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Chapter 3

Beckett’s P.O.V

“That was really good. Is there a part two?” I question turning to Emitt when the movie ends only to find him curled up into a little ball, fast asleep with nothing but the faint sound of his heart thumping. “Emitt?” He doesn’t move an inch, his eyes staying perfectly shut as his chest rose and fell slowly.

I contemplate waking him up but decide against it, it’s still early so I didn’t think he needs to be rushing home today, I could leave him to sleep and wake him later in the night. Deciding on letting him rest, I get up carefully, trying my hardest not to make a sound as I walk away leaving Emitt cuddling his bowl of popcorn as I make my way to the sparkling kitchen.

I could cook fairly well but I wasn’t in the mood, I pop a frozen burrito into the microwave before sliding into my familiar stool. Waiting for it to warm patiently, I grab the note left today and throw it away without reading it. I knew what it was going to say and I wasn’t in the mood to be dispirited. Once it’s done, I grab my warm, small plate and head to my room to eat in the comfort of my bed. Changing once I’m there, I sit down on the large, king sized bed and instantly start stuffing my face while scrolling through my phone. I don’t get through half of my nonexistent messages before my phone starts buzzing, I groan as I answer the call knowing who it was.

“Julian, stop using your mom’s phone and just buy one!” I exclaim into the phone. It was getting ridiculous now, he was almost eighteen and still lived life without a phone. How? No clue.

“No thank you.” He answers calmly. “I’m coming over.” He finishes before hanging up making my eyes widen considerably as I choke on my burrito a little.

“Shit!” I groan to myself before rushing down the stairs and heading to where I left Emitt. I didn’t mind being friends with him openly at all but I didn’t know how he’d feel about it. It was no secret our best friends were enemies and I didn’t know how Aiden would react and I knew Emitt valued their friendship the same way I did mine with Julian.

“Emitt!” I whisper quietly, he lays completely unaffected making me dance on my toes a little. “Emitt!” I groan pushing his side a little, the action makes him groan angrily as he swings his fist out. I miss it barely, managing to dodge what could’ve been a deadly punch. He shifts a bit before settling once again and sliding back into his deep slumber.

The fuck am I supposed to do now!

Hide him - Tobias fills in making me frown a little. You don’t have time to contemplate it, just do it.

I’ll just hide him. Yeah, hide him and when he wakes up we can talk about our peculiar situation. I grab my usual masking elixir quickly and douse the couch with a little before looking down at the hamster ball that was Emitt.

I had no choice but to move him, trying not to wake him up, I slide my arms carefully under him and pick him up. I look down at him in surprise as he mewls a little before shifting in my arms, he squirms a little before he settles with his head tucked under my chest. I snap myself out of the weird trance that took me after a while of just watching him sleep, I really needed to start talking to more people.
When I’m sure I had the all clear, I move quickly towards my bedroom before laying him down on the bed. He turns into the wall curling himself up into a ball again as I throw a blanket over him since there was AC up here.

I put a little of the elixir on him carefully before going back downstairs to get his things. I collect everything in a rush, grabbing his bag that was a slightly open making one of his books fall out. I groan angrily as I bend down and slip the book back in, my eyes catching a pink cloth inside. Lifting it out curiously against my better judgement, I hold up a large pink sweater that made my eyes widen.

His girlfriend’s maybe.....
Does Emitt even have a girlfriend?

I brush my thoughts away for another time, pushing everything back into the bag before going upstairs and resting it in the room with him. The front door opens just as I make it back down the stairs.

“Hey.” I say to Julian as he walks in, sending me a slight nod. “What do you need?”

“Notes from the classes we have together that I missed today.”

“Why weren’t you at school?” I question with raised brows that make him frown a little.

“Something private.” He says snappishly, leaving no room for questions. So he went on one of his secret adventures again.

“Okay, let me get my books.”

“I’ll come with you.” He offers making my muscles tighten.

“No!” I shout too quickly making him freeze with a raised eyebrow. Shit. “I haven’t clean that room in almost a month and I know how much you hate bugs and the place is just cr-”

“Okay enough!” He groans in disgust as he visibly cringes. “That’s repulsive Beckett. Repulsive. I’ll wait outside, slide them under the door or something.” He says before walking away with a scowl. “Disgusting.”

I smile to myself as I head back to my room, grabbing a couple of books and heading back down quickly to give it to him. I tell him to just keep them until tomorrow, the quicker he left the better. I watch him walk away, letting out a breath of relief when he’s no longer anywhere in my eye range.

I lock the door and go back to my room to find Emitt the same place where I left him, snuggling into himself on my bed peacefully. I sit down in my chair feeling a little exhausted with the not so exhausting events of the day, I don’t even put up a fight when my eyelids begin to drag their way down allowing my body to drift into a deep slumber easily.


I pop my eyes open when a loud bang fills my room followed by a little squeal and the sound of all my shit falling.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” My eyes slowly adjust to the darkness surrounding the room, only to find Emitt hopping on one leg before finally landing on his ass dragging down a stack of my books with him.

“What are you doing?” I groan sleepily as I rub my eyes and stand up before turning on my light to find him laying on the ground, drowning in books.

“I didn’t want to wake you.” He says guilty, his voice small and a little innocent as he crawls out of the books. “Didn’t work out too well.”

“No it didn’t.” I agree kneeling down besides him as we pick up the fallen items.

“Um, why am I in your room?” He questions nervously when we finish cleaning up. I stretch a little before letting my shoulders slump a little as I tower above him. “Or at least, how did I get here?”

“You fell asleep during the movie and Julian came over, I didn’t know if you were okay with Aiden and Julian knowing about our little friendship. So I moved you, hope you don’t mind too much.” I say casually, watching as he unconsciously sits besides me on the edge of my bed, his green eyes swimming with worry. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t what Aiden would think. Friends with the enemy and all.” He says with a slight pout that makes my muscles tense just a little.

“Me neither.” I reveal with an exhausted sigh as I lean back on my hands. “So what? We have like a secret friendship.” I say chuckling at the ridiculous suggestion. “It’s not that serious.”

“That’s true.” He says with a chuckle before silence falls over the both of us, it wasn’t uncomfortable in any way, it was somehow comforting. I felt the air become less dense when Emitt was around, I didn’t feel so lonely when he came over. I’d only hung out with him twice and it was naturally better than when I was alone. It was nice.

“Well I guess I’ll be heading back.” He says suddenly, “it’s getting late. I’ve got homework.”

“Okay.” I say with obvious disappointment I didn’t even try to hide.

“I just don’t want to deal with my sister’s rage, it would’ve been nice to binge watch a couple of movies though.” He says with a weak smile as he stands up slowly. I stand along with him as he peaks up at me, he was so tiny my God.

“Yeah, would’ve been.” I mumble when he breaks the eye contact and picks up his bag. I walk him out the house with no words of conversation coming to me, he stands awkwardly at the door before leaving without a word. I watch him walk away before returning inside where the dense air waited for me.


“I see this as abuse.” I state as I drive down the highway. “Friendship abuse to be precise.” I say glancing across at Julian who couldn’t be bothered with my complaints.

“Nobody forced you to do this.” He groans looking out the window briefly.

“You basically did and you know it!” I protest, he just shrugs as rests his head back into my car seat and closes his eyes, a sign that the conversation was to be terminated.

He’d forced me to drive him to the mall to buy some books even though he had a car, threatening me with some dirt he had on me that would have Isabel stabbing me in seconds. He had a car of his own and four legs at his disposal, but instead chose to make me take him. I knew the obvious reason, he didn’t want to be alone, but of course, Julian would never say that.

“So what ar-?”

“I’m going by myself.” He announces before walking away and disappearing into the crowd without another word.

I sigh to myself as I look around the crowded space in search of something to do for the next two hours. The exact time it took for Julian to buy all the books he wanted, it’s the little things you pick up on after so many years.
I head to the first place that pops into my mind, the lovely donut shop in the old section of the mall that nobody remembered. I hadn’t been there in ages and it was basically screaming my name.

I smile widely when I approach the shop to see that it was completely empty, entering, I head straight for the counter which held nobody behind it. I ring the bell as I look up at the menu of different types of weird donut mixes that always tasted good.

“Sorry I was just in t-”
I look down at the source of the voice to see a wide eyed Emitt looking at me like he’d seen a ghost, I guess that was accurate. We hadn’t talked in a week or two since the last time, never seeming to have the time to find the other one out.

“Hey.” I say with more enthusiasm than I intended.

“Hi..” He says as he walks slowly towards me allowing my eyes to drag down his body to observe his uniform. The bright pink apron with fake sprinkles all over it was the eye catcher, but that was covering his jeans and a white polo shirt underneath.

“I love the apron.” I tease leaning against the counter as he frowns before looking down, only for his eyes to return to mine filled with obvious horror as the colour red took flight on his face. “Very appropriate.”

“Shut up.” He grumbles looking down, I unconsciously smile to myself at his redden appearance.

“How long have you been working here?” I ask with genuine interest as he grabs his arms behind his back.

“About a month.” He answers with a smile. “Only one here, ever.”

“How come?”

“The owner makes most of the donuts in the morning, I sell and make the extra ones in the afternoon. No need for anyone else in such a small shop.” He says with a slight shrug. “The pay is great so I don’t mind.”

“That’s good.” I say nodding a little as he stares at me with wide eyes. “I’ll have two chocolate sprinkled peanut butter donuts.”

“Okay.” He says before opening up the little glass seal and picking out the ones I pointed to. After paying I head to an empty booth, sliding into the corner immediately before looking up to see Emitt frowning at me.


“Why are you still here?” He questions before clasping his hands over his mouth. “I mean! B-Because they’re only donuts. You can stay. I don’t mind. Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” I say laughing at his antics. “I’ll be here for a while if you don’t mind.”

“No. I don’t.” He says quickly making my smile grow as he seesaws on his toes.

“Then come sit with me.” I say taking a bite into my donut, I find myself smirking at the surprise expression that took his face as his eyes grew wider than ever before.

“What? Why?”

“Because I’d like some company.” I say with a chuckle as the color takes his cheeks once again. “Come on.”

“O-okay.” He says after a while of trying to decide whether or not to join me, I smile happily as he slides into the seat opposite of me. He clenches his hands tightly under the table as he looks at me nervously, I was starting to think Emitt was a little afraid of me or at least intimated by me, he always had this deer in the headlights look when he saw me.

“So what’s up?” I ask stretching my arm across the back of the booth.

“The sun.” He says making my smile drop and transfer to his lips as he giggles a little. “Nothing really, school’s a pain.”

“So I’ve heard.” I say making him laugh again, it was nice. His laugh.

“Not everyone has a Julian to do their work for them.” He interjects cheekily. “Must be nice.”

“Sure is.” I confirm with a smile still lacing my lips. “I watched Aladdin.”

“Without me!”

“Sorry.” I say chuckling as his huffs slightly. “I loved it though.”

“Of course you did.” He replies with a blinding smile. “Who’s your favorite character? I love Jasmine.”

“Genie.” I answer making his smile grow wider. “I’ve always loved Genies so I can’t help it.”

“Interesting.” He muses leaning on his hands as he props himself up on the table. “You’re the first customer I’ve had all day.”

“Does that mean I get another donut for free?” I query making him laugh as he blocks his face with his hand a little.

“Sadly, no. But you’re free to buy another.” He offers making me smile a little. “You drove all this way for some donuts?”

“No, Julian forced me to come only to abandon me as soon as we reached here.” I say looking out the shop window. “But at least I got to see Emitt Smith, girl magnet wearing a pink donut apron.”

“Stop!” He basically squeals as he tries to push the apron out of my line of vision but fails miserably. “It’s not that bad.”

“I never said it was bad, in fact, I said I loved the apron.” I say sipping on my bottled water as he freezes and his eyes shoot up to mine in shock. “What?”

“You Never mind.” He says in clear frustration as his eyes fall down to his lap. I frown at the change in attitude as he shifts uncomfortably in his seat, refusing to meet my eyes again.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He says quietly, his enthusiasm long gone and replaced by his timid nature again. I didn’t like it.


I’m cut short when the door opens revealing two guys who stroll into the shop in deep conversation, Emitt looks at me guilty as he leaves to go serve them. I watch quietly, waiting for my friend to return but when he’s done and making his way back another set of customers walk in. This annoying pattern repeats itself until the store is completely full leaving Emitt a one man show as he tries to serve everyone at once whilst still entertaining me. Realizing it was all too much for him, I decide to get out of his hair so he can focus on working.

“I’m heading out.” I say over the counter as he plates some donuts for someone while trying to make them an espresso.

“Oh okay.” He says freezing as he looks at me, his eyes filling with clear disappointment that irked me a little. I had that feeling every time he sounded sad or confused, I preferred him smiling or laughing. I guess that was normal.

“Why don’t you come over whenever you’re free? We can watch another movie.” I suggest making his eyes immediately take life again as a wide, excited smile stretches across his face.

“That sounds good.” He says with his glee flooding him completely much to my delight. His attention moves to a customer that basically screams his name, he mutters profanities before grabbing their meal and rushing towards them.

I’m about halfway out the shop when I get a brilliant idea. Taking out my phone, I turn straight to Emitt with a smirk lacing my lips.

“Emitt!” I call, he turns immediately with wide eyes just as I snap the picture of him. I look down at the picture with a proud smile at the image of him in his pink, donut apron. “Thanks.” I say looking back up at him as he all but explodes as his cheeks light up like red lanterns.
I leave before he can gather himself enough to attack me, walking away I find myself smiling down at the picture of my little friend and that donut apron that suited him a little too well.
He almost looked...maybe....just a little.......


Oh God I love them. I love Beckett. I loveeeeee him.
Omg, Emitt got good taste.

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I just met this hot German guy that makes me rethink my entire existence. 😍

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