The Gentle Alpha

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Mark is feeling lost and falling into despair until he meets his mate, Lexi. Will things go smoothly for this mated couple or is there something waiting for them to make a mistake? From the moment they met in that bar, things have been happening and it seems that Lexi is the key to it.

Romance / Drama
Ashley S
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Chapter 1: His mate is found

Werewolves since they were first born centuries ago have lived hidden from humans. Once they were the protectors and beloved by humans but things changed as people grew more frightened of what they could do. To protect her beloved children, the moon goddess granted them an area to call their own.

Over time things settled where the werewolves had their pups, found their one true mate, and lived in peace. Over time that one area was not enough so each Alpha from the first Alpha's line branched off into making their own packs and finding spots where they could grow based on how they felt a pack should be run. The oldest child of the first Alpha took over the original pack and with his mate, they produced a strong son to one day take over.

One thousand years pass by leading into the modern age. The original pack still lives where it started so long ago, but the current alpha is a gentle but strong warrior. He is the son of one of the descendants from that oldest son a thousand years ago. Mark is still without his mate and it is starting to look as if he will never find her. Each year he goes and visits every pack when the time comes to look for mates. And each year since he had turned 18 has left him disappointed.

This year has been no different so far even as he is heading home from yet another failed search for his mate. Luke is his beta and best friend. Luke is growing worried about his friend though as this is not safe for any male to go so long without finding their mate.

Luke found his mate two years ago in their own pack when a new member joined and since then they have happily started their lives as mates. Their first born just turned a year old last month. Mark is truly happy for his friend and often spends time with them when he can because he loves that little one as if the baby was part of his own family.

Luke says softly to Mark, "You will find her. Maybe tonight we should go to the human town and have a beer like we did when we were teenagers." It has been a while since they have done anything together without being around Luke's mate, Maria.

Mark sighs as he says, "Honestly, I don't know if that is a good idea. I just don't really feel up to doing much. I feel like I am failing the pack. My father met my mother by the time they were 20. I am now 23 years old and still without my mate. Mom is getting worried and so is my father. I need an heir to pass the pack to when the day comes for me to step down for my own son."

The stress and pressures are growing with each passing year. There is the risk of his wolf going feral in a few more years if he doesn't find his mate soon. If that happens he will lose what his ancestors have fought so hard to keep going. While he is a gentle soul which wins the loyalty of his pack. He is not afraid to punish those who have committed wrongs or to punish the rouges who don't ask permission to be upon this pack land.

Luke gives Mark that goofy grin as he says, "Tonight, we are going out for an hour at least. We will make sure the pack is safe as we will only be gone for a short while. Enough to get a beer or two and relax from the stress upon us. Besides, I am mated now so it wouldn't hurt for me to have a little time with my friend. Also it will give my mate some time with her friends and their little ones too without me tagging along all the time."

Mark finally agrees as he knows Luke won't stop until he gets his way for this one night. It is rare for Luke to want to spend any time away from his mate but this just proves to Mark that Luke really wants to cheer up his best friend.


"Are you ready yet?" Luke asks as he pokes his head into Mark's room. The bedroom is nice with red oak for the bed, dresser, nightstand, and closet door for the walk in closet. It is a simple design with artwork that he made himself to hang upon the walls. While they didn't mingle with humans more than necessary, he did go to high school with humans in the nearby town.

Mark is just in his jeans and shoes when Luke pokes his head in. Mark is not bothered by this because nudity and partial nudity are part of pack life. Mark puts his shirt on over his chiseled abs and runs a comb through his wet golden blonde hair.

In the mirror he looks at his reflection long enough to see that he looks presentable. Luke sees the pain still in those emerald green eyes and his plan is to ease it as best he can. Little does he know this trip may just ease it more than they know.

Once they finally make it into town, Luke parks at the local bar where the niece of one of their pack members works. For the past few years she has been away at college studying but she is finally home and ready to make her life as best she can. She left before she turned 18 so there is no way to know who her possible mate is.

Upon entering the building, Mark looks at Luke and whispers, "My mate is here..." He is not yet sure which one the scent belongs to as the bar is packed tonight. But he knows his mate is near and his wolf is urging him in the direction that the scent is coming from.

Luke whispers, "Go ahead and look while I get us a table. I will order us each a beer while I wait." Luke is happy to hear that and wonders if his best friend is about to have a human or werewolf mate. If the mate is human, then the poor female will have to go through a conversion to a werewolf. It is a painful process but it is one that every human survives without issue. There are rare cases where something goes wrong but it is very, very rare to happen.

Mark nods as he goes ahead and walks through the crowd up to the bar. His wolf is urging him that way so his mate must be somewhere at the bar. That is when he meets the eyes of the most beautiful female he has ever seen. She is the bartender. For a moment all he can do is look into her stunning lavender colored eyes as his wolf screams at him that this is his mate.

He has no idea what his mate is feeling but he is feeling joy for the first time since he turned 18 years old. He knows her as well because he says, "Lexi, is that really you?" They grew up together until she left for college wanting to make sure she learned something before coming back to the pack. He has not seen her since they graduated high school three months before her 18th birthday.

Lexi grins as she says, "Hi there Mark. I was planning to come visit you after my shift tonight. It has been a while, I was so busy with work this past month that I haven't had time to come by. My aunt and uncle must have talked to yours by now about my return."

Lexi feels the mate bond and wonders why she waited so long to come back. To be honest she always liked Mark a lot. But she didn't want to make a move in case she was not his true mate. She respects his position and has been waiting for her mate.

Mark asks, "When do you get off of work? We are going to need to talk. I have missed you. Luke is here too, maybe you can join us for a beer if you get off your shift soon enough."

Lexi grins at the offer and it makes Mark's heart race. He finds her grin to be very sexy. He is waiting for her answer and hopes she won't reject him. Lexi says, "I get off of work in half an hour. I don't mind joining you and Luke. We haven't hung out since the weekend before I left for college. Every time I visited, you were always away or insanely busy. You are right, we need to talk and catch up later when we are alone. For now, don't keep Luke waiting. You two have your guy time until I can go crash it."

This makes Mark and Lexi laugh as it is like old times. Mark honestly had no idea his mate would be someone he knew so well already. This brings him more happiness than he has thought possible. He can't wait to be alone with his mate.

Author's Note:

This is my first story I am making on Inkitt. Please bear with me as I want to make a good one. I am willing to take suggestions for possible outcomes to make this story interesting. Just please don't rush the updates.

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