Beta Mates

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Chapter 47

Beckett’s P.O.V

“Here?!” I question in disbelief, Julian just nods. “To this pack?!”

“What other pack Beckett?” Julian asks sarcastically.

“Literally any other would be perfect.” I say with a groan. “I can’t believe they tried to go behind my back.”

“Because they knew you’d react like this.” He says calmly as he stood behind his desk.

“How else am I supposed to react?! Emitt and I finally are at a good spot, this could ruin everything.” I say stressing my aggravation, he just shrugs in response. “And you said that they told you tomorrow?”

“Yup.” He says popping the p. “Now can you leave before Aiden gets back, he’s a bit pent up and won’t stop because you’re here.”

“Jesus Christ Julian, we’ve talked about this. Too. Much. Information.” I stress as I make my way to the door with frowning lips.

“Sorry not sorry.” He says as he pulls off his shirt, already stripping in preparation. “Good luck.” He says just before I slam the door, rushing to escape the room.

Making my way down the hallway with fast steps, I pulled out the new iPhone Emitt got for me. I told him I was fine with a flip phone but he insisted that I needed to be reintegrated into the world.
As I scroll through the list of contacts he placed in the phone, my ears twitch at the heavy steps that make their way towards me. Looking up my eyes widen at the sight of Aiden who was tugging his tie off, lust bouncing off of him in waves. Though, they alter when his eyes land on me and immediately fill with anger.

I knew he hated me.
I didn’t care too much since it didn’t affect me in the slightest, yeah I missed his company a bit but we were never extremely close. The only reason I even put up with his hate bullshit was because he was my Alpha and I wouldn’t disrespect him in any way. There was also the annoying fact that he was Emitt’s beloved best friend and his one wish was to see us on friendly grounds again.

“What are you doing here?” He growls as his steps slow down.

“Seeing my best friend. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes. You know him?” I question with a smile that made him clench his fists.

“I liked you better when you didn’t talk.” He says emphasizing his last words.

“You wound me.” I say in a slightly bored tone. I begin walking again but he grabs my wrist to stop me.

“The only reason you’re still breathing is because of the two most important men in my life. If it wasn’t for them, you would’ve be buried six feet under years ago.” He whispers into my ear, knowing full well if he was just a bit louder Julian would hear him.

“That’s good to know.” I say trying not to sound too rude. I wasn’t in the mood to get my ass kicked by my Alpha. “Though I could’ve sworn Emitt had a talk to you about backing off.” I spit as I pull my wrist from his grip. “Too sweet to stay away?”

“Watch it.” He growls his eyes glowing momentarily.

“Like you, I blamed myself for Emitt leaving. I took on the burden of being rejected from my mate, my pack, my friends and my family. I took it all so when you added yet another scar to my body, I didn’t fight back.” I say before stepping a bit closer so we were eye to eye. ”But now, I will fight back.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Yes.” I say honestly.


“I didn’t drive Emitt away. I didn’t take him away from you. I was a factor in it all, but what happened after was not on me.” I say voicing words Emitt had been driving into my head recently. “What happened between us, was between us. Not you. I don’t care that you’re my Alpha, I won’t have you keep him from me. So stop blaming me for something that I didn’t do......or I’ll make that threat a reality.”

I walk away without another word feeling particularly chipper with the way I handled myself. Though I kept looking back to see if he’d lunge at me with the aim to kill.

Besides the fear of my Alpha killing me in my sleep, I felt pretty good.

Once outside the pack house, I call the people who had directed me to the place in the first place.

My parents.

A subject I’d been carefully dancing around with Emitt back. He didn’t mention them and neither did I.
They were partially the reason why our relationship ended the way it did, so now as we eliminated old problems, I guess ignoring their existence was the plan. But unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to continue using this effective method.

“You’re coming back?” I question in disbelief as soon as the call with picked up.

“Hello to you too Beckett.” My mother says sarcastically making me roll my eyes.

“Why?” I question ignoring her greeting.

“Because I miss my son.” She says making a frown take my lips. “Am I not allowed to see you?”

“Of course you are.” I say with a slight groan. “But right now isn’t the best time, we’re only just got together again.”

“I know.” She says as if it didn’t matter. “That’s exactly why we’re coming. We want to meet him properly.”

“I haven’t told him we’re on speaking terms.” I say truthfully. “I don’t know how he’ll take it.”

“Well tell him, because your father and I will be there by tomorrow afternoon.” She says leaving no room for argument. “I can’t wait to see my granddaughter!”

With that she hangs up making me groan in annoyance as I hold the phone up to slam it to the floor but stop knowing Emitt would kill me. I deflate instead as my shoulders slouch over themselves and I begin dragging my feet back to my house.

How the hell was I going to tell Emitt about this?

I didn’t know where he stood when it came to my parents. He knew I was afraid to tell them about us initially but he didn’t know why. He didn’t know what they once said about gays, our alphas, how I was so frightened by their words that I got a panic attack.

It was possible that he didn’t blame them in the slightest. But it was also possible he’d hate them.

After all he did know how they neglected me for years, attention wise that is. How they basically left me to be taken care of by another man, to this day I considered Jack more of a parent than I ever would them. Emitt knew how I suffered in this manor with them, how they popped in and out of my life, enforcing expectations on me that I now recognized to me unachievable.

So it could go either way really.

I groan as I make my way up the patio stairs, too exhausted mentally to even comprehend my physical exhaustion.
Opening the door, I head towards the kitchen in desperate need of something to fill my stomach. Once inside, I sift through the cupboards before settling on a box of Lucky Charms. I lean against the kitchen counter as I dig my hand in, only eating the charms.

“Amelia will kill you if she finds out you’re eating her Lucky Charms again.” Emitt says strolling into the space lazily. I just shrug as he comes behind me, draping his arms around my heart before kissing the nape of my neck. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I say turning to face him, the cereal still in my hand as he pressed himself into me. “Sorry I just left this morning.”

“What happened?” He asks curiously. The words dance on my tongue as I try to decide what the hell to tell him. He senses my hesitation and frowns. “Beckett..”

“I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to tell you right now, but I will later.” I say vaguely, his frown deepening with each word. He tries to pull away but I keep him close. “I just need you to be patient, I’ll tell you before dinner.”

“Okay.” He says reluctantly. “Damon is staying with us tonight.”

“How come?” I ask knowing that him and Amelia would have us up all night.

“Aiden said he and Julian would be ‘immobile’.” He says making me puke mentally. “Didn’t want Damon there while they h-”

“I get it. I get it.” I say cutting him off before he could soil my mind further.

“You’re too innocent.” He says chuckling making me pout slightly.

“And Levi?”

“Katerina grabbed him.” He answers making me smile, the woman loved the boy more than any wolf in the entire pack.

“I’m not innocent.” I reply but he just smiles widely as he plays with my hair. “That’s too bad though, I was kind of hoping we could spend some time with just us tonight.” I stretch as I let my hands trail their way down his body.

“Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?” He teases as he brings our faces closer, stopping when our lips were brushing enough to make my skin tingle.

“Lots and lots and lots....” I stress slipping my leg between his, rubbing it against his crotch slightly making him gasp in surprise. “....of things.”

We’d been teasing each other to the point of insanity lately.
Initially, sex wasn’t anywhere on my radar or even in my line of thoughts. But as we grew closer and more comfortable with one another, it was proving harder and harder to not want to take a kiss further. Every time we hugged, I found myself struggling to keep my hands on his hips and not lower.

Emitt seemed to be feeling the same thing, so we were testing the waters a bit, it’d been a long time since I took a swim in his waters and I was just leaking in anticipation.

“Maybe you could show me those things.” He whispers against my lips, his breathing a bit staggered as his scent whirled around in the air. “I’m a visual learner.” He says against my air before flicking it with my tongue.

“Really?” I say as he continues to work his tongue skillfully, my pants tightening shamelessly from the action. “I’m more physical, so you know what that means?” He just shakes his head. “It means I have to get a feel..” I say as I grab his clothed member firmly taking the air straight out of his lungs. “..for things.”

“B-Beckett.” He moans straight into my ear as I grip him firmly before kneading him a bit.

“Yes.” I answer giving him a tantalizing squeeze that makes him whine slightly. “Want me to go further?” He nods his head frantically making me smile to myself as I drag my fingers to his zipper.

“Uncle Beckett!” Damon screams making us both freeze as we groan audibly. I rest my head against Emitt’s as the sound of cries fill that large home.

“We’ll continue this later.” I say to a very frustrated Emitt, he just nods as he tries to hide to anger on his eyes. I give him a quick kiss on his cheek before rushing to the kids’ day room to see what they’d gotten themselves into.

Walking into the room, I sigh to myself as I find Amelia and Damon both wailing for dear life while they tried to claw each other’s eyes out.

“Goddess.” I mumble to myself as I pick up Damon, Emitt walks in soon after and picks up Amelia. We both cradle the kids, trying to get them to calm down quickly, keeping a fair distance between them so they wouldn’t start up again.

When they were at nothing but frustrated sniffs and puffy eyes we question them.

“What happened?” I ask gently.

“She h-hit me.” Damon stuttered out.

“Because he h-hit me.” Amelia counters with the same stuttering as they began to slowly get worked up again.

“Who hit first?” Emitt asks looking between the two children.


They say at the same time allowing Emitt and I to share a look of exhaustion even though the night had barely begun.

“What happened Damon?” I ask the little boy who’s dark blue eyes told stories of mischief.

“I wanted to color too. I took the blue crayon and she hit me.” He whines as he snuggles into me, he preferred me over Emitt and that was simply because he knew me longer and trusted me.

“He broke it daddy.” Amelia whines to Emitt. “He broke my crayon!”

“So you hit him?” Emitt questions and she nods frantically. “Amelia you can’t hit someone for breaking you crayon.”

“It was my favorite one.” She complains with a deep frown. “My blue!”

“I know sweetie but you still can’t hit him.” Emitt says rubbing her back soothingly.

“Why would you break her crayon?” I ask questioning the small boy.

“It was a mistake. I wanted to use it and she wouldn’t let me, it broke.” He explains. His story sounded like a bunch of lies with a pinch of truth but who was I to just assume so.

“You should’ve asked.” I say sternly to the smaller boy. “Now both of you say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry Amelia.” Damon says sounding almost truthful.

“I’m sorry Damon.” Amelia drags, his words laced with resentment.

“Good. If you two misbehave again tonight, we’ll take away ice cream time.” Emitt promises making horror flood both of their eyes as they look at him. He smiles proudly before putting Amelia as I do Damon, they begin to color peaceful with no sign of trouble making me smile.

I sit in the armchair placed in the corner of the room, Emitt sits in my lap, slinging his arm around my neck as my arm looped his small waist.

“Emitt.” I call making him hum as my hand trailed his thigh.

“Do you want more kids?” I ask making him stiffen as he looks down at me with a slight cough.

“Where is this coming from?” He asks in confusion and a slight panic.

“Just wondering. I want more.” I admit making his eyes widen. “I think Amelia would be a great big sister and I’d love to experience raising a kid, from the beginning.”

“W-what is-”

“Don’t freak out. I don’t want one right now, I was just wondering if it’s something you’re interested in for the future.” I say rubbing his back soothingly as I keep my tone relaxed to calm him some.

“Yeah.” He answers after a while making me smile widely. “I’d love to have another baby. In time of course.”

“You’re having it with me right?” I question with a goofy smile.

“Who else would I have it with?!” He exclaims shoving me playfully. “It’ll be one hundred percent our child.”

He presses a light kiss to my lips and I lean into it a bit before pulling away. The joy I’d been feeling for the last few months spilling into my heart once again and it was all because of my donut.


“Okay spill.” Emitt says crossing his arms as he stands in front of me. “I’ve been patient all day. The kids ate, bathed and brushed their teeth. They are sleeping now and the house is clean. You told me before dinner, it’s after so spill.”

“Okay, okay.” I say surrendering as I look up at him from my spot on the edge of the bed. “I only found out about this today, so I wasn’t hiding it from you. Please don’t get mad right away and hear me through.”

“Okay..” He says with a slight nod.

“My parents are coming here tomorrow.” I say ripping off the bandaid. His eyes widen considerably as his folded arms loosen a bit. Fear fills his eyes and I know exactly where it was sprouting from. The thought that I’d deny him again. “They know about us being together, they know about Amelia, they know we’re a family. They know everything.”

“W-what?” He questions in disbelief.

“I think you should sit down for this.” I say with a soft chuckle as we switch places. “When you left me in the woods my parents were confused as to what happened. I didn’t care anymore about hiding anything since I’d lost you, so I didn’t bother trying to fabricate a lie. They knew I was gay, in the beginning they weren’t so happy about that. They accepted me but it was hard adjusting.”


“I never told you this but my parents were homophobic. I knew when we were together, the way they reacted to Aiden and Julian becoming mates was the first sign. The words of repulsion and disgust they used scared me so much that I had a panic attack once...” I say before taking a deep breath to shake away rising emotions.

“That’s why you were so scared about telling them.......that’s why you denied me?” He asks gently, it would always be a sore topic for us.

“I didn’t mean to deny you but yes. When you were coming out to your family, it was either they’d accept you or not. You didn’t know. I knew. I knew it would be the latter.” I say with a weak smile as he watches me in shock and disbelief at the revelation. “I was going to tell them that day. You came in right when I was going to, honest.”

He doesn’t say anything and neither did I. I didn’t mean to pry at old wounds but hear I was digging into them with my talons.

“It doesn’t matter now.” I say brushing away the uncomfortable silence that began to creep its way into the bedroom. “So after you left, they were unstable. Sometime they were supportive, other times they couldn’t be around me. The bipolar behavior didn’t help with my depression and it just plunged me deeper into my own broken shell.” I say scratching at my chest a bit.

“Depression?” He asks a bit unsurely as pain flooded his eyes.

“Yeah.” I say with a weak smile to try and comfort him. “After....something bad happened....they came around completely. They were there for me like I always wanted them to be. They basically quit their jobs for me, they took care of me and helped me through it all as much as they could. Though I wasn’t really happy or me, I was living a consistent life and that was because of them.”

“So you’re on good terms now?” He questions with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah. I told them about you coming back and us getting back together. They know about Amelia and everything. I don’t talk to them often, but I do enough to have a relationship with them.” I say as I sit next to him.

“Then I’m happy for you Beckett.” He says shocking me completely as my eyes widen. “I personally do not like them. At all. I met them once and from what I remember they were.....not very nice to you.” He says struggling to keep himself in check. “But if you are happy with the relationship you have with them, then I will respect that.”

“Seriously?” I ask in disbelief, half convinced this was all a dream.

“If my parents weren’t such assholes and I had to opportunity to form some sort of relationship with them, I’d take it.” He says with a sad smile. “My parents are assholes and so are yours, but they care and that’s enough for me.”

“I appreciate that, thank you.” I say pulling him into my arms.

“No problem Becky.” He says playfully making my lips twitch a bit, he knew how much I hated that nickname.

“So you have no problem with them being here?” I question just to double check.

“No.” He says firmly making me smile a bit.

“I love you.” I say as I look down at my strong mate. I wouldn’t have blame him if he wanted nothing to do with my parents after all that happened, but here he was standing tall in my arms, willing to give it a try.....for me. “You’re an amazing mate, a perfect one and I love you.”

“I love you too.” He says with a bit of a giggle as I peppered his neck with kisses. “As much as I’d l-love to continue what we started earlier....” He groans as I begin to mount him. “....I’m exhausted and I need to wash off kid puke.”

I immediately pull away in repulsion at the memory of Damon puking on Emitt’s shirt. Though he changed it, the stench was still there now that he mentioned it.

“Yeah, go do that.” I say pushing him towards the bathroom as I held my nose shut.

“Shut up!” He groans at my response before stomping his way to the bathroom.

“I love you donut.” I say making him stop in his path as he turns to face me. I’d said the word a million times in my head but not once aloud in four years.

The nickname seemed to just roll of my tongue, something second nature and easy. He seemed to he frozen in his place at the mention of the nickname I once gave him a long, long time ago.

“You remembered...” He says with a hesitant, soft tone, as if he were feeling around first.

“Thought I’d forget?” I ask with a chuckle as I whip out my phone. “I could never forget my donut.” I say showing him to photo I had managed to salvage by the skin of my teeth.
It was a picture of seventeen year old Emitt, he was smaller with shorter hair and less meat on his bones. He was wearing that old donut apron and his eyes were wide from the surprise shot I took of him. His lips slightly parted as he tried to comprehend why I was taking a picture of him.

Looking at him now, he had the same look on his face as he stared at the picture that was nothing short of gold to me.

“How did you get that?!” He squeals in embarrassment along with a bit of excitement as his cheeks heated up slightly.

“I have my ways.” I say mysteriously.


“Yeah.” I admit making him laugh as he stared at the picture a bit longer.

“Mickey and I went crazy when I told him you took this picture of me.” He says making me mouth part slightly. “And when you texted me the first time, we almost exploded at the prospect of Bacon Bits texting me.”

“Bacon Bits?” I question, though I heard the name before I never understood why they picked it for me.

“It was our code name for you.” He says proudly as he begins to reminisce a bit. “Because you were so editable, just like Ba-”

“Bacon Bits.” I say finishing with him at the same time.

“Yup.” He says popping the p.

“I like it.” I say making his eyebrows knit together in confusion while I closed the space between us once again. “You’re my donut.” I say playing with his hair as he looked up at me with eyes filled with enthusiasm. “And I’ll be...”

" Bacon Bits.” He finishes making me smile proudly. It was a dumb name and sounded stupid but coming from Emitt, the name sounded pretty amazing to me. “I love it and I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Bacon bits and Donut ❤️

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