Why did I get married “IMVU EDITION”

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Why did I get married? That question gets asked a lot but the answer is simple. Let’s take a journey in the life of the James’s what started off as a friendship that sky rocketed into what turned into a happily ever after

Romance / Drama
Gia james
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Why did I get married

Chapter 1. Gia’s life

A young single mom of 3 who worked as a model agent in search of love . She worked countless hours day in and day out making sure her kids didn’t go without . Gia had six sisters and one brother she loved her family very dearly she was a young hot goofy young lady who could put a smile on anyone’s face she was the life of the party wherever she went there was never a dull moment. She also owned several homes that people would love to pop in and Admire the decorations that the homes had. One day her sister stop by the office with her new man she introduced Gia and the young man with a smile Gia welcome the young man to the family. With a smile the young man accepted the warm welcome . But this was not just no ordinary meet and greet the young man couldn’t keep his eyes off the young single mother it’s like he knew her or something but without a clue Gia walked back to her desk and continued her work. This sister had things to finish up at the office and as she finished her work they was beginning to leave, as they was leaving Gia and the young man locked eyes and proceeded to say goodbye. Gia Continued to finish up her work and as she finished she then proceeded to lock up the office as she was locking up the office she got a text from the young man......

Chapter 2. The friendship

As Gia begins to look down at her phone she noticed it was from the young man that she had saw with her sister earlier that day and was wondering why he was texting her and how he even gotten a hold of her number. She then goes to the car and sits down to read the text she noticed it was a text of worry and disbelief, Gia being the kind hearted girl she was she then proceeds to call the young man and he begins to tell her what’s happening with him and her sister . To Gia he sounded really stressed and worried so she calms him down and then talks to him trying to reassure him that everything will be okay, he thanks her after a hour of conversation they hang up
And then Gia proceeds to call her sister to see what’s going on the sister explains that she wanted to just leave everything behind and give up including her new found relationship with the young man but Gia gives her words of encouragement and the sister then decides to call the young man and they work things out. The young man then calls Gia to thank her for helping them. Gia heads home to where her kids were excited to see her walk through the door, she cooks for them and gives them baths then put them to bed. Gia is exhausted and lays across the bed and dozes off.

Chapter 3. All hell breaks loose

The next morning gia wakes up still in her clothes but the kids were still asleep she then gets up and showers and gets breakfast started. She turns on the tv , “the news is on” she sits down and drinks a cup of coffee as Emoni “Gia’s daughter” gets up she greets her with a smile and a kiss on the cheek she washes her hands and face and comes back to the kitchen for breakfast while the other two kids kyro and kahzir are still fast asleep. They have their little girl chat then Gia’s phone ring “it’s her brother ace” Gia answers the phone but walks away from the table where Emoni proceeds to eat her breakfast , “ hello brother good morning” but this was not a good morning call , her brother then begins to tell her what’s going on between him and his ex aka the sister with the new found relationship, as the brother talks gia heart drop and so does the phone Emoni hears it and goes to her mother’s aid Gia assures her that she is ok just shocked. She then calls her twin “dime” dime rushes over to her house and asked “what the hell is going on” Gia proceeds to tell her so then the other sisters come over. honey and Alexis arrived they all go outside to talk about what ace just called and told Gia about his ex not knowing what to do she then proceeds to call ace back and instruct him to tell the young man “Mark” what’s going on and to provide proof on what’s going on behind his back. As night falls things turn terrible relationships are torn apart and hearts are broken.

Chapter 4. The friendship

Later that night gia gets a text from the young man mark and she rushes over to his home. Yes of course he was hurt and in tears but Gia comforted him and reassured him with her by his side things were gonna be okay, for some odd reason even with everything that happen to him he still found a way to trust Gia. They sat up all night and talked he expressed how he felt about the situation, Gia listened And gave positive feedback. They then hugged and said goodnight Gia left and went home to her kids not knowing the friendship she just formed was gonna one day turn into a love that she had been searching for. The next day she gets a thank you text from mark and was invited to have brunch with him “friendly date” she then agrees and gets dressed and meets him , they greet and gets a table and sit and talk and eat. Gia finds herself catching feelings and falling for the young man but it wasn’t just no ordinary liking she knew he had just gotten out of an terrible relationship that ended very badly so she didn’t want to push up on him to hard then end up hurt so she keep it to a minimum. After brunch he followed her home to make sure she got there safe and sound and they hugged and parted ways. They both couldn’t stop smiling the feelings were definitely there but they both were playing it safe . Her sisters then asked what is it or who is it that got her smiling and glowing she then tells them as she tells them they were in disbelief but wanted Gia to be careful and cautious but Gia knew this time this man was different she just felt it deep down that this was the man she needed and was looking for.

Chapter 5. The new found love

As time went on Gia and mark started seeing each other more and more they got really close till they friendship was inseparable Gia liked the life she was living and loving the new friend she had made her sisters started to notice how happy she was and supported everything she did . Mark started to come around more and more until it was like he was apart of the family again, he would bring her flowers to work and take her to lunch on her lunch break . Everything with them two was perfect nothing could come inbetween them mark then one day asked gia to be his girlfriend she was so happy and excited she told everyone they all supported her decision and supported their relationship. Gia had now found the man of her dreams , ex’s started to pop up and ruin things but their love was so strong nothing could tear them apart not even the ex’s . As time passed a month into dating no sex no sexual activities just awesome dates laughter And bonding mark then came up with a way to ask Gia to be his wife he felt like she was the one so with the blessing of her sisters and brother mark proceeded to make arrangements for the proposal that Gia had no clue about . Mark then asked her to wear something elegant and her brother was going to pick her up for dinner which she thought was strange but to hell with it as long as she was around mark she didn’t care why the brother was bringing her. They then arrive to the place but she noticed everyone was there so she started to get suspicious she then asked what’s going on everyone played dumb but she was clueless n everyone still played it cool so mark then proceeded to tell Gia how he felt and before she could turn around he was down on one knee and asked for her hand In marriage . She couldn’t believe it that he saw fit for her to wear his last name and she was actually gonna be a wife.

Chapter 6. The happily ever after

Weeks have gone by and Gia started to plan the biggest wedding for her and her fiancé with his help and the help of her family everything came together so well as time winded down and it got closer and closer to their big day things couldn’t have gotten any better they were both excited she then designed a home for them and the kids . The day came everything was perfect they had gotten married on and island with a cruise ship as their reception people came family and friends to support the two people who had fallen in love with one another “ what Hod had put together no man could tear apart” they held that saying close to them and still to this day they are still married and inseparable. What once was a friendship turned into a ever lasting Love. So why did I get married you may ask I got married for Love and happiness a friendship that last forever a secure foundation that my kids can continue a dynasty that’s strong And powerful to the man of my dreams the story may have ended but we are still writing the ending . IMVU EDITION
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