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Playing a children's card game, but not on motorcycles

So this is my life: I get up sometime around Noon-ish, eat my breakfast/lunch or whatever ya call it, and then I spend the afternoon either coding or fixing my computers so I can do my coding. I’m a freelance coder, yo, and it nets me that cold, hard cash. And ya know what I do with that hard earned money? I spend it on GAMES, boy! PlayStation, Nintendo Switch (but not Xbox because Xbox is for suckers), and of course, PC. I love console gaming, but put a gun in my head and force me to choose, and I’d choose PC over console. PC Master Race represent, bitch!

Oh shit, I forgot I was describing my life. Well, it’s awesome, honestly. I do my coding in the afternoon, and then in the evening I game or watch Anime. My favorite game genre is the Role Playing Game, or RPG for short. I just love getting into a character, getting lost in their story and their world. My favorite RPG franchise? Shin Megami Tensei, a series about demons trying to take over the world. I especially adore the Persona sub-series; though I think Persona is more its own franchise now? Oh, wait, shit, I keep going on tangents. Sorry about that.

So yeah, that’s my totally awesome life. It’s fantastic, and I wouldn’t trade it for-

“Daisy! Lunch!” I heard Sarah call out from upstairs.

Yeah...I guess I should mention that I still live with my folks. I live in their basement, to be precise. Now, before you start judging me: no, I am NOT a freeloader. I pay rent!

Anyway, I went upstairs where Dad, his wife Sarah, and their “Ours Baby” Kevin were already seated. I sat between Dad and Kevin as Sarah served us lunch. Chicken and rice, if you’re curious.

“So, Daisy,” Sarah said as she smiled at me. “Got any big plans today?”

“Nah,” I said, shrugging. “Wait, yeah; I’m gonna head on down to Gatekeeper for the big tournament.”

“Oh how nice!” Sarah said. “What is it, uh, chess, checkers? Come on, help a gal out.”

“It’s Yu-Gi-Oh,” I replied as I brought a piece of chicken to my mouth. Then I chewed it and swallowed it before continuing to speak because I know talking with your mouth full is rude and gross. “There’s gonna be like two hundred peeps there.”

“Man, you still play that?” Asked Kevin, who was visiting home from college. “I remember playing back when I was in grade school!”

“Still got your cards, by the way,” I said. “You ain’t getting them back, though. Not even if you ask me real nicely.”

“Uh, I have a life now?” Kevin said. “I’m in college? Ain’t got time for a children’s card game?”

Dad sighed; he and I don’t talk as much as we used to, and when we do it’s always because he wants to reprimand me. I guess he’s disappointed I’m still living with him or something.

Anyway, I finished lunch and hurried back to my room/basement place so I could put on some decent pants and a shirt. I used to waltz around the house in my undies, but Dad forbade that years ago. Anyway, I needed pants and a good shirt to go out. I searched my closet and found what I was looking for: my Final Fantasy Seven Remake tank top that has Tifa on the front. I fucking LOVE Tifa! My pants? I’ll have to settle for my Tetris sweat pants, since this pair has nice pockets and I can put my deck box on it. And for shoes...I only really own a pair of neon green sneakers. But it’s OK, since I hardly ever leave the house.

I left home and hurried downtown to Gatekeeper, the number one store in the county for all your video game, comic book, and tabletop gaming needs. A thirty minute walk from home and I’m already there; I would have driven, if I had a car. And a driver’s license.

“Yo, Gabe,” I said to the owner of this dorkfest, Gabe Duncan. “I’m here to sign up for the tourney.”

“Hey Dorkwinkle, you’re right on time,” said Gabe. “There’s only three spots left; hurry and sign up.”

I signed in; my name’s Daisy Derriwinkle, though, not Dorkwinkle. Dorkwinkle is what the kids in school always called me. Then I signed up my deck’s name: Gear Guys.

“Anyone for me to watch out for today?” I asked.

“Well,” Gabe said, pulling me into a whisper. “Not really; you got Ricky Mann, couple new peeps who haven’t shown their stuff yet, and of course the House Champ himself, Todd.”

Ricky Mann is the biggest douchebag in the entire Yu-Gi-Oh circuit around these parts. I personally call him High School, because he’s sixteen and still in high school. He and I have dueled hundreds of times, and our score is 549-541 to my advantage. Todd Johnson is the region’s most subscribed YugiTuber, or a YouTuber whose channel focuses exclusively on the game. He’s got over a hundred thousand subscribers!

“Yo, Red!” Todd called out to me. He calls me Red because of my long red hair that reaches down to the middle of my back. “You made it!”

“Sup, Todd?” I asked as he and I high fived. Todd’s a cool guy; a shaved head, a nice smile, brown eyes, properly fit. He’s super popular with the girls these days, but back in the day he was the biggest dork ever. “Which deck will we be facing today?”

“Oh, nothing extraordinary,” said Todd as he shook his shoulders. “A Black Luster Soldier deck; you?”

“Bringin’ the Gear Guys,” I said with a grin. “My BEST deck!”

“Nice, the classic!” He said with a smile. “Hey, try not to lose too early; I wanna play you today!”

“Same to you, man!” I said as we high fived goodbye. I saw he had his camera with him; was he live streaming?

“Oh, Daisy-chan!” I heard a voice cry out for me. I turn around and it’s Jolie Richardson, a friend of mine. Well, “friend;” we really only watch Anime together on Rabbit. That’s a website where you can join a video conference and watch shows or movies together. “Daisy-chan, how are you, desu?”

Jolie’s a weeb, and a weeb is someone who’s way too obsessed with Anime and likes to pretend they’re Japanese. Jolie prefers to be called Joli-chan, because that’s how much of a weeb she is. She ain’t Japanese, though, she’s fucking white. Also she’s a bit of a weirdo who likes to dress in schoolgirl uniforms and wear cat ears on her head. She’s also a chubby chub chubbo who really oughta lay off the pocky. Otherwise, she’s an OK girl. I like her, but not in a sexual way because she’s straight and I don’t go for the straight girls.


“Well, Joli-chan, I’m hyped,” I said. “I’m gonna go far this tourney, believe me!”

“Oh, nyaaa, desu!” Said Joli-chan, acting like a Japanese girl who’s acting like a cat. “Atashi will be cheering for you!”

Hoo, boy, that’s embarrassing. But, hey, she’s otherwise cool; we like watching the same Anime. We also like to watch Hentai together; we strongly prefer guy-on-guy Hentai, though, because straight Hentai and girl-on-girl Hentai are too ridiculous to take seriously. You can tell most of them are written and directed by horny men. By the way, Hentai means cartoon porn. Oh, and “atashi” is the Japanese way of saying “myself” if you’re a girl.

So yeah, this is my charming little life. Some people might call it “pathetic” to have a thirty four year old woman who’s unmarried, lives with her parents, and still plays children’s card games and shit, but to me? This life is grand! Wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING!

“Woah, Daisy-chan, look at that girl!” Jolie said as she ran up to me. “She’s soooo sugoi, nyaaa!”

Jolie knows I’m a lesbian and she’s very supportive of me. But for her to call another girl “sugoi,” which is Japanese for “cool,” must mean the girl is really something else! I looked over to where Jolie was pointing at, seeing this group of guys and...

Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow. I had never seen a more beautiful woman in my life. Fit, tanned, blue eyes, a smile brighter than the stars, standing at five foot six, with silky dirty blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders. I noticed immediately that she wore a black Gundam shirt; not just ANY Gundam shirt, but a Mobile Suit Gundam Wing shirt with the five Gundams on the front! Holy shit, could she be any more perfect!?

“Go say hi, Daisy-chan!” Jolie egged me.

“I...” I gulped. “I...I can’t...”

She was way outta my league.

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