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What will happen when you need to protect your best friend's older brother Will you end up loving him or will you be professional and do nothing?? He is the beast who can eat you alive and you are the most powerful agent Will you resist the urge to have him or will you be too innocent for that?? Medusa is too unstable and dangerous and Daren is a playboy who loves to win and do everything to get what he wants at all costs. What do you think will happen??

Romance / Erotica
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My name is Freya (meaning: The Nordic Goddess of Love, beauty, magic, war, wealth and divination) I have 23 years old, my eyes are blue (True sapphire), my hair is black but I am skinny because of my training and I have 1.63 meters, so I am not a too short people.

I am single as hell and I think I will be like that forever. I didn’t have my first kiss so yeah I am a mess with relationships and because of that I decided to do a powerful tattoo (I am not afraid to walk this world alone).

I have friends everywhere because before I entered this world (of justice) I was more or less a bad girl and did a lot of bad things but I don’t regret anything.

I have worked in the police since my 20 years, I am a special agent with my best friend Amell (meaning: Power of an eagle). I helped him when I entered this world because he was having difficulties with one of the missions and when I helped him avoid being fired.

Amell is 26 years old, grey eyes, 1.85 meters, tanned (I love that in him) and he is the sweetest creature I have ever known. He is strong, a great guy, cute, sexy and has a big tattoo on his left arm.

I love my job and thanks to that they promoted me to be the leader of the special agents but I declined and gave my post to my best friend and yes now he is my superior.

He gave me a nickname and it is the most horrible one. Medusa (I don’t like when he calls me that because I remember It was a female monster that turned those who stared into her eyes into stone.) he told me that medusa feats me right because when people look at me they get petrified by my beauty. (That’s corny, I know)


what she didn’t know was that the future reserved her more than she can handle.

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