Falling into green

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Chapter 2

A few months later

I just graduated yesterday and here I am instead of lovely Europe, I am here. My parents pushed me so hard to go to this place I really don't understand why.

So exactly what we do in this place is, that we are 30 people total every year. 5 people are divided into a group each one has their own coach or teacher , these people are the ones that train you to fight 'bad people' as my mum might quote. What she actually means is drug dealers, gun salesman, and sometimes maybe sometimes it can lead to fighting a mafia.

Why was I chosen here you might add? Turns out that the parents of every child here made an oath that they will make they children come and train here when they reach the age of 18. So here I am in real life hunger games or some shit.

"Attention everyone, papers of your team has been posted in the training rank please go and check it and leave your suitcases at the room that is assigned to you on the paper, hope you all have a wonderful year" said a blonde woman, she looks as if she is in her early 20s. I do have to say she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen I real life.

A crowd of people started to head out to some place, I guess this is where the training rank is. I started to pull on my suitcases and head towards the training rank. the rank looks like a gym it has matts on the floor and there are some weapons hanging on the wall. Then when I entered I spotted papers hanging on the wall beside the weapons and started to go towards it.

I spotted my name on on of the papers Green Lightwood, Age: 18, Room: 75, coach: Azeil. "oh my god!!! I am with coach Jax" screamed a girl beside me. " I heard is the best and coach he has won the final match every year" another girl spoke. While I am here and also assigned with a coach whom might have never won a final match.

The final match after training is finished, every team fights another team to win the royal team of the year. I really don't care if we win this, I just need to survive this year. "hey, where exactly is the building that has the bedrooms, please?" I asked the two girls whom were screaming just a second ago.

They pointed towards a building and I started to collect my stuff and head towards the entrance door. I hope this year came be amazing because I am not taking anything other than amazing, this is my senior vacation!
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