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Gabriel liked Aiden. Scratch that he loved him. For two years to be exact, but when Gabriel finally confessed, things took a turn. He didn't know what to do. His feelings then became so complicated. Does his love for Aiden continue? Or is Xavier able to sweep him off his feet? Read to find out :) (story from Wattpad, this is my story that my best friend has helped me write. Some credit goes to him)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Gabriels POV

¨Gabriel Hickens get up for school right now!¨ I groaned at hearing my mom’s voice from downstairs. Rolling over, I glanced at the clock. 6:30. I had thirty minutes to get ready. The cold air hit me while I stood up and walked to the bathroom. My reflection scared me, I looked so dead. I jumped in the shower and turned the temperature to cold. This should wake me up.

After my shower, I quickly threw on a black sweater with my black ripped jeans and converse. I can NOT be late. The smell of toast traveled to my nose and it smelled amazing.

¨You’re taking your brother to school today. No ands, ifs, or buts about it.¨ My mother informed me as I sat down. ¨Okay okay, where is he anyway?¨

As if he could hear us, James walked downstairs and sat down. ¨Good morning.¨ James mumbled. ¨Good morning love.¨ My mom kissed his forehead and gave me and him our toast. ¨Now go, I don’t want you guys to be late!¨ We rushed out of the door and into my mom’s car. ¨Buckle up.¨ I said, and James buckled himself in as I drove to school.

Pulling in, I could see Lauren waiting by the school doors. ¨Wait for me in the car after school.¨ I told my brother while walking off. He answered with a nod.

¨Bestie!!¨ I cheered running over to Lauren, jumping on her. She was a little taller than me, but I didn’t mind. ¨Where have you been?¨ I pouted.

¨I was sick Gabe.¨ I huffed. ¨You could have texted me Laurie!¨ She looked down at me. ¨I was sleeping the entire time, chill.¨ She laughed at my pouting face. ¨Besides, look behind you.¨ I turned around and caught sight of Aiden...Aiden.

I have crushed on him for two years now. I mean, who wouldn’t fall head over heels for him. He was tall, muscular, and drop-dead handsome. His black hair was always styled messily. His eyes were so easy to get lost in. Today he was wearing a tight-fitting shirt with loose sweatpants. You could see every muscle move as he walked towards the school. ¨Stop drooling. You’re making it obvious.¨ I glared at her, she just patted my head. Draping her arms over my shoulders she said ¨Lets go to class before we get detention.¨


After class, I waited by my locker for Lauren. ¨Boo.¨ I jumped and quickly turned around which resulted in me losing my balance. I stumbled backward and bumped into someone. That someone happened to be my crush for two years, Aiden.

Blushing and stuttering, I managed out a ¨S-sorry!¨ He smiled at me and I just melted. ¨It’s fine.¨ He assured as he walked away. ¨He just smiled at me..¨ I whispered. ¨Now thank me, the amazing Lauren!¨ She was joking, but I thanked her anyway. ¨I know you just wanna stand there and drool over what happened, but we have lunch to get to.¨ She grabbed my hand and dragged me all the way to the lunchroom.

After we grabbed our lunch trays, we sat at an empty table. ¨There’s a party tonight...¨ Lauren started. ¨We both know I don’t do parties.¨ I argued

¨Aiden will be there.¨ She finished, knowing she convinced me to go. ¨Okay fine, just don’t get drunk and leave me by myself.¨ She promised and started eating. I just poked at my food, it didn’t look appetizing. ¨I’m coming over later to choose your clothes. You’re going to get Aidens attention!¨ What she said excited me. Will I finally get a chance with Aiden? I couldn’t wait for the party, I was going to try to make my move.

Aiden’s POV

The lunch table was loud, as usual. Everyone was laughing at a joke Xavier said, but I was out of it. Who was that guy that bumped into me? I haven’t seen him around. ¨Dude, are you going?¨ Xavier’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts. He’s been my best friend for years.

¨Going where?¨ He just rolled his eyes at me. ¨Travis’s party tonight. I heard Maya was going.¨ He nudged my side at Maya’s name. She was every guy’s dream girl. Gorgeous, curvy, and she knew how to have a good time. She just happens to be really into me.

¨Of course I’m going.¨ I finished my food and dumped my tray, catching sight of that kid. He was talking to some chick that I didn’t know the name of. He was extremely short. His eyes captured my attention. They were a deep green with a speckle of blue in them. Wait how did I know that? I shook the thought from my head and continued my journey out of the lunchroom.

Stopping at my locker, I get a phone call. It’s my dad. ¨Hello?¨ I was annoyed that he called. ¨Hey son, I’m going to be working extra late so I won’t be home tonight. There is money on the table for food. I have to go. Bye.¨ He hung up before I could answer. My dad sounded really sorry. ¨Bye dad.¨ I said.

Gabriels POV

I sat in my seat, waiting for class to begin. This is a class I had with Aiden. Watching the door, I waited. When Aiden finally did walk into the classroom, I could feel my heart speed up. He made eye contact with me. This was new, and my heart skipped a beat.

We held eye contact for a few seconds before the teacher walked in and told him to take a seat. Dang that teacher. We were making a connection. I huffed, resting my head on my hand. Class is extremely boring. I didn’t even pay attention to what the teacher was saying. I was too busy daydreaming about Aiden. The bell rang and I stood up. Gathering my stuff and walking out of the door. My shoulder brushes Aiden and I swear I could feel sparks. Rushing out of there, I searched for Lauren. After finding her, I told her about what happened. “Wow, you really are in love with him.” She laughed. A sad look had crossed my face. He was out of my league, he would never like me. I am being so naive. Lauren noticed.

“Oh come on. I’ll give you a piggyback ride to the car. I’m coming over to your house.” She crouched down and I smiled while climbing onto her back. Lauren stood up fast making me latch onto her tighter, afraid of falling. “I’m not gonna drop you, Gabe. You weigh practically nothing.” She giggled. I laughed with her as she took off running to the car. People looked at us weird, but I didn’t care.

I’m so glad to have her. We passed Aiden and like everyone else, he watched us as she kept running. Slowing down, she put me on the ground and hopped in the backseat since James was already in the passenger. “Heyo James.” Lauren smiled at him.

“Hey, Lauren.” I slid into the driver’s seat and started the car. While driving home, me and Lauren’s favorite song came on. We were now singing horribly while James laughed at us. James hopped out of the car as soon as I pulled into the driveway. “Your singing was killing my eardrums.” He whined.

Lauren glared at James. “My singing is amazing, you’re just jealous!” She pouted at him playfully.

“Of what?” he asked. “Your screeching?” She gasped, pretending to take offense. When we entered the house, my mom rushed to us. “Hey Lauren, I haven’t seen you in a while.” I rolled my eyes as my mom gushed at my friend. After they were done chatting I grabbed Lauren’s hand.

“We’re studying!” I shouted as I dragged her up the stairs to my room. Lauren just giggled as I shut the door and locked it.

“I didn’t realize how much you wanted me~” She stuck her tongue out. She always joked around, we both did. I laughed. “Oh get over yourself!” I went to my closet and opened the door. “So what’cha planning for tonight?” I asked as Lauren went through my clothes, throwing some onto the floor. She had a frustrated look on her face as she swiped through my shirts.

“I don’t get it. You’re gay and yet all your clothes are trash.” She looked at me in disgust. “You’re supposed to be more stylish than me!” She cried out dramatically.

I just rolled my eyes.”Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I like clothes. And why can’t I just go as myself? Why do I have to be ‘stylish’?” I asked while air-quoting.

Lauren starred at me as if I was stupid. “Seriously, Gabe? It’s so that Aiden notices you! If you go in your everyday clothes, how is that supposed to impress him?” I knew she was trying to help, but I didn’t want to change how I looked. Sure, Aiden was hot and someone I wouldn’t mind changing for. But this was just a party, and I was most likely to get covered in throw up and get totally drunk.

“Look Lauren, I love you, I do. But can’t I just go as myself?” I asked, pleading for her to let me off the hook. Last time she made me her dress-up doll, I had indents from skinny jeans for days. That was not a fun experience.

“Fine,” She groaned. “But you have to at least let me style your hair and fix you up.” I guessed it was better than spending an hour trying to get tight pants off.

“Ok then. Just no make-up.” She nodded and went through my closet again, pulling out my black jeans and a button-down red shirt that I only wore once to my uncle’s funeral.

“Here! Now go change,” she pushed me into my bathroom. To be honest, I was excited about the party. I was hoping, maybe praying that Aiden would notice me. But the downside was all my insecurities running through my head as I got dressed.

What if he’s straight? What if he doesn’t like me? What if he laughs? What if-

I stopped that train of thought and took a breath. It doesn’t matter what happens tonight. Just as long as I get to talk to him, I’ll be fine.

Buttoning up my shirt, I walked out and turned to Lauren, who was on her phone. “Well?”

I asked. I spun a bit. I wasn’t much for clothes, but I knew I looked good.

She looked up and squealed. “Oh my god, you look so cute!!!” I covered my ears, muffling her screeching. I pulled on a white sweater over it. I didn’t know if it was going to be cold tonight or not.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it, I look hot.” I smirked as I plopped down on my bed.

“Now who’s so full of themselves?” she laughed and jumped next to me.”We got a few hours to kill. So what do you want to do?” She turned to me.

I jumped off the bed and walked to my console. “Let’s play Minecraft.”

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