Beta Mates

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Epilogue 2

Six years later

Beckett’s P.O.V

“I’m not in the bottom gang!” Aiden declares with a roar that was easily drowned out by the series of laughter that broke out from the guys.

I struggled to keep quiet as I bite my lip harshly.

“Then what do you call taking it up the ass?” Chris states with a possessive arm wrapped around Nic’s waist, his mate blushing furiously.

“I call it switching. You’d know about that right Nic?” Aiden fires back, this makes the small group release a series of oooo’s. Aiden smirks proudly but Nic holds his head up high.

“I have two men. I fuck one and get fucked by the other, it’s a good life. Doesn’t matter if I switch, I’m not the one pregnant with twins.” This makes the group roar their approval as Aiden shrinks back in his seat with a glare.

“That was great love.” Chris says chuckling before kissing him quickly. Aiden and Chris both had large personalities with matching egos, making their friendship circle in a bowl of conflict and Chris just won another point in his favor.

“Okay, okay guys.” I say standing up as I hold a pint of beer in one hand firmly while they settle down. “We came here to celebrate the news not heckle him took much.”

“Thank you.” Aiden says with a smile.

“Now raise up your sippy cup.” I say snickering as the others break out in another series of laughter. He obviously couldn’t drink alcohol with the kids brewing in his stomach, so we made no way of easing the impact it had on him.

“I hate you so much.” He growls, I simply smile before continuing.

“I know Emitt is more suitable to make this announcement but you’re stuck with me.” This makes him smile as they all stare up at me expectantly. “I’ve kind of always hated you.”

“Lovely start.” He grumbles.

“Not because you and my best friend were at war, you just seemed like a dick. You are, I know that know. I didn’t really support you and Julian in the beginning honestly, you seemed like a shit match I-”

“Moon Goddess!” He growls almost aggressively.

“Let me finish.” I reply calmly. “I thought all these things, until I saw the way you looked at Julian. Heard the things you did for him, saw them with my own eyes. I’ve witnessed you be an amazing mate to Julian, the perfect one for him and you’ve made him so happy. I can’t thank you enough for that.” This makes him smile. “Now you’re pregnant cause you got fucked by your man,” laughter broke out again,“but you that doesn’t matter. You’re still a great guy and you’re a fucking amazing dad to Levi and Damon. You’ve made that kid forget he’s adopted and you’ve made an home for them better than I’d ever had.”

I look at him with a small smile as I hold the drink high.

“I wish I had a dad like you, so I know these kids will have great lives. So cheers, to one of the greatest fathers alive.” The guys splutter past the rising emotions and raise their drinks to their lips. Chugging the cooled liquid down, loving the way it burned slightly.

“Thank you Beckett, seriously. That meant a lot to me.” He replies before putting down his water, rising to give me a hug. I don’t like hugs but I accepted it anyway.

“No problem.” I say once we part. “Now enough with this sappy shit, let’s get wasted, Aiden is driving.”

“Goddess, I hate you.” He grumbles as the guys and I start our pursue to a great night we won’t remember.

“Calm down, Emitt fucks me.” I say making Chris spit out his vodka while Nic chokes next to him and the beer pours out of Aiden’s open jaw.

It’s about to be a long night.

Emitt’s P.O.V

I smile to myself as I hear Beckett tumble down the stairs, he never knew when to stop drinking so he’d pay the price.

“Dada!” Jacob squeals in excitement, he could always sense Beckett and that was extremely weird to me seeing as he wasn’t a werewolf.

“Yeah, hungover dada.” Amelia says chuckling as she turned the page to the book she was reading. I laugh alongside her as I flip the sizzling bacon next to the almost ready pancakes.
Beckett stumbles into the room with a groan as he rubs his eyes repeatedly, trying his hardest to adjust to the incoming light.

“How’s that hangover sweetie?!” I shout loudly on purpose making him groan even louder as he sends me a warning glare.

“I think that means bad.” Amelia shouts with a smile, we both giggle as he glares at us before picking up Jacob.

“Why is the kid home?” He asks sending a glare to Amelia who simply laughs. He held Jacob close, the baby giggling profusely as he played with Beckett’s face.

“She didn’t want to go to school.” I say with a shrug, he sends me a disappointed look. “What? She doesn’t want to go to school, I didn’t want to drive. It worked both ways and besides, who am I to force her to?”

“Her father...” He replies with squinted eyes.

“Aren’t you supposed to be hungover?” I ask accusingly making him roll his eyes.

“Jacob cured me.” He says raising Jacob up high, both boys smiling widely before he blows into his chubby neck making him giggle even more, drool escaping his tiny lips. “He’s magical.”

“Literally.” Amelia inputs.

Jacob was adopted. I didn’t want to have another kid physically after what I went through to have Amelia, maybe one day I’d get over that trauma but for now, I couldn’t. We didn’t plan to adopt a kid despite this, we weren’t even thinking of kids.
But when the case of werewolf sacrifice was brought to the supernatural world, our alphas was brought in to act as counselor to help determine what would happen to the coven which killed so many of our people. Julian and Aiden were really just there for show, they didn’t want to sentence an entire coven to death, despite their actions. That’s what happened though, and as a question was raised what would happen to the cute, honey brown skinned baby, I couldn’t help but step in. He was an innocent in all this, he didn’t ask for them to kill in his name, for the boost in power. He didn’t ask for any of it.
So I took him.

Jacob was my son and he was the happiest living thing on this planet. He was a warlock but didn’t show any signs of being a demon baby as many fools called him, he was beautiful and full of life. The only difference between us was his magical abilities and his sun kissed skin, I didn’t see either.

“So what do you guys say to a family day?” Beckett asks as I plate the food for everyone. “We can take a drive, go shopping, stop by Julian and Aiden or a-”

Accidentally changed back to Beckett here.

“Stay at home and do nothing but eat and watch movies.” Amelia fills in, this is accompanied by a humming agreement from Emitt and small claps from Jacob.

“How are you lazy people my family?” I groan looking into Jacob’s wide and curious eyes.

“You know you love us.” Emitt says before kissing me lovingly, I return it before pulling away as I follow him and Amelia into our living room with plates filled with pancakes.

“What do you say to Tangled?” Emitt questions holding up the DVD we’d seen a million times over, this is responded to by boos from the family. “Or, or....Deadpool!”

Of course we cheer in agreement allowing him to slide the DVD in. Now some may not agree with out parenting of letting our kids watch Deadpool, a movie notorious for its gruesome scenes, foul language and irreplaceable humor. To those people, I say, kindly fuck off.
The kids were growing up in a werewolf pack, they were bound to see killings much worse sooner or later and I’d rather my kid be the badass youth that didn’t puke at the scene.
Amelia and Damon already stumbled upon a dead body in the woods, it was a rogue that died from starvation. I’d told them enough times to not wander off pack lands, but the stubborn rascals disobeyed and got what was heading to them.

A dead rogue with puss coming out of it.

Amelia didn’t vomit everywhere thanks to our training through movies, she was disturbed enough to go call and adult. But when she returned with me, the body was way more mutilated than how she described it to be. Damon’s bloody fists told me easily that he was the cause.

The kid scared the shit out of me.

And as for the language, they’d heard enough foul words accidentally spill from Emitt’s mouth to last an eternity.

So watching Deadpool really wouldn’t affect them.


After a full day of movies and junk food, the kids finally fall asleep allowing us to put them to bed.

I let Emitt go to bed ahead of me, grabbing two wine glasses and his favourite bottle before tiptoeing my way back to bed after locking up.
I knew he was in the bath, so I quickly stripped before taking the items with me into the steaming bathroom.

“Joining?” Emitt calls, his eyes closed with his body poorly hidden by the hot water.

“Of course.” I answer before slipping in behind him after quietly resting the alcohol beside the tub.

Emitt falls back into my body, with a sigh he lets my body mold into his and the water. My arms loosely holding the tub’s sides as he curled into my wet form.

“Today was a great day.” He mumbles into my chest, his fingers playing with the water innocently.

“But we can’t do it everyday.” I say warningly, knowing quite well that my husband had a tendency of forgetting his duties as an adult.

“I know, I know.” He grumbles into me, nibbling my skin in protest. “I just....”

I knew the topic we were approaching and I knew he’d need liquid courage to continue.

“Wine?” I ask lifting the bottle up making his eyes widen before hey soften with love.

“Goddess, I love you.” He whispers before kissing me quickly as I pop the bottle open. Pouring us two full glasses, I hand him one, watching the way his lips curled around the thin, glass in contentment as the red liquid ran down into his throat.

“Nothing better.” He groans pulling the glass away.

“You’re worried about Jacob.” I say switching the topic back to its original state. He tenses at this as his eyebrows draw together, taking another gulp to draw himself out.

“I don’t know the first thing about witches or warlocks besides the fact that they’re gorgeous. We took him in without thinking and I’m not saying I don’t want him, he’s my son....I’ll never abandon him. I’m just scared I won’t be able to help him when the magic comes.” He reveals with a deep sigh. “What happens when he starts spazzing out with power and doesn’t know what to do? What happens when he starts asking about his family? What do we do when he decides he wants to go?”

“Emitt calm down.” I say sternly as I take the glass from his trembling hands to hold him close. “Breathe baby, breathe.” He tries to desperately as he turns to wrap his arms around my neck, holding me tightly in his grip.

“I’m scared.....of losing him...” He sobs out with a shaking body. I hold him tighter while trying to shush him quietly, his body getting worked up too quickly.

“Emitt there’s a million and one what ifs, if we spent time worrying about them, one would eventually come true.” I say pressing light kisses to his damp hair. “And when Jacob’s power comes, you’ll do exactly what you did the day we got him.”

The day we got Jacob was the day I thought I would lose Emitt.


“Get out of here!” I scream out through a roar as people were visible stuck on what to do. “Run!”

This gets them to move.
Running as fast as their legs could take them, some shifted and disappeared out of the building and into the woods. As the crowds rushed away for safety, I felt my heart hammering away inside my chest.

Emitt was in that building. He was in that place where that explosion just came from.

My wolf was going crazy, I was going crazy. The thought of him even being slightly harmed eating away at me from the inside out, my body threatening to give out below me. If he was.....I-I couldn’t....

I look up to find my team and some extra warriors looking at me for a command.

The alphas were also inside.

“Everyone’s out, but them.” One whispers with clearly pained eyes.

“We go in.” I say referring to my team as I try to bring my emotions into one to push down until I had my senate safe in my arms. “The rest of you watch the building, come in slowly after some time if you don’t hear anything from us.”

I try reaching Emitt through our link once again, but he doesn’t respond.
I don’t feel anything.

Please, please be safe...

We head towards the main room, since that was where the smoke was emitting from. We move in slowly, on high alert that quickly falters as we don’t find one hurt person, one body, no rogue or witch or anything. Nothing.

As we burst through the doors of the main room my eyes widen in shock.

Aiden. Julian. Emitt.
All three of them a fair distance away from the warlock who was supposed to be getting his faith decided today.
The baby crying at the top of his lungs as what could only be magic spewed from him, but it didn’t look like power. It was dark, fierce, uncontrolled. It was the only explanation my mind could conjure up to the explosion that sounded earlier.

It was something deadly and my mate was less than five feet away from it.

“Get the alphas.” I instruct calmly, the men don’t falter for a moment, ready to put their lives on the line for our leaders. I instead went for my mate, I should’ve gone for my alphas, I was a beta, I should protect them.
But in that moment, I realized my mate was more important than Julian was.

Emitt was more important.

As I carefully approach Emitt, I get a glimpse of his face. No sign of fear or disgust that some others carried, only sadness.

“Emitt.” I hiss harshly as he moves away from my fingers when I was so close to having him in my arms.

He ignores my desperate calls and advances towards the child, the baby. The one that posed a threat to my mate, all I saw was red.

“Emitt!” I scream as he gets way to close, rushing towards him, only to be stopped by a firm grip around my bicep.

I look with deadly eyes to see who stopped me, calmly momentarily when I see Aiden red eyes piercing mine.
A look that was forcing me into submission, my desperate tugs for escape growing weaker and weaker.

“Hey, little guy.” Emitt calls drawing my eyes back to him. The baby continued to cry, Emitt seemed unaware or ignorant to the magic that posed a danger. It was like all he could see was the baby, his heart was beating calmly while mine threatened to explode.

“What’s got you so upset?” Emitt asks as he takes slow careful steps to the baby, its crinkled eyes now on him. “Why are you crying?”

I try to pull away from Aiden once again but he stops me as he digs his talons into my flesh.

“Calm down.” He growls lowly in my ear. “Look, its helping.”

My eyes dart to the flame like magic that was surrounding the two, the power slowly dimming, calming as Emitt continued to talk to the child soothingly.

“Are you hungry?” Emitt tries. “Did these meanies not give you anything to eat? I bet they didn’t.”

The cries settle as the incomprehensible flames follows, the child’s eyes widening in wonder as this gentle being took one final step towards him.

He picks the baby up, completely relinquishing the deadly pain that surrounded him. The child quickly calmed by Emitt as he held him tight.

“What do you say to some milk huh?” Emitt says with the same light tone as the child tucked itself into his hold.
I watch in awe and amazement, still highly cautious of the warlock who uncontrolled magic was in the hands of someone precious to me.

Emitt turns to face us, giving us no mind he walks towards there door. Stopping momentarily to look at me, with a serious face, void of but somehow also filled with emotion he said.

“He’s ours now.”

-------end of flashback-------

“That day, Jacob displayed magic beyond any witch or warlock’s capabilities for that age. And you,” I say pressing a finger to his chest, “saved him from himself. So when that magic returns, you’ll know exactly what to do.”

Emitt’s sobs were now gone with no more tears flooding from his wide eyes. I give him a weak smile as he turns to face me, his lovely frame held by my hands as he draped his arms around my neck.

“You know I love you so much right.” He says looking deep into my eyes with his loving, green ones. “I love you so much Beckett.”

“I love you too.” I say with a smile, I’d never tire from words of love from my mate.

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” He continues. “I never want to spend another moment apart from you. I lost four years of our time, I won’t lose anymore.....I won’t lose you.”

“You’ll never lose me,” I say with blurry eyes. “Even if you don’t want me, you’ll always have me.”

I press my lips to his, loving the way he melted into me immediately. The way we kissed in tamed, loving movements, our bodies in sync with our hearts. I pull him closer, wanting nothing more than for us to be one, emotionally and physically.

“I love you,” I whisper against his lips as I kiss him repeatedly. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

“I love you even more.” He stresses desperately as we cling to one another, as if a centimetre apart would break us. “Beckett, I love you. I-I love you so much.”

“Forever mine,” I press.

“Forever yours.”

Forever my donut.

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