The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 15: Prophecy?

Morning arrives as the last prep of the barbeque have been finished. The morning starts with a hearty breakfast with the guests and the pack. Lexi is sitting at Mark's side smiling with joy as she greets everyone. Jacob arrives and settles in with his five pack members that came to join him on this fun occasion.

Mark stands as he says, "Welcome all to this year's barbeque. The past few years I was alone to do this while my mother planned the event for us. I appreciate all the hard work that went into that, however this year I am proud to say my luna is here to join us. Many of you could already tell but I am going to be a father in a few months. So this year makes it extra special to me and I hope all of you find reasons for it to be just as special to all of those you care about."

The pack cheers and the guests join in excited for the alpha of such a great pack. Most of the packs here are truly here to maintain friendship with the pack. This is the only one left of the original pack after all so long ago. They respect Mark's bloodline as one of the few powerful ones.

By now most of them don't carry as much as the original because some of those packs were taken over by lesser alphas who were jealous of those with a more powerful bloodline. It wasn't until two centuries ago that any of them had enough peace and friendship with those left to patch up what had happened.

Lexi waits for her mate to sit before standing as well. She says, "I was told the luna should speak as well. I am proud to stand before all of you as that wolf. Most of this pack has known me since I was a baby. So before you start on the embarrassing stories about me, I wish to thank you all for being so supportive. Today is very special and as Luna Lexi, I bid you all to have fun and foster friendships that will last forever. To our guests, I am honored to have you here with us on such a fun day."

Once more the pack and guests cheer before breakfast is dug into by many hungry wolves. After breakfast some of the younger wolves are helping clean up as part of their tasks for today before the games start. While that is going on, music is playing from a stereo. Some wolves start to dance while others are standing with their friends talking.

Not far in the little sparring arena that is set up, is the teenage wolves playing around with a soccer ball. Lexi watches it all with joy and pride. Jacob comes up to her since Mark is busy talking to the alpha of one of the other packs. Jacob says, "Hello Luna Lexi. Thank you for such a grand speech at breakfast. I felt truly welcomed here. Should you be standing so much right now?"

Lexi feels that same strange feeling like she should run from this male. However, she doesn't show any unease because she is the luna. She must be composed at times like this. Lexi gives her polite smile as she says, "I am fine but thank you for asking. You're welcome, I am glad you felt that way during the speech."

Jacob has another reason for being here beside her. He wants to know how much she is aware of for the prophecy. Jacob nods to her words before he says, "There is a reason I wish to talk to you. Long ago, there was a prophecy made when the son of the first alpha died giving this pack to his son. Are you aware of it?"

Lexi nods as she admits, "I have heard the story but most of it cannot be proven. If I recall, the prophecy said that when the descendant of the first alpha's oldest son mates with the child of the rose marked, a powerful child will be produced. A child who will one day rule over all the packs like the first alpha did long ago."

Jacob is impressed and wonders if Lexi is aware or not that she is the child of the rose marked that it speaks of. Jacob knows but he is not inclined to share that information yet. Jacob says, "However, your family is known for their rose mark when the mating mark appears. Isn't it?"

Lexi nods as she says, "Yes that is true. They are known for it as each family tends to have a special mark they are known for. I have heard in your pack, some of the families have been known to have marks of the stars instead of flowers or nature based designs."

Jacob chuckles as he says, "That is true, there is a family I am friends with who tend to always have stars in their mating marks. I only ask because I wondered if perhaps that had any special meaning to you."

Lexi is wondering if that is his true reason or not. Could it be that he is hinting at something? Lexi is not sure and decides that later she will need to talk to Mark about it. She sees Mark waving to her and signaling that he wants to talk to her. So she says, "It was wonderful talking to you. I must go see what my mate needs."

Lexi calmly walks over when inside she really wants to run like a scared child. She is unsure why but she doesn't think that Jacob is a good wolf to spend time around. But the way he spoke, it has her wondering if Jacob has something to do with what happened to her parents. It is not uncommon for wolves to talk about their family markings.

However, it bothers Lexi that the old story would be brought up as well as her family. She is starting to wonder if they are connected and if so, does that mean her and Mark's child is special beyond what they thought?

Lexi's thoughts are interrupted the moment her mate hugs her. She smiles and hugs back before they break apart to greet the one who is the reason she was called over. A young man is there with an awe filled look. Mark says, "This young man is not yet old enough to start his search for a mate. But he wanted to ask me and you some questions about mates."

Lexi can hear kids racing out of the house now that the few morning chores are done. She smiles as she says, "Of course, some information is better from parents but we can try to answer some of your questions."

The boy is grateful as he asks, "What is it like to get the mating mark? Does it hurt when it forms?"

Mark chuckles as he says, "It is painless when it forms. You are two years from being old enough but you should be able to find out soon enough. The mark forms on it's own and it will be a mix of your family and your mate's family. Now you are the family with iris as part of your marks. I bet whoever you end up with will have something just as stunning to join with it."

The boy is surprised the alpha knows this about him. It is true that his family has been here for a very long time. His grandparents moved to this pack before his father was born. So for the alpha to pay attention to him and to know anything about his family makes him proud.

Lexi can see the pride in the boy's eyes as she says, "It is part of running the pack to understand and learn about each person and their family. Your family is special to this pack just like all the other families. Without you, we wouldn't have a pack to enjoy such a great day with."

The boy is truly impressed and happy. Mark adds to his mate's statement, "Indeed it is. Do you have any other questions?"

The trio ends up sitting and having a light but informational discussion on anything the boy wishes to know about when it comes to mates, being a wolf, and life in general. The alpha and luna keep an eye on things though as the morning games are due to start in an hour.

What they are unaware of is that Jacob has gone to meet with one of the members of the pack that don't like having Lexi as luna to the pack. No one even notices as everyone is mingling together and talking. So nothing looks off about an alpha talking to a wolf of this pack.
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