The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 5: Trouble is Brewing

Morning arrives sooner than Lexi would like as she wakes up sore from the night's activities. She feels the warmth behind her in the bed and snuggles into it with that heavy arm of her mate around her naked waist. She can barely believe this is truly real. Never would this she-wolf have thought that she would get to be mates with one of her friends that she has known most of her life. And to top it off, she just gave her virginity to said male last night.

Lexi is happy and excited as well as wondering what this means. The luna training will have to happen now that she is mated to the alpha of the pack. However something draws her thoughts from this as she notices where she has marked her mate is now a tattoo of a full moon with a stunning red rose around it. In the center of the moon is a howling wolf shadow.

Lexi smiles as she knows the same mark is upon her neck as well because in this pack their mating bites upon the first mating turns into a special tattoo unique to each mated couple. She had no idea what her special mark would be with her mate but now that she has seen what it is. It is stunning to her.

She smiles softly as she manages to wiggle free of her mate needing to use the bathroom. She looks to see it is only 7 a.m. That is good, she has time to wash up and prepare for whatever the day has for them. As she walks naked to the bathroom, there is a sudden feeling of being watched.

For a moment she wonders if she has awoken Mark. So she turns her head to see if he is awake. Mark is still asleep so why is she feeling this way? Lexi then tries to reason that maybe it is one of the pack somewhere nearby keeping an eye for enemies or rouges. She steps into the bathroom trying to put it out of her mind.

Mark wakes up just as he hears water running in the bathroom. He blinks and sees Lexi is gone. So he gets up naked still to go join his mate in the shower. He knows she probably only has been out of the bed for a few minutes or so. Her side is still warm to the touch.

Mark sneaks into the bathroom and hears her humming softly to herself. That is when he steps into the shower and gently slides his arms around her. Lexi lets out a small scream from being surprised and laughs when she sees who it is. She says, "You shouldn't startle your mate like that. I am glad you are awake though, we need to clean up and prepare to give the announcement that we are mates."

Mark laughs at her reaction but whines at her words as he doesn't want to do that. He wants to spend the whole day with her making love and holding her. But he knows they must as the luna training for his mate is important otherwise the pack will not know if their luna is truly able to protect them as well.

Mark nuzzles her neck as he says, "I know but are you sure we can't get away with a little more time alone?" He is starting to feel the need to claim his mate again. Lexi smiles as she says, "I wish that we could but we have things to attend and I need to make sure that I quit at the bar properly. If I am going to be luna, I can't be working a bar. I can put some of my education to use instead to help us raise some pups in the future."

Mark's smile grows as he hears her talk about her future with him and what can be done. He kisses along the tattoo that is their mark now. He says softly, "I am looking forward to the day when we can have some pups of our own. Since we are mated, how long do you want to wait on having our first?"

It is a valid question as alpha he is going to need someone to run things after him which means he can't wait too long for an heir. Mark also doesn't want to pressure Lexi into being a baby maker too soon. This is why he is asking her now about it so they can seriously start thinking of their future.

Lexi thinks about it and says, "I know based on our ages and what the pack needs that we can't wait too long, Mark. So all I ask is give me at least four months before we talk about trying for one. Is that okay with you?" She is truly curious because that will give them some time to focus on their relationship and anything she needs to do as luna of the pack before they start bringing any thoughts to when to try for a pup.

Mark is actually surprised that she asks for such a short period of time. He is glad to know she is thinking like he is though to a point. He answers, "I think that is fine. And if you change your mind, we can talk more then about what we want. I only bring it up now because like you said, we have what the pack needs on our shoulders too. I don't like the pressure on us for the pack's sake but for you and me, I am going to give us as long as we want before we decide."

Lexi is so happy that her and Mark are on the same page for wanting to take some time for them. She turns around in his arms and kisses him lovingly. Mark keeps his mate pressed to him as they kiss. Lexi can feel how hard he is and wishes she could do more for him right now but the most she can do is use her hand or mouth because they don't have a lot of time before the pack will want to gather so they can annouce.

Mark sees some conflict in Lexi's eyes when the kiss breaks and says, "I will take care of this problem on my own this morning. I know we don't have long even though I wish we did so I could mate with you again." Mark is showing his gentle side today because soon he will have to be the strong alpha before his pack.

Even though everyone is aware of how gentle and kind he is. This is why they are so loyal to Mark. Mark is the type of alpha willing to help his pack and join in training as they work on their skills as warriors. This is how the oldest son of the first alpha ran the pack and Mark has always loved those stories. It is why he runs the pack the same way like his father before him.

Lexi smiles at his words and says, "I will make it up to you tonight when we are able to. Provided the day doesn't steal all our energy, of course." She giggles a little as she doubts that will stop them.

Mark grins as he says, "In that case, I am looking forward to how you make it up to me for making me have to use my poor hand this morning." He kisses her after a little teasing. Lexi kisses back before washing up and getting out of the shower. She has none of her own clothing here yet other than what she wore last night.

However, the moment she steps back into the bedroom she sees some female clothing on the bed. She recognizes it as some of her own from her house. So her aunt or uncle has already arrived and by the looks, there is a bag full of some outfits too. She is grateful for them as she lets the towel fall and starts to dress. The feeling of being watched returns though as she gets the last of her clothing on.

Lexi looks out the window to see nothing at first. But then she spots movement running away. There was someone watching, but for how long and why? She is a bothered by this and stays looking out the window until she hears Mark's worried voice.

Mark asks, "Lexi? What is wrong?" He watches as she turns around to face him. Mark is just in a towel having finished his portion of the shower.

Lexi says softly, "There was someone watching our room. I don't know for how long or why but I have a bad feeling. This isn't good if we are being watched like that." She shows him by pointing where she saw the movement.

Mark cusses softly as he says, "You are right. I am going to send the trackers out to look now. See if they can get some leads on the scent or catch whoever it is." He is concerned because this could mean danger to him or Lexi. Or it could be about the pack itself.

He won't let anyone hurt this pack. He has killed before for the sake of those he cares about. He does it with a remorseful heart that it came to that but he doesn't flinch from doing his duty as alpha.

Mark mind links to Luke, 'Send the trackers to the north side of the pack lands. Lexi saw someone watching my bedroom from that area.'

Luke's concerned tone is clear as he mind links back, 'I am already on it. Go ahead and focus on keeping the pack and Lexi safe, I have the trackers heading out now.'

Lexi looks to Mark knowing there is some mind linking going on. She waits until he is done to ask, "Are the trackers heading out now?" She is curious to know what is going on. Mark nods, "Yes, I just told Luke to send them out. For now that is all we can do until we get more answers. I am going to increase the security of our borders in case it is a rouge or another pack plotting."

Mark is not going to hide this from her. He knows Lexi would hate if she is lied to. Since his mate told him the truth of what she saw, he is going to be honest with her as well. Mark knows that to make this work that he has to treat her as his equal on all matters. Most alphas seem to struggle with that in the other packs from what he has seen. He doesn't want that kind of wedge between him and his mate.

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