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Vendettas make for far better motivation than money ever could. Six strangers find themselves with one thing in common; an enemy. The Game Maker is out for blood, the Henchman isn't afraid of death, the Mother isn't afraid of loss, the Brain doesn't have anything to lose, the Siren won't let anyone die in vain and the Imposter wants nothing more than revenge. The Hansen Family must be destroyed, and they will not stop until it is.

Romance / Thriller
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The six strangers of our tale want you to know a few things.
First, their story is violent. Their story is about death, murder, revenge, and hate. Their story contains gun violence, physical beatings, blood, etc.
Second, their story is romantic. Their story contains enemies becoming lovers, lovers becoming enemies, sex, passion and forbidden love.
Third, their story is desperate. Their story is desperate for revenge, desperate for a way out, desperate for closure, for a family, for a reason to live.
The six strangers of our tale want you to know that they never meant any harm. Not to those who didn't deserve it, at least. They want you to know they meant well. They want you to hear them out.
Above all, the six strangers of our tale want you to know the truth.
It won't be pretty.

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