Beta Mates

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Chapter 48

Emitt’s P.O.V

I sip my water slowly as I watch Beckett force himself not to clean the house. His parents would be showing up any minute now and it was physically hurting him not to prepare for them.

He was trying to show me that their opinions didn’t matter to him, it was a sweet gesture given all that we’d been through but I never asked him to. I didn’t care whether the place was clean or dirty or what these people thought about me or my Amelia, as far as I was concerned, they could kiss my ass.

It was meet the parents....part two and I was never fond of sequels.

They were a major component in the downfall of Beckett and I’s bond and I didn’t care how accepting they were now, I’d die before I trusted them.
Beckett cared about them and I’d respect that, but that didn’t mean I had to respect them.

The knocking of the front door jolts Beckett to his feet, he tosses me a worried glance and I give him a supportive nod. I stayed in place with Amelia while he went to get them, I wouldn’t greet people who once cursed people like me for being something I couldn’t change.

I stand to my feet with Amelia on my hip so I wouldn’t have to hug them if they tried to.

“You haven’t been eating well have you. Beckett I told you to stop playing with deers.” His mother says rambling on as she enters the room followed by Beckett and his father.

She pauses when her eyes land on me, she looked the exact same as the last time I saw her four years ago. His father as well, he seemed a little star struck as he stared at me and Amelia, sweat forming on his forehead.

“H-hello.” He stutters as silence takes over while they stare at us. He looked nervous, as if it were the first time we were meeting, but it wasn’t.

“Hi.” I say flatly, mustering a pleasant smile somehow.

“It’s nice to meet you.” His mother says with a smile that looked friendly, but I knew better.

“We’ve met before.” I say ignoring the look of panic that sunk Beckett’s face.

“Yes we have.” She says regretfully.

“We’d like to apologize for everything that we did. The pressure we placed on Beckett that made him hide his mate and himself.” His father continues wholeheartedly.

“If we could change what we did, we would.” His mother says almost desperately. I simply nod, knowing any words of mine would drive us into a deeper conversation I didn’t want to have.

“Mom dad, this is Amelia.” Beckett says joining my side as he takes Amelia in his arms.

Awe immediately floods their eyes as they approach her, I expected a sense of protection to take over but it didn’t. I watched them feeling no sense of panic as they circled Beckett, looking at Amelia as if she was a trophy.

“Hi!” His mother says in a baby voice that Amelia clearly didn’t like.

“Hi.” Amelia replies just as flatly as I did.

That’s definitely my child.

“Can I hold her?” His father asks stretching out her arms but she just shrinks back into Beckett.

“She’s not good with strangers.” I say making their attention float my way. It was partially true since she was very guarded, but it was also false as she trusted people she felt comfortable with immediately. Clearly they didn’t make her feel comfortable.

“We’re not strangers, we’re your grandparents.” His mother continues but those words didn’t mean shit to Amelia so they were left with sad faces.

“Don’t force it.” Beckett says sternly leaving no room for discussion. No matter what he felt in respect to his parents, I knew Amelia always tromped it. He claimed I did too, but I guess actions would speak louder than words.

“So Emitt, how does it feel taking on Beta responsibilities after such a long time?” His father asks making small talk as we all sit down, them on an opposite couch from us.

“It’s fine. Beckett kept things well so I’m really just trying to pick things up again.” I say politely relishing in the light squeeze Beckett gave my arm. “And you guys, are you still working too hard to look after your son?”

“Emitt.” Beckett warns making me frown.

“It’s fine.” His father says chuckling. “We kind of quit.” He says making my jaw drop.


“They upped and left.” Beckett fills in with a weak smile. “They stayed in the pack for a bit to look after me before doing a little world tour.”

“We’ve been to Japan, Germany, Hawaii, Canada, Antarctica, Italy and now we’re on little home return.” His mother finishes with a proud smile. “We head out again next week.”

“Why?” I say asking the question that rung in my head along with one hundred other questions.

“We were losing our son.” She replied sadly. “It took us long enough to act, but better late than never.”

I stared at them in shock for a moment, they gave up everything they held dear for Beckett because they were losing him. But weren’t they losing him for years? They couldn’t suddenly change their minds like that, something had to happen to force their hand.

“What made you do it?” I say pushing a bit further.

“Well the accident of co-”

“Mom.” Beckett snaps aggressively making Amelia whimper slightly as she looks up to him unsurely.

“Dad?” Amelia calls gently as Beckett’s rough waters calm slowly.

“I’m sorry princess.” He says after taking a deep breath, flashing her a smile that she returned quickly. “How about we eat?”

Without waiting for a response, he heads out the door with Amelia in his arms. His parents exchange a worried glance that makes my eyebrows knit together in curiosity. Before I could question them, they bolt out the door following after Beckett.

Suspicious bitches.....

I follow behind them silently and that’s what I continue to do for the entire day. I didn’t feel like talking, especially when I knew they were hiding something.

Beckett clearly didn’t want me knowing about his accident and the reluctance he showed to talking about the scar on his chest, told me they were connected.

I didn’t know what to think since he seemed to want me as far from the truth as possible. I couldn’t help but feel a bit dejected as I watched him converse happily with his family.

Standing against the doorframe, I watch the family talk and talk while fixing the food quickly. I stayed quiet when they ate and chatted. Through the entire meal I kept my thoughts to myself and planned to make it through the whole day but things happened.

“Emitt.” I look over my shoulder to find Beckett father directly behind me.

“Hi.” I reply as I continue to wash the dishes.

“I’m Heath.” He says giving a name to the face I didn’t care to see. “Do you need help?”

“Sure.” I say welcoming the help as I hated cleaning in all forms.
After a peaceful moment of silence, Heath begins to look at me through the corner of his eye.

“What is it?” I ask a bit too harshly when I grew fed up of feeling his eyes on me.

“You don’t like us.” He says as more of a statement than a question, we share a brief glance before he looks away with a sigh. “It’s fine I suppose, we did this to ourselves. After the way we acted, it’s amazing you’re even talking to us.”

“Well I love Beckett and he loves you guys, so sacrifice.” I say with a slight shrug. “Plus I think it’ll be beneficial for him....not everyone gets the chance to mend relationships between family.”

“We wouldn’t be mending if we didn’t fail as parents.” He says resting the glass cup down carefully, I don’t comment as I turn off the water to face him. “I wish I saw sooner. If I had just seen my faults, maybe you two wouldn’t have lost so many years of suffering.


“I’m sorry.” He says seriously turning to face me. “I’m sorry that I squandered any chance of us forming some sort of relationship all this years ago. When we met, my head was so far up my own ass I couldn’t fully appreciate what an amazing man you were. You were smart, sweet and cared for my son yet we torn you two apart and I’m sorry. I’m sorry because you two are truly remarkable.”

“I was n-”

“You may act mean and grumpy to us now but I remember the bubbly, quick tongue small guy that sat across the table from me that day.” He says cutting me off with a weak smile. “You were the happiest person I’d ever met and I’m willing to bet that you still are.” He says with a wink as we turn to face one another. “Look after him.....please.”

“What happened to him?” I ask praying he’d open the tightly locked case of secrets. His grip on the counter tightens as he took a deep breath, his eyes darkening considerably as guilt flooded them.

“It was a dark time for him.” He says simply. “Too much at once and he reacted by c-”

“That’s enough dad.” Beckett says appearing in the kitchen hallway making both our heads turn to him.

“Sorry.” Heath says before offering me a weak smile and scampering off.

Punk ass....

“Beckett, what happened?” I ask now a bit tired of going in circles with this topic and I just wanted the answer.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He says as he avoids my eyes.

“And I don’t want secrets between us.” I say making my way towards him. “I know you think it’ll hurt me and it probably will, but you hiding things hurts more.” I finish when I’m right before him, I take his face in my hands and force his to look at me.

“It doesn’t matter.” He says with glossed eyes.

“Then why are you crying?” I question softly as I wipe his tears away with my thumb. He doesn’t answer as he sobs quietly, I pull him into my chest, rubbing him softly as he cries in my arms. “Beckett, what was this accident, this bad thing, this problem.........what was it. ”

“Not with them here......please.” He begs as he pulls away a bit, I nod and he leaves quickly.

I watch his figure move further and further from me with nothing but despair in my heart for the pain that flooded his eyes.

It made me wonder if I really wanted to know what happened.





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