The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 12: Date Night

After that talk with his father about possible areas to reinvestigate, Mark heads down to eat lunch with his mother and mate. His father joins them as it is nice to have some family bonding.

Mark asks, "So how is the summer event planning going?" He is truly curious to what his mate is coming up with for activities, food, and anything else that may help build the pack bonds for all those that take part.

Lexi smiles as she thinks about how to best describe her plans. Finally after a few seconds she admits, "So far I am planning some games for the pups to enjoy. That will be starting with races and anything else that keeps young pups happy and give the parents a little freedom to be adults for a change. I am going to set something up with the parents that want to pay attention to the pups so that there is a group of trusted adults always near the little ones."

Mark is impressed with how well his mate is planning as that is a great idea for the parents and pups. He is proud of his luna for thinking of the pack in planning. Gerrard nods as he says, "Wow, I can see my son has a good luna. That is wonderful, I am looking forward to this event."

Melania nods as well as she says, "Oh I can't wait until the year our own grandchildren are here to take part. Lexi was telling me about how she is done waiting to start a family. I even offered to fix up the nursery you were in, Mark."

Mark smiles at his mother's words. It warms his heart to know his parents are willing to do anything it takes to help them keep any future little ones safe. Mark's voice cracks with a little bit of emotion as he says, "Thank you mom. I would love it if my son or daughter gets to use my old nursery as their own. I want Lexi to take part in choosing the design if she chooses to change it up though. It wouldn't hurt to update to fit the times."

It is Lexi's turn to start to show a little emotion as she says, "Oh honey, thank you." She doesn't say anything else for fear of crying happy tears over how much her mate trusts her taste for a nursery.

Melania gets up and hugs Lexi first before hugging her son. Then she says to them both, "Anything for my son and daughter. I will not add the in law part as you are my daughter now, Lexi. We need to plan a family get together with your aunt and uncle soon. But tonight should be about you two, so how about you two find a romantic setting here on the pack lands?"

Lexi nods as she knows it isn't safe to go far right now but a date night together sounds perfect. Mark smiles at his mother's idea and says, "I know a spot nearby that is still well guarded so we should be safe to have a date night without leaving the pack grounds."

Gerrard is proud of both of them and happy to help. Gerrard offers, "Shall I help with the patrols tonight? I want to keep you two safe and it wouldn't hurt to have the former alpha helping out a little."

Mark thinks about the offer and agrees that it is a good idea. He admits to his father, "I think it is a good plan but don't let anything happen to you okay? Stay safe as I know you will want to be around for the grandchildren we plan to make for you and mom to spoil."

Gerrard laughs at how Mark says that last part because it is true. He nods as he says, "I always do my best to stay safe. I have a mate to come home to and I have you two planning to make our family even bigger. So I have more than enough reasons to make it home safe and sound."


After lunch is over, Gerrard and Mark get back to work on pack business all over the area. Melania and Lexi get to work on the summer event more as well as planning a simple but nice family get together. It takes most of the afternoon but it is worth it as life for now is peaceful.

Lexi still can't shake the feeling that this peace is temporary. But for now she doesn't voice it because it is finally time to get ready for that date with her mate. After the date she is sure they will be starting or attempting to start on that family they want. Until her heat kicks in the next few days, it will be fun to just mate without worry about protection.

Lexi finds a stunning pale blue summer dress on their bed when she goes up to her and Mark's room. She smiles knowing Mark laid it out for her to wear. Normally her mate doesn't pick the date clothing but tonight is special so she is happy to see this surprise.

Lexi carefully applies a simple make up look after dressing in the pale blue dress. She pairs a nice pair of black heels with the dress as the note on the bed has already told her that they don't need to worry about going far. Lexi styles her long red hair so that it is down but with slight curls at the end. She knows that this is a style her mate loves to see on her.

Mark is eager for his time alone with Lexi so he gets things set up in the backyard of the pack house. He has set up a table, fairy lights, and even a nice meal made by him. Mark has spent as much time as he could to make this romantic and keep his luna safe still.

He knows that the pack may try to spy on the date set up back here but honestly, he doesn't care because as long as his beloved Lexi joins him then that is what counts more to him.

Lexi comes down once ready and goes to the back door of the pack house like asked. She smiles as the door is opened by Mark who gently takes her hand to lead her to the most romantic set up she has ever seen. Lexi kisses Mark on the lips for a moment.

Finally she says, "Thank you, this looks amazing. I love you, Mark." Lexi's heart is racing with love and joy from such a simple but romantic set up.

Mark is happy to see his mate likes it as he pulls a chair out for her. Tonight is about them and he is going to make sure his love is shown by action as well as words tonight. Mark signals for the wine to be brought out and the first course of their three course meal that he has proudly made.

Lexi smells the warm scents of home from the first course as it is set before her. The other wolf that has came out is pouring the wine for them. She thanks both wolves for helping with this before they head back to the pack house to wait for the next time they are needed.

Slowly the sunset fades away as they finish dessert and so far the date has been amazing. She is talking with Mark about all kinds of things. She is learning about crazy things Mark and Luke have done while she was away at college.

Lexi shares her own stories about college and how much fun it was to go there. She had missed the pack a lot though while she was gone. So it makes her happy to be back for good. When the two wolves come to take the dessert dishes away, Mark says to Lexi, "I think it is time we went in and enjoyed part two of our date~"

Lexi feels the need for her mate building inside of her as she stands to take Mark's hand. She grins as she whispers in his ear, "What are we waiting for then?" She looks at her mate with such strong desire in those lavender colored eyes.

No other words are needed as Mark starts to guide them back inside letting the two wolves know that they did a great job as waiters tonight. He promises to pay them in the morning for their hard work and to relax the rest of the evening as part of his thanks to them.

Lexi kisses Mark on the cheek as they move back into the pack house. Thankfully everyone who may have been spying has left to their own areas by now so they make it to their bedroom without any issues.

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