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Not all bikers are 'bad boys' - some just want to make a difference Book 3... Kirk, Enforcer, Uncle. The only names he will respond to. Retired from the DEA, now working beside the Captains of JD MC between construction builds and an auto body shop. Recruited as Enforcer of a Shadow FBI agency. Carina, had left her overbearing Italian family, several years earlier after a life altering event. Making her own way, paying her own way, doing it her own way. Until one night, one choice- changed everything.

Romance / Action
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Stepping out of the ring, the crowd was louder than before. Taking the towel from Pat, Kirk wiped off his face then tossed it over his shoulder. Making his way down the ramp, as soon as the doors shut, the noise faded away.
"I'll grab the winnings." Kirk nodded as he leaned against the wall as his duffle landed at his feet, catching his breath. This fight was closer than the others.
The arena was dirtier than the last one. The whole place reeked of sweat and body odor. The gray doors opened again, the noise came through, but just as quickly faded again. "You did good. You are in the top five. Let me sign you?"
"Rio, it's not in the cards." Bending over, "I'm only here to blow off steam." Finding the package of sanitation wipes, rubbing it over his chest and back, the parts he could reach anyways.
The older man leaned against the wall beside him. "Your men?"
"Not involved. Just for security." Pulling a shirt out and putting it on. Bending over for his jeans, he quickly took off his shorts putting on his jeans in the hall. The sooner he was out of this dump the better.
"Fine. Am I signing you up for next weeks fight?" Kirk looked up at the man, nodded, then returned to tying up his riding boot.
Picking up his duffle, "I'll bring the split by tomorrow. Gotta go." He followed Pat out to the dirt parking area.
Pat put the money into his saddle, locking it away. "We heading to Crowns?" Nodding back to his close friend, both straddled their bikes.
His head was a mess, he knew it. Sitting at the back of the bar, both men relaxed into their environment. A glass of whiskey in hand, watching the scantily clothed girls walk around or work the stage. Knowing a few by name, they'd stop by and say hello and light conversation. It had become their norm. Kirk's fight, an hour to unwind. "Hey."
"Tina, you're looking good tonight luv." Releasing his glass, he held a hand out to her. She took his hand and sat on his lap. He ran his nose along her neck, "how's your boy doing?"
She brought her hand to his cheek holding him to her neck. "Better. A lot better. The antibiotics and steroids helped." Her little guy had an asthma attack a few weeks ago. He had slipped a few larger bills into her hand telling her to take him to be seen.
"Good. If you need anything else, you let us know hun."
She smiled down at him, "up for a dance? Or a room?" Looking to his companion, he knocked the table twice. She stood from his lap, taking his hand, she led him to one of the few private rooms in the back. Her backside, fully plump and he was itching to get his hands on it.
As the door shut, he sat down his drink. Grabbing a few towels the establishment provided, he laid them out on the floor and two more for the couch. Hand out to her, he led her to sit down. Kneeling at her feet, he pulled off her shoes while she drapped one over her torso. Settling back, "so how is Darrin doing?"
"Better. So much better." She sighed as his fingers dug into the soles of her feet. "His appetite is back Kirk. He's happier knowing he has his meds close by. This last one really scared him."
"That's good hun. Your place still good?" The few girls he had come to know, he didn't mess with. Respected that it was a job. Although he enjoyed the view they provided, he didn't take advantage of it.
Eyes still closed, "yeah, we're good." Lifting her leg, he put the left foot over his shoulder, then moved to the right. She gave off a low hum, "feels good."
"Sure it does. Wouldn't find me wearing those things any day." Digging his thumbs in. She let out a small laugh, making those firm orbs on her chest jiggle. "Couldn't imagine it. Would completely ruin the image we have of you."
A slight smil, "what image is that?"
"Knight and shining armor." She sighed through her smil, "tall, dark, extremely handsome. Rags to riches type."
"You need some rescuing?"
She smiled, "not at all." Her eyes opened, "your one in a million Kirk. Been doing this job for a year, you alone treat us girls with more respect in 15 minutes then we receive in a week."
He kept her talking until the lights brightened telling them they were out of time. Helping her with her shoes again. "Thanks for the company."
"Offer is still available if you are interested."
"We'll see. Stay out of trouble. Walk out first, let me take a look." He followed her out of the room. That fanny was what dreams were made of. A nod to the man behind the bar, with a fresh drink in hand, he sat back down at his table.
Some time later, Pat joined him. "How's she doing?"
"Her kid is doing better. Kasey?"
"Renewed my six-pack. Haven't laughed that hard in a while. She passed her entrance exam, starts school in a few weeks. Finish up. We have a game in the morning."
Leaving the bar, they left for home. Driving by the clubhouse, it was mostly empty. Pulling into his own drive. He walked into his empty house, setting the alarm. It was just him. Too big for his bachelor status, but is what it is. Everything was paid for now due to their last job, he had no bills other than phone and utilities. He emptied his pockets onto the dresser. A quick shower, he looked over his abdomen. Brushing the hair aside, at the faint bruising from a hit at the ring, the one that almost sent him to his knees.
Falling onto his unmade bed he passed out.

"Come on! Come on! Let's go!" He clapped for his nephews. The three boys moved as a unit and worked as a unit.
Back in the day, the group of hardened DEA agents, ran a government sanctioned MC. They'd move into an area, take over by taking each known crime organization. Criminals behind bars, drug avenues shut down. Average crime reduced to 20% by the time they were done.
Then his team suffered a series of unfortunate events. James, who had been their Sergeant of Arms, had lost his wife while birthing his twin sons. Within a week, he had fallen into a depression of losing her and caring for his twin boys. At a loss of how to cope with it all, the club stepped up. Basically taking over the guest room in his house, the men altered nights sleeping over to help him back on his feet. He had retired early, moved onto a civilian job building and remodeling houses.
The boys were almost walking when Pres had lost his wife and son while they were away on a takedown. Kirk stayed on, keeping an eye on the man, watching his back. A shell of his former self, he became harder. When James had decided to move across state to find a better school for the deaf, for his boy Jared, the team followed.
The men that stood beside them now, Uncles in every sense of the word. James had fallen head over heels with the doctor detective next door. Married and combined their families. Three boys that made him more proud each day. Then the couple had twins, little Anthony and his Princess, Autumn. Pres recently married to Alicia and expects his own addition soon, along with Lacey, Alicia's daughter. The group was expanding.
Looking over at the couple now, the toddlers sat in chairs beside their parents clapping for their brothers. James with his hand over her swollen stomach as she was about to have their third child, bringing their total to six.
Catching Jared's eyes, he used sign language to tell him he was doing good. Jared nodded giving him a discreet thumbs up. Kirk walked over to the White's. "Kent, what do you think?"
"My army, they'll win by a long shot." He raised his foam #1 finger waving it. Kirk patted the old man's shoulder. Pres had met and grew a fondness for the older couple. Moved them into his house a bit over a year ago to keep them safe. Old age taking a toll on their bodies, no family to watch out for them. Now honorary grandparents to the growing 'army' Kent called them. The old man had a unique way of loving his wife. Fussing that the younger lads were constantly looking for a way to woo his wife away from him. A quick look, Sarah White was under the tree talking with Alex.
Jumping into the air with a fist-pump "yes!" The game ended with Sean's winning touchdown. The group loaded up for lunch at the clubhouse. Kent bouncing in his scooter about his army.

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