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The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 2: The teasing and schemes begin

Luke watches as best he can from a table as he is surprised to see Lexi behind the bar. By the looks of things, Lexi must be Mark's mate. He can't wait to tease his best friend about it as they used to joke back in high school about what if Lexi and Mark were mates. Back then it would make both blush and say something like there is no way life would work out like that.

A pretty blonde human server comes up to hit on Luke while she serves the beers to the table. She flutters her eyelashes and says, "Hello there handsome. Here are your beers~" Her breasts are practically popping out of her top but Luke is not even looking.

Luke looks into her eyes and says, "Thank you miss." His tone is polite and doesn't show any interest. So the blonde tries to get closer. She attempts to sit down when Mark arrives finally. Mark laughs as he says, "Well, I see you still can attract the ladies even after marrying your wife."

Luke looks at Mark with a grin and plays along as werewolves don't usually do the whole white wedding like humans do. Once mates and marked, a mated couple is pretty much husband and wife from that moment on.

The blonde huffs annoyed and then is about to try Mark when Lexi comes over. "Betty, the boss wants to talk to you. Seems like you are in trouble for something," Lexi's tone is full of jealousy upon seeing Betty sliding into Mark's lap.

Mark loves the jealousy in Lexi's tone upon the risk of her mate being hit on by such a fake human slut. The blonde woman, Betty, suddenly turns pale as it seems whatever Lexi has said holds truth. Mark looks at Lexi once Betty is gone. He says in a whisper, "Damn, I have to admit that was hot. Too bad we are in a crowded bar or I would be taking you right now."

Luke laughs as he says, "Down boy, I am still here and I don't want to see you and her like that. Lexi, welcome back by the way. We can talk more later when you and Mark are not too busy making little ones of your own." He is teasing them now as Lexi turns red.

Mark at that moment is trying to drink his beer before spitting out his sip of beer onto the table. But he does have a smirk after trying to hide his shock at what Luke said. Lexi hears a shout and says, "I better get back to work. Luke, don't tease him too badly. I know it is tempting but I think he deserves a break."

With that, Lexi goes back to the bar and chats with her boss. He is an older man and human who makes her laugh at something. Mark lets out a soft growl not liking this boss being a male around his mate. His wolf is growling at him to stop that male but he reigns in his wolf as this is his woman's boss after all. It would not help him stay on Lexi's good side if he kills her boss.


Luke watches what is going on and knows how he would feel if that was his mate. He has to admit that his friend has some major control. Luke says, "I am proud of you for holding back. It isn't easy. I remember when I met Maria and how I feel whenever her own brother so much as holds her hand for any reason. It takes a lot. So tell me what it is like knowing that your mate is Lexi? Is it everything you have dreamed of yet?" The tone is full of teasing even though he was asked not to tease Mark.

Mark laughs as he says, "I knew Lexi and I would have to wait for our own mates, part of me always hoped that I would be the lucky one to be at her side. I came here depressed from a failed trip and now I feel more joy than I have thought possible. It is so strange, why is the bond like this? And I think my luna just gave you an order not to tease me."

Luke shrugs with a laugh of his own. Finally he says in a more serious tone, "I have no idea. I think the bond is to just make you and your mate feel what you already felt stronger so that you fall in love faster. But the moon goddess works in mysterious ways so good luck as Lexi is still a firecracker by the looks of things."

Mark just nods as he drinks his beer fighting the urge every single moment he waits for her to be free of the drunks who dare flirt with his mate. Mark's jaw is clenched for most of the half hour before Lexi sashays her sexy jean and t-shirt clad body over to their table.

Mark's emerald green eyes drink in the sight of those perky breasts hidden by the clothing and feels his dick harden in his jeans even more. It is so hard to feel comfortable with that tent he is pitching now. He has been sporting a hard on for a little while thanks to her scent and sexy appearance.

Lexi can feel the heat of her own starting to form but settles at the table next to Mark. She says, "I already know we won't be here long. I know that look on your face Mark." She giggles a little as she tries to ignore what her own wolf is screaming at her. She adds, "But before we leave, Luke how have you been? I have really missed both of you. I wish I could have spent more time at home with you both. I miss our childhood and high school days of hanging out."

Mark growls a little when he hears Lexi talk to Luke but he understands they are all friends and honestly, he is just glad their trio is back together. Luke speaks up ignoring the growl from Mark, "I am doing good. I have a little one of my own who is a year old. Maria is the one I ended up with. You wouldn't know who she is but I will be glad to introduce you to her when we are free to have some time."

Luke can't help but feel his happiness grow just thinking about Maria and their son, Jason. He knows that Mark is going to tease him about it but it is worth it because he has what he wants in life.

Lexi finds herself pressing her side as close to Mark as possible thanks to the bond that is slowly forming between them. She nods as she listens to Luke and says, "That is wonderful. I can't wait to meet them." Lexi talks with them both to catch up on all that she can safely while in a human bar while trying to ignore the heat pooling in her belly.

Finally it gets to be too much and Lexi says to Mark, "We should head back now. I really don't want to be ending up in the bathroom of this bar getting my world rocked. So, shall we go home now? I will meet you back home, handsome. Mark, I am glad you are the one I am meant for." She means it as she has always wanted the kind of story like in romance novels.

Mark quickly scoops up Lexi the moment they get up from the table and says, "Baby, there is no way I am going to let you drive yourself. I will have someone come and pick up your car. So that you can sit with me in Luke's car."

Lexi laughs and says, "Fine, but whoever you send better take good care of my baby. I worked hard to save up enough for that car." She pretends to pout. Honestly she hates to leave her car here but she knows that it won't take long for someone to arrive as she is sure that it won't take long for one of her mate's warriors to come get the future luna's car.

Mark looks at her with a smirk as he says, "Trust me, you won't be worried about the car for long, baby." Luke pretends to be grossed out as he says, "Oh come on guys. We are finally a trio again. Save that for behind close doors."

This gets the trio laughing as the males walk out of the bar and Lexi is being carried by Mark to Luke's car. Mark gets her safely into the backseat and joins her back there so that he can hold her hand and cuddle with her as best he can with his mate. Luke rolls his eyes at how storybook this looks and takes a picture of them so that he can show Maria later how sickeningly sweet the newly paired friends are.


Unknown to the trio, Lexi's boss is in his office talking to someone on the phone as they drive away. He didn't see that Lexi is gone for the night. However, he is nodding his head as he says, "Yes, she just met Mark tonight. I tried to keep them apart but I have a business to run too. I can't just-"

There is a pause after he is clearly cut off from speaking by whoever is on the other side of the call. After a minute of listening he says, "No, I had no idea he was going to be fucking showing up tonight. You were supposed to keep him a few more days on whatever it is you alphas do when traveling to other areas."

Suddenly the boss pales at something the other person says. Whatever it was, it isn't something to be taken lightly. He stutters, "Ye...yes sir. I am sorry. I will do as you ask. I... I will find a way. Of course sir..." The other side of the line goes dead and Lexi's boss is shaking slightly as he hangs up his phone. He has no idea what he will do, but somehow he is going to make sure that he does his part or else he knows what will happen to him.

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