The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 3: Romance is in the air

Luke watches the road as he drives along to the pack house since it makes more sense to start there. It was only an hour to get there. Luke parks the car just as Lexi’s uncle pulls up with Lexi’s car. Luke gets out of the driver’s side once he shuts the car off and says, “Mark, you may want to get out now. This is my car and you two are not about to make out and have sex like horny teenagers in it. Use your own car or hers for that.”

Luke is teasing them both and Lexi gets an idea of how to tease Luke for that comment. She looks at Mark and says, “Hmmm, I don’t know if I can wait until we get there. What do you think about defiling this poor car?” Lexi’s eyes glint with mischievous intent as it is just a joke.

Luke looks at her shocked just as Mark catches on to what Lexi is doing. He smirks as he says, “That sounds like a good idea to me. I wouldn’t mind trying some things out right here and now~” Luke looks horrified over his poor car’s fate until he sees the two of them laughing their asses off.

Lexi says, “Oh wow, you should have seen your face. Luke, we wouldn’t really defile your car. Your mate and child ride in this too.” Mark is too busy still laughing to defend himself. Luke shakes his head as he says, “Clearly you haven’t lost your touch on the jokes. Now get your horny butts out of my poor car.”

Mark finally calms down and gets out of the backseat. Lexi sees her Uncle Max’s reaction to what is going and he laughs. Max says, “I brought your car back. So based on what I am seeing, you two must be mates. Go enjoy yourselves, I am going home to tell your aunt that you finally found your mate.”

Lexi runs over and hugs her Uncle Max. She nods as she says, “Thanks, tell her I will be by tomorrow morning to tell her all about my night.” She grins as she has been raised by her aunt and uncle since she was a baby. No one knows what happened to her parents. But her aunt and uncle are good people and raised her like their own.

Mark growls a little but that is only because another male is hugging his mate. Max chuckles as he says, “Go to your mate, bond and sleep well in his arms. Oh and Alpha Mark, please take good care of my niece. She is a good match for you and I prayed that you two would be mates.” Mark feels Max gently press Lexi back into his reach and he holds her as if she is precious.

Mark vows to her uncle, “I will do my part in keeping her safe from harm as my mate. Thank you for getting her car for me. She would have tried to kill me if I let anyone else take it back here.” He laughs softly at the last part because he knows Lexi well enough to know she only trusts certain people with her prized possessions.

Max nods and does a bow like gesture to Mark before making his way back home to his own mate. Luke bids the newly mated pair good night and heads to his own mate. Now that Mark and Lexi are alone in front of the pack house, Mark smirks again as he says, “Well now, come on in, my luna. It is time to make you mine forever~”

Lexi gets an idea once Mark’s arms loosen enough. She darts out of his hold and says, “Only if you can catch me first.” She darts inside knowing where Mark’s room is when staying in the pack house. Mark takes off after her with a growl of desire. Mark taunts in a teasing tone, “You can run but you won’t get far my sexy mate~”

Lexi hears that and just smirks as she darts along and almost runs into Mark’s father. She apologizes and darts away with a laugh. Mark’s father blinks until he sees and smells his son coming along too. Gerrard chuckles as he says, "Your mate went that way. Don't damage the pack house in your fun tonight." Then Gerrard keeps walking along so he can go tell his wife what he just saw. The joy is clear in the father's eyes as he knows full well why Lexi is in the pack house this late at night running so playfully.

It reminds the former alpha what it was like when he first mated with his mate. The fun they had playfully teasing each other and just letting the joys of newfound happiness flow through them. This is what he has wanted for his son and now it is happening.


Lexi is moments from finding the perfect ambush spot when Mark scoops her into his arms not far from his room. Mark playfully nips at her neck as he says, "I caught you. Now I am going to claim my prize."

Lexi snuggles into his hold as she says, "Well you did get me. But don't think it will be that easy to tame me~" She loves his scent, it reminds her of the forest after a rain storm but there is a hint of something else mixed in. She knows this is her mate's unique scent.

Mark loves how easily Lexi's body fits against his as he brings her into his room and gently tosses her on the bed before shutting the door behind him. He is going to tell the pack tomorrow but tonight is all about him and Lexi bonding as mates. Thankfully since he has been saving himself for his mate, this is his first time doing anything with a female.

Lexi says softly, "This is my first time. I have been saving it for my mate. I am glad it is you I have saved this moment for." Her words are sweet and romantic as this pair of mates didn't give up the hope of saving themselves for the one they knew they were meant for.

Mark actually blushes a little as he says, "Thank you for saving this moment for me. I have done the same, but I did make sure I know what I am doing so that you can have a special first time with me."

Without anymore words, Mark takes his shirt of slowly for Lexi so that he can let his mate see that chiseled chest and those abs from being a strong warrior. Lexi's purple eyes drink in the sight before her as she moves to the end of the bed so that she is close enough to touch his bare chest. Desire is clear in her eyes but there is also love for the man who has waited this long for her. She doesn't plan to ever keep him waiting again.

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