Beta Mates

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Chapter 52

Emitt’s P.O.V

I wake up with a smile on my face.
It was a horrible night sleeping without Beckett but it was okay because today was going to be a spectacular day.

I miss you! - Beckett whines inside my head making me smile to myself.

I miss you too, we’ll see each other soon - I reply as I slide of the bed in Julian and Aiden’s guest room.

You and your stupid superstition. - He grumbles making me laugh before I cut the link. He knew we weren’t supposed to talk or see each other until this afternoon.

I take a quick shower as my mind runs with thoughts about all the things I had to do today. As I slip on a simple shirt, there’s a knock on my door making me smile knowing exactly who it is. I open the door with a gleaming smile to find one offered by Julian and Mickey in return.

We all let out girlish screams we wouldn’t dare mirror with anyone else as we hug tightly. The three of us jumping up and down in glee as you radiated in waves.

When we pull apart my eyes widen in surprise as I look at a crying Julian. He was crying silently but when Mickey and I looked at him in confusion he started sobbing.

“I’m sorry....I-I know today is supposed to be happy....” He says shakily before giving me a wobbling smile. “I’m just so happy for you.”

“Thank you Julian.” I reply returning the smile.

“You’re getting married bitch!” Mickey hollered loudly before popping a bottle of champagne out of nowhere. We laugh as he continued to scream before chugging the foaming liquid without a problem.

“I’m getting married!” I scream still not able to completely wrap my head around the situation as Mickey passed the bottle to me.

“You’re getting married!” Mickey and Julian shout together as I chug the liquid like water with them chanting praises around me.

I’m getting married


After our little three man party ended we started our day of events for the day. Mickey insisted on being a bridesmaid instead of a groomsman resulting in us getting our hair done professionally as well as pedicures which Julian didn’t enjoy too much.

We also had to get the kids dolled up, Amelia was my beautiful flower girl and Damon was our ring bearer. Though I was scared he’d swallow the rings and laugh in my face, I didn’t voice my fears to his father.

“What’s next?” I ask as Julian pulls out his list of appointment with specific times attached to each.

“Time to relax.” He says making me frown in confusion as he ripped the list in half. “We’ve done every thing a man getting married in a couple hours can do. All that’s left to do is getting in your tux, so for now, we relax.”

“No alcohol.” Mickey says sternly making me pout as I put down my bottle of vodka. “No way in hell am I letting you go drunk to your wedding.”

“Thanks.” I say as he takes the bottle before chugging it making my eyes widen as I glare at him.

“What?” He asks when he finishes. “I’m not getting married.”

“You’re a bitch.” I say making him laugh.

“And you’re a whore.” He retorts before sticking out his tongue.

“Okay, okay.” Julian says between us making our eyes lift to him. “You’re both sluts so why don’t we just lay down and watch some TV.”

We both gasp in disbelief at the response but don’t get a chance to reply as he turns on the tv for us to watch a movie.

“I’m sleepy.” I announce half way through Finding Nemo.

“Then sleep.” Mickey deadpan with a yawn of his own that spreads between the three of us.

“Don’t worry, I’ll wake you up.” Julian says making me smile. Julian was the responsible one, I didn’t even have to think twice about trusting him.

.....I should’ve thought twice.


Beckett’s P.O.V

He’s late.

How in Goddess’ name does one be late for their own wedding?

People were staring at me as if I’d been left at the alter but I knew I wasn’t because first of all, it wasn’t an alter.
If I knew Emitt well, he fell asleep. I figured he would but I also figured that Julian would wake him up. That’s the only reason I let the three of them stay together, the bottom gang was notorious for their wild adventures and I didn’t want today to be one of them.

“Don’t worry, he’ll be here soon.” Aiden whispered as he walked over from his spot followed by the twins.

Over the months our friendship had slowly reformed and I’d grown to trust them again after they all apologized for isolating me in Emitt’s absence. Even Aiden shared words of regret and sorrow for the way he treated me, he said clearly that he was just worried for his best friend and wanted the best for him.
I knew he cared for him deeply and was convinced of it when he threatened me last night when we were all drunk. The night was a blur and my mind was barely hanging on, but I somehow managed to be here on time.

“He wouldn’t miss his wedding.” Christopher said confidently as he kept his arm around his mate’s waist. He was always wearing shades, seeming to take up the trend Aiden dropped but I knew it wasn’t because of that.

“Mickey wouldn’t miss the chance to be a bridesmaid.” Nicholas stated snuggling into Chris, his words making us all chuckle.

He was right. Mickey would drag Emitt here even if he was unconscious so everyone could see him in his light pink dress he picked out since we announced our engagement.

“They’ll be here any minute.” A second doesn’t even past before Julian runs through the large hall doors. The entire pack turns to face him as he stumbles his way in. He fixes him ruffled suit before quickly walking his way to me. Aiden and the twins return to their posts as Julian rushes up the steps, standing in his place next to me.

“What happened?” I growled through a smile that I wore for the onlookers.

“Vodka and Finding Nemo.” He says innocently before looking up at me with apologetic eyes.

“Where is he?”

“Here. Just tidying up.” He explains before sending a weak smile to his questioning mate. “I’m sorry, I know I’m the worst best man ever.”

“The fact that you got him here shows that you’re the best one.” I reply making him smile greatfully.

Mickey runs in then, his beauty making everyone gasp in surprise. He fixed his dress before whipping his hair over his shoulder and quickly struting down aisle that seemed like a runway now.
His mates howled their approval and attraction making everyone laugh including me. They’d boosted Mickey with so much confidence that he crossdressed openly now. No matter the occasion or event, he foumd enough love for himself to do what he loved and was generally supported.
Once he reached his mates, they grabbed him before planting kisses all over him making me smile as I turned back to Julian who was looking at Aiden with a look that told me they were doing more than flirting in their heads.

I’m a bit nervous - I state throughout link, drawing his attention to me, instead of a now bothered Aiden. The whole marriage thing, what if I ga-

What if nothing. You’re going to be a great husband and you two will have a beautiful marriage - He says confidently before sending me a loving wink.

Thanks Julian - I say before cutting the link and taking a deep breath as I shut my eyes. I could feel him coming and my heart was racing with anticipation.

My eyes pop open when the music starts and the doors are pulled open from the outside revealing one breath taking man in a tailored white suit that made my lips stretch upwards in a tight smile.

His hair was gelled back, his skin glowing brightly under the afternoon sun, his eyes dazzling as they connect with my own making my heart melt in my spot. He smiles revealing his perfect white teeth as he breathed heavily, everyone stood as they caught glimpse of the gorgeous man who lit up my world without even trying.

Amelia runs out of nowhere with a bright smile that made everyone chuckle as she ran up to Emitt, hugging his leg tightly. Only then did she start raining down flowers along the aisel’s path as she skipped with joy. She ran up to me before hugging my leg as well making me smile.

I didn’t even notice Lucy standing next to Emitt until they started walking. At a steady paste, I watched my mate grow closer and closer to me. Both our hearts beating the loudest in the large hall as we stared at one another, Emitt looked ready to cry and I knew I probably did too. But I tried my hardest to keep it in and instead just smiled as he made his way up the steps after parting with Lucy.

He looks at me with happiness and apologies as the elder began his speech on wisdom and choices but I couldn’t be bothered to listen.

You’re late - I growl through our link making him bite his lips nervously as he looked at me through his lashes.

I know, I’m sorry Beckett. I’m so so sorry. I was looking at a clown fish and the next thing I knew Mickey was screaming me awake - He rambles desperately before taking a deep breath. I’m sorry.

I thought I got left at the alter- I teased with an open chuckle that made him smile.

I would never - He promised just as the elder looks at us with disapproval. Shit I think he said something important.

We both stare at him expectantly as silence rang through the large space. I glare at Aiden when he starts snickering with the twins.

“I said, it was time for vows.” The elder repeats making everyone laugh, I simply chuckle while Emitt blushes brightly. “Who is going first?”

“Me!” Emitt exclaimed excitedly making me smile while others chuckled. “Okay. Beckett.”

“Yes donut.” I say making him scowl for my interruption.

“Today we are getting married and I have a couple of things to say to you.” He starts making me stand tall with a wide smile. “The first time I laid eyes on you, I immediately fell for you. There was something about you, something that took my attention without question. Maybe it was that heart of gold you still wear on your sleeve or that big smile that could make anyone happy. I don’t know and I still don’t know what it is to this day, but I’m hoping that day I will. We’ve got eternity together and I know that no matter what we go through, we’ll always find each other again. We always do. So today, I promise to never stop trying, to never stop loving you and to never spend a day where I don’t tell you that I do. Because I do. Beckett I do. I love you with every fibre of my being and I know that I will continue to love you for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone other than you and even though everyone may say that we’re mates, I know we’re so much more than that.” He says as a few stray tears escapes his blurry eyes but he quickly wipes them away before rejoining our hands. “Beckett, you’re my soul mate and I love you.”

He sniffs a bit as he wipes away his tears quickly. I struggle to keep mine in as I smile at him, he returns a wobbly one like if he didn’t just tear me apart with love and put me back together.

“Your turn.” He mumbles making me chuckle as we held hands tightly.

“How am I supposed to top that?” I exclaim making him laugh along with the pack.

“Try.” He replies sarcastically.

“Falling in love with you has been the greatest adventure of my life. You pushed your way into my life without permission and I couldn’t be happier that you did. Everyday with you has formed the best days of my life and everyday without you have been the worse. Emitt you’re smart, beautiful, talented, courageous, downright sexy, loving, caring, the list could go on forever because you are the most beautiful man I have ever met, inside and out. You’re an amazing mate, an even better father and I know you’ll be the best husband. So donut, don’t you ever forget how much I love you, because we’re in this for life.” I say with a smile as my emotions coated my cheeks as he mirrored me, both of us crying quietly as our pack watched. But to me, we were the only ones in the room. He jumped into my arms surprising everyone as he hugged me tightly. He was breaking every marriage rule today so this wasn’t any different, I didn’t care anyway. I held him tightly as he sobbed into my shoulder. “Thank you for accepting me when I didn’t accept myself.” This makes him cry even harder.

“L-Let’s do the rings before I start wailing in front of everyone.” He stutters after pulling away making the pack laugh heartily. I catch Aiden wiping away a tear quickly, but don’t comment, making sure to install that file into my memory to taunt him about laughter.

Damon moved up the steps with the rings on a pillow, surprise of the century, he didn’t destroy them.
He hands me one carefully, allowing me to slip it onto Emitt’s shaking finger before Emitt grab mine hurriedly.

Why are you rushing? - I question after he basically shoved the finger onto my finger.

Because I want to kiss you God damn it! - He replies as he looked at the elder impatiently.

“You may now kiss the ......Emitt.” He says making me laugh but I’m silenced by Emitt’s lips that connect with my own. I hum against him as I wrap my arms around his waist, his lean into me as electricity buzzes through us and a loving heat captures both of us.
His lips mold against mine as everyone applauds surrounded us, Mickey’s being the loudest as we kissed passionately.

“Shit we’re married.” Emitt mumbles once are lips part.

“Damn right, if you try to run I’ll tackle you.” I say making him smile widely as the memory of our first encounter floated in our heads.

“Then I might just find myself falling in love with you.” He replies as we kisses me again. “I love you.”

“I love you too donut.”



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