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(teacherxstudent) "stop telling me things i already know Alyssa and just fucking kiss me," i shouted in pure frustration. i was getting more and more impatient with her but my feelings were only growing stronger. "i knew you were my teacher but damn stop reminding me." "we can't do this .." "says who? no one is stopping us," i cupped her face into my hands as i felt her hot breath on my lips. i couldn't even begin to explain how badly my insides were burning right now. "my boss," she whispered. "let's not get caught then, babe," our lips moves in a single kiss, it was quick and simple. her lips were so damn soft i felt as though i was on a cloud for a hot second. "shit your lips are soft" "Alex .."

Romance / Humor
- nvkn
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"i would like you to meet, Alyssa," my dad said as he motioned his hand towards a woman that stood beside him. "she's your new s—" no.

my dad had been dating this girl for months. we never really met, he of course introduced me to her but never, you know, made things official. it was weird with her staying here. hell, she's only been here for 2 months.

"no," i shook my head. "she's your new girlfriend, not my stepmom," i gave him a forceful smile as i made my way back upstairs.

"Alexandra," i heard my name faintly from my father as i went off into my bedroom, flopping down onto my bed. i was always happy for my father but i will not call another wom—lady, my mother.

it was about 7:50, basically eight. i know my father would have dinner done in about an hour, so without any hesitation, i got up from my bed and made my way over towards my bathroom.

i hadn't had a shower since this morning, though we hadn't done anything, i still felt very dirty. a cold shower seemed good right now, though it was cold outside, my room was about hot as hell.

it was late November and thanksgiving was probably gonna be hell, i hadn't been looking forward to it since last year's thanksgiving. it was like all my mom side of the family wanted was for never ending arguments. maybe this year would be different since id be spending it with my dad and his new girlfriend.

after my shower, i quickly got dressed in some sweats and a simple men's wife beater. before i could walk out of my bedroom, i heard a knock on my door, "dinners ready," my father.

"im coming !" i shouted.

just as i made my way down, Alyssa and my dad were as close as could be, making out, kinda. they were slow kissing, disgusting. i cleared my throat which caused them to stop and separate.

we made our way into the dinning room and sat at the table. i never had lunch, dinner, or breakfast down here, it felt all different. the room setting didn't feel the same, it felt dead.

"we uh, we didn't get a proper introduction," i shifted my head to the left and came face to face with Alyssa. "my name is Alyssa, Alyssa Adam's," she gave me a smile.

"Alexandra, Alexandra Lance," i gave her a smile before going back to eating. "how old are you, miss, Adam's?"

"25," bitch say sike.

i nearly choked on my food. 25? bitch how are you 2 years older than me?! my dad is—you know what, no. just thinking about it makes me wanna gag, that's weird but cheers dad.

"you okay?" she gave me concerning look as i gave her a nod.

"i uh, have classes tomorrow," yes college. "i will see you all tomorrow, in the morning," immediately, i excused myself and made my way up to my bedroom. i had already showered so i just slid into bed and immediately fell asleep.

25? since when did my dad like younger women ? like, i don't mean it like that because that's disgusting but at least she was hot though, my dad could pick em.

i barely slept to be honest, my dad and Alyssa wanted to tickle each other private parts as i slept. yes, i said that. they were loud as hell but Alyssa didn't care because i could tell she was pleased. disgusting.

as i slide out of bed, their moaning stopped, finally. i made my way out into the halls, meeting Alyssa practically hallway. she had on a silk robe, it was half open.

"you seemed to have enjoyed yourself," i whispered as i eyed her. "y'all were ever so loud."

before she could say anything, i made my way over into the bathroom, closing the door. quickly undressed myself as i turned the shower on,the bathroom door swung open. there Alyssa stood.

"can you not be long, i have to shower," she spoke lowly as i her eyes scanned my body.

"sure," i gave her a quick nod as i slowly began to shut the door. i took a quick shower as always, long showers never were my thing.

as i made my way down the stairs, fixing my shirt, i soon came face to face with Alyssa. she stood over the stove, cooking breakfast. hm, okay.

"my dads gone?" i asked as i resided in the doorframe of the kitchen.

"yes," she said lowly as she kept her attention on the stove. "you have classes, right ?" she turned and faced me.

"i do, yes," i nodded. "you have any idea when my father said he'd be back?" maybe by the time i got back home, or before. i did spend most of my hours on campus. school was tiring but at least i can say i wasn't failing.

"mind if i ask what you're studying in?" never really got this question a lot. "doctor?"


i gave her a nod causing her to smile, "do you actually enjoy it or?" i actually was. i loved helping people, that? made my heart feel warm. just helping the ones that actually needed it, just made me feel all warm inside.

"i actually enjoy it, i love helping people," i smiled small. "helping people makes me happy but let me just go on to school."

though it was late November and thanksgiving was about to hit up like a semi truck, it was very warm. too much for my own liking. of course it had its colder days but basically that, it's been very warm.

i made my way out of the house and up the street. i know you're probably like, why are you walking? well, when you living literally up the street from your school, why waste gas? yeah, its getting cold but it sure as hell isn't as cold as it should i be, so walking seems find.
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