Pretty When I Cry

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July grow up in a household where she was taught how to be the perfect perfect house wife. At the age of 19 her father decide that that she was ready get married. Her father holds an auction and sells her to the highest bidder(Elijah Griffin). Elijah as had a hard life, but has found a way to raise through what was expected of him. Elijah however has a dark past and an even darker secret. Will Elijah be able to see July has more than just an accessory and will July be able to love Elijah regardless of his dark secret.

Romance / Drama
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“Father, I don’t think I’m ready for this?” I told my father in a voice so soft it was almost a whisper.
”Don’t be ridiculous girl. This is what I’ve been raising you for.” His voice raspy from a lifetime of smoking cigarettes answered back.

He was right. I’ve known since I could remember that I would be married off to some rich man that put in the highest bet. My father had taught my sisters and I how to be the perfect housewives. My father raised my sisters and I to be the perfect house wives. He truly was a cold hearted man, he taught us to only speak only when spoken to, to do whatever a man asked us of without question. Once he deemed us ready for marriage he would hold an auction with the most powerful men in the world and would sell us off like cattle.

“July... July did you hear me” the stinging sensation of my fathers cold hand dragged me out of my thoughts.
“I’m sorry Father; I’ll pay attention." I flinched as he brought his hand up to caress my face.
"Good now put on a million dollar smile. After all that’s what this man paid for you. It’s time to meet your now owner." His laugh quickly turned into a dry cough. He let go of my face and starts walking us towards the stairs.
"Yes Father."

I nodded my head and put on my best smile. My father proceeded to grab my arm and drag me down the stairs and all the way into the ballroom. There I was faced with a room full of strange people.

I got to see the amount of people who made it to my engagement party. To see all these strangers looking up at me made want to run away and hide.

It dawned on me this was my engagement party. I had watched movie were teenage would go out to high school party's, but this was nothing like that. I never dreamed that my first party would be My Engagement. My father almost never let my sisters and I go out. We were home schooled and we had people bring us things. He all says that it's to "protect us" We weren't even allowed to go to my older sisters, October, engagement party or wedding.

My father dragged me to a little stage area in between the grand stairs. He picked up two glasses of champagne handing me one and tapping a spoon against his champagne glass. Gaining the attention of the room filled with well dressed men and women.

“It is such an honor to have all of you here to celebrate the greatest moment in my beautiful daughters, July, life.” He spoke like he actually cared about of me; this was the man that has sold his oldest daughter to a complete stranger. Yet here he sounded like a loving and devoted father.
"I remember when July was a little girl, she would dance around our house dreaming of the day she would get married. She would wear here mothers wedding dress and married about everything.- "My father stopped and reached into his pocket to take out a handkerchief to wipe his crocodile tears. I was seriously impressed if I didn't know my father, I would have thought that he actually cared about me. "- and now she gets to plan her dream wedding. I'm sad to see my little girl go, but I know that it's to the man she loves. Elijah why don't you join us on stage for this next part.

A man in a perfectly tailored, navy blue suit stood up and began walking towards me. This was him, the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. As he got closer I started to make out details about him, he appeared to be on his mid 30. He has salt pepper hair that was lazily brushed back from his face. His pale blue eyes stood out compared to his golden tan skin. A five clock shadow hunted his had and as he got closer I noticed a slight smile on his face that revealed small wrinkles. I was starstruck at how attractive this man was I was expecting a grimy, monstrous old man, that his last choose was to buy a bride. But nope, this man defiantly get a woman. But something has to be wrong with him, because no able man would do this.

He finally reached the stage area and got down on one knee in front of me, pulling out a small velvet royal blue box out. Inside the box was a stunning teardrop sapphire ring with small diamonds surrounding the sapphire.

“July Grant, will you do me the honor of making our engagement official?” Remember ladies and gentlemen this is all a show I scream in my head.
“Yes... a million times Yes!!!” I reached out to help him stand. He slid the ring on my finger. It felt like he had just slipped on a 40 pound ball and chain on my life. He slipped one hand into my hair and the other into the smalls of my back and kissed me. A kiss that our audience, I'm sure, looked all to real and passionate. I on the other hand was just stunned. I could feel my cheeks turn a violent shade of red, this after all was my first kiss. As I broke our kiss I could hear the thunder of applause coming from our "FRIENDS".

Mr. Griffin pulled me off the stage and lead me over to a table, that was mainly empathy.
“July.. that’s a unique name.” he grabbed my left hand and started playing with his ring. I softly pulled my hand away from him
“My father named my sisters and I after the month we were born.” I said giving him a timid smile.
“I'm assuming that none of you were born in the same month. Why don't you tell me about them.” He seemed genuinely interested, but if he was even half as good an actor as my father than this was just part of the act.
“Ok, I have 4 sisters. The oldest is my sister October. She's married with a baby boy and one on the way. Then there's me and my 3 little sisters; December, September and May. I love them so much, I can't image my life without them. What about you, Mr. Griffin, do you have any siblings?"
"Oh please, call me Elijah and yes I do I have a brother, Stephen. We can talk about me later, right now I want to get to know you Why don't we go outside to talk in a more quite place." He said nudging his head over to an older lady who was clearly acting like she wasn't eaves dropping in on our conversation. I gave him a small nod and stud up knowing pretty well that I had no choice. I was his property now.

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