The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 10: The calm before the storm

Four months pass by since that rouge attack that landed Mark in the pack hospital. Lexi was able to take him home to the pack house after the first week but since they they have been doing all they can to figure out why they attacked and why they want Lexi.

Lexi is sitting at breakfast thinking back to what they have managed to find out in the past four months. So far they know from the rouge captured alive that Lexi is the target and that at least one pack was backing the rouges for that attack. There hasn't been an attack like that since the four months has passed.

This worries Lexi as she has a feeling that this is not over. That things are just beginning. Her luna training finished last month and now she is fully prepared to help her mate run the pack. Lexi hears Mark coming down the stairs. She is seeing that he looks like he once again didn't sleep well.

Lexi is worried because she can tell her mate is overdoing it. They were going to try for a pup this month but lately with all this going on, they have put starting a family on hold. She goes to Mark and gently touches his arm, "Mark, come eat and then I think you need to rest a little more. For right now, we need to keep our strength up."

Mark looks at his mate and nods as he sighs, "You are right. I am sorry my darling. I have been so concerned with keeping the pack safe and you safe, that I am not resting enough. Is there anything you need help with later?" He figures maybe it is time to spend a little time with his mate.

Lexi smiles softly as she agrees with his comment. She considers his question and says, "Well, I was thinking of looking over what is needed for the next pack event. I am going to need you to sign off on some stuff so I will welcome your help on that."

Mark smiles as he knows that is part of what the luna does but he loves helping his mate with her work when he can. He knows that due to what has been going on, he is putting too much on hold when it comes to his mate. Mark asks Lexi, "Are you disappointed that I have been causing us to put our family planning on hold?"

Lexi is surprised to hear him ask this because honestly she understands why. She also has not voiced the bit of disappointment she feels as she is finally ready to start a family. Lexi is not aware that Mark knew she may feel that way. Maybe more of it is leaking through their link then she has thought.

Lexi sighs as she says, "I am a little disappointed because I am ready to start and don't know when we will do this if we keep letting things stop us. But I understand the danger and you fear bringing a pup into that."

Mark feels guilty now but he knows that is not his mate's intention. He knows she is right that they can't keep letting possible dangers stop them from what they want. There will always be danger to the pack in some form or another. If he lets that stop him from making a family with his mate, then they will never have pups of their own.

Mark gently kisses Lexi and says, "You are right about needing to stop letting things stop us. I am ready to be a father and if you are still ready to be a mother then, I want to try to make a child with you."

Lexi's eyes water with happy tears as she says, "You really mean it? We can finally start making a family. Thank you Mark. I am glad we are talking about this." She hugs him and just holds onto her mate feeling joy from the fact that she gets to finally have what she wants with him.


While they are planning to start a family, the four months have not been wasted on planning. The rouge attack was part of the plan to see how well things would go if they acted sooner than planned. The alpha in charge of this grins as he has been using this time to study what he can and to get what he can for information.

The alpha speaks to his beta, "So is there any news of a child yet? Has Alpha Mark and Luna Lexi made a child?" He has not heard any recent reports and he is growing angry. At first he wanted Lexi so that he could be the one to ensure the child is as powerful as legends have said.

However after that attack on Mark's pack, he learned that he cannot father the child with Lexi to get what he wants. So he has let them be for the past four months hoping that those two would start their family by now. However there is still no news and it is pushing his plans back further and further.

His beta explains, "No, there is no news. It could take months before they finally feel safe enough to annouce their child. Or what has happened has put enough fear into the alpha for his mate that he will not make a child until he knows it is truly safe."

The alpha growls as he says, "Damn it! That human assured me that I would get what I want. Go and kill him, he knows too much about our plan anyway. Perhaps it is time for a friendly visit to the Alpha and Luna of Crystal Moon Pack. It has been a while since I have been there. The annual summer get together is in a couple of months."

This mysterious alpha has a dark grin on his face as he thinks of what could await for news by the time that happens. He is getting impatient but remembers how his hasty actions four months ago may have affected the plans. He needs to tread much more carefully before he is revealed. Thankfully any rouges he sent have no idea his real purpose for Lexi.

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