The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 4: First time mating

Warning: Sexual scene chapter, if this bothers you skip the chapter. It is also a bit of a long chapter.


Lexi’s desire filled eyes darken a little as she keeps her eyes on his naked chest. Her hands move along the skin in a teasing way as she feels sparks flowing through her body and increases her arousal. Mark’s eyes darken but he does nothing but let her touch him. He can feel the sparks along his skin with each touch from his mate.

Mark growls softly and manages to say, “Such as sexy sight but I think it is your turn to remove your shirt. I want to see your body too.” His tone is full of that desire and need for his mate. His jeans are sporting a nice size bulge thanks to the pleasure he is feeling as well as the scent of his mate filling the air around him.

Lexi smirks as she is now kissing along his abs before pulling back and carefully slides off her t-shirt. She lets it fall to the floor revealing a lacy forest green bra. It is the only thing covering her breasts at the moment.

Mark’s hands move to her sides as he starts to work along the now exposed skin until he takes her bra off. He smirks as he drops it to the floor and says, “Now we are even.”

He manages to find a way to move them back to the center of the bed and he encourages her to lie on her back. Mark says in that husky voice of his, “Mmm, come on. Lie back so I can pleasure you the way you deserve, my luna.”

Lexi growls softly as she nods unable to find the words to fit her strong need. She lies on her back as asked and that moment makes her gasp with pleasure. Lexi can feel the warm mouth of her mate working her breast while one of his hands works the other one. The pleasure is unlike anything she thought it would be.

Lexi manages to say, “ do you know this?” She is curious to how her mate is able to do this if it is his first time like her. There is nothing clumsy about how her alpha is working her breasts.

Mark stops long enough to grin at her and says, “I am just trying things to get to know what you like. Based on your reaction, you seem to like this. Shall I try for lower now?” Mark’s emerald green eyes are so dark with need but he wants to make sure his mate is able to feel pleasure as well.

Mark has been studying some tips on how to pleasure a female because he wants this moment to be special with tender caring. At least, it will be as tender as possible where it concerns werewolves. He even has stocked up on protection as he not about to rush his mate into producing children.

Lexi smirks as she says, “Well it looks like you are a better student now. Show me what this mouth of yours can do, handsome.” She feels the kisses along her breasts move over her belly until hands meet her jeans. She knows by his touch that he is waiting for her permission to take them off. Lexi whispers, “Go ahead.”

That is all Mark needs to hear as he is nearing his limit on waiting to strip her of these sexy jeans. He slides them off once he unbuttons them and sees the matching lace thong that Lexi is wearing. He grins as he says, “It looks like you dressed up for me after all.”

Lexi grins at his words as she says, “Oh silly wolf, I always dress this sexy. But you are the only one who gets to see it~” She is not able to say much else because at that moment she feels him pulling off her thong. Within moments she is squirming in pleasure upon Mark’s soft bedding while that warm mouth works her sensitive folds. Each lick works it’s way into her core and heats up her body even more.

Lexi moans, “Mark...oh fuck that is good. Keep working that please....don’t stop....” She wants to keep enjoying this feeling as her body feels like it is burning up with need. But it is the most amazing feeling in the world as the sparks from his touch aid in what she is feeling.

Mark’s hands are holding onto her thighs as he focuses on that bundle of nerves that he learned is a good spot to tease. He wants to show her how much pleasure he can bring her but he is not sure he can wait much longer now that his mate is naked before him.

Lexi is thinking along the same lines after several minutes pass. She is getting really needy for more so she says, “Baby...please fill me up now. I want you inside of me...”

Mark stops long enough to say, “I know but I want to make sure you feel good first.” He keeps working his mouth along her slit until he makes her release happen. The moment it happens thanks to being her first time like happens within minutes of him saying that.

He knows they are both too inexperienced to hold out for long the first time. He is making sure to make it last as long as possible though. As soon as he knows she is done he gets off the bed long enough to take his jeans and boxers off. His dick is hard and now able to be seen finally.

Lexi can’t believe how big it is. She is a little nervous about it fitting into her but Mark quickly goes to her side and lies beside her. He has noticed the look his mate has. He says softly, “It is okay. It will fit and I promise that I will do all I can to make it feel good.”

Lexi nods slowly as she says, “I trust you. Let’s get you some pleasure too before you fill me up~” Her nervous tone is still there but Mark understands that she may need a moment before they get to the main event of their mating.

Mark settles up against the headboard as he spreads his legs open enough to draw her in between. He says softly, “If you like, go ahead and get a taste. I promise you that I will make this a night we will never forget.”

Lexi blushes at his words and does just that. She feels him drawing her in and she follows until her mouth is near his cock. This strong erection he has throbs just from the soft breath from Lexi.

Mark growls for a moment and that growl turns into a groan of pleasure as Lexi starts to slowly lick the tip with that warm tongue. Mark loves how it feels. It is almost like he is not the only one who has tried to find ways to learn without physical contact for this moment.

Lexi listens to the sounds from her mate and it spurs her on as she carefully brings the full length into her mouth. It makes her gag a little but she carefully backs off enough and eases into it again.

He can feel his first release building in his balls as he lets her set the pace of the blowjob. Mark groans in need as the pleasure grows as he feels her hand go to his balls. The way they are massaged while his mate’s head is bobbing up and down as best she can, it is heavenly.

Mark is not sure he will be able to hold back much longer with this kind of pleasure. He doesn’t want to cum too soon though because as a virgin, he is afraid to reach his peak too soon with such strong pleasure. He manages to hold back long enough to be proud of himself. However, he finally unleashes his cum into her mouth.

Lexi pulls off after drinking down that warm and salty treat before suddenly being pinned to the bed. Mark is kissing along her neck near where his mark is going to go tonight. He releases her hands from his hold long enough to get a silver foil wrapped package out of his drawer. He gets a few of them out just in case.

Once he has the protection on, he lines up with her wet slit and looks into her purple eyes. Mark asks, “Are you ready for this?” Lexi nods her head as she whispers, “I am ready. Make me yours.”

Mark slides into her upon hearing that and enjoys the feeling as he carefully pushes each inch into Lexi. He doesn’t stop until he is balls deep into this sexy female and then he kisses along her neck again while letting her adjust to his size.

Lexi moans in pleasure and only feels a little spark of pain as she is too turned on to feel much else. She knows tomorrow she will be sore but tonight is worth it as she finally is mating with the one she loves.

Mark slowly moves his hips starting with a slow and steady pace while working his mouth along her neck to leave hickey marks. However it doesn’t take long for his wolf to want it faster and he gives in after a few minutes of slow to make sure his mate doesn’t end up hurt.

Lexi moans and grinds every time she can with each slow thrust. It is not fast enough, her wolf and herself are in need of a rougher thrust. Finally when she feels the pace increase she knows it is her mate’s wolf egging him on to breed her.

Lexi cries out loudly not caring who may hear her pleasured cries as she feels the rougher thrusts into her core grow stronger. The pleasure grows more intense with each passing minute. Her walls massage and milk that hard cock for all it is worth.

Mark pants and growls as he says, "So tight and amazing." He is not afraid to admit it now because he has loved her since high school. But until now, he had no idea he had no idea it would lead to this night.

Lexi hears him say that and it makes her blush as well as make her heart race. Lexi smiles as she says, "It feels amazing to be one with you." Her body is encouraging each thrust into her core. She cries out his name while his own groans and growls of her name fill the room as well.

After a while they finally reach their peaks. In that moment, Mark’s mouth finds the spot where the neck meets the shoulder and he bites Lexi with a mating bite. Lexi feels that increase the pleasure and sends her over the edge as she meets her much needed orgasmic release for the second time tonight.

Thanks to how tight his mate has gotten around his cock, he can feel himself about to cum as well. He moves his head to the side leaving his neck open for a mating bite from her. Mark doesn’t mind letting his mate mark him because once that happens the true marking magic can happen.

Lexi is looking at him with such intensely loving eyes as she moves her upper body enough to almost straddle him while feeling him so deep inside of her. Lexi whispers, "It is your turn now, Mark~" Lexi’s tone is full of desire and happiness as she bites the same spot on him.

It is Mark’s turn to feel the intense wave of pleasure from the mating bite as he howls before releasing his full load into the condom. He is panting in the after glow as they both lie down after enjoying the first time together.

Mark slowly pulls out to take the condom off and throw it away. He lies back down on the bed with her afterwards and cuddles up. Mark says softly, “I am so glad I waited for you, Lexi.” He kisses her on the lips in a gentle and loving way. Lexi kisses back with a smile. She softly says, "I am glad I waited for you.” She snuggles into his hold pressing her naked body to his. She is feeling a little sore between the legs but it is worth it after what she has experienced.

Mark gently rubs her back as sleep overcomes him. Beside him, Lexi drifts off into sleep as well. Lexi's head is against Mark's chest as she sleeps.

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