Love in a thousand pieces

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Chapter 7: Aftermath


Before I even knew what had happened, I felt my eyes shut and all of the pain that had reached through my chest disappear. I faded into nothing, like my mind had been washed by a wave. I hadn't really realized what had really happened to me in the first place. At one moment I was going to grab his keys, then another I was coughing up blood. All that stuck in my mind were the agonizing screams of Halo. Even in my mental wonderland that I had been sent to after falling asleep in the ambulance, I still remembered her crying and screaming.

While I was sedated by the paramedics, they had pulled out the bullet inside of my chest. It was a 9mm. pistol round. They used tweezers to set the bullet inside of a baggie to give to the police after I was awake and safe. It wasn't long before they arrived at the hospital, where they unloaded me from the back and rolled me inside. This wasn't the first time I had been in this hospital. I had been here for a long time at one point, so the doctors already knew me.

"Dixon?" a young doctor asked as she walked into the ER. She had a tan complexion with deep blue eyes. Her hair fiery red hair was tied into a tight bun that was covered with a plastic hairnet. She wore a white plastic suit which tied in the back over her actual clothes.

"Yes ma'am." one paramedic spoke, helping the others move me onto a bed in the ER.

"What is it this time? Another overdose?" the doctor asked, going over to my limp body on the bed.

"Gunshot wound to the chest. The bullet luckily missed his heart and diaphragm." the paramedic stated as the doctor looked me over.

She checked my heartbeat and my breathing, seeing I was barely holding on. "O'Brien! Go get oxygen! Shaffer! Hand me the draining tubes! McAllister, get me some tweezers and stitches. The bullet punctured his ribs, I'm sure there's bone shards." she stated. All of the doctors she called out scurried to go grab the utensils, then handing what the doctor needed. She grabbed the draining tubes and sucked out the bodily fluids away from the wound. She used the tweezers and took out any of the bone fragments and whatever small bullet fragments left she could find. After she removed the foreign pieces inside of me, she stitched my wound up and taped the outside of my chest. She was hoping though that my bones would heal correctly and she wouldn't have to do surgery later on in the future.

After a few long hours, I was stable condition and placed in my own room. I had been unconscious for hours, not realizing that anyone had entered my room. While I was asleep though, Halo had come in with Justin after hearing I was stable. She kept close to my side despite me not being able to realize she was. Through the long waiting and hours of me laying there asleep, she wept at my side and prayed I would wake up at any moment.

To her luck, however, the next day around three o'clock, I woke up from my heavy slumber. My eyes struggled to see through the intense light that blinded me instantly. A soft groan peeped through my mouth as I attempted to move my hand over my eyes. My body felt weak. It was as if a boulder had been placed on my body that forbid me from moving. I strained to move my head over to the side, seeing Halo comfortably sleeping in a brown chair beside the bed. Her soft, warm hand was clamped tightly around my rough hand.

"..." I struggled to even speak. Not even a word came out in the beginning. "...H.....H-Halo...?" I whispered in a croak.

Halo shot up as she heard my faint whisper. Despite her having just been sleeping, dark circles laid under her eyes as she stared at me for a moment blankly. Her eyes lit up after a moment, more or less jumping over to the bed and clasping my body into a tight embrace as if I were going to leave and never come back. I let out a grunt of pain.

"...C-Careful..." I softly whimpered.

"Sorry..." she replied, pulling away from the hug and looking at me as tears whelmed in her bright, tired eyes. "Y-You're alive.." she grinned as tears fell down her cheeks.

"...What...happened though?" I struggled to say, using every bit of strength to talk.

"...You..You got shot baby..." she softly said. "...The police don't know who did it yet but...t-they think it might have been someone you know...since they didn't shoot anyone else in that area..." she said quietly.

I looked at her in a bit of shock for a minute. I got shot...who would want me dead? I thought to myself. I swallowed hard, trying to get more words out.

"...We'll..figure it out...Halo..." I croaked quietly.

"Rest baby..." Halo said softly to me, sniffling and wiping her eyes.

"..O-Okay..." I stuttered, then closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

Another day passed and I had finally gained enough strength to move around and talk. My body was still pale and sore, but I was able to function at least. I had my body sat up in the comfortable hospital bed, a tray with a plate of food resting on top of my lap. I had a plate of pancakes with syrup. Right as I was about to dig in and eat, I felt my stomach knot up.

Justin came walking into the room with Halo, stopping in his tracks and looking at me. "" he rubbed the back of his neck. I sat there and glared at him, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Damian..I know you don't like him...but..he's the reason you're not dead..he called the ambulance..." Halo softly said. I could tell by her body language she didn't fully trust him, but I could tell she was trying.

"You're right, I don't like him." I said, trying to cross my arms but that still hurt my chest. I moved my arms back at my sides and looked away.

"I...I'm just gonna leave...I'll see you guys around..." Justin softly mumbled, turning on his heel and walking out of the room.

I was still glaring at the door as Halo came over to me and sat on the bed. "I really don't like him..." I softly growled.

"I know you don't, but he's been so nice lately." Halo said. "I don't trust him fully either, but if it weren't for him, you could be dead right now," she said.

"I know that, I just...I don't like him..." he mumbled, then sighed. "Can I go home now though?" he asked.

"The doctors are getting the discharge papers and your clothes, so yes," Halo said to me. I perked up and smiled.

"Thank god!" I grinned.

Soon after, the doctors came with my discharge papers which I had to sign, and grabbed my clothes. I walked into the little bathroom and changed, the clothes were now fresh, but there were still some bloodstains and a hole in the hoodie.

"Ready to go?" Halo asked as I exited the bathroom fully clothed. I nodded, walking over to her.

"You feel okay to walk? Can you breathe okay?" She asked me anxiously.

"I'm fine, Halo." I said. "Yeah, my chest hurts, but that's normal being I got shot." I added on "Let's just go, I'm starving and hospital food isn't cutting it." Halo softly laughed at my statement.

"Okay, let's go." she said, moving her hand into mine and walking with me to the car.

I got into the passenger seat as Halo situated herself in the driver's. She started the car and pulled out of the hospital parking lot. I looked out the window, my eyes focusing on what was outside.

"Where do you wanna go eat?" Halo asked after a moment of silence.

"I don't care, just somewhere good." I replied, glancing over at her.

"McDonald's?" she suggested as she turned down another street.

"Yeah, that sounds good." I agreed, turning my head to look out the window once more.

Halo nodded as she pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru. I had told her what I wanted, which she told the lady taking our orders while she ordered her own food. I sat there eagerly, feeling excited to eat good food. She pulled up to the window and grabbed her wallet, paying for the meal.

"...I wish I had my wallet..." Damian huffed. "I feel useless having my girlfriend buy things for me..."

"Damian, you already do so much for me, let me do this." she smiled as she paid for our meal.

I sighed and watched as our food was handed to us. I really wished I would have paid, because I felt this need to do everything for her. Nonetheless, I was happy I had something good to eat.

"Thank you." I said, taking a sip of my Dr. Pepper and dug into the sandwich I ordered.

"You're welcome baby." Halo smiled, driving down the road as she snacked on the fries. I noticed she only picked out the soggy ones.

"You like the flimsy ones?" I asked, looking over at her.

"Yeah, the crunchy ones taste weird to me," she said as she reached for another fry.

"I'll trade you the soggy fries for the crunchy ones." I offered since I felt the exact opposite when it came to fries.

"Deal!" she grinned, taking the container of soggy fries and snacking on them as she drove.

I chuckled softly as I ate my own fries, eventually feeling the car stop as we parked at the apartment complex. I put the container of fries back into the bag and grabbed my drink. I struggled to open my door but managed to get it open after a few hard pushes. I stepped out with a small stumble. My eyes widened in fear that I would drop the food.

"Careful baby!" Halo rushed over and took the bag from my arms. "I don't want you hurting yourself."

"I'm fine Halo, I didn't even fall." I expressed, but held my drink as I followed her. I didn't feel like arguing, since I really was still in pain. I didn't want to worry her though.

They walked inside the apartment and were instantly greeted by Taco. His tail was wagging insanely as he licked at our feet.

"Hey Taco." I said, bending down so I could pet him. I winced softly and stood up because bending was hurting my chest.

"Rest, Damian. Here...go to the couch, I'll set down our food." Halo said, walking over and setting the food down. She came over and picked up Taco, setting him down on the couch.

I walked over to the couch and sat between Taco and Halo. "I'm sorry for being such a pain in the ass..." I mumbled.

"You're not a pain in the ass, Damian, what happened wasn't your fault." Halo said to me, which only made me sigh.

"I don't want you to always have to worry about me though, I want to be the one to take care of you." I expressed to her, looking down as I finished my fries.

"Sometimes it's okay to be the one in need of care, Damian..." Halo said to me, sighing softly.

"I know, but I...I don't like being so vulnerable..." I quietly admitted, my voice just above a whisper as I turned my head away.

"It's okay to be vulnerable baby." she replied, moving her soft hand to my cheek and turned my head to face her. "I care about you, and when you need to be taken care of, I will do it gladly. You don't always have to be strong." she said softly to her. "It's okay to break down sometimes."

"..." I was lost for words. My heart had been touched by what she said, I couldn't even argue. "...You're too nice to me."

"No, I'm giving you what you deserve." she smiled at me, leaning over and kissing my lips. She pulled away after a moment and looked away. "Are you finished eating?"

"Yeah, I'm done." I said, getting my trash and putting it inside the McDonald's bag. "Again, thank you."

"There's no need to thank me baby." she said with a smile, glancing over at me. "You can go take a nap, you look tired." she added, moving her hand back to my cheek and caressed under my eyes. "Rest."

I nodded softly and stood up. My body swayed a little as I felt a rush go through my head. I groaned a little and stumbled. "...Shit."

"Are you okay?" Halo asked as she jolted up.

"I'm fine...I light headed all of a sudden..." I spoke, holding my head as I slowly started regaining my energy. "I'm alright..."

"Are you sure?" she worryingly asked.

"Yes, I'm sure." I said, slowly walking to the bedroom. "...I think I just need sleep."

"Okay baby, if you need anything let me know..." Halo kindly said to me. I nodded to her and walked to the bedroom. I laid on the bed, covering myself with the comfy blanket. Before I even knew it, I was fast asleep.

9 Hours Later

I woke up to a thump, jolting up and looking around the dark bedroom confusingly. I looked at the time, seeing it was one o'clock in the morning. I slowly shifted out of the bed, holding my chest with my left arm as I stumbled to the door. I turned around first, noticing Halo was still asleep. I turned to look at the door again, slowly creaking it open.

I stepped into the living room quietly, looking around the dark area intently. My eyes scanned every inch of the living room, not finding anyone or anything. I then heard another thump, which caused Taco who was in a deep sleep to suddenly wake up and growl at the door.

"Shh, Taco let me check..." I whispered, walking slowly towards the front door since that was where I heard the thump. I grabbed my keys from the table and held my car key between my index and middle finger in case anyone was outside. I slowly opened the door, holding the keys out instantly.

"...I need help..."
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