Beta Mates

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It's over


I can’t believe this book is done. There will be epilogues in time, but it’s done for the most part.

Oh my Goddess😭😭😭😭
What is my life now?!

Thank you so much for reading this book and joining me on this adventure. It’s been a pleasure writing this book and seeing your responses.

I didn’t intend for Beta Mates to be the sad book with so much conflict but it happened and I’m glad it did.
They were parts of this book that were much stronger in comparison with parts of Alpha Mates and I think it reflects my growing writing skills.

I wouldn’t be able to improve and grow if it wasn’t for all of you guys.

My happy silent readers.
My supportive voters
My lovely commenters

I love you all thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

My next book will me Mickey’s short story when I finish it, I’ve already written a couple chapters.
If a lot of people want it now, I can publish it but updates will be VERY SLOW. So I think waiting for complete thing is better.

So the next book you shall see from me will be Katerina’s. She won the vote and I’m very excited to write her book in this coming new year.

That reminds me.
Happy New Years.

I hope we have another spectacular year together.

With love,

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