The Bad Boy’s Melody

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Jessica Evans is a normal seventeen-year-old that is unobservant, hangs out with guys rather than girls and writes all her emotions down in song lyrics. Until Jessica finds out that someone called Austin Cole has one of her songs. Austin Cole is the type of guy that you'd find in detention, wearing a leather jacket and surrounded by girls. He uses his charm and striking good looks to win people over. Although, he sees that none of this effects Jessica, not even his charm. So, he tries a different approach and Jess begins to see under all the black attire to see the real Austin Cole. - -Cover by rayraybites on wattpad

Romance / Humor
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Chapter One: The same place I am every time that I

Chapter One: The same place I am every time that I leave.

fell from Madison's lips as her jaw dropped. Her eyes fixed on something over my shoulder.

I turned around to see what had made her so surprised. Although, all I saw was the side entrance to the school closing.

"Shit," she muttered as she squashed the flames into the ground with the heel of her signature black ankle boots.

I chuckled. It was kind of funny to see her so off guard, usually, she acted like she ran the school. I closed my notebook, placing it in my bag. I needed to empty all these unnecessary folders and books out before the bell rang.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," I teased as I slung my bag over my shoulder.

Madison huffed popping a stick of gum into her mouth. "He might as well be a ghost." She kicked a stone with her shoe and rolled her eyes, "enough about him, you finished writing my love ballad?"

"Love ballad? You know I don't write love songs," I told her, pushing open the school's doors.

Madison shrugged, "let me take you out on a date and then you'll be writing love ballads for me daily."

"You wish." I nudged her a little. Madison knew she was beautiful and bold. Although, I knew I wasn't her type. We were just friends.

She groaned as we walked further into the corridor. "I hate this place."

"Yeah, I know. Everyone knows," I told her, spotting Madison's friends by the lockers. They stood out against the light blue lockers in their all black clothes. They screamed trouble, just like Madison did.

Madison smiled at me, "that's only because I told you, Jess." She glanced at her friends and frowned, glancing around the corridor. "Where is he now?"

"Who?" Madison had a lot of friends that I didn't know personally, but I was trying to learn their names. I knew a couple now; a couple more than I knew at the start of the year.

You could say high school divided us in a way. She made friends with different people than I did. Her friends liked smoking behind the school whereas mine liked going to class. My friend group liked to play football and hers liked to party. It didn't mean we weren't friends. We just had different cliques.

The corridor wasn't as crowded as it should be for a Monday morning. Which was why we weren't being pushed around for standing in the middle of the corridor.

I smelled smoke and turned to see Greg wrapping his arms around Madison's waist. I guess I wasn't going to find out who she was talking about. "I'll catch you later, Mads."

Madison nodded, turning to face her fuck buddy. I smiled at Greg, "morning Greg."

He laughed, "Hey Jess." His eyes met mine and I could tell he was high. I rolled my bottom lip into my mouth and walked away. I didn't agree with what Madison and her friends did, but I wasn't about to stop them. It was their lives, not mine.

I slipped my phone out of my pocket and started playing Sam Fender as I walked towards my locker. I put my earphones in and then saw where everyone was. Just past my locker was a crowd of people, a fight most likely in the middle of it all.

"Great," I muttered, opening my locker and getting the books I needed. I placed the folders and notes I made for the tests I had today.

Caleb was supposed to meet me here to get the notes from me because I studied during the weekend while he was suffering from a bad hangover.

I sighed, hearing the bell ring. He could just get it at lunch, it wasn't a big deal. I closed my locker and someone ran into me, knocking me and my bag to the ground.

My ear phones fell out and I groaned, sitting up slowly. What the hell was going on today? I looked up to see the jerk that bumped into me was gone.

"Jerk," I muttered, zipping up my bag and standing up.

"Austin!" I heard someone in the crowd yell and I rolled my eyes, putting back in my earphones. I don't understand why people cheer for violence.

The fight seemed to be getting more attention by the minute and I walked away. The last thing I wanted was to get a detention for being a bystander.

I walked into my English class and took out my earphones, wrapping them around my phone. The classroom was practically empty apart from Mrs Brennan and a couple people. They probably weren't into fights either.

"Mrs Jones is going to break up the fight in a moment. We'll begin class then," Mrs Brennan told me, a smile on her face.

I nodded as I took my seat by the window. If Mrs Jones caught me at the fight I knew I'd get more than one detention. I'd never get to live it down.

People started to file into the classroom as the minutes passed. While I tried to revise over my notes from the last lesson. I liked English, it was my best subject and Mrs Brennan was a great teacher.

"Did you see it?"

I looked up from my notes and turned to see Caleb now sitting beside me, a grin on his face. I raised an eyebrow at him, was he actually watching the fight?

"Don't give me that look. Everyone was there, you just missed out on the fight of the year. Anyway, I got a video of Joyce getting her ass handed to her."

Joyce Jones was the principle of our school, but also the woman my father left my mother for after cheating on her multiple times. It wasn't her fault that my father cheated, but she could've stopped it. She knew me and my mom and yet still slept with him.

I didn't like the woman at all. Although, as much as everyone disliked her nobody spoke back to her or badly about her. She was the principal and wealthy.

So, for someone to 'hand her ass to her' as Caleb would put it was rare and i wasn't going to pass it up watching it, even if it was just on his phone. She deserved whatever she got.

Caleb took out his phone as Mrs Brennan explained today's lesson. I took it from him. "What was it about?" I asked him as I typed in his passcode and saw his lock screen. The guys and me at the beach during the summer. I smiled, that was a good day.

"No idea. Lee told me it was because Austin just wanted a fight, but then I heard someone else say that Quinton hit him first, but I doubt that because we all know that Aust-"

The classroom door opened aggressively, hitting the wall loudly. My head, just like everyone else's' snapped up to see what was going on. Mrs Brennan was even taken off guard.

Standing at the top of the class was a guy I never saw before, but it was clear he was in the fight this morning.

His mousy brown hair was a mess and the white t-shirt under his leather jacket was all creased. People started talking among themselves, glancing at the guy every so often.

I glanced at Caleb and his eyes were wide staring at the guy. Great, he was frozen and I couldn't ask him who this guy was. Was he new?

"Austin..." Mrs Brennan trailed off as he walked past her, further into the classroom.

There's that name again. Caleb had said it as well as the person in the crowd. Austin. I didn't know there was an Austin in my year.

He stood in front of me. His green eyes piercing into my blue. There was a slight smirk on his face. He knew what reaction he caused by just being here and he liked it. He wasn't shying away from it.

He placed a notebook on the table. My eyes widened as I looked down at his hands. His knuckles were bruised and cut, probably because of the fight this morning. Although, the thing that caught my attention the most was the notebook. It was my song notebook.
How did he even get it?

"Doesn't seem like the type of thing to be misplacing," he told me, as he pushed it towards me.

I glanced up at him, seeing that his jaw was bruising a little and his lip was cut. He was definitely in the fight and wasn't new. Everyone seemed to know his name and he didn't act like he was new.

I took it from him and placed it in my bag quickly before anyone else saw it. It wasn't something I ever wanted people to see. It was personal to me. I looked back up at him. Who was he and how did he get my notebook?

"Don't lose it again, Melody."

His voice was low and harsh. I furrowed my eyebrows at him, about to tell him that my name wasn't melody or anything like that, but he turned around and walked away from my desk.

Mrs Brennan stood up from her desk. "Austin, where have you been?" She asked him, repeating the same question she's been asking him since he walked in. Although, this time he answered.

"The same place I am every time that I leave." He spoke with the same harshness he spoke to me with before walking out the classroom door, slamming it behind him.

My heart pounded in my chest as I picked the notebook out of my bag. I didn't know who that guy was, but I hated the idea of anyone having my notebook.

The front cover was decorated chaotically. Various song lyrics and quotes covered it. Some in English, some in other languages. They all meant something to me.

I flicked through the pages, my eyes scanning for anything that looked out of place or missing. Every song I've ever written were in here. No matter how badly written they are, they were still here for a reason. To show me I could grow and get better. The songs were based on events that happened in my life. Dad leaving fueled a lot of them.

A shaky breath left my lips as I saw the song, I finished this morning when I was with Madison was missing. Torn out so perfectly that if I didn't know it was there, I wouldn't have missed it. It was like he didn't want me to know he took it, but I did and now I had to get it back.

"Jess, you okay?"

I shut my notebook and looked at Caleb. He was one of the few people that I let read my songs. Although, he hasn't seen the one Austin took. Nobody has.

"Who is he?" I asked him, if I wanted to get my song back I was going to have to find him. What did he even want with my song?

Caleb looked concerned. His thick eyebrows were knitted together, "Austin Cole. How do you know him? I didn't know you guys were friends."

"We're not. I don't know him, Caleb. He stole a song from me" I told him, trying to keep my voice low.

From what I gathered from when he walked into the room until a couple of minutes after he left, is that Austin Cole is a hurricane. It was like he was never here. The only evidence of him being here was the mess he left behind.

He was beautiful yet dangerous, just like a hurricane.


going to see how this goes...

Original book can be found on Wattpad. Username: Kateannee.

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