Beta Mates

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When Chris and Tobias met for the first time in four years..........

Christopher’s P.O.V

Blinking my eyes repeatedly, I let myself adjust to the blinding influx of light that seemed to burn my retinas.
Groaning my discomfort, I calm myself enough for my eyes to open eventually.

Sweeping them over the woods that seemed foreign now but were once imprinted into me like my own fingerprints. A once blurred figure clears as my eyes come to recognize the person who beheld the body.

The person I cried for every night.
The person who’s gentle touches I missed more than anything in this world.
The one who loved me like no one else dared to.

My mate.
My love

My Tobias.

I run to him, ignoring how my legs crumbles below me, I just got up and pushed myself on. I hadn’t been in human form in years, my body felt brittle and broken, like I’d forgotten how to use it.

The closer I got to him, the more he blurred as my eyes filled with tears that flew out of my eyes, as I rushed towards him with a heavy chest that caged my raging heart.

The wind is knocked straight out of me when I jump into his arms, collapsing as my body takes off with electric shocks that I missed too much.
I whined into him as my body slightly rejected his touch, it stinging due to the loss of the bond. I ignore it though. The pleasure of his arms wrapped around me drowned out the pain.

I sob into him as I squeeze fists full of fabric that was wrapped around his back. My eyes shut tightly as I inhaled him deeply, a scent I tried to hang onto with everything I had. He cries into me as well, emotions drowning us both, neither of us daring to pull apart. Desperate for one another and the parts of us that had been rejected for too long.

He sinks to his knees, my body still wrapped around him as he sat on his heels. Our bodies shaking with the tearful cries that poured out of us, joyful to feel one another once again.

He pulls my head back after time but I refuse to open my eyes. Too afraid to open them and find him nothing but a dream. For him to fade away like he’d done one too many times in my dreams.

For this to all be my imagination.
For me to not feel him like this again.

“Open your eyes.” He says sniffing a bit making my heart speed up at the familiarity of his deep, raspy tone that sent me mad with joy. “Let me see you baby.”

My eyes immediately pop open though reluctantly, I suck in a shaky breath when my eyes land on his perfect face. Tears ran down his hard cheek bones, cascading down his sharp jaw that my fingers traced nervously. His once sparkling, green eyes now a few shades darker than I’d remembered but it still held it’s shimmer.

I smash my lips to his without thinking, a sob escaping me as the lighting between us ran through our bodies. He cries into my lips as well, as his hands find their way to my hair, his slides his fingers into my curls easily as he holds me close. We both inhale deeply as our scents mix like they once did.
Groaning into each other, we move our lips desperately as we try to claim one another forever. My entire body seizes as we kiss one another roughly, our lips moving out of sync with zero rhythm but we keep going.

We pull back only when our lips are too swollen to continue and breathing through our noses proved to be too difficult.
We press our foreheads against each other’s as we pant heavily to grasp onto as much air as we possibly could.

“Tobias...” I cry against him as I try grabbing onto more of him, scared if I didn’t he’d disappear.

“Say my name again.” He groans desperately as he buries his nose into the crook of my neck.

“Tobias.” I repeat making him groan in satisfaction. “I-I missed you so much.” I sob out with a slight hiccup. “I didn’t g-go a day without t-thinking about you, a s-second....”

“I missed you too baby.” He groans pulling up to see me again. “More than you can ever imagine.”

“I thought I-I’d never see y-you again..” I stutter out as my teeth chatter slightly, the fear of my words completely evident in my time.

“I’m here.” He says pushing my tears away. “I’m right here. And I’m not going anywhere again. Never again.”

“I missed you.” I repeat looking straight into his eyes so he could see the honesty in my eyes. “I d-didn’t want to break t-the bond. I never w-wanted to leave you. Please believe me. I w-”

“Hey, hey, hey.” He says cutting me off as his chuckles a bit before sniffing and whipping away his fresh tears before they could fall. “I know. I know baby.”

“I didn’t want to go.” I cry desperately. I needed him to know. Know that I wouldn’t have gone if I had the choice.

“I know.” He repeats holding me tight against his chest. “I don’t blame you. I know it wasn’t up to you.”

“Emitt, I hated him.” I reveal sniffing a bit as my body slowly calmed down a bit. I shift a bit in his lap, making him sit himself down properly.

“Why?” He questions brushing the hair out of my eyes.

“Because he made me leave you. He broke our bond. He d-didn’t even ask.” I stutter as hatred injects itself into my heart.

I hated Emitt for so long that at one point I thought he deserved to end up in a basement. Of course that was sadness, grief and loneliness leading my emotions, it was evil of me to block him out while he suffered. It was inconsiderate and I eventually saw my wrong. But I think a small part of me will always resent him for taking me away from my mate and breaking that bond that we shared as well, the one we deepened on deeply as wolves. He just torn it apart without even asking my permission or at the very least, my opinion.

“It was on Beckett and me too.” He says guiltily.

“But he broke the bond.” I say looking up at him. “He broke our bond.”

“It doesn’t matter.” He says making me frown. “It hurts, I know baby, I feel it too. But I feel the love still, I love you so a bond doesn’t matter.”

“But u-”

“I love you.” He says clearly. “I’ve never stopped and I never will. So forget about the bond, you’re still my mate. My Christopher.”

A shiver runs down my spine at the sound of my name rolling off of tongue. A sound I seemed to have longed for and sadly forgotten.

“I was so alone.” I reveal as he stiffens to look at me, guilt flooding his eyes. “I c-couldn’t even call out to you.”

“Me neither.” He admits, relating to some of my suffering. “I still tried though. I couldn’t.....I wouldn’t let you go.”

I press our lips together once again, kissing him hungrily as well as desperately as our lips began to find a familiar rhythm. My fingers grip his hair tightly as he pulls me into him through a tight embrace, our bodies pressed together leaving absolutely no room for separation.

Our kiss grows rougher, touches wilder, groans heavier and bodies hotter.
We were slipping quickly and as we continued to search each other’s mouth with our tongues, we slowly loosen the grip on the restrains that kept our animalistic tendencies at bay.

“W-wait.” Tobias stutters out making me frown as I look at him, mad at him for pulling away. Especially when his lips tasted like a cherry lollipop.

“What?” I groan in slight worry.

“We can’t go all the way.” He warns making my frown deepen.

“Why not?” I question pulling myself closer to him.

“Because Emitt and Beckett haven’t made up completely yet.” He says referring to how they’d been awkwardly dancing around each other since we returned.

“So we wait?” I question in aggravation. “I haven’t seen you in four years Tobias.....four years. I cried too much over you to wait until they’ve made up.”


“I want to feel you.” I say looking deep inside his eyes, using my hands to keep his face in place. “I want to feel every inch of you. I want to memorize every crook and hidden gem that forms you. I need to have you close again, closer than this.....for us to be one. I need to feel you inside of me.” I confess.

I wasn’t sexually frustrated. Wait that’s a lie, I was.
But that wasn’t why I wanted this.

I was a wolf who needed to connect with his mate. I needed to reprogram my body to fit with his.
I needed him to survive and I wouldn’t deny myself the pleasure of making us one again. Physically and emotionally.

“I need you Tobias.” I say looking deep within his eyes. He studies me for a while, no doubt playing counter arguments in his head before he nods.

“Okay.” He says making me smile a bit

He pressed his lips against mine once again. Softer this time and much gentler this time. We take our time with the kiss, our lips moving to the rhythm of a slow sober dance that we learnt long ago. I push him down into his back as his tongue slips into my mouth and his hands trail further down my waist.

Letting ourselves get lost in need and emotion, it doesn’t take long before the forest is filled with sounds of our pants and moans. Screams of ecstasy as I sprung forth evident of my love for him, over and over again.

Soon after that. the sounds of moans were replaced by growls and whimpers as we took on our true forms to love one another.

And that’s what we did, we loved one another.


I thought so.

Hope you liked he double update. Wish I could make triple but I’m exhausted. Sorry

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