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Chapter 2

Picture of daddy. ^
I’m not even ashamed that guy is beautiful

Beckett’s P.O.V

“This is my house.” I say glancing back at the guy who’d been quiet the entire walk here, I think his name was Emitt but I wasn’t too sure. His eyes were glued to the ground the entire time, but he looks up to see the place. A gleeful smile takes his lips as his forest green eyes twinkle with excitement, this fades as soon as he looks back at me.
He immediately looks down again making me frown in disappointment, I guess I was to blame for this, I tackled him without thinking.

“Okay, well come inside.” I say kindly trying to change whatever image he probably already conjured up of me. He follows behind me as we enter the deadly silent house with not one sign of life, it was cold and unwelcoming as always.
I turn on the lights as I lead the boy to a small bathroom downstairs for him to clean up in.

“Sit there.” I say pointing to the toilet. He obeys without a word as I dig in the draws for a first aid kid, when I find it I search for something to clean the cut with.

“You know this will heal by tomorrow right?” He asks as I dab a piece of cotton wool with rubbing alcohol.

“I know.” I say pulling his arm forward a little before rubbing the area clean making him wince a little. “But it’ll speed up the process.” I say cleaning it carefully as I look up to see him already looking at me intently. His eyes widen considerably before they dart around anxiously while a little colour invades his cheeks.

“Thanks.” He says when I finish up by putting a large plaster on the wound.

“I’ll get the clothes.” I say standing up and his eyes dart up to me in surprise.

“It’s fine. I’m fine. It’s fine.” He insists as he stands up as well.

“You’re covered in dirt and it was a little muddy out there, you’ll take a shower and change.” I say firmly before leaving to go and get the clothes. I dig through my draws, picking a pair of sweatpants and a clean light pink shirt I bought on a whim and never used it. When I return to the bathroom I find him awkwardly playing with his thumbs, his eyes dart up to mine in a panic when he sees me. I hand him the clothes and a new bar of soap before leaving him to his own devices.

I walk into the kitchen with a sigh before pouring a cup of lemonade for myself and for the guy before sitting down. I rest my head on my arms as I pick up the note left on the counter.

I’m out for the night, you’re parents said they’d call tonight. Don’t stay up too late.

Uncle Jack

I scoff as I crumple the paper in my hand before throwing it into the nearby bin and sipping on my lemonade. I had nothing against Uncle Jack besides the fact that he was an optimist, I knew they wouldn’t call. They were too busy to call me, they promised every night and they never failed to disappoint me every night. But I knew they were working hard on their side so I would to, I’d make them proud and maybe one day they’d actually call.

“Hi.” I turn around to see the boy standing awkwardly with his arms behind his back, the clothes were way too big for him but it suited him in a strange way. I hope he didn’t mind wearing my clothes or pink, some guys would hate that. “Thanks for everything, I’ll just let myself out now.”

“I have lemonade.” I say lifting the cup I poured for him, he studies me as he bites the inside of his cheek clearly trying to decide if to stay with me any longer. “It’s just one drink.”

Damn, was I really so desperate for company that I was cohering someone to stay with me longer.

“Won’t your parents mind?” He questions looking around a little.

“I don’t live with my parents.” I say a bit quieter making him frown a little as he leans back onto his heals before pressing forward on his toes in a seesaw motion.

“Okay.” He says finally before walking towards me, taking the cup before sliding into the stool besides me.

“Emitt right?” I question making his eye widen considerably as he chokes on his drink a little. “Aiden and Julian have been fighting long enough for me to know those on my enemy’s side.”

“Oh.” He whispers with disappointment lacing his tone.

“I don’t actually hate you or anything. I don’t even hate Aiden, he’s a temperamental bitch and a piece of shit, but I don’t actually hate him.” I say making the twinkle return to his eyes as he drinks the juice again. “So what were you doing in our pack lands?”

“Visiting a friend.” He answers making me raise an eyebrow, he doesn’t say anything else much to my dismay.

“Why won’t you talk?”

“I thought I was talking.” He replies with worry evident in his tone.

“You give short answers, straight to the point. Nothing with details.” I say making him think on my words for a moment.

“Maybe it’s because I’m in the house of a stranger who tried to kill me not too long ago.” He says with a shrug as a series of laughter bubbles up my throat.

“You’ve got a point.” I say before finishing the remainder of my juice. “My name is Beckett by the way.”

“I know.” He replies with a charming smile that was a bit warning, it disappears when he sees the time from the clock on the wall. “I should really be heading out.” He says making my smile fade as he stands up quickly. I walk him to the door as he gathers his things before standing on the porch awkwardly opening his mouth several times before shutting it as he tried to come up with something to say.

“I’ll see you around.” I say filling in the words for him, a smile forming its way onto my lips from his relief expression, he nods a bit before lifting his head and staring at me. I watch him back before frowning a little as he continues to study me in a slight daze. “Emitt?” He blinks a few times before he blushes, hard.

“S-sorry. Bye, goodnight, bye.” He says all at once before literally jumping down the stairs and running away into the darkness of the night before I could respond.

“What the hell...” I say to myself as I walk back into the house before shutting the door behind me.

Looking around the lonely atmosphere, that drowning feeling of emptiness floods the space once again, no longer filled with the temporary warmth that Emitt provided.

Another night alone, lovely!


“Why not?!” Isabel exclaims angrily as she sits besides me as we wait for the woodwork class to start.

“Because I said so.” I grumble as I take out my design book. This had to be the only subject I was good at, everything else, Julian did for me.

“Fine, be that way. I don’t care.” She scoffs angrily as she turns her back a little to me.
All this because I refused to pose for her shirtless for some ad campaign she claimed she was working on for some class which I knew was her failed excuse for her to take pictures of my body for purposes beyond me.

My eyes catch Emitt as he walks into the class, his forest green eyes meet mine before they darken as they fill with a state of panic that seemed common for him. I give him a small smile and a wave that makes his eyes basically pop out their sockets, he looks around a little before giving me a stiff wave. I frown as I watch him rush into a seat in the middle of the class, why was he so tense when it came to me, I thought we got over the whole tackling incident.

Since when are you friends with Emitt Smith - Isabel asks through the link, smart enough to know that if she said it out loud he’d hear us.

We’re not really. But I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him - I answer honestly making her eyes fill with an excitement I recognized all too well.

Please! Please! Please! Become friends with him so I can be friends with him - She begs making me frown as I look across at the guy who was doodling in his book with a bored expression.

Don’t tell me you’re one of those girls who have a crush on him

Fuck no! I’ve wanted to talk to him for so long but it’s hard being on team Julian and all and him on team Aiden. Besides he’s a total bottom.

A what? Ya know what, I don’t want to know. And you can suck up to him on your own - I reply making her scowl at me.

Do this for me! - She pleads.

No, if we end up being friends or something then sure - I reply making her scowl again.

If you don’t, I’ll tell Julian you were the one who destroyed his favorite projector last year and not Aiden - She threatens with a raised eyebrow.

It was an accident! - I protest as she just smirks. Fine, Jesus Christ. I’ll do it, you fucking bitch. I’m just introducing you and that’s it.

“Love you Becky.” She says with a devious smirk.

“Oh f off.” I mumble as our teacher walks in. We were doing a basic birds nest today in our triple period as a recap of the basics we’d learnt when we started this class.

“What type you want to do?” Isabel asks me but I just glare at her as I gather my things and walk away. “Oh Becky! Come on!”

I ignore her calls and look around the large room for a someone without a partner. I didn’t have much friends besides Julian and Isabel so this was hard, when my eyes land on Emitt who was already crowded by people asking to work with him, I unconsciously move towards him.
I frown a little as I approach the group that was drowning him in reasons to work with them when he was trying to reply but couldn’t get a word out, it made me a little uncomfortable to see him so stressed.

“He’s working with me, sorry guys.” I say making all their heads snap to me, including Emitt’s as they stare at me in disbelief. They all disperse with grunts of annoyance as I slide into the seat beside him while he continues to stare at me like he saw a ghost. “Sorry, I just thought you needed a hand.”

“N-no, yeah. Thanks.” He stutters making me smile for some reason as he sinks into his seat.

“Got any type of birdhouse in mind? We can do something simple and finish quickly or go for something a little more challenging.” I suggest as he looks at me before sifting through his design book.

“Something in the middle?” He says with a nervous smile, handing me the basic sketch of a pretty nice birdhouse that we could finish in the given time.

“Perfect.” I say making him smile widely, the sight of him looking so happy was a little comforting.


“Great job guys.” Our teacher compliments after scribbling some things into his notebook after examining our work. “You finished early too, so feel free to relax. Just don’t get too rowdy.”

“Okay.” I say as he walks away, I look down at Emitt who’s happily admiring his design that came to life. He didn’t seem to smile much so it was nice seeing him loosen up when I could. When he catches me looking at him, he freezes as he face drops and his eyes widen.


“Nothing.” I answer letting my eyes drift away from him, it was clear that it made him uncomfortable. “So, you got home safe last night.” I say awkwardly, trying to brew up a conversation of some sort.

“Yeah.” He mumbles, before I can sigh at his sharp answers, he continues. “Nobody else tackled me on my way home.”
I find myself laughing loudly as a few heads turn our way at the sudden outburst, Emitt cracks as smile as he peaks up at me.

“Are you going to hold that against me forever?” I question with a wide smile still lingering on my lips.

“Only time will tell.” He replies with a small smile. “Oh shit!” He exclaims as he grabs the sides of his face. “Your clothes. I’m so sorry, I forgot to wash them last night when I got home. I promise I’ll return them as soon as I wash them, and I’ll wash them as soon as I return them. I mean, I’ll wash them as soon as I get home and then I’ll return them.” He finishes as I watch him with wide eyes, I thought about stopping him but it was the most I’d heard from him say, so I let it continue. “Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I forgot about them honestly, don’t even worry about it.” I reply making him let out a breath of relief while he settles. “You worry too much.”

“I normally don’t worry about anything.” He says with a chuckle as I frown a little at the words.

“Normally?” I question as he shoots up from his seat like a bullet.

“Is that the bell? I guess class is over, bye.” He says all at once as he grabs all his thinks and shoves them into his bag.

“The bell hasn’t ev-”
I stop when the ringing fills my ears making me frown. He all but runs out the classroom in a state of panic while I just sit there confused out of my mind.

“What the hell did you do to him?” Isabel questions immediately running to my side as I start packing my bag.

“I don’t know.” I reply confused beyond words as to why he’s jump hall and disappear mid conversation.

What did I do wrong...

This chapter ended here and it was short so I just put the next one in this. Hope you don’t mind.

------------Emitt’s P.O.V --------

“Just give it to him.” Mickey insists as we watch Beckett talking with Isabel. He looked so damn good today, a nice fitting, black v-line with black jeans that made his ass look delectable and his hair looked so damn silky, I just wanted to run my hands through it.

“I need to mentally prepare myself.” I groan holding the recently washed clothes in my hand.
I wasn’t lying when I told him I forgot to wash it a couple days back, I did initially, because I went to sleep in them and it was too late when I woke up. But since that day, I’ve been wearing them as much as possible and sniffing it, it smelt just like him. I realized I was going from crush to creeper and stopped immediately, washing them and bringing them to give to him. The problem was giving it to him, I’d been trying to find a moment when he’d be alone for a couple of days now, but he was always with Isabel and Julian.

“Come on hurry before Julian appears.” Mickey says pushing me a little, I stumble forward before glaring at him, I take in a breath and walk to the two trying to keep my heart rate down.

“Um. Hi.” I say awkwardly making their conversation come to a hault before they both look at me, Isabel takes in a deep breath that makes me step back a little. “I-I’m just giving you back your clothes. Sorry it took me so long.” I say handing the neatly folded clothes to him.

“Oh yeah, thanks.” He says with that kind smile that made my insides do flips.

“Well um, bye.” I say before turning on my heels. Before I could return to a gleaming Mickey, Beckett stops me as he grabs my arm a little. I cursed myself internally for wearing long sleeves that prevented me from feeling those lovely shock as I turned back to face the two.

“You just going to run away again? We’ve barely said three words.” He says with a chuckle, if he only knew how much that affected me. “Emitt this is Isabel. Izzy, Emitt.”

“Hi.” I say with a weak smile.

“Hello!” She exclaims making my eyes widen considerably at the burst of energy she delivered.

“Isabel is my best friend along with Julian.” He says like if I didn’t already know, I nod a little as I twiddle with my fingers. “We’re heading to lunch now, want to come with us?” He asks kindly as my pumping heart freezes in response.
Aiden wasn’t at school today but what about Julian, but this was a one in a lifetime chance. “Julian isn’t here so you don’t have to worry.” He says making me let out a breath of relief.

“Okay then. Let me just get my things.” I say with my excitement leaking out of my voice as a smile tugs its way onto my lips.

“We’ll meet you in the cafeteria then.” Isabel says with a wide smile, I nod before walking back to Mikey who was waiting anxiously. When the two leave the hallway and it’s clear for us to talk he basically screams as I laugh with a wide smile while dancing on my toes in excitement.

“I heard the whole thing. Go, go, go.” He says shoving my bag into my hands.

“What about you?”

“Are you kidding? You’re about to have lunch with the guy you’ve been blushing over for years. Fuck me. Go!” He insists making me smile widely as I give him a quick hug. “Damn, I really need to start jogging at night if this is what it leads to.”

“Bye Mikey.” I say chuckling before rushing to the lunch room. I slow down when it’s in view and walk in like if I wasn’t basically running here, my eyes eventually catch Isabel and Beckett at a table in the back of the room, Isabel waving like a maniac to get my attention. I walk over to them, ignoring the calls of my other friends as I make my way to their table.

“I guess this makes us all guilty of treason.” Isabel says as I sit down on the opposite side of the table they were on.

“I guess.” I say laughing a little as I pull out my sandwiches from deep in my bag.

“Is that a Nutella sandwich?” Beckett asks making my eyes shoot up to him.

“Yeah.” I say as his eyes fill with joy.

“I love Nutella so much!”


“Haven’t had it in a while though.” He says while he drags his eyes to my other sandwich that I push back into my bag already knowing what he wanted.

“That’s a shame.” I say taking a bite into the sandwich as I watch him.

“Wow, okay. I’ll remember this.” He jokes as he sips on his drink.

What I wouldn’t give to be that straw right now....

“Never had it.” Isabel comments making my eyes widen as I choke a little on the bread.

“Get out.” Beckett says pointing at the door making me laugh a little, he glances my way when he sees me chuckling, before smiling a little.

“Don’t be so quick to judge when you’ve never watched The Lion King.”
I gasp in response at Isabel’s reveal as Beckett looks at us nervously.

“You’ve never watched The Lion King?” I question, my voice sounding broken. How did someone go through life without watching that?

“That’s not all, he hasn’t watched most Disney movies or tv shoes, along with Nickelodeon.” She reveals making my eyes just about pop as I look at him in disappointment. “Not. Even. Spongebob.”

“No!” I exclaim.

“Oh yes.” She replies chuckling.

“I just never had the time.” He says with a guilty shrug.

This is the guy I’ve liked for twelve years.....

“What the hell were you doing as a child? All we had was time.” I say in disappointment. “You need to start binge watching them asap.”

“I don’t have the time.” He replies making Isabel scoff. “Well I do but, I don’t know.”

“You’re catching up on your deprived childhood, even if I have to tie you down to a chair and tape your eyelids to your eyebrows. You’re watching some damn Disney movies. I’ll put you on a meal plan, but for tv shows and movies, I’ll make sure you watch everything.” I say making him laugh a little at my dramatics while my minds wanders off to tying him down and riding him.

Penis, not now.

“I’ll take you up on that offer.” He says making my eyes widen and my heart race. “Without the tying up part of course.”

“Of course.” I reply trying to mask my obvious disappointment.

“But why not. Take me on a reboot of my childhood.” He says with a wide smile. “I’m not doing anything after school today.”

“What?” I ask with wide eyes.

“You’re going to tell me what to watch and watch them with me right?” He questions as I stare at him in disbelief. I was just being dramatic, I didn’t actually think I’d sit him down and shove show after show into his brain.

Someone kicks me under the table making me wince as I look to Isabel who is glaring at me and tilting her head a bit towards Beckett who was waiting patiently for my answer.

“Right.” I say with a running my shin a little. “Today’s fine.”

“I’d love to come but ya know, Selsa training and what not.” She says making me nod, she winks at me making me freeze and she stands with her things. “I forgot my bag in class, I’ll be right back.” She says before literally lifting up the same bag she supposedly forgot and running away before I can question the logic.

“She’s a little weird, don’t worry about her.” Beckett replies. “So what are you starting me off with today.”

Well I was thinking handjob, blowjob and then a couple rounds of you fucking me until I faint, but it’s all up to you really.

“Ummmm, how about with what started it all. Lion King.” I say making him nod with a smile that lingers on his face. “What?” I question when he continues to stare at me.

“Nothing. So you’ll leave school with me?” He questions as I nod before taking another bite of my sandwich and we branch off into another conversation.


“Buttery or extra salty?” Beckett questions holding two bags of popcorn.

“Buttery.” I answer before he disappears, heading to the kitchen as I lean back onto the couch.

I can’t believe I’d made so much progress so quickly, I wished he tackled me years ago! I was happy with this small friendship we were forming than nothing at all. Even though I wanted to be dry humping on the couch right now, this’ll have to do.

“Here you go.” Beckett says handing me a chilled Sprite and the bowl of popcorn we were probably sharing.

I start the movie as he sinks into the seat besides me, he was close, too close. If only he knew that just about everything he did affected me. I keep my attention on Simba and try not to think about the beautiful God next to me.

“Is it wrong that I love Scar?” He asks as we watch Scar push Mufasa off the cliff.

“Yes! That’s very wrong you sicko!” I exclaim looking at him in disgust while he just shrugs and keeps watching the movie. I keep the popcorn close to my chest like I hadn’t watched this movie a hundred times.
I glance across to Beckett who looked sort of bored, like he was watching it but didn’t seem that invested.

“We can take it off if you don’t like it.” I say pausing the movie, he looks at me with a frown.

“Why?” He questions with a frown.

“You don’t seem to like it.” I say making his frown intensify.

“I love it. What the hell?!” He exclaims making his frown transfer to me.

“It’s just you look like if you were bored.” I say with a guilty shrug.

“That’s just my face.” He says with a chuckle as I feel the guilt invade my veins. I put the movie to play as it continues with me no longer so enthusiastic to watch it. “And why were you looking at me?” He asks after a while making me tense. I look across at his confused face that held a sort of amusement to it.

“I don’t know. Bugs and bees. You know how the world spins. And the meal plan. Diets and such.” I say stumbling over my own words as I shift in my seat anxiously. “P-plus cultures, so many. And Simba looks like his dad so you never know really.”

“What?” He questions with just a frown now as I look back at him. I put the popcorn down and stand as I shift on my feet a bit.

“I should go.” I say beating myself up for being so awkward and weird.

Why couldn’t I just talk to him like a normal person?!

Why did I always do weird things?

“The movie’s not even done yet.” He groans standing up as well as his height allows him to tower above me easily, I was only five five. When he was looking down at me like this it made me way too excited, which only worsened the situation.

“It’s fine. I should go. Yeah.” I say trying desperately to evade the situation, he grabs my hand when I try to leave making my entire body sizzle as he grips it firmly.

“What’s up with you? You run away for no reason all the time, you did it in the workshop and you’re doing it now.” He says looking at me for answers that I couldn’t provide without getting kicked out. “Is this still about what happened in the woods? Because I really am sorry, there’s no reason for you to hate me so much for it though.” He says making my eyes widen in complete shock as my jaw hangs a little.


“You’re so stiff around me and you’re always ready to haul ass at any minute, the only reason I can come up with for that is you hating me. I’ll leave you alone if you want, but I wanted us to be friends maybe.” He says with a slightly pained expression that hurt me more than words could describe.

I could never hate you stupid!

“I don’t hate you, you couldn’t be more wrong.” I say with a little chuckle as I gather the courage to look him straight into his beautiful green eyes. “I just don’t do well with new people, I’m adjusting kind of.”

“Okay, should’ve said something.” He says in surprise but he sounded a little skeptical. “So you’ll stay?”

“Yeah.” I say making him smile happily. He lets go of my hand making me sigh internally before I sit back down and this time make sure to keep my eyes on the movie.

He wants to be friends?

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