The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 11: Family Planning

Now that Lexi and Mark agree to try to start a family, she is eager for her heat. She checked with the pack doctors to make sure that she is right about it coming soon. It is good to have a health check anyway to make sure she is ready physically for a child as well.

Mark is there at her side for as much of the check up. The doctor dealing with their visit smiles as she says, "According to the tests I had run, you are both in good health and ready to try for a child. I found nothing wrong with your womb. There are signs of your next heat coming in a few days so I suggest trying then as usually that has a higher success rate."

Lexi smiles at the news. She is glad to hear that all looks good for them to try. The only reason she wanted a check up was due to her unknown parents. It scares her what might be hidden about her family medical history.

Mark gently rubs the back of Lexi's hand with his thumb as he knows she is a little scared still. Mark says softly, "Remember, if you change your mind I won't be mad." He means it as he knows how important it is to him and Lexi. But he will not force the issue with her as their happiness is more important to him.

The doctor lets them leave for home with Lexi leaning on Mark. She recalls his words at the hospital before being interrupted before she can speak. She says softly, "I know you won't be mad if I change my mind. But I am not going to change it. We are both almost to our mid twenties, the older we are when we finally have kids the more chances of risks will happen. And I want to be able to keep up with our little ones while I am young enough to enjoy it."

Mark smiles softly opening the car door for her once they get to the car. He whispers, "This is one of the many reasons I love you. You think ahead and know what you want. It is a good quality to have as a luna. It will aid in the planning of things like the summer event that is coming up in a month or so."

Lexi can hear the pride and love in Mark's voice as she gets into the car. Mark makes sure she is safely in the car before getting in and starting for home. They have some pack business to tend to but tonight he is looking forward to some time alone with his mate.

Lexi is looking forward to telling her aunt and uncle about trying to start a family with Mark. Part of her wishes her parents were still around for her to tell them about this. But given no one seems to know where they are, she has accepted that her parents will never know.

Mark can see Lexi going deep into thought and decides to look into what happened to Lexi's parents. He doesn't like how they disappeared so suddenly leaving his mate without birth parents. His father looked into it back when Lexi was first left with her aunt and uncle. He knows that much, but maybe it is time to look into things again.

As soon as they get home, Mark lets Lexi look over past summer event planning with his mother while he goes up to his office with his father to discuss some pack business and Lexi's parents.


Mark looks to his father, "Lexi and I just got the all clear that it is safe for us to start a family. She is scared about hidden things because we don't know her parents. And I know part of her would love it if her parents at least knew how well she is doing if they are alive. So what do you know about them and why they left so suddenly?"

Gerrard sighs as he says, "They were good people. I grew up with them, her father was one of my best friends. In fact her mother and your mother were only a couple of months apart on having kids. We saw it as a possible sign that you and Lexi would be mates. We didn't know for sure, but we had hoped. Lexi's mother was so happy to be a mom. So it is odd that they left the pack the same day they drop their baby girl off to her aunt for just a couple of hours."

Mark asks, "Do you remember where they were going the day they disappeared?" Something is off about this, if what is being said is true. Then Lexi's parents meant to return the same day they dropped Lexi off at her aunt's house. So why did they not return?

Gerrard admits, "I only know they were going out to the nearby human town for a date night. Lexi was two months old at the time and during most of the pregnancy her mother didn't leave the pack lands much. Her father wanted to make a special night for his mate, so that is why they left Lexi with her aunt. It was all for the sake of romance. I am guessing something happened but I never found out what it was."

Mark nods listening carefully and looking over what notes are there in this file about Lexi's parents. He speaks after a few minutes, "So if they left for a couple of hours for a romantic date, they planned to return. They clearly loved Lexi dearly as it says here in your notes that they barely could stand to be apart from her the first two months. As a new mom, Lexi's mother would have been worried about leaving for even that short time from her baby."

Gerrard nods as his son is right about that much. Gerrard admits, "Yes, Lexi's mother and your mother were always together with the two of you for those first two months wanting to let you two bond young in case you two were mates. Your mother told me that day she had spoken with Lexi's mother about the date and by the sounds, her parents almost didn't go because of how worried her mother was."

Mark is wondering now what might have happened. He opens a file about any rogue attacks that may have happened around that day but nothing is there. He asks, "Are there any rogue attacks that happened that day that didn't get put down into the records?"

Gerrard shakes his head as he explains, "No, the last rouge attack that year was two months before her parents disappeared. We nearly lost Lexi's father in that attack."

Mark looks in the records and sees that his father is right. That year the rogue attacks were more often then the year before or the year after. But none on the day Lexi's parents went missing. He looks to his father, "I don't know where to start to try to figure out what happened. I want to find out for Lexi's sake because any child I have with her deserves her parents there as well. If they were taken and no body was found. Then they could be captive somewhere where we have not been able to find."


Author's Note:

So loyal readers, what do you think happened to Lexi's parents? I would love to hear some of your thoughts on what you think happened to them.

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