Beta Mates

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Chapter 42

Emitt’s P.O.V

I walk into the house cautiously, in search of the two people who brightened my world.

I’d left Amelia with Beckett for the day, I thought it’d be good for the both of them and the way they lit up at the suggestion told me I was right. Meanwhile I went on a little hunt for Mickey since he’d been ignoring me since I returned. He was the only person in this whole pack who’s first response to seeing me was a punch to the gut. He’s been avoiding me ever since.
I mean I got why. I was his closest friend and I left without telling him anything, though I tried telling him that it wasn’t my intention to be gone for so long. He didn’t want to hear any of it.

I sighed in exhaustion as I stumbled my way to a library I didn’t even know the house had, I was simply following Amelia’s scent and ended up here. Walking inside the sound of joyous laughter sores through the air and straight to me. My eyes widen in surprise as I watch Beckett chase after Amelia through the many aisles of books, Amelia running as fast as she can, her laughing bouncing off each and every wall. The room was a mess where they played, papers scattered around the floor with books stacked high on the tables they were weaving through. Thing was watching them as he rolled on his back as they continued to play.

I lean against the doorframe watching them with a growing smile, I wasn’t strong enough to stop them, I didn’t want to. Goddess they were perfect together. So undeniably perfect. My mind began to paint a beautiful picture where I too was playing with them like that.

Where we were a family...

“Daddy!” Amelia screams in both relief and excitement as she runs towards me, snapping me out of my temporary trance. “Save me!”

I pick her up as she jumped in my arms and took off down a massive hallway, Beckett stunned by my sudden cooperation but followed quickly. A large smile plastered to his face as Amelia giggled in my hold while I ran around the house.

“Run! Daddy, run!” She screams as she bounces looking over my shoulder, no doubt the image of Beckett advancing on us making her more anxious. “He’s coming!”

“Got ya!” Beckett shouts as his hands snack around my waist before I had got the opportunity to sprint up the stairs. He lifts me off the ground, circling us both making me laugh as I try to escape while Amelia squealed and screamed. “Do you surrender?” He shouts as he spins us around making her laugh all the more.

“I surrender!” Amelia screams through her giggles that became hiccups. “I surren-hu-der!”

Beckett stops the spinning, setting me down on my feet allowing us all the catch our breath. His warm breath fanning my ear as he took in deep breaths, Goddess knows how long he was playing with Amelia before I decided to join. His arms remained snugged around my waist, the grip there even though his hold was light, my back pressed directly against his, Amelia being the small space between us. I tried to calm myself as my body began to swirl with a usually dormant feeling of need, reacting to his presence like I’d never felt it before.
I used to feel sparks with him, toe curling, lip biting sparks that made me lose any sense of knowledge. Now as his head rested way too close to mine for comfort with his warm breath teasing my neck, I felt fireworks.

“Do you surrender as well?” He whispers to me, his arms giving me a light squeeze. I gasp in surprise at the gesture as well as his tone, it was gentle and friendly but also suggestive.....I think.

I’m officially going crazy.

“I-I do.” I stutter out. A string of curses flow through my mind for being so nervous, I was acting like a cock-shy teenager and I was anything but that.

“Good.” He slurs beautifully before pulling back and grabbing Amelia from me.

“You’re a little minx you know that!” He grumbles as he tickles her, walking away with my beaming daughter while I stood planted in my spot watching them with a panicked mind.
A mind that told me to grab that man and kiss him and a heart that told me that I was overreacting.

A heart that had been broken before.

I walk after the two and shake off the rustling emotions by the time I find them in the library again. Amelia was on the ground gathering the papers while Beckett sat watching her with a taunting smirk.

“So what exactly happened here?” I ask as I walk a bit further into the room.

"Someone....” Beckett stretches before looking at Amelia who just stuck out her tongue. “...decided that a paper party in my library would be fun while I made her a snack. And that hiding in it would be even better.”

“You cheated!” She shouts at him with a stern frown.

“I’m sorry I have a nose!” Beckett snaps back making me laugh but she just crossed her eyebrows in confusion. “Clean up quickly so Emitt can talk you home.”

Say my name again......
Every time those five letters rolled off his tongue a chilled shiver would trial my spine, a million kisses pressed to my skin from his tone alone.

“I don’t want to go home.” Amelia mumbles as she stopped cleaning, her pout out and her eyes swelling. “I want to stay with dad.”


“I’d love for you to stay princess but it’s not up to me, your daddy’s got to take you home and tuck you into bed.” Beckett counters softly, no aggressive hints in his tone as he spoke to her.

“Why can’t I stay here?!” She exclaims angrily, sending a pointed look my way. Beckett follows her line of path, his eyes studying me too, as if asking me the same question

“If you really want to, you can I suppose...” I agree reluctantly, not because I didn’t trust Beckett, I did.
I didn’t trust this world. The things it.
I liked having control over what I could, especially things involving Amelia.

“Yay!” Amelia squeaks jumping up and down.

“Is that fine with you?” I question Beckett who was lost in his own world of increasing joy.

“Of course.” He replies quickly.

“Then I guess I’m going to head out,” I sat making my daughter frown once again.

“Why are you going? You stay too.” She says inviting me to a home that wasn’t hers. My eyes widen at the suggestion as Beckett coughs on absolutely nothing. “All of us stay.”

“I can’t do that.” I say automatically. If I did Beckett would probably discover my feelings for him, it wouldn’t end well. He’d probably reject me.

“Why not?” She queries darting her eyes between Beckett and I as we stare at one another for answers besides the logical ones that were too complex for her. “Why can’t you stay daddy?”

“B-Because....” I stutter out as her gaze pierces through me. “Beckett wouldn’t like that.”
Amelia’s attention immediately snapped to him, I knew I was throwing him under the bus but what can I say, she was scary when she was determined.

“I have no problem with it.” He says completely unbothered with a slight shrug making my eyes all but roll out of their sockets.

What does he mean no problem?!

“You don’t?” I question voicing my thoughts.

“Why would I have a problem with that?” He asks innocently like if the conversations we’d had over the last few weeks never happened. I knew we were getting along fine these days but we weren’t sleepover fine, especially when he said it hurt for me to be around him.

I’m confused....

“So?” Amelia questions

This sounds like a bad idea.

“Okay.” I say quietly making a smile return to her lips once again that Beckett mirrors without a try in the world.

“This’ll be fun.” Beckett says sending a smile my way, there was a twinkle in his eyes that made me blink a few times in surprise at the presence of need in his eyes.

Goddess save me.


“That’s enough go fish!” Beckett groans slamming his hand of cards down in frustration.

“You’re bad at this.” Amelia says making me giggle at her blatant insult as I clutch my hand to my chest.

“I’m rusty.” Beckett corrects our daughter while scowling at me.

“Excuses.” I mumble making him groan in anger as he rose to his feet before running away for some water.

“We have to get you to bed soon.” I say making Amelia groan loudly. “Don’t start, you’ve been going all day. You need to sleep.”

“I don’t want to.” She mumbles quietly. She knew how seriously I took rest and never argued about it to me, so I found this very strange behavior. “I just want to stay with you and dad.”

“You’ll see him tomorrow.” I say softly, rubbing his knuckles lightly.

“Until we go home.” She points out making me smile falter. “We always leave. I want to be with him all the time. Both of you. Why can’t we all live together?”

“It’s complicated.” I say with a sigh.

“You should talk to the kings.” Amelia said making my eyebrows pull together in confusion, I don’t get a chance to question her as Beckett returned with water for everyone. “New game!” Amelia declares making both Beckett and I groan in resistance.

“No more. We’ve played every card game ever and a full game of monopoly.” Beckett states with bulging eyes.

“We’re done.” I confirm.


“How about a movie?” I suggest making her beam instantly.

“Yay!” She screams happily as she dashes out her seat and towards the living room we used the most.

“What do you feed her?” Beckett questions as we stand up together and head towards where she was.

“That little ball of lightning is all on your half of the genes.” I joke making his eyes widen.

“You’re kidding right, she’s you.” He says making me scoff. “I’m serious! That was you in high school.”

“Yeah whatever.” I say waving him off as I sit down besides Amelia after entering the room she was waiting patiently inside.

“What movie do we feel like reliving?” Beckett says as he plops down on the other side of Amelia, using the remote to scroll through the large selection of movies. “Madagascar? Toy story? Mulan? Tangled? Treasure Planet? Lilo and Stitch?”

He looks down at Amelia who looked a bit overwhelmed by the large selection presented before her. When she doesn’t answer he looks up at me for answers.

She’s never watched any of them - I say guiltily, trying not to notice the shock that flooded his eye.

What?! None! Ever?! - He exclaims in disbelief.

You never watched any before me and you were eighteen so give the fours year old a bit of slack! - I snap back defensively.

“We’re watching the first one I ever watched.” He says to Amelia who just offered a weak smile.

When the words Lion King appeared on the screen I felt my heart strings pull as I was suddenly plugged back in Beckett’s uncle house.

“Here you go.” Beckett says handing me a chilled Sprite and the bowl of popcorn we were probably sharing.

I remember how nervous I was when he sat down next to me, my heart racing a mile a minute as we watched the film. He didn’t even notice how much I was sweating or how much I wanted to kiss him, we’d just met a few days prior because he tackled me outside Mickey’s house.

“I thought you were a rogue.” He says apologetically as he comes a little closer, when he sees the blood his eyes fill with guilt and regret.

“Don’t they teach you guys how to use your noses in this pack.” I growl before Chris starts beating me up for being so rude. “Sorry, long day.”

“It’s fine, I was in the wrong.” He says before walking towards me making me freeze as my heart races. He lifts my arm a little to examine my wound, the second his skin touched my own I felt those shocks again making me tense a little.

“It looks pretty bad, I can take you back to my place to get it cleaned up and you can borrow some clothes since those are pretty dirty now.” He says stepping back as I blink a few times, not believing the words that just came out of his mouth.

I feel a smile tug on my lips as I remember just how deep my crush on Beckett ran. How Mickey and I would call him Bacon Bits and stare at him from him from afar.
Goddess he was oblivious, he didn’t see for twelve whole years. But how could he when I ran away whenever he got too close.

“I like Scar.” Amelia declares making Beckett and I look at one another, the same memory running through our minds.

"Is it wrong that I love Scar?” Beckett asks as we watch Scar push Mufasa off the cliff.

“Yes! That’s very wrong you sicko!” I exclaim looking at him in disgust while he just shrugs and keeps watching the movie.

He smiles at me lightly making me return it nervously, my cheeks heating up, the reason unknown. I look away not sure if the feelings flooding me were allowed. That’s a lie, they weren’t.

“There’s nothing wrong with liking the best character in the movie.” Beckett answers making my eyes trail to his carefully, the teasing light in them making my body buzz in excitement.

“Nothing. Wrong. At. All.” He says slowly, his eyes never leaving mine. He’s lips drawing me in.

“Why are you talking like that?” Amelia says popping her head up to look at us making us both tense slightly. “So weird.” She mumbles before looking back to the movie making us laugh before we keep our attention on the film.


Beckett and I walk together without a word between us as Amelia slept over my shoulder. She fell asleep during the second movie so we decided to put her to bed before returning to continue our binging session.

Beckett and I walked side by side, not a single sound to be heard throughout the large estate as our feet brushed against the old wooden floor.
He stopped suddenly at a door that honestly looked like all the others to me, except it was slightly polished where the others weren’t. My breath caught in my lungs when he opened the door and switched on the light.

A large bedroom the size of the kitchen doubled was revealed making my jaw hang as my eyes dart all around. On the ceiling there was a small bird, bedroom chandelier that hung over the broad, four poster bed that was littered with stuffed toys and pillows. The whole room was blue, not a sky blue or ocean blue, but a warm, teal tone. Complimented with white furniture including the bed, large closet, small table in the corner under the large window that exposed the night sky and stars that twinkled in the sky.
I took a weary step inside as I looked around the room that was just perfect. They were so many toys and cabinets filled with art supplies and children books that warmed my heart as I turn back to look at him.

“It was supposed to be a surprise. But this one seriously can’t stay awake for anything.” Beckett says making me me chuckle shakily as I stare at him with a wide smile. “What?”

“You’re an amazing father.” I say making him smile proudly as his eyes flood with a forgotten layer of joy. “She’s going to love this.”

“I hope so.” He replies as we walk to the bed, laying her down under the sheets carefully. Her hands leave my neck and squeeze one of the toys as she cuddles into them without a problem, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“Sweet dreams baby girl.” I whisper before pressing a kiss to her head.

“Dream big.” Beckett whispers grazing her cheek gently with the back of his hand.

We stare at her for a bit, love and pride swelling in our chests at the spectacular creature we somehow made. Leaving once we gathered enough strength, not closing the door entirely so sound could travel better (A.N I don’t know if this is true and I do higher physics 😂😂😂)

“She called me dad.” He said in disbelief as we walked back from where we came together.

“I heard.” I say with a supportive smile as he stared at the path before us.

“I hoped she would but......I didn’t think....that she would so soon.” He finished between spaces before glancing up at me with a smile. “She called me dad Emitt.”

“I know.” I say laughing as we return to the room that was littered with snacks and food I gobbled down by myself. “Let’s clean up a bit first before continuing the movie marathon.”

“Yeah.” He agrees effortlessly.
We make a couple trips between before we have everything cleared out of the room and into the kitchen, I was up the dishes quickly before looking for some more food for the next movie.

“What movie are we watching next?” Beckett asks from his spot as I raid the cabinets for some Pringles, my back facing him.

“Treasure Planet, I want to see what Julian’s been raving about.” I say with a chuckle remembering how much detail he’d go into whenever the topic became that movie.

“You’ve never seen it before?” He questions, his voice traveling as he trailed the room.

“Of course I have, it just has been a while.” I say with a shrug as my eyes find a red can shining a bit against the kitchen light making me cheer internally.

I push myself up on my toes as I extend my arm as far as I can, I’d grown a little taller but I never could quite reach the top of anything. I groan and grind my teeth as I stretch desperately to reach the can that was mocking me with its untouched salty goodness.

My heart freezes as I feel Beckett press against my back slightly as he reaches over me and grabs the can with ease before lowering himself. I twist so I can face him, the distance between us still small as I looked up at him, suddenly a little out of breathe.

Those eyes.
Those green, catastrophically beautiful eyes.

They had a way of taking me without a second thought, twisting and turning my thoughts tot he point where I could barely breathe let alone think straight. Everything became a blur and so did the line between my rationale thoughts and my irrational ones.

“You still can’t......reach the top shelf.” He says taking a pause to breath as he stares down at me. I just wanted to bury my fingers in that buzzer hair and pull him into my lips. Kiss him with everything I had and nothing less.

“You still put the snacks up there.” I whisper shakily as his gaze pierces straight through me, our hearts grazing slightly as our thumping hearts pulled us to one another.

“Some things never change......” He states as his eyes focus on mine while mine foolishly dart between those dazzling orbs and those beautiful lips that were begging me to mold mine with them. To revisit their texture and taste, to rememorize the way my heart would stop when we touch and go into hyper drive when we went further.

“Like what?” I question challengingly as he brought his face slightly closer, the warm breath tickling my throat a bit.

“I’d have to show you.” He whispers forcing me to stifle a needy moan.

Then show me!



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