Love in a thousand pieces

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Chapter 1: Apartment 462


My breathing was slightly rapid as I walked up the narrow and bland stairs. I kept my attention focused on the floor as I continued to walk up the flight of stairs.

"Room 462..." I quietly repeated to myself.

I held the sheet of paper the landlord had given me to the apartment, glancing over it for the thousandth time. I was paranoid something would go wrong...that something wouldn't turn outright.

I looked up as I reached the floor the apartment was on, squinting my eyes attentively as I read each room number.

"Room 459...oh wait here it is..." I spoke to myself quietly, shoving the paper into my back pocket.

I stared slightly confused at the door, seeing how it was unlocked...maybe the landlord came in earlier...I thought to myself.

I opened the door to the apartment slowly, seeing the lights on and a couple of boxes in the room...weird but okay...I looked down and dropped the one duffle bag I had since I didn't own anything outside that.

"Hello?" I heard a girl's voice speak, causing me to jolt my head up in surprise. My face immediately turned bright red at the sight of the girl in front of me.

She had long, wavy dark brown hair. Her eyes were a bright green and her skin light and smooth. She wore a regular t-shirt with some skinny jeans, a sweatshirt around her waist. She had to be no taller than 5'1 or older than 19. My cheeks became an even brighter shade of red...she...she was so...cute...

"Uh..." I started, then looked down and grabbed the paper from my back pocket and read the room number again, me being in the right one.

"I think you have the wrong apartment..." She said, looking at me a bit awkwardly with her cheeks slightly flustered.

"T-This is room 462 right?" I asked quietly and awkwardly, looking up slightly to face her, avoiding all eye-contact.

She tore her gaze away from me, pulling out the same piece of paper as I had. She looked at it confused and shook her head as if she had misread something.

"We should...go talk to the landlord..." She said quickly, walking past me and out of the door.

"Are you coming?" She asked as I stood there in silence and awkwardness.

"Uh...yeah...sorry," I replied quietly, turning around and following her out of the apartment and down the hallway.

I knew something bad was gonna happen...nothing ever goes right...oh god this is bad...she thinks I'm some freeloader or something...oh god...I said stressfully in my head.

Eventually, we made it to the Landlord's office which just so happened to be in the building.

"There's nothing I can do, I thought that I gave you two different apartment numbers. I'm sorry, all the other apartments are being rented out already," the Landlord spoke as he sat in his chair, sipping a glass of water.

"Well, what are we supposed to do? There's only one bedroom." the cute girl asked the Landlord.

"I guess you two will just have to figure that out." the landlord responded with a shrug.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, snatching the piece of paper the Landlord had given her off the table and stormed out of the room. I glanced at the Landlord with my face still bright red, then down at the floor again. I followed her out of the Landlord's office, walking back up to I guess now our apartment...oh god...

"I guess I'll take the couch..." she said quietly as we entered the room, her cheeks still flustered like mine were.

"No, it's fine, I'll take it," I responded, mainly at the fact I thought it would be rude and selfish to force her to sleep on the couch.

"It's fine, I'll take it," she argued, looking down awkwardly.

"Not if I take it first," I said, sitting down on the couch with my duffle bag and taking up the entire couch. I turned even more red at what I just did, looking away awkwardly. She sighed.

"Fine...can you help me with some of these boxes? They're kinda heavy..." She said as she tried to lift one of the heavy boxes, then turned her gaze towards me with a pleading look.

"Uh...y-yeah," I answered quietly, getting up and picking up the box for her...this box really was surprisingly heavy.

"It's mainly just books and stuff," she said as if she had read my mind. I nodded awkwardly, taking the box into the bedroom and starting to help her unbox them.

"I'm Halo by the way," the cute girl, AKA Halo, said to me with a small smile, a blush painted on her face still.

"I like your name," I responded, turning my gaze back to the bookshelf and putting the books away.

"And you're name is..." she said in a tone that said: Finish the sentence.

"Oh um...Damian..." I answered quietly, looking down. She smiled, her face still bright red.

"I like that," she said, which caused me to turn even redder.

"Um...thanks..." I said while looking down, finishing putting the books on the shelf and standing up.

"So...what do you wanna do now?" I asked since I thought I'd just keep my stuff in the duffle bag and leave her space in the bedroom to put her stuff.

"We can get some food?" Halo recommended, looking up at me with a shrug.

"Um..sure...Er...where do you wanna get food?" I asked, slipping my hands into my pockets.

"McDonald's?" She asked with a smile. I shrugged and nodded.

"Okay," I replied quietly, my face beet red still as we left the apartment and headed down to the parking lot.

I felt a bit embarrassed by my car since usually, I'd have a nice ride, like one time I had an old Mustang, and before that, I had a Dodge Charger that was surprisingly good compared to ones I've had before. The car I had now was this old, black Toyota Camry...I hate this car...

I led Halo to the car, looking down embarrassingly as I got into the driver's seat. She got into the passenger seat, looking out the window as I began to drive towards the nearest McDonald's.

This was all like a horrible, yet amazing nightmare. I expected to be living alone...but now that she's's kind of nice to not be alone all the time but...I barely knew her...and she's a girl so...this is all so awkward yet kind of cool at the same time....ugh I sound like a weirdo.

Once I pulled into the McDonald's, I stopped and looked at her a bit awkwardly as I bit the inside of my cheek.

"Do you wanna eat inside or go through the drive-thru?" I asked her quietly, turning my gaze down to the steering wheel.

"Drive-thru," she said, looking out the window while still flustered. I nodded, driving into the drive-thru and looking at her again.

"What do you want?" I asked, lightly moving my fingers across the steering wheel as I bit the inside of my cheek.

"Bacon cheeseburger," Halo answered with a smile. I nodded, turning my attention to the speaker and telling the guy taking our order what we wanted.

After we got our food I started driving back home, chewing the inside of my cheek still.

"So how old are you?" Halo asked out of the blue, the sudden break of silence causing me to quickly jerk my head towards her, and then back at the road.

" about you?" I answered, glancing over at her curiously.

"18," she said, her cheeks a bit pink as she smiled and turned her gaze back to out the window.

"I thought I'd just ask since we live together now and we barely know each other," she said, glancing over at me.

"Yeah, we should probably get to know each other a bit better..." I said in agreement. She wasn't wrong...if we were gonna be roommates we should probably know about each other.

I pulled into the apartment parking lot, shutting off the car and grabbing the bag of food, the car aroma smelling like freshly cooked fries. I got out and shut the car door, trapping the scent which I knew would eventually become stale but I didn't care.

We walked inside, her going over to the couch and sitting down as I set down the bag of food on the table. I walked over and sat down beside her, looking down and not realizing the beanie I was wearing had fallen off my head. My longish jet-black hair was showing, some of it falling in front of my face. I heard Halo start to giggle, turning my gaze towards her as my face turned bright red. She looked away, smiling slightly as her face reddened as well.

"Do you wanna watch a movie?" She asked, looking up at me with her cheeks flustered.

"Um can pick," I replied quietly while looking down, taking my food, and starting to eat it. She smiled, getting up and putting on 'A Dog's Way Home'.

We watched it while we ate, halfway through the movie we had finished our food and were lounging on the couch. I looked over, seeing her curled up in a little ball fast asleep. I couldn't help but smile slightly, the sight of her like was adorable.

She groaned, moving slightly and curling up more. I got up quietly and walked over to the closet on the opposite side of the bathroom, quietly grabbing a small blanket and closing the door. I quietly walked back over to the couch, covering her with the blanket. I sat back down on the couch, leaning against the other side of it to give her some space as she slept.

After the movie was over I turned it off, looking at the time and it reading '11:08'. I looked over at Halo, seeing her still curled up in the little ball and snoring softly. I didn't want her sleeping on the couch since she was supposed to make the bed, but I also didn't want to wake her up...that leaves me only one option...oh god...

I took a deep breath, getting up slowly and quietly, walking over to Halo and wrapping my arms carefully and gently around her, picking her up like she was a baby and carefully walking over to the bedroom. She curled up a bit more, moving so her head was against my chest. My face turned an even deeper shade of red, my heart beginning to race slightly from her being so close...she...she smelt like lavender and lemon...

I walked over and laid her on the bed gently, smiling slightly at her as I covered her with the blanket. I walked out of the room and towards the couch, sitting on it and's been...interesting.

I was surfing the web on my phone when I heard a thunder crack and a small yelp from the bedroom. I sat up, looking over at the door to the bedroom as I heard another scream from the thunder. I got up and walked into the bedroom, seeing her awake and scared, looking at the window in fear as the thunder crashed again. She jumped, her face pale as she shook slightly.

"It's okay, it's just a thunderstorm," I said, walking over to the bed and sitting at the foot of it.

"C-C-Can you...s-stay in here t-tonight?" She stuttered scaredly, looking at me with a pleading look.

"Um..." I started, my heart beginning to race again as my face turned beet red...oh my god...she wants me to stay in the same bed as her?...okay just calm down...she just wants comfort...just calmed down...

"Sure...yeah I can stay in here," I responded, moving so I was laying in the bed beside her but in a friend-type a weird way or anything.

She jumped at another thundering crash, curling up beside me scared. I awkwardly moved slightly closer to her, just trying to give her a sense of comfort.

After about 20 minutes she had finally fallen asleep, the thunderstorm dying down. She was cuddled into my side, feeling her soft and slow breathing against my side. My eyes became slightly drowsy, comforted by the warmth of her at my side but...this wasn't something I was used to...not even close.

My mind spun in thoughts until my breathing began to slow, my eyelids falling over my eyes, drifting off into a deep and warm sleep.

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