Beta Mates

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Epilogue 1

Four years later

Emitt’s P.O.V

“Just once.”


“You’ll love it.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Its phenomenal!”

“I don’t care!” Beckett shouts back, leaving us both panting heavily. Silence encompasses the room as we sit on opposite sides of the bed, a plethora of sex toys separating us.

“We can start small.” I say gently as I raise a prostate massager. “Work our way up to the big guy.” I say as I palm myself.

“Nothing is going up my ass Emitt.” He says firmly while I roll my eyes. “Its just not for me.”

“You don’t know that until you try it.” I say making his eyebrows knit together. “You may be a huge anal slut and don’t even know it!”

“I’m not an anal slut!” He snaps while shaking his head.

“Aiden used to say the same thing and now he’s getting fucked on the daily.” I say with a smirk as I mentally high five Julian for pushing Aiden into the bottom gang.

“No.” He says before crossing his arms.

“Can one of you take me to school now or should I get Damon to take us?!” Amelia shouts through the door haunting our conversation.

“Go to the car, I’ll be down in a minute!” I shout back. When she said Damon taking her I knew she meant him hotwiring my car.

“Better be on your way.” Beckett said smugly as I made my way to the door.

“This!” I say holding the massager in the air. “Will get in your ass! One way or another.” I finish before throwing it at him.

I rush down the stairs when I get a glimpse of the time, I hadn’t even eaten and I was starving. I find Amelia buckled into the front seat with a grumpy looking Damon seated in the back.

“Morning Damon.” I say as I slide in.

“Hey Uncle Emitt.” He groaned in the back while looking out of the window. “Because I like you, I’m going to tell you the truth. I may or may not have jacked thirty bucks from your wallet.”

“Why?” I ask as I glare at him through the rearview mirror.

“Because I may or may not jacked thirty bucks from my dad’s and I need to pay him back.” He explains making me sigh. “It’s hard being a kid.”

“You’re so stupid.” Amelia murmured as she read her book.

“I’m not denying that.” Damon says with a smile he knew made Amelia’s fists clench. “Don’t be mad at me because Jacoby dumped you.”

“Ja-who?!” I shout as I clench the steering wheel tightly.

“I’m going to kill you!” Amelia growled before launching in the backseat after Damon. They begin fighting like enemies instead of best friends as Amelia suckerpunched Damon straight in his nose.

“Fuck!” He shouted before kicking her in her stomach. “Jesus Christ woman!

Amelia launched at him again but he caught her before she could do any damage. I decide to pull aside at the road since we weren’t too far from their school and I didn’t want one of them flying out the window while I was driving.

Amelia caught Damon in a head lock but he kept elbowing her in her ribs before she finally let him go. He slipped around her and twisted her arm making her cry out but was careful not to break it.

“I’m going to be your alpha one day and I won’t stand for a disrespectful beta!” He growled aggressively, sending chills down my back and he was just a kid. His eyes glowed a bright blue as his dominative tendencies showed clearly.

Damon though appearingly disrespectful, uncaring, foul, stupid and so much more, was actually a great kid. He protected those he cared about with everything he had and never backed down from a challenge.
A lot of elders protested against Amelia training to be the next beta since she was a girl and didn’t spend enough time in the pack as a baby. Before I could rip their heads off, Damon stated clearly he wouldn’t be the alpha if she wasn’t his beta.
He was only seven then and won the respect of many, including me.

“And I won’t stand for an asshole for a best friend.” She growled before kicking him straight in his holy place. I winced as well as he cried out before releasing her, she shoved him onto the car ground before sliding back into her seat in the front.

“So Jacoby?” I ask as I start driving again, ignoring Damon’s curses in the back.

“He asked me out, I tried it for a bit then I realised he was a clingy one. So I dumped him but he’s telling everyone he dumped me.” She explains with a small shrug. “I try to ignore it but Damon’s a prick.”

“So you going to beat the kid up?” I ask as we approach the school.

“Nah, that’s too noticeable. Going to knock him out and tie him up in the janitors closet. I got a pile of elephant shit, don’t ask me where I got it from, I’m going to dump it on him then throw him in the hallways during break so everyone sees him.” She says smiling menacingly as I stopped the car.

My daughter’s a fucking psychopath.

I look back at Damon who sat up before twisting his finger next to his head before mouthing - She’s fucking crazy.

“Amelia, honey.” I say making her turn to me as Damon got out the car and made his way inside the school while flipping off those who tried to approach him. “I can tell you put a lot of thought into this but you can’t do that sweety. It’ll traumatize him and you don’t want that.”

“I don’t?”

“You don’t. So why don’t you just beat the kid up, okay?”
She groans before nodding reluctantly.

“That’s my girl.” I say pressing a light kiss to her head.

“You’re a buzzkill dad.” She mutters before getting out the car. “But I love you.”

“I love you too.” I say before waving her off and driving away.


I undress myself as I walk towards my bedroom. I was going straight back to bed since I had nothing to do for the day, Levi was picking the kids up so I was free!

I relieve myself in the bathroom, before going back to the room to sleep. My eyes widen surprise when I find Beckett lying on his stomach sleeping, in only boxers.

Goddess was testing me.
Leaving my mate out, exposed so beautifully while sleeping knowing clearly what I wanted to do to him.

This was a test of morals.

This is a fucking test that I’m about to fail.

I work quickly as quietly as I search for the toy I threw at him. I find it in the draw full of our other toys, stupid idiot should’ve thrown it away. I lube it up before mounting him gently.
I pulling his boxers down so slowly I felt like an hour passed before his ass was laying their waiting.

I never realised it before but Beckett had a fat ass.

The type you just want to smack all day and sink your teeth into. It was so big and perky.

Fuck. I’m getting hard.

I carefully part his cheeks before licking my finger and slowly slipping it into him. I thanked Goddess a million times over in my head for him being a heavy sleepier. I only needed to prep him with one since the toy wasn’t that big.

But fuck he was tight. So tight that my single finger made him grunt slightly in his sleep and wince a bit. I knew he’d wake up any second now when he started wiggling so I pulled out my finger as he raised his head before pushing in the lubed up toy.

“Son of a bitch!” He screamed as he came to. He tried to shove me off of him but I grab his arms and using every thing I had to hold him down. But Goddess was my man a fighter. “Take it out! Emitt, I swear to Goddess I’m going to kill you.”

“Just relax. Stop clamming up so much.” I say calmly despite the fact that I was struggling to keep him down so much. I felt like I was riding a wild bull.

“Emitt!” He shouts as one of his arms escapes my hold.

Ahhh shit...

He pushes me off as if I was a feather making me groan as I search for the remote quickly. He laid on his back with a grunt as he reached down to take out the toy, my eyes spot it on the ground as his fingers found it. I jumped across quickly, before switching the vibrations on to its highest.

“S-Shit!” He exclaims as his fingers froze over the toy. Before he could try to take it out again, I quickly straddle him, pinning his hands above his head.

“There it is.” I coo and he arched his back below, though he was clenching his teeth together with a snarl.

“I’m going to kill you.” He mumbles as his body begins to tremble a bit and his features soften. His fighting becomes a bit weaker, so I slip one hand down to his trembling hole where he’d pull the toy out a little.

“Naughty, naughty Beckett.” I joke as I push it in all the way making him shake as his dripping erection rubbed against my ass.

“Ahhhhhh!” He screamed out as the toy began to work on him properly. Attacking his insides mercilessly as I watched the scene happily.

I’m going to hell.

“Emitt, t-this feels weird.” He stutters through heavy pants.

“Good. The word is good.” I say with a smirk as I slide down a bit to grasp his member.

“Fuck!” He shouts when I grip the leaking erection before stroking it quickly.

“We should’ve done this year’s ago.” I growl above him as I begin pumping him while he suffered the glorious attack of the toy.

“Nghhhh!” He groaned as I pushed the toy in all the way before taking him in my mouth. “Emitt!”

“Hmmm.” I hum around him sending the vibrations around his member forcing him to explode in my mouth without warning.

He continues to tremble as I lick him clean before taking off the toy and pulling it out of him carefully. He breathes heavily as he tries to reign himself in, he tries to grab me but his hand just falls down pathetically.

“Sshhh.” I say as I pull him used body against me. He was too weak to do anything so I held him tight.

“I can’t believe my own mate just raped me.” He muttered after some time.

“I didn’t rape you!” I shout in disbelief.

“I clearly said no Emitt. You raped me.” He says while peaking up at me. I struggle to find the right words in response as he let out a heavy breath.

“Well....I didn’t mean to.” I mumble but this just makes his eyes widen in disbelief.

“You held me down when I tried to get from under you!” He exclaims making me chuckle a bit before biting my lip. “This isn’t funny!”

“I know,” I say before laughing again. “Shit, I’m sorry.”

“This is serious.”

“Then why are you laughing too!” I exclaim as we both start laughing at each other.

“I don’t know.” He says with a chuckle, allowing us to continue laughing at what just occurred with raging hearts before settling down after some time.

“You liked it though,” I say as we hold each other tightly.

“Doesn’t matter.” He grumbles.

“Anal slut.”



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