Beta Mates

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Chapter 50

Emitt’s P.O.V

I smile against Beckett’s lips as the shower water crashed down against our joined bodies. He pushed me against the wall and I hum my contentment as the addictive electricity ran between the two of us.

Everything was better.
The way he smelt.
The way he felt.
The way I saw the world.

Everything had changed since we bonded and it felt amazing.

You know I can hear your thoughts right? - Beckett questioned as he pressed loose kisses down my neck while he pushed his fingers deeper into me, making me moan loudly while I gripped the back of his hair tightly.

I keep forgetting - I reply with a chuckle as he pulls back to look at me.

I’ll just have to keep reminding you - He says before capturing my lips once again. I moan into his mouth as he pushes his fingers against my prostate, he holds me tightly as my body struggled to support itself.

“Quickly.” I breathed against his lips. He slips his fingers out before kissing me hungrily as he lined himself up with my awaiting entrance. Lifting my leg, I wrap it around his waist drawing him closer allowing him to push himself into me. I suck in a deep breath as his member drove itself into me slowly. I take a moment to catch my breath as he pressed his head against my own to do the same.

I nod my approval, allowing him to slip out of me before driving himself straight back into me. The pleasure quickly drowning out the painful sting and soon enough I find myself moaning desperately as I held onto him for dear life.

“God, I’ve missed this!” I groan out as he constantly drove his member into that spot that made me see stars.

“Me too.” He moaned breathlessly as he connected our lips in a heated kiss.

“Y-You....ahhh....have to p-pull....nghhh...out!” I moan out when I feel the both of us drawing closer.
Our bodies shaking slightly at the overwhelming pleasure that increased when the bond returned. Everything grew, the sex left me dazed and breathless and I loved every second of it.

Beckett just grunted his disapproval as he continued to thrust into me at a merciless pace that made me throw my head back in complete pleasure. I let myself bite down on his collarbone to drown out my desperate moans, he groans his pleasure and pain at the action as we both were drawn to the edge.

I don’t have a chance to warn him as my body shook in his arms before I came on his chest with a quiet whimper as he pulled out to cum as well. We tremble in each other’s grasp as we struggled to come down from our high which was exceptionally difficult with Beckett rubbing his member against my ass.

“No more....” I pant knowing he’d find himself buried in me again if I didn’t tell him. We’d already done it three times in the bed and twice in the shower.

“First no cumming inside and now no more sex.” He groans as he pulls back before me to stand on my own two feet. He grabs the soap as he starts lathering himself clean while I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“I don’t like it either but weren’t not ready for another kid yet.” I say against his back that shifted with each movement. He doesn’t reply making me circle him to find him with a deep frown. “I like to feel you inside me as much as you do.” I say making his eyes spark with lust. “But you know we can’t.”

“Okay.” He says finally submitting making me smile as I kissed him quickly before stealing the soap from him to clean myself. I scrub myself quickly before rinsing and leaving the shower. “Where are you going?” He questioned as I wrapped a towel around my waist.

“I’m meeting with Lucy today, I’m already running late because someone wanted to fuck me senseless.” I say running out the bathroom to get ready.

“And you loved it!” He screamed back from the shower making me laugh lowly as I dressed quickly before doing my hair and rushing to Lucy’s room after saying bye to Beckett.

Sure enough I find Amelia already dressed, she’d figured out how to wiggle her little legs into her shorts without falling and insisted on getting ready on her own. I walk over to her as quickly help her take off her shirt that was inside out before putting it back on.

“I was almost there.” She stated aggressively as I picked her up with her bag of necessities I packed the night before.

“I know.” I say calmly. “I bet Damon couldn’t even do his pants.” I knew it was wrong to encourage her hatred for the boy but they had a friendship of sorts now and it seemed to run on their hatred for one another. So who was I to destroy that?

“He couldn’t.” She says with a snicker. “We play today?”

“After we see my sister, yeah.” I say making her smile widely. She enjoyed her visits to Aiden and Julian’s house and I needed to see my friends anyway. “Your dad will meet us there.”

“Yay!” She exclaimed clapping her hands as I buckled her into her car seat.

“It’ll be a good day.” I say making her smile falter a bit before it widdened considerably.

“Everyday is a good day.” She said making my eyes widen. “I’m happy always daddy.”

“That makes me happy.” I reply as I struggle to keep my tears down while starting the car up. I always feared Amelia would be scarred by what happened to us but she seemed to be everything but. She smiled so brightly everyday and now hearing her express her daily joy in life made me feel like a proud father.

“I love you Amelia.” I say looking at her through the rearview mirror.

“I love you too daddy.” She replies quickly before I turn up the radio for us to sing along. Smiles stretched across our faces as we both sang at the top of our lungs, swaying in our seats.

A good day.


I look around the park Lucy and I agreed to meet at with wide eyes. They were mothers everywhere watching their kids carefully while others were too deep in conversation to realise that their kids were crying for them.

I saw some of them eyeing me flirtatious as I walked around a bit in search of Lucy with Amelia tucked into my neck. She was a confident girl but grew very shy when it came to new people and it was an unfamiliar setting that clearly made her clam up a bit. I rubbed her back soothingly to remind her that I was here and she’d always have me.

“Get your eyes off him, he’s gay!” I turn when I hear a loud voice I immediately recognised. A smile took my lips as Lucy walked towards me while glaring at the women that were eyeing me like a piece of meat. She then looks at me, her eyes soften as they fill with love. “Little bro.”

“Lucy!” I exclaim as I hug her quickly, she pulls me into a vicious hug, squeezing a groaning Amelia between us. “I’ve mis-”

“That’s what you get.” She grumbles as I rub my brusied cheek with pouting lips.

“Ow.” I groan as it begins to sting a little.

“You’re lucky that’s all I’m giving you. With that little Houdini stunt you pulled, I should castrate you right here.” She growled aggressively as her eyes glowed a threating blue.

“Daddy I’m scared.” Amelia mumbles as she hide herself into my neck.

“Me too.”

“Hey sweety!” Lucy says cheerfully immediately dropping her psycho killer act and going into child friendly mode. “I’m your Aunt Lucy.”

“Aunt Lucy you’re scary.” Amelia says bluntly.

“I try to be, it keeps the idiots and monsters away.” She says still smiling sweetly, this makes Amelia crack as smile. “Do you know any idiots?”

“One.” Amelia grinned evily, these two so be inseparable.

We make our way to an empty bench after I let Amelia go play. She didn’t want to play with strangers and I didn’t want her to, she was quite happy sliding down a slide by herself and going back up without any help. Unlike many kids, Amelia didn’t need company to find happiness. She’d spent the first four years of her life without contact with much people anyway. She was already independent in her own right and confident, I was extremely proud of her.

“I can’t believe you waited this long for us to meet.” Lucy groaned making me look away from Amelia for a second before looking at her again. “You’ve been back for what, a month?!”

“Two.” I correct making her even angrier. “I’m sorry Lucy, with all the things happening between Beckett and I, you were the last thing on my mind. I know that’s wrong and I’m sorry.”

“Its fine, its what I get for being related to an idiot.” She grunts making me laugh as she russled my hair. “So tell me everything, I’ve heard rumours but I want the full story.”

I proceeded to tell her everything about Beckett and I from the beginning, the secret dating and then the mating all the way to the denial and right back to the reformed bond. Looking back I couldn’t help but be amazed at the journey Beckett and I had been on and somehow found ourselves together again.

“And just like that, you got the bond back?” Lucy asked in amazement. I nod feeling the admiration radiate off of her as her eyes widened before she frowned. “I’ve never heard of that happening before.”

“Me neither but I’m not questioning it.” I say quickly, I was afraid of asking too many questions and somehow losing the gift we’d been granted.

“You two must really love one another.” She says making my eyebrows knit together in question.

“What do you mean?”

“Well when a bond breaks, it’s like cutting off a limb between you two. Something you shared and supported each other with. When it was broken, it was like learning to breathe again right? You start all over again. You’re not the same person you were before them or with them. Everything is different. So to get it back...”

“It’s like joining two new people....” I finish slwoly as she nods slowly.

“Mating strangers essentially. But to be able to get it back, you two must’ve really loved one another to dig through all of that.” She finishes making me bite my lip as I tried to process the new information.

She was right.
Beckett and I both went through hell and back without each other and that did change us. In the beginning those changes were evident and we’d learnt to accept the new people we’d become. Now it felt almost natural and I didn’t realise just how amazing us rebonding was until Lucy pointed it out.

“Enough about you though.” She says pulling me out of my thoughts as Amelia made her way over to me. “Don’t you want to know about me?”

“You’re banging Jack.” I say bluntly making her jaw drop as I picked a tired Amelia up.

“How the he’ll did you know?!” She exclaims with a sigh, clearly excited to tell me something the whole pack already knew.

“I knew from the beginning. What guy lets a girl live with him for nothing in return? I’m not saying you’re whoring yourself out, but I had an idea.” I say making her pout a bit as I handed my daughter some crisps to chew on.

“It’s more than that.” She grumbled. “I really love him.”

“Have you told him?” The way she nibbled on her lip told me she didn’t. “Why not?”

“I’m scared.” She confesses with a sigh. “What if he realises I’m too young for him?”

“You’re a couple years younger.” I say with a shrug.

“Ten years isn’t a couple Emitt.”

“Is he too old for you?” I ask incredulously.


“Then you’re not too young for him.” I reply but she doesn’t seem convinced. “Look Lucy, if Jack is the same funny, loving, carefree guy I knew all those years ago then he’s a perfect fit for you. Age is just a number in our world and you know it.” I finish but she continues to nibble on her lip. “What’s the real reason you’re scared?”

“......what if he finds his mate?” She mumbles quietly as Amelia stretched over her for a box juice.


“You don’t get what it’s like being an unmated wolf Em. Everyone around you is all paired up and in love, the evil people and the good ones. And you just have to sit down and watch them, wondering if you will ever have what they have.” She says sadly, her depressed eyes drowning my own before she forces herself to look away. “I didn’t want to fall in love with Jack, I was scared that one day I’d meet my mate or worse...he’d meet his. But I couldn’t hold back what I felt for him and he didn’t want me to, he said he was tired of waiting for someone who wasn’t out there. But now, I can only see my life with him and I’m scared to form it if one day he’s pulled out of it.”

I don’t reply right away, letting her words sink in first. I would never feel the things she did or understand completely because I had my mate, I was happy from the moment I turned eighteen and before. She was almost thirty and hadn’t experienced what I felt everyday and I took it for granted.

“I think you should tell him.” I say when Amelia had fell asleep in my lap after eating too much. “You can either reject him and live in fear of what you could lose or take a leap of faith and enjoy your time with him....however long that may be.”

“Its still scary.” She mumbles as she wipes away a tear before it could fall. I pull her against my shoulder with my free hand, rubbing her arm gently as she rested herself against me.

“Do you think he feels the same?” I ask gently.

“I know he does.” She says making me frown. “He told me last week, I’ve kind of been avoiding him ever since.”

“Lucy!” I exclaim shoving her off me, I didn’t have to worry about waking up Amelia. She slept like the dead.

“I know.” She whined as she grabbed her hair tightly. “I know it’s wrong. I know.”

“Do you?! He must’ve felt the same things as you but he admitted it, you know he loves you so what are you waiting for?!” I exclaim making her look at me desperately.

“I don’t know....” She says finally with a sigh. I open my mouth to respond but stop short when I realise I’ve said all that I could. It was up to her now.

“Where are you staying?” I question whole rubbing my forward in frustration.

“The pack house.” She answers quietly.

“You can stay with us until you figure it out.” I reply making her look up at me with a greatful smile. “Let’s get out of here.”

She smiles and walks with me as we make our way to the car.


Beckett smiles next to me before closing the door to stop us from peeping in on Lucy reading Amelia a bed time story.

It’s been a long day and after Amelia’s little play date, I wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in my man’s arms.

“I’m so tired.” I groan as I flop down on our bed. Beckett simply chuckles as he untied my laces for me and took off my little boots.

“This is nothing. Wait until we have recitals and dance practices.” He says making me groan even louder as he helped me wiggle out of my jeans.

“Can’t we just press a button to skip the stuff that takes time?” I ask making him frown as he pulled my shirt off of me.

“The reward will be better at the end if we sit through it.” He replies wisely when I’m down to my boxers, he gives my ass a light spank to tell me he was done babying me. I crawled my way under our huge duvet waiting for him to join me.

“And what’s this reward?” I question as I watch him undress, unable to stop myself from drooling. I hated my scars but his were beautiful to me, it showed me just how strong he was and I wanted nothing more to than to be that strong for him.

“You are strong and your scars are beautiful to me too.” He says before leaning down and kissing me, making me frown when I remembered the stupid link. “And the reward will be watching our little girl turn into a beautiful woman who wouldn’t need us as much anymore.”

“I don’t like that reward, it’ll make me cry.” I state making him chuckle. “Amelia will stay as a child forever!”

“Oh really?” He muses as he slides into bed with me after turning off the bedroom light. “And how do you plan to do that?”

“I know a witch.” I say making him laugh hardily as he pulled me into his large arms. He’d been eating really well lately, no more dead deers and innocent rabbits. His large, muscular body was showing how grateful it was for something other than meat.

“You make me laugh.” He says once he’d sobered up from his contagious laughing spree.

“You make me smile.” I say looking up at him, he returns my smile with a loving twinkle in his eyes before leaning down and kissing me lightly. Our lips moved slowly and lovingly and I couldn’t help the way my heart raced in my chest for Beckett.

“Do you know how much I love you?” Beckett queries as I tucked myself into his chest.

“No, how much?”

“Enough to breathe for you.” He says making a frown in confusion. "After all that happened between us. There were times when I just wanted to stop breathing, because it was too painful to do. But I kept doing it for you. Because I love you and I live for you.”

“Don’t make me cry.” I groan into his chest making him laugh. “I love you too Beckett. With everything I have.”

“That’s more than enough.” He replies before kissing my head as silence feel between us as we drifted off together.

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