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Annie & Eve

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It was the year 1872, and King Burtwoldt has decided for his daughter Annie to marry a rich, young gentleman to pass on the family kingdom. Though, Annie has never wanted a man in her life. She thought it was because of her independent and stubborn personality, but no. It was the simple reason that she was attracted to not men, but women. Her attraction to women became stronger when Eve came. A foreigner, from France. Eve was the daughter of a pirate crew captain. She and the entire crew knew about her attraction to women, and it grew stronger once she meets Annie. When the two girls meet, what will happen?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One

“Father, how will we find a suitable man for my sister? She mustn’t have a disrespectful man who will treat her like a coward. She needs someone who is respectful, and caring. The men you have chosen are all cowards, and dirty, like dogs. I do not wish my sister to marry a man who shows no respect.” Julia, Annie’s sister says. Annie rolls her eyes in annoyance, hoping she would not have to marry any man. In her opinion, men are the simple parasite of this earth. The civil war was started by men so that black men and women would have freedom. Luckily, the northern side won, which means black people are free. She also thought, that if women were to be the only ones on earth, it would be much more peaceful. She either got that from her lack of attraction to men, or her independence.

“Listen, my dear daughter, your younger sister will find a man worthy of her one day. Just not today. That’s all, please take the men back to where they came from.” Burtwoldt says, making a gesture signifying that the guards will take the men back to their village. “Listen, I do not think any man is worthy of my youngest daughter, but in able to keep this kingdom going, you must have a king.”

“Father, I am only 17, I do not need to have a man at such a young age. Why is Julia not in the position to become the next queen with her husband, Norman?” Annie asks.

“It is because she consented to becoming the queen in Norman’s kingdom. And your oldest sister, she is still locked in captivity for marrying a servant.”

Annie never understood how the hierarchy worked out, nor has she wanted to. In her opinion, people can be who they want to be with, since, well, she does grow more fond of women by the second.

“Anyways, you should go back to your room, get relaxed and all.” Burtwoldt says to his daughter, as he signals some guards to take her to her room. Annie then sighs out of frustration, to then follow the guards to her room.

Once they get to her room, Annie turns around, “You have permission to go now, I’m going in my room after all.” She says. The guards nod their heads, then turning around and going back to the king. When Annie opens the door, you see many pictures of art. But not just any art. The art that has women being with another women. The kind that’s hated in the kingdom. Nobody has seen her room when she became 12, when she started to explore herself. Not to mention when she was developing, the king demanded that only maids check up on her, for the simple reason that she might be changing, or other things.

Annie caressed her index and middle finger across the art, more specifically the hips, thighs, and breasts. She always loved the anatomy of a woman, she thought it was because she herself was a women, so she would learn it more often than other students would, but when she realized who she loved, she studied more and more. Not to mention, when she was 16, she made a secret alliance with a woman. Annie asked if she could explore the woman’s body because of her attraction to it, which the woman consented into doing.

She still thinks about that day with the woman, how the soft moans came from her small, yet plump lips. How her perky breasts jiggled and bounced with every movement she made. How her cute face made very explicit expressions. She thought about it everyday from that day forward. Her cheeks would become hot, and her breath would become heavier, not to mention she would feel an unbearable pleasure with a throbbing feeling. She loved it, but she wanted more. She wanted to feel the woman again.

“Annie?” A maid calls out. From being in a deep thought, Annie jumped from the sudden call. “You father wants you.”

The maids knew about Annie, they never told the king because they also, love women. They all agreed that when the kingdom becomes more peaceful about same sex relationships, they will tell the king. But, then again, that will happen after the king dies and Annie takes his place.

“Yes father?” Annie asks as she walks up to her fathers throne, which will soon be hers.

“There is a crew of pirates coming here. They also have a daughter. Befriend her, see what they’re hiding from the kingdom. I will punish them dearly for making crimes against my will. Also, they are coming from France, most of them and the daughter knows English, the others do not. So it will be hard to see what they’re doing when they speak a language we don’t understand. So try to learn it, speak it, and understand it, okay?” Burtwoldt asks. Annie then goes to the guards so they could return her to her room.

She sighs as she closes her door, to then removing her corset, then her dress, then everything else. She’s completely naked, and she starts her bath. Though it’s a little bit too early for it, she made the conclusion she deserves it. Though she wouldn’t be able to go to sleep or be in her night gown, as it’s only 3 p.m., and Annie does have to see the pirates daughter and befriend her. For an absolute foolish reason at that.

She exhales as she slowly enters the warm-hot bathwater. Her ginger curly hair becomes curlier by the second the more she gets her hair wet. She likes to take this time of bathing, to rather space out, and also pleasure herself. As she spaces out to the memories with the girl, she remembers this one thing. She remembers how lovely the girl looked. Not when they was pleasuring each other, but in general, she was a very pretty lady. She looked about 3 years older than her, with her tannish skin and her deep hazel eyes. She was stunning. Sadly, it was only a one night stand, but Annie still wanted more.

With that, she then got out of the bath, and wrapped a cloth around her. As she picked up a dress, her corset, and her hair products, she called the maids to help her with it. They asked why she was so desperate to get ready, Annie told them not to worry. The maids did their job to help with the dress, corset and hair, and even called some people to get horses for the princess to ride to this, well, unknown but not unknown place.

Once she gets there, she knocks on the door. She then finds the girl, and smiles. And the smile is very bright. “Hello, Autumn. How are you doing today?”

“I’m doing rather swell, how about you?” Autumn asks, clearly knowing what Annie wants.

“Well, I have been craving something... sweet. Would you like to help me with that craving?”

Obviously flustered, Autumn steps aside to let the princess in, and then closing the door to them soon pleasuring each other again.

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