Falling into green

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Chapter 4

"Are you all done talking?" spoke Azeil with an aggressive voice. "Everyone in the Garden, Now!" He commanded. We all started to move our feet utterly fast towards the garden scared to be eaten by the fire breathing dragon.

" I want everyone standing in a straight horizontal line." Azeil shouted out. We all do as we were ordered. Azeil stood in front of us, "Look! I don't like talking, so during training I don't want to hear chit chat, will that be okay Lily?" , He asked Lily looking her straight in the eyes , the green color in his eyes standing out. Lily nodded fear in her eyes. "words!" he demanded. "yes, coach" she spilled out in fear.

"I am someone whom likes organization, so I have rules, Rule 1: as you guys know no talking while training, Rule 2: No Drink, you came here to train not to ruin your liver, Rule 3: No talking to other teams about our training" He said with aloud voice grabbing everyone's attention. "why not?" Thomas talked back. "I am sorry? what did you say?" Azeil asked. "your not like the best coach here to keep you training secret." Thomas said with a huge ego.

"what is your name again?"


"Will Thomas let me tell you this, You don't want to be on my bad side" Azeil said whispering in Thomas's ear clear for us to hear, clenching his jaw, and it made my insides turn to liquid.

"Is that clear everyone?" He asked us till in a demanding tone. "yes, sir" everyone said execpt Thomas. Azeil gave him a look that said 'don't try me' . He sighs and said with at low voice "yes, sir". "You guys can leave now" Azeil said pulling out his phone and started texting someone. will damn look how his mood changes in seconds. we all hurried and left.

Stephine started to head towards us "sorry about him, I will talk to him you guys, Anyways I bet you are hungry why don't you head to the cafeteria and have some lunch, I heard they are serving mac n' chesse today." She said with a smile on her face. "oh my god, I am so hungry were is the cafeteria though?" Lily asked. Stephine pointed towards it and we started to leave the garden and go to the cafeteria.

"God, can we switch our coaches? cause I for sure don't want Azeil as my coach, the guy has anger issues" Samantha said stuffing her face with mac n' chesse. "Me either, but I mean I heard that his team has almost won last years final match, only because jax had a stronger team last year." Lily announces "come on you guys he might be aggressive but that always leads to winning, we should just find out tomorrow?" Michael suggested. we all nodded our heads agreeing. It will never hurt to try right?

We all continued our lunch and spent the rest of the day together getting to know each other. Will this year be the year where I finally find love and friends. Friends for sure, Love I am not so sure.


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