The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 14: BBQ Prep Starts

A few days go by since the doctor has taken the blood sample. Each day Lexi is anxious hoping for the good news as she hopes the first heat as a couple worked for their dream. In the time she waits, she works on the summer barbeque plans like she should as Luna. She still does some light training being careful not to overdo it in case she is with child.

No one around her is aware of how special this child will be as Lexi is unaware of her true potential. Finally the doctor comes up to visit with an envelope. It is after dinner and Mark takes Lexi into his office where they are about to hear from the doctor what the result is.

Mark gently holds Lexi in his lap as he says, "No matter what the result is, I love you and will always love you." Lexi smiles at his words as his touch and reassurance does help calm her most of the time.

The doctor says, "It is always good to see mates like this. I have good news for you in this. You two are indeed going to be parents. But the reason I wanted to talk to you both in person is I noticed something in the test I ran."

Mark looks at the doctor worried and Lexi asks in a worried tone, "What do you mean? What did you find that has you so concerned?" Lexi wants to know as this clearly is something being kept quiet for a reason.

The doctor can tell that she has caused alarm and perhaps it is good that she has. But she says in a reassuring way, "There is nothing to be worried about health wise for you or the child. But when I looked at the test, there was something about it that showed up. There are higher levels than normal at this stage in being newly pregnant. Normally that would be something to worry about but in your case it doesn't seem to be effecting your health."

Lexi looks at the doctor surprised to hear that. Mark says, "I would like for you to find out why this is the case for my mate and find out what it means for her and our child."

The doctor nods as she says, "Of course Alpha. I will look into this and not tell anyone. It could just mean that your child is a special wolf. It happens from time to time in wolf history where a special wolf is born for some unknown reason. If that is the case, then it is not going to be something to worry about."

Mark nods as he agrees that it happens sometimes. He wonders if that is the case with his and Lexi's child. If so, why is it happening now and what does that mean for their child's future? Lexi is having similar thoughts for a moment as she rubs her belly knowing that a child is indeed inside of her.

The doctor takes her leave so she can start to research into what could cause this and find the answers for her Alpha and Luna. Mark suggests to Lexi, "We have had a long day and been on edge due to wanting results. So let's head to our room and rest. Things have been more peaceful since the last attack."

Lexi nods as she says, "I agree by that worries me. It is like the calm before a major storm. What does that mean if it is this calm?" It is a valid thought as she knows she shouldn't stress or worry as much as she does. It would not be good for her son or daughter.

Mark kisses Lexi and promises, "I will do all I must to keep you safe. You and our child are important to me. So relax and focus on that summer event. It will be a lot of fun and a way for some of the packs to gather as friends."

Lexi finally agrees to ease up her worry as best she can before letting Mark take her down to their room where they rest for the rest of the evening.


The month before the barbeque flies by as games are set up, food menus are approved, grills are set up, and so many other things put together. There are three other packs coming and just days before they start to show up to stay in guest housing. Each pack only brings some of their members as some must stay behind to protect those not coming and to protect the land. It is the way things are done. Each year this is done to ensure peace between packs.

Lexi is greeting one alpha with Mark when he arrives with several of his pack. Mark says, "Alpha Jacob, it is a pleasure to have you back this year. I had heard rumors that you might be able to this year."

Jacob nods as he says, "I almost could not due to some of my own event planning with my pack. I am glad that things cleared up so that I may attend. Oh my, is congratulations in order for young mated couple?"

Lexi giggles as by now it is clear by her scent and the fact that she is starting to show a little because werewolf pregnancies are not as long as human ones. She nods as she says, "Indeed there is. Thank you, we are going to be parents in a few months."

Jacob smiles in a sincere way as he makes his way into the guest home. He has to hide the grin of victory that this means for his plans as he already knew before even coming here that the Luna of this pack was finally pregnant. Things are going to fall into place now, he just has to be patient and wait for his moment.


Lexi is not sure why but there is something about Alpha Jacob that is giving her chills. But he was so friendly in that short exchange that she is not sure why this is happening. Mark can tell something is bothering Lexi and helps her keep it under wraps by distracting her with some detail about tomorrow's event.

Lexi knows what her mate is doing and she is grateful as it doesn't give her time to dwell right now. She wants to enjoy the first summer event since she has been back fully into this pack. Everyone is looking content and with the new wolves around from other packs, patrols have been increased as well as security to protect the pack house in case of any danger to the Luna, the child in her, or any of the pack.

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