Beta Mates

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Chapter 5

Beckett’s P.O.V

“I have to go Beckett.” Emitt groans as he tries to escape my grip on his hands. “I’ve been here for hours.”

“It’s a Friday night, just sleep over.” I beg shamelessly, we’d spent over five hours watching movies with him tucked under my arm. I knew it was weird but it didn’t feel wrong, it felt so damn good and I couldn’t help but love having him so close. So yeah, when he moved suddenly saying he had to go, I panicked a little.

“I can’t sleep over.” He says pausing like if it was the most obvious thing ever.

“Why not?” I say with the same tone. “Why can’t you sleep over? People do it all the time.”

“” He stutters as he searches wildly for a reason as I slowly close the space between us, letting my hand make its way up his arm, smiling at the feeling of him shivering beneath my touch.

“What about me?” I drag slowly with a raised eyebrow as he blinks repeatedly with his nerves showing clearly.

“I don’t have any c-clothes.” He stutters as I drag my fingers lightly along his shoulder and up his neck, the place that had made my mouth water a little.

“Use mine.” I fill in resting my hand comfortably on his cheek where I caress his skin gently.

“W-What about your parents?” He groans as his eyes flutter shut while he unconsciously leans into my touch with a soft hum that makes me smile.

“It’s just us.” The words seem to jolt him to life a little as his eyes search mine nervously.

“W-w-what an-”

“Just stay.” I say cutting him off as I let my thumb brush over his lips, the feeling making my skin tingle as I press into his soft lips a little before snapping out of my trance and returning to his cheek. I swear he moaned a little but it was probably my imagination. “Please.” I beg truly desperate for more of him.

“O-okay.” He mumbles rubbing into my hand even more, he eyes flutter open revealing his bright, green eyes that warmed my heart. “I’ll just tell my s-sister.” He stutters at the last word when I rub his skin gently with my thumb. Neither of us make any moves of separating as I continued to touch him, letting myself relish in the soft hums of pleasure he’d let out. I don’t know what was happening but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this.

He jumps back suddenly making me frown slightly as I immediately miss the feeling of his skin, he brushes his face where my fingers once were as his eyes search mine in confusion. I didn’t have the answers he was clearly looking for, I didn’t know what I was doing or why. I didn’t know why I was begging him so desperately to stay, maybe because whenever he left we wouldn’t talk for a week or two and I don’t think I could make it that long again.

I barely made it the last two weeks, staring at him whenever I could, longing for a chance to hang out or even just talk again. Whenever I tried to talk to him, Aiden would be in the way, so I got a little desperate and bounced into him on purpose as an attempt to pass him a little note. I almost didn’t give it to him, it seemed strange for me to be doing that for a guy, but I’m so glad I did, because he’s here now.

“I-I’ll just call her.” He repeats before scampering off. I stare down at my still tingling fingers in disbelief, shocked that I touched him like that, shocked that it made my blood pulse, shocked that his every inch of him seemed to be like a puzzle piece to me. “Okay, it’s all good.” He says making my eyes shoot up as I hide my hand behind my back while he walks back to me slowly.

“Good. What do you want to do?” I question with excitement.

“You forced me to stay and don’t even have anything planned?! Beckett Stone.” He groans as I chuckle on amusement.

“Yes?” I answer innocently, he tries to keep a straight face but just breaks out into a heap of giggles that made my entire body light up as his nose crinkled so adorably. “I’ll make dinner then.”

“Yes!” He cheers happily as we walk to the kitchen, he slides into a corner seat watching me with a blinding smile as I start cooking. “Are you going to poison me?” He asks after a while.

“Why would I poison you?” I question as I fry the vegetables that made his face go sour.

“I don’t know. Maybe you never wanted to be friends and you’re going to kill me with food, my weakness.” He says making my eyes widen in surprise. “I don’t know. My brain is weird.”

“You’re brain is fine and I’m not going to poison my donut. Plus I really do want to be friends.” I say trying to be as convincing as possible.

“Okay.” He whispers quietly, I keep my eye on him while I continue to cook. He didn’t look depressed like he did earlier, but that question came out of nowhere.

I wonder why.


“You’re an amazing cook! That was spectacular!” Emitt exclaims while rubbing his stomach, I smile proudly as I take our plates to the sink before returning to find him in the same spot. “Mind blowing!”

“Thank you.” I say chuckling at his excitement as he stands up. I take his hand in my own without even thinking before heading to my room.

“Um, Beckett...where are we going?” He asks shyly, his voice so tiny.

“My room.” I say before opening the door and taking him inside with him. I close the door behind us after he unlocked our fingers, he moves in slowly and quietly, like a pup in a new home.
I keep quiet as I watch him examine my room, his fingers grazing over some of my items as he drifts around taking everything in.

“I like it.” He says when he’s done.

“Never asked if you did.” I reply making his smile drop as his eyes fill with pain. “I’m kidding, hey, I’m just kidding.” I say getting closer to him, he nods as he twirls his foot around behind him, something I’d noticed he does whenever he’s nervous.

“I know.” He says even though he didn’t sound too convincing.

“If you behave so sad, I’ll have to make you smile.” I warn as his eyes shoot up to mine in confusion.

“What?” He questions, before he could blink, I grab him and throw him on the bed before I start tickling him. He immediately bursts out laughing as he squirms about below me, I smile at his desperate pleas as he laughs uncontrollably. “S-stop! Beckkett!” He screams through giggles as he continues to squirm about, when I’m sure he’s gotten enough, I stop, letting him breath as he gasps desperately for air below me. I smile down at him as he pants heavily with a smile plastered to his face before his eyes open and he looks up at me with glossed eyes.

“That was cruel.” He pouts making my smile grow wiser as I look down at him. Slowly his breathing slows down as his eyes stay locked with my own, those eyes, they were dangerously beautiful and seemed to capture me every time. I knew the position we were in was more than friendly, him lying beneath me with bright cheeks that made my heart beat faster and for once I stopped myself from doing something that would’ve been troublesome. I use all my willpower to roll off of him, as I stand and make my way to my speakers to play some music.

“That was fun.” I say as the song starts playing, I turn around, leaning against the desk to see Beckett sitting up with his back pressed against the wall.

“For you maybe.” He says rubbing his sides with an adorable pout playing on his lips as he looks at me. “What song is this?”

“You’re kidding right?” I question expecting him to start giggling and moment but he just stares at me with wide eyes as he gives me a slight shrug. “Location......Khalid...”

“Never heard of him.” Emitt says nonchalantly as my jaw literally drops in shock. “Don’t look at me like that!”

“How have you never heard of him, or the song?” I question in disbelief as I slide onto the bed, sitting next to him with my back against the wall as well.

“I don’t know.” He says with a guilty smile. “I like it though.” He offers hopefully making me smile.

“Well then, what type of music are you into?”

“Panic! At the Disco.” He exclaims immediately with a new found excitement that was almost contagious as a wide smile stretches across his face, threatening to tear his face. “All-American Rejects, uhhhh, Maroon 5! My favorite new artist is Phoebe Ryan, she’s totally underrated and she has such a spectacular voice but no-”
He stops suddenly raising his hands to his mouth. “I’m rambling.”

“I don’t mind.” I say truthfully.

“Yeah but if I’m not stopped I’d give you my whole life story.” He groans into his hands as he turns his head a bit more to look at me with guilty eyes.

“I don’t mind.” I reply making his eyes widen slightly as his heart takes off a mile a minute. “I want to know more.....about you.”

“Stop!” He squeals flopping on his side as he hides his face behind his hands.

“What?” I ask chuckling at his reaction crawling a bit before I lie on my side in front of him, he peaks out shyly behind his fingers as he looks at me with dazzling eyes. “You don’t believe that I want to know more about you? Because I do.”


“I don’t know honestly.” I say pulling at one of his fingers as I draw his hand away from his face so I could see him properly, he slides the other under his head allowing me to see his slightly, flushed cheeks. I feel my heart warming as I look at him, our fingers still interlocked as I play with them a little. “I just want to get to know you, all of you.” I say honestly, trying not to show too much how shocked I was by my little revelation. It almost sounded like some kind of love confession.

“Okay...” He says shyly, his tone pushing away my worries about how I was with him, loving how adorable he was in this moment I continue to play with his fingers unconsciously. “I have a big sister, Lucy, she’s basically my mom though. She worries about me and works hard in the pack, she’s who made me actually think I could be a Beta.”

“Why wouldn’t you?” I ask with a frown.

“I’m a 5′5 male with no muscle.” He deadpans. “I hated myself for being so small all my life, I didn’t want to be the Beta, I thought I was too weak. But Lucy showed me other ways to be strong, loyal, a good warrior. Now, I’m one of the strongest and I can never thank her enough.” He finishes with a proud smile on his lips.

“She sounds nice.” I say supportingly, this makes him smile wider as he unconsciously pulls himself closer to me while gripping my hand a little.

“She amazing.” He says happily, “She’s way better than my parents.” He mumbles the last part, the smile fading away from his face as the twinkle leaves his eyes while he slowly starts to clam into himself.

“Hey.” I say propping myself up on my elbow before lifting his chin a little so I can see him again. “I don’t like it when your sad.” I say truthfully, ignoring the unusualness of my words as I pull myself closer to him, our bodies almost touching as I looked down on him.

“They just....” He stops, holding his tongue as wrinkles take his forehead and his eyes slowly become injected with unshed tears. The sight making my entire body burn with rage as I look down at him with a breaking heart.

“You don’t have to talk about it.” I say pulling him into my chest automatically, the sight of him being uncomfortable physically hurting me. “Just forget about them.” I say resting my chin on his head while rubbing his back as he hugs my waist tightly.

“Beckett.” He calls after a while, his voice weaker and a little muffles since he was still tucked under my arm.


“Thank you, for everything.” He finishes peaking up at me with those beautiful, large, green eyes. I run my hand through his hair before cupping his cheek, the place feeling built for my hand as he nuzzles into it.

“No problem donut.” I say smiling widely at the small squeak he makes at the name before he hides himself into my chest again.

We continue talking for what must’ve been hours, Emitt talking mostly, I wanted to find out every little detail I could while I still had him to myself. I tried to avoid the topic of family and found out so much about the guy that made my heart beat faster.


“Do you mind if I take a shower?” Emitt asks as we both stare at our intertwined fingers that we were holding in the air with him tucked under my arm. He didn’t comment on our close proximity, in fact he didn’t say anything about it at all, so he must’ve liked it as much as I did or at least, not minded.

“No, that’s fine.” I say getting up reluctantly, I hand him a loose shirt and pants as well as a clean towel before directing him to my bathroom. I get my own change of clothes after he closes the door before heading to a guest bathroom.

Why didn’t you just let him use this one? - Tobias asks innocently as the warm water coats my body entirely.

Shut up - I warn as I wash myself quickly.

You wanted him to use your shower, I wonder why....

Shut up Tobias.

You want his scent to be there, so you can smell him. Imagine him bathing, in your shower, that skin tha-

I block him out with everything I have yelling in anger as I slam my fist into the wall in frustration. I groan loudly as I continue to hit against the wall. I didn’t need him bringing my thoughts to daylight when I was trying to keep them abbey. I didn’t want to think about it, how he must be right now, in my shower. I didn’t want to imagine him in there or let myself even dare to think about being in there with him, I’d already crossed so many lines. I didn’t know which way was up anymore, I didn’t know what was wrong with me...who I was now with Emitt in my life. Nothing made sense anymore.

“Beckett!” I’m snapped out of my thoughts by the sound of Emitt’s panicked voice. I barely blink as I get out the shower, throwing a towel around my waist before heading towards where I left him only to find his already outside my door. “What happened? Are you okay?”

“What are you talking about?” I say frowning now.

“You were yelling and I heard loud noises.” He explains with a frown now on his confused face.

“You’re the one who was yelling my name.” I say in confusion before realizing that he was referring to my reaction to Tobias’ words in the shower. Only then do I realize that Emitt was dripping wet with a towel hugging his waist, showing quite openly all the other delicious parts of his body. Feeling my blood boiling and my heart pounding, I quickly rush back into the bathroom before slamming the door and pressing my back against it.

“Beckett? What’s wrong?” He questions innocently while I struggle to control my breathing and disobedient body.

“N-nothing, it was just a little cold. I haven’t finished showering.” I say hoping he’d take the foolish excuse.

“Yeah, me neither. I’m heading back.” He says before the sound of his footsteps slowly fade away. When he’s no longer in earshot, I slide down against the door letting out a staggered breath with my heart pounding and my body going haywire as I tried to piece together why the hell I reacted like that to seeing him half naked and why I was currently a little hard.


“It’s three am.” I say tiredly.

“I’m exhausted.” Emitt says with a little meek that made me smile. “Where should I sleep?”

“If you want to sleep alone you can sleep in a guest room, if not, there’s my couch or....” I trail off not really sure if I should say it.

“.....w-what?” He stutters nervously.

What the hell am I doing? He can’t sleep with me. We couldn’t do that, he wouldn’t do that....would he? I want him to, I want to sleep together. I know that’s wrong, it sounds wrong, but I want it anyway. He’d get freaked out, of course he would. He’d leave....wouldn’t he

“You could sleep with me.” I say finally, his eyes basically burst out of his head as his ears glow a bright red along with his cheeks while he immediately starts twirling his food behind his back, telling me he was uncomfortable.

Goddess, what did I do! Why would I suggest that! He’d never...God he must be freaked out. He’ll never come back...

“Julian does it all the time.” I say pathetically as a failed attempt to make my offer sound normal.

“I highly doubt that.” He says finally giggling a little at my statement. Shit, I’m done for. “I don’t mind though.” He says making my eyes shoot up to his nervous ones as he offers me a weak smile. “S-sleeping with you I mean.”
I wanted to hug him so tightly right now but I knew I couldn’t. I always wanted to touch him, hold him, be near to him at the very least. He made me feel or sorts of unfamiliar things, touching him was a rush to the heavens, I almost wanted to...maybe,, we couldn’t.

I take off the light before slipping into the bed leaving the other side open for him, he stands in the middle of the room in the darkness making no moves at moving.

“Come here.” I instruct impatiently, he obliges and slowly walks over before crawling into the bed and slipping under the sheets. He leaves an uncomfortable distance between us, with his back facing me as he settled slightly.
Unable to stop myself, I pull him into me, wrapping my arms around his waist tightly. He squeaks a little in surprise as he squirms a little, he didn’t like this.

“Ummmm, B-Beckett.” I knew he was uncomfortable but I didn’t want to let him go. He’d probably leave if I did, I couldn’t let him go, I wouldn’t.

“Can we just stay like this? Please?” I ask desperately, I pull my head up to his shoulder before nuzzling my head into his neck, my lips grazing his delectable skin slightly.

“Mhmmmm.” He moans softly, the sound sending my body ablaze as I feel my member pulse slightly. I close any space between us as I press myself into him more, inhaling him deeply, unable to find the strength to reign myself in. “B-beckettttt.”

“Just stay.” I plead before kissing his neck gently.

“Ahhh.” He moans slightly louder, I didn’t mean to kiss him like that. It just happened but now I was most definitely unable to hold back with that sweet sound gracing my ears. “I-I uhhh, I wasn’t going t-to go.”

I stop as he peaks over his shoulder slightly to look at me through the darkness, I feel my heart rate slow down as I look deep into those forest green eyes that captured me without trying. I feel myself drawing my body closer to his, my eyes locked on those soft things that were calling my name, before I bring myself to a standstill realizing what I was going to do.

“We should sleep.” I manage to say, as I detach myself from him before turning to face the wall. I couldn’t let him see my like this, so scattered and desperate. He doesn’t say anything at all as he too rolls onto his side eventually, our backs now facing each other. I didn’t want to cut him off like this but I was in no place to make decisions of any kind.

I can’t believe I almost kissed Emitt



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