Beta Mates

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Chapter 51

Tobias’ P.O.V.

“A date?” Chris questioned skeptically.

“Yes.” I say looking at him as he started playing with my fingers.

“But we’re already together.” He replies innocently, clearly confused making me smile a bit. “We are together....right?”

“Yes we are.” I say pressing a kiss to his forehead.

“Then why?” He asked peaking up at me. After all this time, Christopher was still the same shy wolf with an underlying confidence I fell in love with. He’d captured my heart and never once let go.

“Because I would like to take out my beautiful mate and give him the night he deserves.” I explain as I press a gentle kiss to his cheek making him blush. “I’d also like to show you off to the entire world.”

“Okay..” He agrees reluctantly. Even back home Chris was very isolated and it took so much for Alex to get him to do anything. He’d always intrigued me slightly and even more so as Emitt’s wolf. I knew he’d rather stay home and watch a movie but we’d done that one too many times.

“Thank you.” I say before pressing my lips to his. He jolts a bit in my lap but I hold him firmly as I kiss him hungrily, he grips the fabric of my shirt tightly for support as I lead the kiss with him following behind.

I smile at the image of him panting lowly with his big, beautifully dazed green eyes and swollen lips.

“Let’s get ready.” I say with a wide smile, he returns a smaller one but I accept it anyway.


“An ice cream shop?” Chris says tilting his head to the side cutely.

I found every little thing about him adorable.

“An ice cream shop.” I confirm making him turn back to face me with a slight frown. “Did you stop liking ice cream?”

“No. I still love it.” He says quickly as he fiddles with the seat belt. “I’m just nervous for our date.”

“This isn’t our first date.” I state making him sigh.

“I know. But it’s our first in four years, our first since getting the bond back.” He clarifies. “I don’t want to mess it up.”

“You won’t.” I say pulling his hand away from the poor seatbelt. “And if you do, I’ll still love you.”

Before he could think too hard to back out, I slipped out of the car before circling around to open the door for him. He takes my hand shyly before stepping out of the car, allowing me to walk him forward with our fingers interlocked.

“I could’ve opened it myself.” He mumbles while gripping my hand tightly.

“I know.” I say before pressing a kiss to his knuckles as I looked him straight in the eye. “But I know you like it more when I do.”

He just blushes as he turns away, denying me the pleasure of staring into his eyes. We walk into the small corner store that was sadly empty, the glass showing buckets filled with ice cream.

“Hello.” A young girl said cheerfully.

“Hi.” I say speaking since I knew Chris felt uncomfortable speaking to strangers. “Can we have one scoop of vanilla and another of rum and raisin in one please?”

“Okay.” She says before quickly getting to work.

A lot of people found it weird how Chris and I ate our ice cream. That the two flavors shouldn’t be mixed, but we both liked the flavour of our favorite ice creams being overlapped by the other’s.

“You know you can’t avoid Amelia forever.” I say pulling Chris in by his waist while the girl carefully compiled our order.

“I know.” He replies sadly. “You know I’m bad with kids.”

“So is Julian but he has two with another on the way.” I state but it doesn’t seem to convince him.

Emitt and Beckett had been encouraging us to get to know our daughter since she was as much ours as she was there’s. I found it weird that she didn’t know anything about Chris, but he said he didn’t want Emitt telling her about him.
I didn’t understand it but now that I was getting to know her, he was forced to as well. Of course it was hard for her to wrap it around her pretty little head that they were wolves basically living inside her parents but she was trying and so was I.

I just wanted my mate to as well.

“They just pee and cry a lot. You know I don’t like when people cry.” He whines to me as I pay for our ice cream before sitting us down in a booth. The ice cream on the table with two spoons and Chris cuddled into my side.

He really hated when people cried. He felt so uncomfortable and vulnerable that he’d run away and leave them in that state. It wasn’t the best trait and he knew it, but he promised to work on it.

“Amelia never cries.” I say making him raise a brow skeptically. “I’ve seen this child grow through Beckett for the last couple of months and she has never once cried.”

“That’s just unnatural.” He states making me chuckle. He was funny when he got comfortable. We ate our ice cream a bit before continuing.

“What do you expect to do when the wolf appears? She’d need parents to lead her and help her in the new world, we’ll have to be those parents.” I say making him groan.

“I know....” He mumbles before looking up at me. “What do I do?”

“Try with Amelia.” I say making his eyes shift before he nods with determination.

“I’ll try.” He replies making me smile.

“That’s my gorgeous mate.” I say before pressing light, chast kisses to his puckered lips. He hums against me as the taste of vanilla ran off his tongue and combined with the rum and raisin on my own. The cold touch of our wet muscles making us both hum in satisfaction as a cold shiver ran down my spine.

We pull apart when someone takes a picture of us. Looking up I find the girl staring at us with goggly eyes while Chris hid himself in my chest.

“I’m sorry. It was just so cute.” She says apologetically. “I can forward it to you if you’d like.”

Can we go? - Chris begged his body tensing uncomfortably.

He always hated PDA and it took way too long to get him to the point of feeling comfortable enough to try. And now this girl just set me back at least a month.

I guide him through the door before returning to the nervous looking girl.

“That was really unacceptable and I don’t appreciate it.” I say sternly. “But here’s my email, I want that picture.”

I send her a wink making her crack a small smile.

“Act sad so my boyfriend thinks I’m scolding you.” I say making her freeze before she puts on literally the best close to tears face I’ve ever seen.

I leave the shop quickly to find Chris looking inside at the girl with a guilty frown.

“What did you say?” He asks worriedly as I led him away. “You didn’t have to be mean.”

“I wasn’t and I did nothing.” He seemed unconvinced but didn’t reply, allowing me to lead him back to the car. He stopped me making me look down at him as we fiddled with my shirt ends.

“I don’t want to go home just yet.” He says making my eyes widen, I had a night filled with places to go but it was the first time he was taking the lead. “I have a place in mind.”

“Okay, where is it?” I ask making him smile.

“Its a surprise.” He states before offering his hand. “I’m driving.”

“Oh okay.” I say before placing the keys in his palm. I go to open the door but he beats me to it, widening it for me to get in. I look at him with eyes of shock but he just giggles with a gleaming smile at my reaction.

“Get in.” He says, letting me down before closing the door behind me. He quickly circles the car before adjusting the seat and bringing the engine to life. “Oh, um...Tobias.”

“Yeah.” I say looking at him as he glanced my way.

“I love you.” He says before his cheeks go up in flames.

How can one so fucking adorable....

“I love you too.” I say before kissing him deeply. “But if you do something so cute again, I’ll fuck that tight ass into that back seat.”

He doesn’t say anything as his eyes go wide and his ears light up, I smirk in response, biting his lip before pulling back. I feel the need pouring off of him in waves but decide to leave him alone or else we’d never leave.

“So where to?”


I smile broadly as I look out at the familiar sandy beach, the sound of the waves crashing and the scent of the salty oceanic breeze making my heart soar with joy.

“From the day with Alex and Max.” Chris reminds me as he slides his fingers into my own.

“I remember.” I say kissing the side of his head.

He pulls me forth and I let him take the lead as we made our way closer to the shores. Tonight Chris wanted to lead the way and I’d let him. The bond between us may have grown back but was different now. I felt more connected to him that I ever did, I understood him in a new light and I loved him all the more for it.

“This is nice.” I say as we sat down in the sand. We were the only people here so it felt like the beach was ours and ours alone.

“Tobias.” Chris calls before sitting up. I watch him with worried eyes as he pulled himself onto my lap.

“What is it baby?” I ask stroking his cheek.

“I need to tell you thank you.” He says making me frown a bit. “Dont say anything, I need to get this all out.”
I just nod as he takes a deeo breath before letitng bis eyes reach mine. “I liked you for a really long time and I couldn’t be more greatful that you’re my mate. Those years without you were the worst years of my life. It was my first time without you being close to me, youve always been close evwn if we weren’t as connected as we are now. I never want to experience that again. I never want to be away from you again.”

“You won’t ba-”

“No talking.” He says sternly making me bite my lips. “You always pulled me to try things when I didn’t want to. I didn’t like them but I did it because I liked you. You might not see it but you’ve helped me a lot with my confidence and tendencies to isolate myself. You’ve changed me for the better and I love you for it, so thank you.”

I stare at him as I struggle to find the right words to say in response. He was right, he had grown and he had changed for the better. He’d grown more confident in himself and our relationship, he wasn’t so nervous around me anymore, if anything he was proud of us. I found tears welling in my eyes as I held him close before crashing my lips into his.

He whimpers slightly against me as I drive my tongue into his mouth. Wanting to taste all of him, I loved the way our scents mixed when we were close and lingered when we were far. I loved the way he looked at me as if I was his whole world and the way he smiled and laughed and.....everything. I loved everything about him. I made sure to leave the link open so he could hear all my thoughts as I kissed him passionately.

“I should be telling you thank you.” I say once we pull apart. He just chuckles before resting his head to mine. “I love you too Christopher. I love you with everything I have.”

“Do you.....” He drags as he unbuttoned my shirt slowly. “...want to finish what Alex and Max stopped us from doing last time..?”

I look at him in surprise as he slide my shirt off of me before taking off his own. I wanted to flip him and take the lead but I stopped myself since the sight of his on top of me as he grinded his ass into my aching erection was just too much.

“It’d be my pleasure,” I reply before he kisses me again taking me down into the sand with him.

We spent the night memorizing one another’s bodies as we imprinted ourselves on one another. .
Stopping only when the fireworks lit up the night sky making us both sit up, Chris in my lap allowing our naked bodies to rub against one another.

“Its so pretty.” He muses as popping sound played loudly as the fireworks continued to color the sky.

“Happy New Year baby.” I say making him turn to me. His eyes filled with happiness and a bright smile took his lips.

“Happy New Year.” He replies before crashing his lips into mine and taking us back into an act of love and affection.


It’s almost done 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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