say making him tense for a split second before the rage encompassed him again. “You’re angry, I get it, I am too. I miss him too.”

“Shut up!” He growls but I just take step towards him as he takes five more towards me, swinging a punch at me but I dodge it easily and spin around him quickly as I hold his arms tightly.

“Emitt was one of the best people I’ve ever met.” I say softly as he trashes around in my hold, he flinches at the mention of the name people rarely spoke anymore. “He was so full of life. Amazing guy. He loved you so much.” I say making his panting settle down as he unclenched his fists. “So loyal it was almost scary. He’d defend you even if you were wrong, he was always on your side. Always.”

“He’s not now.” He finally mumbles as the eyes returned to their normal dark brown. It’s become easier over time to calm Aiden down when the rage took over, the first time this happened, he shifted and had no control. “It’s been years Julian.”

“I know.” I say holding him tightly as he held onto me. “I miss him too.”

“I’ve looked everywhere. Every single place we said we’d go if we left, I checked them all. He’s not in any.” He reveals with glossy eyes. “I don’t think he’s coming back...”

“Don’t say that.” I say trying to touch him but he just pulls away and locks himself into the bathroom.
I knew not to bother him now, he needed space to himself and that was absolutely fine.

I just wish he had the same fire in his eyes when someone would suggest the possibility of Emitt not coming back, he’d almost kill them but time had passed and now he didn’t believe it himself.

“I’m going to visit Beckett.” I say making him growl a bit. I wouldn’t tell him if I didn’t have to, but he’d be angrier if I didn’t.
He didn’t speak to Beckett anymore. Not once since Emitt left, he said he could see the guilt in his eyes, that Beckett was the cause of his friend’s disappearance and though I saw it too, I wouldn’t just abandon him.

“I’ll be quick. Clean yourself up and go apologize to the kids.” I say as I slide on my jacket. He opens the door almost instantly, the kids always tugged at his heart. “This room better be perfect when I get back.”

“Yes Sir.” He teases before leaning down and kissing me. I kiss him back achingly as my hand wrapped around his neck. “I love you Jewels.”

“I love you too Aiden.” I whisper before giving him another quick peck and leaving, heading straight for the lion’s den.


“You need to clean up in here.” I comment as I scrub the bloody surface. Beckett hunted for food now, barely eating cooked goods and that often resulted in the house being covered in blood stains. “Or you could just eat burgers again. I may be vegetarian but I’ve heard they’re really good.”


“Damon’s talking full sentences now.” I continue as I finish scrubbing away the blood from one spot to start on another. “Levi, he’s top of the class. He wanted to come today but I promised him another time, hope you don’t mind.”


I turn to look at my best friend. He was sitting in a large armchair that could barely hold his muscular built that had grown over time. His jaws were clenched tightly and his talons were buried into the chairs leather as he looked out the window. Eyes dead as night, emotionless and somehow full of pain.

“I talked to Isabel today.” I reveal returning my attention to the wooden floor. “She’s really doing well at the academy, said she might return soon. If she found you like this, you know she’ll beat your ass right?”


“What happened?” I question stopping my work as I sit up. “Why did he go?”

This makes his eyes find mind. Anger and guilt flooding his eyes as he stared at me. I could order him to but I didn’t want that, he needed to tell me.

“To Em-”

“Please don’t.” His voice comes out raspy and broken. Like rusted gears that were learning to work again, I stared at him in disbelief as well as sadness. Just the mention of his name made his eyes fill with tears as he looked away again.

“What happened?” I question again but he just stands and retreats upstairs in the ancient manor he lived in alone.

It broke my heart that he lived in this place, he moved here after a few months when Emitt left. He couldn’t be in their home together with him.

I kept their old home empty and clean, I visited it sometimes.
I’m not sure why.

So now he lived here, in this old, lonely, haunting house that didn’t have one spec of life to it. I didn’t know how Beckett did it.

How he spent days here without leaving for long periods of time, it was so unwelcoming.

I wanted to go after him but I didn’t.

I kept cleaning, rubbing out each blood stain, turning up each fallen chair and resetting all furniture he seemed to catapult across the many rooms.

I was about to leave when my eyes found a piece of metal twinkling in the corner of my eye, I let curiously take me as I walk towards it. Bending down to pick it up, I lift an old picture frame, the glass over it shattered.

Brushing that away I see the picture. It made the breath in my lungs constrict at the face I seemed to have forgotten a bit.

It was a picture of Emitt and Beckett, they were eating at a dining table that looked oddly familiar. Emitt was planted in Beckett’s lap, a large smile encompassing his face like I remember it often did and strangely enough, one was one Beckett’s face too.
I seemed to have forgotten how bright his smile would be, how his green eyes would light up when he was happy and how lovely he could be.

He was happy.

They both were.

Emitt seemed to be entranced by the man, we all knew Emitt was obsessed with Beckett. Loved him more than one could imagine and the picture showed it. Showed how much love he gave him everyday.

So why did he leave him?

Taking a deep breath, I made my way up the stairs I just cleaned and towards the one room in the house Beckett never let me in. And I never pushed him to since I was the only person he even let into the house, well me and Levi.

He liked Levi around I think because it reminded him of Emitt since he was in love with the kid.

I don’t bother to knock on the door and enter. A hand comes almost instantly as it slams the door shut behind me.

I look straight into Beckett’s glowing dark green eyes as he panted furiously but I couldn’t even be bothered with him as a forgotten scent encompassed my nose.

Emitt’s scent.

Looking around, the room was normal, clean surprisingly. But nothing indicated Emitt being here so how...

“Why does it smell like him here?” I ask ignoring the threatening glare he gave me. If I didn’t, I break a couple of his bones for disrespect alone.

“His things.” He answers as I frown, surely the scent would’ve faded away after this long. “The witch did it.”

Of course Kat would’ve done something to help him, she’d grown fond of Emitt over the short time she knew him. She looked for him as well in the first couple of months but now she was too encompassed by her own family like many others.

“What happened Beckett?” I repeat again but he just walks away from me as he heads to the window but I stop him, forcing him to look at me. I shove the picture into his face, ignoring the tears that welled in his eyes and the pain that followed. “What happened?! Because he loved you too much to just go.”

“Where did you find that?” He grinds out hoarsely, his voice was still daunting after not hearing it for so long.
It wasn’t the same.

“What happened?” I question again. His eyes dart to mine and for a split second I thought he’d tell me, reveal the true but guilt glazed over them again and he just walked towards the window. “What did you do to Emitt?”

This makes him stop.
The mention of the name that some had forget and other rarely spoke.

He turned to face me and all I saw was rage. A rage I found all too familiar, but I ignored it. I needed to know.

“Was it because of the baby?!” I question making the rage disappear in an instant as he looks at me in shock. “Is that it? Is that why you drove him away? You didn’t want the baby?”

“......what baby?” He questions after some time. His eyes clear, horror threatening to overtake him as he stared at me. “What baby Julian?”

“You didn’t know....” I whisper as I cover my mouth with my hand. Tears filling my own eyes as he stared at me for answers, information he’d been unaware of. “He was pregnant Beckett.” I reveal making his lips tremble as his mouth hung over and he clenched his stomach tightly before sinking to his knees, crying silently to himself as he took in the new information.

“He was going to tell you....that day.” I continue making a sharp cry escapes his lips as he begins sobbing loudly. I immediately sink to my knees as I bring him into my arms while he shakes in my hold, clenching my tightly.

“He’s out there.....alone......with o-our kid?” He whimpers out making my chest constrict. “He’s all alone.....without me....”

“I thought you knew. I t-thought he told you.” I repeat as he cries loudly. “Why didn’t he tell you? Beckett, what happened?”

And that’s when he breaks down. Telling me every little detail about the events of the day that his mate broke their bond.

That was the last time I heard Beckett speak.

The last time I saw him show any emotion.

After the news of Emitt’s pregnancy, he feel into a deep dark spiral that nobody could save him from.

Nobody but Emitt.

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