The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 6: The new luna

A half hour after what happened in the bedroom, Lexi is in the kitchen eating the breakfast that Mark has made for her. Mark is eating his portion as his parents join them. Gerrard speaks up as he says, “So you didn’t make enough for your parents? Hello Lexi, welcome back home. I hope my silly son has not caused you any discomfort since becoming his mate.” He is joking because he knows full well something is going on based on the look in his son’s eyes. He can see it is Lexi’s eyes as well.

Lexi smiles at Gerrard and says, “Well I did try to convince him but he seems to think you can cook for yourselves today.” She is joking right back because she is already familiar with Gerrard and his mate, Melania. Melania is an half Italian woman who grew up in a different pack. Lexi loves hearing the stories these two share about their lives and their son.

Mark pouts as he says, "Aww, why are on his side, babe? I thought you were on my side of this today." He is trying to appeal to Lexi's attraction to him. Lexi giggles as she kisses Mark on the cheek and says, "Oh darling, you know I still am on your side no matter what~"

Melania steps into the room to see this part and says, "Awww this is wonderful. Lexi, I am so glad you are my daughter now. May I see the mate tattoo that you and my son share?" His mother is curious to what her son and Lexi have.

Gerrard is about to say something to stop her when Lexi moves her hair to the side enough to show it off. Melania lets out a string of Italian in her excitement. Thanks to the way Melania keeps her hair in a bun most mornings, a special tattoo that is of a simple red rose is seen.

Mark smiles at his mother's reaction dropping the pout because he is glad to see her this happy instead of worried about him for a change. Lexi comments, "I see roses must be a common theme in your family since my mark has a rose as part of the design as well."

Gerrard nods as he says, "In my family each mark has a rose in the design somewhere and any of our mates get that in their marks as well but depending on the family, there will be other elements to the tattoo. In my case, Melania's family doesn't seem to have a set part of the symbol. But I love the tattoo mark I have because it is simple and full of love like my beautiful mate."

Lexi's smile softens as she can understand that kind of love. She has always dreamed of that for herself but with something special to her and her mate. Lexi says, "That was beautifully put. I can see where Mark gets his more romantic ideas from. I remember my aunt and uncle telling me that our family always has the moon in part of the tattoo between mates. There are various options with the different phases of the moon to work with. The rose touch is a beautiful touch to my and Mark's tattoo. I am a bit nervous though about being announced the new luna."

She is not afraid to admit this to Mark's parents as she knows she can rely on them too. They are the ones who told her what her parents names are even though there is no way to find them. They have tried for years to find some sign of them to try and figure out why they went missing.

Gerrard understands as he says, "To be honest, it isn't easy being alpha and luna of a pack. There are bumps along the way but as long as you two work together, I know you will do just fine. Melania is going to work with you this week to start preparing you for the luna training. As a former luna, she is your trainer for this."

Melania nods as she gently hugs Lexi. She adds, "Yes, I am looking forward to this Lexi. I know you will do just fine in the training. The pack will love you and I know you are a great fit for the role." Melania has always liked Lexi as a possible luna. But without knowing who would end up mated to Mark, she didn't dare speak her thoughts on who she thought should be by Mark's side.

Lexi hugs back and says, "Thank you, that means a lot to hear it. I will work hard to make you and your mate proud of me." She means it as she loves this family a lot. She is proud to be joining it. There are some females in the pack who have had their eye on the luna position since Mark turned 18. But when no mate match was made, most of them gave up because no one can force a mate match. If it is even attempted, then there are very strict punishments that happen.

This doesn't stop most males and females from trying to from time to time in any of the werewolf packs though. That is part of what worries Mark is if it is a wolf who had an eye on him or Lexi about to start trouble. Now that he is marked and mated to the one he is meant for, nothing can break it and he can have no other mate. Mark and any werewolf knows this but there are still some that may not respect the bond enough to leave them to their happiness.

Lexi can tell Mark is thinking about something and wonders if she should draw him out of his thoughts or not. She decides to leave him be for now and gets a portion of the breakfast for Mark's parents as Mark did in fact make enough for them too.


Luke is keeping in contact with the trackers. They have caught the scent of a male werewolf but once it reaches a point near the border it disappears. Whoever it was has gotten away despite their best efforts to catch whoever was spying. How did they get onto the pack lands without anyone knowing? Luke doesn't like the report he is getting which means there is someone or something aiding in this. The help could be in the pack itself somewhere as the reports say it was not a rouge. Rouges have a certain scent that is meant to mark them as different from the packs.

Luke accepts the reports and thanks the trackers. He tells them to keep an eye on things and find what they can to possibly identify the werewolf they are after. He sends the reports to Mark though the mind link.

Mark sends a mental sigh before he says, 'Okay, keep me updated and keep doing what you can to find some clues to what is going on. If it isn't a rogue, then it is someone from a different pack. We could have trouble brewing without being aware of it yet.'

Luke sends through the mind link, 'Understood, I will see what I can find out. I will let you know what I find.' He cuts off at that point and gets to work trying to find answers. He just hopes he can figure this out before it becomes too late to protect the pack from a threat.

Luke doesn't want to be caught unaware of the threats that may be present. For now all he can do is work with the trackers and hope they can get some answers soon.

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