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A quote from this book: "I told you this town wouldn't let me forget what I did," River muttered. "I'll never live down what I did. Even if everyone else forgot about what I did, I never will. I'll take it to the grave, and I know that." Dallas Parker suffers years of abuse from her boyfriend, Jax, in Los Angeles, California. After being brutally beaten again, Dallas Parker escapes with her young son Lyle. She finds comfort in going back to her hometown, Anaconda, Montana. She was born and raised in this small town by her Aunt Helen. At eighteen years old, Dallas Parker ran off to California to escape the horrible things that happened in Montana. Now that she is back, she will have to face her troubled past head-on. Everyone is stunned by Dallas's return, especially her ex-best friend River Storm. River and Dallas are forced to deal with their past. Even though it is sweet to be home, there will be consequences. What would you do if it felt like the world was out to destroy you? The romance will leave you breathless. The drama will leave you in shock. The suspense will keep you up all night reading. Take a ride on the country-side with these two rebels.

Romance / Drama
Brooke Anne Dittmar
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Summary: Dallas Parker returns to her hometown in Montana with her son Lyle. Dallas must face a difficult past, a past that she left behind.


For Susan Johnson, who fought stage four pancreatic cancer. Susan was one of my readers who I was lucky enough to meet. Susan was a kind, brave, and beautiful woman that was taken too soon. God bless her and her family.

December 18th, 2019

A quote from this book:

“I told you this town wouldn’t let me forget what I did,” River muttered. “I’ll never live down what I did. Even if everyone else forgot about what I did, I never will. I’ll take it to the grave, and I know that.”

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