The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 13: Heat and Pregnancy

Warning: Sexual scenes will be occurring in this chapter

A few days have passed since that amazing date night between Mark and Lexi. Every night has been either full of lovemaking or sleeping in each other's arms like it has been the past four months. But today Lexi wakes up feeling strange as her heat is about to start and a sign of trying for their family can begin.

Mark sniffs the air upon waking up and smiles at Lexi, "Looks like the day we were waiting for has arrived. We better secure the door and spend the whole day in bed today."

Lexi giggles as she nods happy with that plan as she knows how dangerous it can be around unmated wolves when in heat. Since their heats only last a day or two, it is looking like they will be in here for a while. Lexi doesn't mind though as she is already naked from their fun last night.

Mark enjoys the feeling building as he stands before his mate naked now that the door is locked and secured. He smirks as his obvious arousal can be seen throbbing between his legs. He makes his way to the bed carefully dragging that soft blanket off of his mate.

Lexi lets out a soft gasp as that is soon changed to the touch of her mate. She loves how his warm hand feels along her skin. Her long braid of red hair is coming undone behind her head as she looks up with lavender colored eyes.

Mark smells the warm scent of orchids filling the room and mixing with his scent. He has no idea what Lexi smells but he loves her scent the most. It reminds him of the days growing up when they would play and spar in the fields of flowers growing up until the adults would yell at them.

Lexi holds onto Mark as she growls in need as her heat is starting to hit full force. She cries out softly to her mate, "Please....I need you...."

Mark gets between her legs and teases her just a little longer as he can tell by her scent that her body is now fully going into heat. The teasing isn't needed as his mate is already very wet with need. But he wants to make sure that Lexi gets as much pleasure as possible from his touch first.

Lexi growls again before whining for him. She needs him inside of her and if he doesn't enter soon then she will take matters into her own hands. She growls in need as she demands, "Take me now and fill me with a pup!"

Mark chuckles at the comment as he says, "That is the plan but I want you to enjoy this too my darling mate." He kisses along Lexi's neck before finally giving in and sliding his full length deep into his mate.

Lexi howls in pleasure as she feels that warmth enter her and she starts to grind in a way to encourage the rough mating she is demanding of her beloved mate. Her body doesn't want to wait on the feeling. Mark gets the hint fast as he starts to carefully move but that is only for a minute or two before he gets a little rougher.

Lexi gasps and says, "Fuck yes....right there...." She loves how good it feels feeling very inch of her mate's dick entering her body. She can feel the tip hitting the entrance to her womb where soon enough she will be enjoying warm cum inside. But for now she is enjoying the sensation of warm thrusts into her before the feeling of her mate sliding out again.

Mark keeps the slow but rough pace for a good ten or fifteen minutes not wanting to hurt her as he knows they are going to be mating like crazy until the heat is over. He knows they will be sore after but he doesn't want to cause his mate to be too sore this early on in the heat.

Lexi is not having that though as she growls, "Speed up and fuck me rough. Fill my womb with your seed so that we can have a family~" She is determined as her hips are moving to meet each thrust with the same level of force she feels from her mate.

Mark chuckles as he says, "So impatient, but I love that about you. You are not shy about what you want. I can't hold back much longer, there is a limit to my control."

Lexi smirks as she says, "Then start to lose control, fill me again and again until this heat is gone~" Her words have the desired effect as she feels her mate suddenly roughen up.

Lexi howls in need as she digs her nails into Mark's back. She grinds against each thrust as she cries out his name in pleasure. Her body is heating up even more as she nears her first orgasm of their two day fun.

After intense rough mating for easily half an hour, Mark reaches his limit. Lexi howls his name so loudly that most of the pack house can probably hear them. She unleashes her orgasm while feeling her mate flooding her womb with that fertile seed.

Inside of her womb things are being put into motion but her body is still in full heat. She is panting as she lies there in the lull of the first round. Mark lies beside her as he cuddles with his mate.

The day passes like that with round after round of mating. They only pause long enough to sleep between rounds and to eat to keep their strength up. The next day follows the same pattern until the heat finally fades by the dark hours of the second day.

Lexi is a sore mess as she lies in their bed just after the heat has ended. She cuddles in Mark's arms glad that the heat is over and hopes that she is pregnant now. They will not know for a few days as werewolves are only pregnant for about six or seven months.

Mark says softly, "I love you Lexi. I am glad we are trying to start our family." He kisses Lexi's forehead letting her relax. He doesn't want to hurt her sore body so he doesn't dare move much. He is pretty sore as well.

Lexi softly says, "I love you too Mark. I can't wait to find out if it worked." She drifts into sleep warm and safe. When morning comes, Mark makes warm bath for Lexi. Lexi is awake waiting as this is part of taking care of his mate.

Lexi can tell Mark is serious about making sure she recovers from the rough mating that heat encourages. Lexi feels Mark's warm arms around her as she is carried to the bath. The warmth as well as the epsom salt helps sooth her sore body. Mark joins her in the bath so he can cuddle her while soaking together.

Lexi giggles softly as she says, "Thank you for doing this. You are such an amazing mate." She means it as this means a lot to her.

Mark kisses her softly before saying, "Anything for my mate, I love you. I will do what I can to make your life happy." This is part of his vow to Lexi.


A few days pass with no word of any trouble like there was four months ago. This worries Mark and he is still trying to solve what happened to Lexi's parents. It worries him enough that it is hard to sleep. Lexi is doing all she can to help as she wants to know. But it feels hopeless.

In a month the summer BBQ will be happening with the nearby packs. So she is busy with that while waiting for the results from the doctor on if she is indeed pregnant or not. The doctor only took a blood sample yesterday assuring her that is one sure way to find out.

Lexi rubs her belly hoping that it will be the outcome her and Mark want. She knows for werewolves usually it is clear very early on if they are or not. Mark is sure that Lexi's scent has changed a little and the others around notice too. But it is faint which could mean only very early days of pregnancy or could be the effect of a recent heat.


The alpha who wants the child they will produce asks his spy, "Any word yet on if they have started a family or not?"

He is trying to be patient but if they don't end up with a child inside of Lexi soon. Then he will be forced to capture them both and force their hand. The spy is sure as he says, "There is a new scent mixing with the female's scent. I believe that she has recently been in heat as her and her mate were locked in their room for most of two days just a few days ago."

The alpha grins as that means he may not have to wait much longer before putting a plan into action. He says, "For now let them have their peace and calm. Make sure no attacks come to that pack until the child is born. We can't risk Lexi losing the child I have waited for."

The spy nods as he says, "The handful of warriors you have on that are doing well in keeping the handful of rouges away from Mark's pack for that very reason. I will go do my part as it is time to use my role in his pack to our full advantage. He trusts me without knowing it is the worse thing he could do."

The duo laughs as they are finally getting to where they need to be for the plan to work. No one in Mark's pack has any idea that one of their own has changed sides so easily with the promise of one day running that pack instead of such a soft and gentle alpha.

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