Love in a thousand pieces

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Chapter 6: The Fair


I was terrified. I didn't know how to process what just happened. This entire week felt like everything was going downhill...apart from maybe Damian and I getting together...but even that...I was horrified at what he just did to that guy. Yes, I was scared and uncomfortable at him touching my rear. But...was that necessary? What was going through his head? Thoughts swarmed my mind while I rapidly walked down the sidewalk.

"Halo...I can explain..." I heard him start, but I didn't give him the chance to finish. I turned around to face him, my eyes focused on his.

"You don't just break someone's arm and wrist for something petty like that...Yes...I...I felt uncomfortable but...that was too far..." I honestly spoke. "You know...I don't know what goes through your head. What I do know is that people don't go hurting others over small things like that."

He looked at me for a moment, eventually turning his eyes away from mine. He fiddled with his fingers, his mouth beginning to open but closing soon after. He released a sigh, turning to look at me again.

"...You're right..." He started with a sorrowful look on his face. "I went way too far. I'm sorry if I made you scared but...he deserved it also Halo. Especially after what you told me happened with your ex I couldn't handle someone doing that. Yes, I...I know I need more control over myself...I'm aware of that, and I'm sorry..."

I looked at him in the eyes even though he didn't look back at me. I could tell he was telling the truth. I let out a soft sigh, walking over to him and hugging him warmly.

"Thank you for protecting me," I whispered, hugging him warmly. I felt his arms wrap around me slowly, a soft smile spreading across my face.

"Well...let's go home and put everything away and maybe we can do something together to kinda make up for this incident." He suggested while hugging me.

"That sounds nice," I responded with a grin. I pulled back from the hug, looking up at him sweetly.

"Here, Halo let me take those," he said, taking the bags from my hand and holding them in one hand. He slipped his other hand into mine, giving me a soft smile as we started to walk down the sidewalk.

"Do you wanna stop for food on our way?" he asked, glancing at me, then back at the sidewalk.

"Yeah, that sounds good," I responded with a smile, holding his hand with my good one. I started in front of me as we walked, beginning to space out.

"Where do you wanna eat?" he asked, looking at me as we walked. I shrugged, looking up at him and then down at the sidewalk.

"Wherever. McDonald's is always good," I spoke with a small, sheepish smile.

"We've had that for like a week straight," he teased with a small laugh. I started to pout, crossing my arms as we continued to walk.

"But a McDouble sounds really good right now..." I complained, continuing to cross my arms as we walked.

"Fine..." he agreed with a playful sigh.

"Yay!" I shouted happily, wrapping my good arm around him as we walked down the sidewalk. He smiled, hugging me back and kissing my head.

"You're so nice," I said with a smile.

"And you're so cute," he responded while walking, pulling his arms away and sliding them into his hoodie pockets.

"Am not!" I protested, beginning to pout again.

"Yes, you are!" he protested back, kissing my cheek. I began to blush, causing me to pout even more.

"Come on, let's just get our food so we can go home and think of something to do," he said, taking my hand and leading me to the McDonalds down the street.

I followed him as we walked down the sidewalk towards the McDonald's. Our hands were intertwined, and both of our faces having a light blush. I almost forgot about what happened earlier with the guy, just continuing to follow him and getting lost in thought.

We finally got there and ordered our food, deciding to eat inside since the house was a long walk from there. I sat down across from him, taking my sandwich in hand, then taking a bite out of it. I looked up, seeing him only eating the fries he ordered.

"Are you really eating that little?" I asked, feeling a bit concerned. He gave me a soft shrug, then continued to eat his fries.

"Yeah, I'm not that hungry, to be honest," he said while nibbling at his fries. I sighed, taking another bite of my food, eventually finishing it.

I looked down, slipping my hand into his. I started to walk out of the McDonald's, not saying a word to him.

"What?" he asked me while holding my hand.

"Nothing..." I responded in almost a whisper.

"Just tell me," he said as he stopped walking, causing me to stumble. I looked up at him, seeing a bit of hurt in his eyes. I sighed, moving my hand back into his and leading him down the sidewalk to go home.

"You just didn't eat very much and it worried me a little..." I spoke quietly. "...You should eat more than that...especially for your size..." I whispered the last part.

"...What's that supposed to mean?" he asked in a defensive tone, signifying he had heard what I whispered.

"I mean you're're should eat more than just fries, and I already saw your arms, so I don't...want you getting bad again..." I explained with a sniffle.

He looked at me with a complex expression. It looked like a mixture between pain and guilt. He sighed, pulling me into a hug and looking down.

"I'm not gonna get bad again. I just wasn't hungry, I promise, you don't need to worry," he calmly said to me. I sniffled, hugging him back with my good arm.

"...P-Promise m-m-me..." I stuttered with a sniffle, burying my head in his chest.

"I promise," he responded with a soft smile, then pulling back from the hug. "You ready to go now?" he asked with a smile, trying to lighten up my mood.

"Y-Yeah I'm ready," I said with a sniffle, giving him a small smile. He maneuvered his hand into mine, gripping it warmly as he led me down the sidewalk like before.

We barely exchanged any words with each other as we walked back home. Both of us kept to ourselves and spaced out. I looked down as we walked, humming softly while gripping his hand. His hand felt warm and rough, which was a thing I liked in guys. A lot of them thought of it as a downside, but I honestly really loved it.

Eventually, we arrived back at the apartment. I walked over to the couch and plopped down, Damian setting down the bags filled with Taco's things. I smiled as Taco came running over, jumping on my lap and licking my face.

"Hey, Taco," I said to him, petting him softly as wagged his tail. Damian walked over and sat down beside me, looking up at me

"Wait...didn't you have that german neighbor look after him?" I asked, wondering how he got back here.

"Yeah...maybe he dropped him back off early," I suggested, being a little confused myself.

"Well...where do you wanna go to have fun? Since I still have to make up for...earlier..." Damian quietly said, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Um..." I started, trying to think of somewhere while petting Taco. "I heard the fair was going on this week...maybe we could go tonight? Just for a couple of hours," I suggested.

"That sounds fun," he responded with a smile. "You wanna wait a minute or do you wanna go now?" I thought for a minute, petting Taco still.

"Let's set up Taco's stuff, then we can go," I said, getting up to reach into the bags, but not being able to get everything with only one good arm.

"Here...Halo let me do it," he said as he took over, grabbing his food and water bowl, setting them down in the kitchen. I watched as he did so, a small blush forming on my cheeks from how sweet he was.

He took the dog food and poured it into the bowl, then grabbed the water bowl and filled it up. He set it back down, then grabbed the pet toys and placed them on the ground for Taco to play.

"There, now we can go," he said with a smile. I lightly giggled, standing up using my good arm and going over to him.

"Lead the way," I said to him, looking up and smiling. He slid his hand into mine, walking out of the apartment door and closing it behind us. He locked the door, leading me down the stairwell.

I couldn't help but smile at him. Even with his little outburst earlier, I could tell he wasn't a bad person. He was just trying to protect me, and I loved that I had someone who would do that for me...I knew that Josh never would've...I thought but shook it off because I didn't want to think about him. Not now...not ever.

Damian led me to the car, opening the door and helping me into the car I started to giggle from him helping me with everything. He gave me a confused look, seeming to not know why I was giggling. I started to blush, looking down with a smile.

"What're you giggling about?" he confusingly asked as he got into the car.

"No reason..." I stated, looking down while now blushing madly.

"Are you sure?" he asked, his facial expression showing he was still confused. I nodded, a slight smile on my face.

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's nothing," I answered while looking at him. He shrugged, deciding to let it go as he started the car.

"Okay then," he said, pulling out of the parking lot and driving towards where the fair was.

"Can I play some music?" I asked after a couple of minutes.

"Yeah sure," he responded, taking his phone and connecting it to the stereo, then handing his phone to me.

"Thank you," I appreciatively said, going to YouTube and searching up my favorite song. I put on 'Blood in the Water' by Grandson, leaning my head against the window.

"Hm...this sounds kinda cool," Damian said halfway through the song.

"It's my favorite song, I love it," I said with a smile. He nodded, tapping his finger against the steering wheel to the beat. I looked back out the window, then playing the song 'You broke me first' by Tate Mcrae. It was a sadder song, but I related to it in a way from my past relationship.

"This is a new turn in song..." he said after a minute or so.

"Yeah, I know..." I replied quietly, looking out of the window.

"Hey, after this no more sad songs, we're trying to brighten up the mood," he said, making it known that he saw the bit of sadness in my face.

"Alright," I answered, then looking for other songs to put on. After a few minutes, I couldn't decide what song to pick, then looking up at Damian.

"What song do you wanna hear?" I asked him, holding his phone in between my hands.

"Um...put on 'Get out Alive' by Three Days Grace," he requested after a minute or so. I nodded, looking it up on YouTube and putting it on. I leaned my head back, listening to the music which had me not focused on the one before.

I glanced over at Damian, seeing him tapping his fingers and mouthing the words to the song. I softly smiled at him, a slight blush forming on my face.

After that song was over, I took the phone and put on a couple more. Halfway through a Lewis Capaldi song, we arrived at the fair. I smiled as I looked at all the rides and different games, feeling very excited.

"Are you ready?" he asked with a soft smile. I nodded eagerly, shooting out of the car and bolting to the line for tickets. I heard him chuckle as he got out of the car.

I held his hand after he walked over, dragging him over to the ticket counter, looking like a child.

"Someone's excited," he joked with a smile, pulling out his wallet and paying for both of our tickets.

" didn't have to pay for me, I have money..." I said, looking up at him. I then reached down, beginning to pull out my money as he grabbed my hand, pulling it out of my pocket.

"No, it's okay. This is my treat, remember?" he said softly to me. I blushed at what he said, looking down with a smile.

"You didn't have to-" I started when he interrupted me.

"It's okay Halo like I said, this is my treat," he kindly said to me, causing my blush to intensify.

"...T-Thank you..." I appreciatively mumbled. He nodded, then led me into the fair.

"Okay, so where do you wanna go first?" he asked as he intertwined our fingers with each other.

"Um..." I thought for a moment, then pointed at the Ferris wheel. "We can go on there as a couples ride?" I suggested with a smile.

"Yeah, that sounds fun," he agreed as he smiled back at me. He led me to the Ferris wheel, carefully helping me into the seat, that way I wouldn't hurt my arm and shoulder. He held my hand as he leaned back in the seat, a soft smile on my face as I looked at the view.

"It's pretty out here," I said once the Ferris wheel stopped at the very top.

"It is. Luckily it's nighttime since it always looks pretty at night," he replied while looking around. I nodded in agreement, looking around as the Ferris wheel began to cycle back to the ground. I slid out of the seat, moving a certain way so I wouldn't hurt myself.

We walked around for other things to do, my good hand cupped around Damian's while we walked.

"Do you wanna maybe play a game? We haven't really done much else..."

"We can, yeah,' I said, looking around for some games to play. "We could do one of those ring toss things," I suggested.

Damian shrugged. "Yeah, okay," he agreed, walking over to the ring toss with me. "You wanna do it or do you want me to?" he asked.

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, being I only had one functional arm it wouldn't be exactly easy to do.

"Right, sorry," he said quietly, paying for the game and then tossing the rings. I watched as he did so, seeing he got all of the rings around the bottles.

"What'd you want as a prize?" he asked, causing me to blush.

"You don't need to get me anything..." I started. He shook his head at my statement.

"I want to get it for you. Now, what do you want?" he asked again. I blushed madly at what he said, then looking up to find something to get. I pointed at the teddy bear, my gaze falling to the ground shyly.

He smiled after I pointed at what I wanted, then asking for the lady behind the counter for that one. She handed it to him, upon which he handed to me.

"Here you go," he sweetly spoke with a smile.

"Thank you..." I softly and shyly said.

"Of course," he responded, kissing my cheek. I couldn't help but blush at how nice he was, a smile forming on my face as well.

"Well, it's like 9:30. Do you wanna head back home?" he asked me. "I know we haven't really done much here, but if you want we can stay longer..."

"No, it's okay. We can head home now, I'm getting kinda tired anyway," I said, then right after yawning, confirming the fact I was tired.

"Okay, then let's go," he said, kissing my cheek and leading me to the front of the fair where we had parked.

While we were walking, Damian suddenly reached into his pockets rapidly and anxiously. I turned around, looking at him confused as he patted both of his pockets.

"What?" I asked while confused.

"I think I dropped my keys somewhere...shit," he cursed, looking around anxiously to find where they may have dropped. "Oh, thank god..." he then said, walking over to a grass spot where the keys were shining from the moonlight.

I turned around for a split second, then heard a loud bang. My body tensed as chills ran down my spine, jumping at the sudden loud noise. It sounded almost like...a gunshot...

I turned around to look for Damian when I saw him fall onto the ground and holding his chest. My eyes then widened, running as fast as I could over to him with my heart pounding heavily. I shook my head while terrified, not believing what I was seeing. He was clutching the middle of his chest where blood poured out, his eyes now half-open as he coughed up blood.

"No, no, no, no, no, stay awake! Please, you need to stay awake!" I pleaded as tears streamed down my face. He looked up at me faintly as blood poured from my mouth.

"I NEED HELP!" I screamed as tears fell from my eyes like a waterfall. I couldn't express the amount of fear I had, my body shaking from it.

People began running over to where we were, an entire crowd of people layering all sides like a circle. Suddenly, I heard a voice that sent more chills down my spine.

"I can call 911!" I heard Justin from the crowd shout. He ran over, holding the phone as he called them. Damian just barely looked up at him, then shook his head while clutching his chest.

"N-No...N-No..." he stuttered through bloody coughs. "I d-d-don't...l-like you..." I nodded in agreement, but let him call the cops anyway. I pressed my hand against his wound, tears streaming down my face still.

Justin got off the phone, looking at me. "An ambulance is on its way," he said, then moved over to me. "It'll be okay, he'll be okay, just calm down," he tried to comfort me, but I tried to move him off which only caused my arm pain.

"He might die! I can't calm down!" I screamed at him, then pressed my hand tighter against Damian's wound. I looked over, seeing his eyes start to close. I moved my hand off and slapped him hard.

"No, you need to stay awake, please! I need you! You can't leave me, not now, please!" I begged while sobbing. He jerked his eyes open, then coughing out more blood as pain showed on his face.

The ambulance arrived, the paramedics shoving both Justin and me out of their way to try and get Damian on a gurney. I attempted to reach for him, being stopped by Justin wrapping both arms around my waist and restraining me.

"LET ME GO!" I screamed as I kicked at his nuts to try and get him off.

"Halo, you need to calm down, they're going to take him to the hospital," he said while restraining me.

"I SAID LET ME GO!" I shouted while kicking and crying out in pain from my shoulder hurting. Justin grunted at all the times I kicked him, his grip around me loosening.

"Halo, please! I won't hurt you, just let me at least take you to the hospital, please!" he painfully begged. I stopped kicking, tears running down my face as I finally obliged.

I maneuvered myself out of his grip, leading him to the car so I could go to the hospital and make sure Damian was okay.

"...Y-You're gonna h-h-have to d-d-d-drive," I stuttered as I got into the passenger seat. Justin nodded, getting into the driver's seat and starting the car since he took Damian's keys before he had been taken by the ambulance.

I felt my heart pounding rapidly and heavily against my chest, not having felt this scared for a long while. Tears kept running down my face in fear that he wasn't going to be okay...that he wasn't going to make it. Who would've done this? I thought, then felt my heart skip a beat. That guy from earlier...he had screamed how he was gonna pay. But shooting him? By possibly killing him? I didn't want him to die, he couldn't die. I wouldn't be able to go on without him. I...I loved him...

He had to be okay...please...god just...let him be okay...

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