Beta Mates

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Chapter 46

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Emitt’s P.O.V

I smile to myself as I stroke Thing on the couch, settled in the living room that was deadly silent. The only sound to be heard were my faint exhales of carbon dioxide and the woodland creatures that lived beyond the walls of our home.

Our home.

It felt way too good saying that. This place that Beckett once regarded as nothing but a waste of space that represented the darkest, loneliest times of his life now became a place of life and rebirth. It was filled with laughter and love and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else with my family.

“Daddy!” Amelia calls from the room she was in next door, she was becoming spoiled rotten because of Beckett and expected me to come to her. She was wrong.

“Yes!” I holler back. I wasn’t getting up and neither was she. So we were yelling now.

“I’m hungry!” She screams.

“Me too!” I scream back.

“Oh, my Goddess!” Beckett shouts from upstairs. “Stop shouting!”

“You’re shouting now!” I scream extra loud making Thing whine as he takes off from beside me.

“Shut up!” He shouts back. I open my mouth to shout something back but pause when I hear a knocking on the door.

I make my way to the door, trying my best to mute the screams that continued to be played between the two as I closed the distance between myself and the door.

“Hello,” I say opening the door, my smile fades when my eyes land on Mickey who’s arms were gripped tightly on each side of his mates. Duck tape was plastered over his lips and he was fighting with all his had to escape them but was failing miserably. His eyes found mine and he stilled before he glared at me with too much rage to put into words.

“Hey.” Chris pants, sounding aspirated as he tightens his grip on his mate.

“Hope you don’t mind us popping in.” Nicholas jokes with a chuckle before dodging the move Mickey made to choke him. “Mickey!”

“Not at all....” I strain as I try not to let my nerves show too much at the aggression Mickey was showing. “Come in?” I say as more of a question than an instruction as I widen the door, stepping aside for them to enter. They walk in quickly, heading straight for the closest room which was one of the many living rooms. They sat down with Mickey between them, holding him tightly to prevent any further attacks.

“Who was t-” Beckett stops mid-sentence when his eyes land on the three mates who ignored him for years, well all but Mickey since he seemed blamed me for everything. His muscles tense as he looks at his previous friends, I couldn’t tell if he welcomed their foreign presence or repelled it. “What’s happening?” He asks looking at me for answers.

“I don’t know.” I say honestly before turning to the twins to fill in the gaps.

“He wouldn’t come here on his own and it was eating him alive, so we gave him the push he needed.” Chris says ignoring the deadly glare Mickey was boring into the side of his head.

“He really wanted to come.” Nic says with a smile while Mickey groaned against it behind his duck tape.

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“Sure seems like it.” Beckett grumbles as he makes his way beside me before pulling me into his side a bit. “How did you even get him here?”

“Ambushed him in his sleep, I was tape duty.” Chris says smugly.

“That’s nice babe but nobody cares.” Nic says making Mickey snicker behind his tape before he retakes his frown and growling. “Do you want this tape of baby?” Nic asks sweetly to Mickey who nods profusely, wide innocent eyes looking up at him. “You have to promise to behave.” He says to him, he nods again. “Promise Mickey?” He reitterates, again Mickey nods in agreement. “Fine.” He says before he begins to peel it off slowly.

Not even half of the tape is off before Mickey’s jaws clamp down on Nic’s wrists making the boy scream out in pain as he lets go of his arm in shock. This allows Mickey to punch Chris in his jut, he groans as he struggles to keep a hold of him, Mickey keeps punching and biting before both boys who pleaded mercy before letting him go. They roll to the ground, curling into themselves as they whine and groan in pain, Mickey stands tall before fixing his clothes. He makes his way to the door and I talk before thinking.

“You’re just going to leave again?” I ask making him stop in his path, his back still facing me.

“I wasn’t the one who left.” He snaps with a voice too low to be Mickey’s. The words I wanted to scream at him rest on my tongue as he starts back walking, walking away from me, from our friendship.

“Hello.” Amelia says popping in front of his path. He looks down with a slight frown before his eyes widen in realisation, he hadn’t met Amelia yet but I’m sure he heard about her through the pack somehow.

“Hi.” He says trying to play nice even though his face betrayed him.

“You’re Micheal.” She says using his full name, shocking not only me but Mickey as well.

“Yeah, you’re Amelia.” He says as the girl smiles widely at him, she loved hearing her own name too much. “How do you know my name?”

“How do you know mine?” She counters making my lips tug upwards a bit.

“You’re really popular.” He teases making her giggle. “Now, how do you know mine?”

“Daddy talks about you.” She says making me tense.

“Oh yeah?” Mickey questions before glancing back at me for a second. “What does he say?”

“That you’re one of the best people in the world!” She exclaims making him smile. “That you are a great friend and everyone loves you. He said you are really nice and naughty. He says you’re the best person to have on your side, I don’t know what that means though.” She says scratching her head.

“You’ll figure it out.” He says before petting her head and standing up from the squatting position he had sunk into. He turns around to face me as Amelia rushes past him and towards Beckett, his eyes connect with my own, a war between love and hate projected through them.

“How about we give them time to talk?” Beckett suggests as he lifts up Amelia, the twins follow behind him while consoling their wounds. Leaving Mickey and me in the room with only each other and old furniture, his eyes were stuck on me yet I found it hard to look at him straight on.

“She’s a nice kid.” He says as he walks further into the room, his fingers trailing the smooth wall. “Very you.”

“Thanks.” I say awkwardly. “She’s wanted to meet you for a while.” I say making him pause but his eyes stay trained on the spot in front of him.

“I’m surprised you told her about me.” He says truthfully.

“I told her about everyone.” I say quickly. “So she could know who home was filled with.”

“She wouldn’t have to if you didn’t leave.” He says making me suck in a shaky breath at the venom in his words.

“Mickey I-”

“-didn’t mean to go. It wasn’t up to you.” He says finishing my sentences for me. “Yeah, I’ve heard.”

“Then why are you still so mad at me?!” I exclaim in frustration.

He just scoffs as he examines an empty picture frame to distract himself.

“I’ve apologized more times than I can count, I even told you about Joseph, so why are you blaming me still!” I shout from my spot.

“Because you didn’t come to me!” He shouts back turning to face me as he slams the picture frame, the angry sound echoing throughout the hollow house.

“What are you talking about?” I say in confusion as he stares straight at me.

“For eight years we shared everything! We told each other everything. You told me things you didn’t tell Aiden, I told you things I could barely accept about myself.......we told each other our biggest secrets. We hid together when we thought what we were was wrong. We came up with Bacon Bits together, we tried on oversized clothes together, we bought all the pink accessories for your room together. You told me when Beckett tackled you outside my house, when you started going to his house, when you began dating. Everything.” He says before letting out a few breathless pants as he straightens himself a bit before turning away from me as his eyes landed on the frame again.
“Then you broke your bond with Beckett and you left. I know why you left now, I didn’t then and hated you for just going. For just disappearing and leaving me alone, I know I had the twins but it was my first time without you in my life. It was like learning to walk again. You were there when my family was slaughtered, you were there why I tried to deny my sexuality......when I tried to k-kill myself. You were there, you were always there. Then you weren’t. There was no one to help me through my panic attacks, the boys didn’t know what to do at first. Nobody who knew how to get me through my depressed phases. I lost my best friend, I had no one to just tell about my day. To go to the mall with. To do anything with. I lost my only friend and I didn’t know why.”

“Mickey, I’m sorry.” I say taking a few cautious steps towards him. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Why didn’t you come to me?” He says turning to me with blurry eyes. “Why didn’t you come to me after what happened between you two?”

“I was in a bad place.” I say as I try to bury the resurfacing wounds. “I didn’t know what to do or think. I had no one t-”

“You had me!” He says with the tears spilling down his cheeks. “I was here. I was always here for you. You could’ve come to me, you didn’t have to go, you didn’t have to look anywhere else..........I was here. I was always here.”

“I know...” I say guiltily. “But I wasn’t thinking about you or anyone else. I just wanted to get out and I’m sorry it all happened the way it did, but nothing I did was done to hurt you. I would never hurt you Mickey. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone but it seems like I ended up hurting everyone...... especially the ones who I loved the most.”

“You were the only friend I had....” He says wiping his tears. “ still are..”

“Does that mean?” I question hesitantly as he looks up at me with pinkish eyes.

“I hate that I still love you.” He says before he takes small quick steps towards me, engulfing me in a hug too tight for words. “I missed you.” He reveals into my collar as I squeeze him back. “So much.”

“I missed you too.” I say ignoring the wet tears that sept into his shirt as I hugged the living crap out of him.

“Don’t you dare ever leave again or I’ll find you and then kill you.” He says pulling back a bit to look at me.

“Promise?” I tease making him laugh in response.

“Im serious.” He continues. “I can’t do it again.”

“You won’t have to.” I say pressing a light kiss to his forehead. He smiles a bit before I realise that we were at the snake level. “You got taller.” I say looking at the man who grew the same inch and a half as I did.

“So did you.” He says before doing a quick look over of me. “And fatter.”

“Asshole.” I groan giving him a playful shove that makes him laugh, we laugh a bit before our laughter settles and we look at one another. “I really missed you Mickey, Aiden may be my best friend and Beckett, my mate. But you, you’re my soulmate.”

“Platonic right? Cause I’m taken.” He says making me growl while he just giggles. “I’m kidding, love you too soulmate.” He says with a genuine smile before his eyes light up with mischief. “So I’m the greatest person in the world huh?”

“Never said that.” I correct knowing Amelia’s words would go to his head.

“Best person to have on your side, nice.....naughty.” He stretches before sending a wink my way.

“I hate you.” I groan as we slide back into the way we used to be.

“I hate me too.” He says with a sigh as the guys walk back into the room.

“You’ve made up?” Beckett asks as he makes his way back to my side.

“Yup.” I say sinking into his hold as Mickey made his way over to his mates. He smiles at them but they don’t return the gesture as they rub their wounds still.

“I’m sorry.” He says quickly as he hugs them both, though they don’t return it. “Come on.... don’t be like this.” His eys darting between the two. “I may have been too aggressive, I’m sorry.”

“Nicholas..” He groans desperately when neither answer. He stands in front of Nic with an innocent look that was clearly tearing down his walls with ease. Though Mickey seemed unable to see the fight the boy was having internally because he turned to Chris instead.

“Chris.....please.” He begs to the harsher twin who didn’t even flinch, but looking closely, his muscles tended at the vulnerability in Mickey’s voice.

“I’m sorry!” He groans loudly giving up on an individual attack. “Please don’t be mad at me.”

“We’re not mad at you.” Nicholas says making him let out a breath of relief.

“But no sex for a week.” Chris says strongly making Mickey’s eyes widen in horror. “As punishment for the way you’ve been acting since Emitt returned and for today.”

“W-Wait, that’s unreasonable. I’m sorry! I really am!” He whines fretfully as the twins just look down at him blankly. “Anything else. Do anything else. Please!”

“You’ll survive.” I say with a chuckle at how dramatic he was being.

“No I won’t!” He snaps at me. “We fuck at least three times a day!” He exclaims making blushes take both boys cheeks.

“Too much information.” Beckett groans while Mickey continued to plead with his mates for mercy. They simply waved us a goodbye before leaving with Mickey trailing behind them desperately.

“So how was it?” Beckett asks turning me so that our chests were meeting.

“Great.” I say with new-found happiness that I had gotten my friend back. I press up on my toes to kiss him lightly, he returns it with a light hum and his arms circle their way around my waists.

“Where’s Amelia?” I question once our lips part, our bodies still close.

“Dayroom, colouring.” He answers with a smile.

“What do you say to us joining her?” I query making him smile widely as he nods in agreement allowing us to make our way over to our little princess.


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