The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 7: Luna training and trouble closing in

After Lexi, Mark, and his parents are done eating, they start to the main meeting area where the pack comes to hear important announcements. The only ones not able to come this time are the ones currently keeping the area safe but word will be sent to them as well once they are back.

Mark stands before his people with Lexi behind him by his parents. Mark says to his pack, "I have found my mate finally after the past few years of looking. The good news is you all know her very well as she belongs to this pack already."

He pauses as the pack starts to whisper excitedly for a moment. When that dies down Mark continues to speak. He motions Lexi to come forward as he says, "Please meet your luna, Lexi!"

The moment Lexi walks to his side, he slides an arm around her to reassure his mate. Lexi smiles as the whole pack cheers. The only ones who do it in a half hearted way are the trio of sisters who had their eye on the alpha for a while hoping one of them would be in that spot.

Lexi doesn't let their looks bother her as she honestly has been seeing looks like that since they were 13. Lexi just smiles happily to the pack as she says, "Hello and I am proud to say I will do all I can to ensure that I support the pack and be the best luna I can be."

One of the older ones jokingly says, "So did you make a pup together yet?" Some of the older ones still joke like that with younger mated pairs because once upon a time that is how it went. The moment they mated, it was time to make a pup. No one does that anymore but it is a funny joke because of the reactions it causes.

Lexi blushes as she says, "Not yet, we are giving me time to focus on luna training before we consider a pup of our own." She is laughing a little with the joke because she has grown up with this kind of humor. That gets a loud clapping response from the older ones as this is the first mated pair to really answer even after knowing it is a joke. Most just avoid answering the joke.

Mark is a little pink in the cheeks as well and is glad that the pack approves. He sends them all out to do their usual work around the pack. Once they are alone, he kisses Lexi and says, "Go start your luna training with my mother. I will have extra warriors there in case of anything happening. I promise to be down there as soon as I can. I have to see the pups who are now starting training today because they are old enough."

Lexi understands as she gently rubs his back as she holds onto him. She says softly, "I will look forward to it. Tonight we can cuddle and do what we want." She feels his arms around her until Melania comes up to them and gently reminds that it is time to start training.

Lexi nods as she lets go of Mark and smiles lovingly as she says, "Go show those pups what a strong and kind leader can do. I will be okay with your mom and dad during my luna training today." Gerrard is stepping in to help guard Melania and Lexi today since his son has sent warning to him that something happened this morning.

Mark grins as he kisses Lexi's cheek before saying, "You know it, my mate." He loves saying that now that he has one. He heads out and Lexi heads off to her training.


Lexi's boss is in his with some cops answering questions because apparently one of his servers last night ended up dead. It looks like a mugging but they want to cover all their bases and find out what the boss may know.

The man is aware of who killed her but he can't do so without revealing the supernatural world so he just answers the best he can while lying about how much he really knows. It is a message to show that the one he is answering to is not playing around.

The owner of the bar is glad when the police finally leave and starts to plan how to take Lexi somewhere where she can be taken by the ones who want her. The problem is that last night was her last night as she has to focus on something else and she told him so.

Last night he thought he could convince her to stay but it turned into her laughing as if he is joking. So he laughed as if he was happy for her. He has to find a way to get to her. The question is how as he is not welcome in the pack area. He has to find out something to help him and fast.


Unaware of what is going on back in the bar, Lexi spends her whole day training and training hard for what she is taking over. She is proud and glad that she is able to do this. She feels bad for leaving Roy, her now former boss, without her help but this needs to be her life. This is the role she is part of and her schooling will give her enough of a human cover to run a business from here to earn money.

Lexi comes in finally around dinner sweaty and worn out from the training. Mark sees her come in as he just finished some of his alpha duties. He kisses her and says, "You look sexy like this. Too bad I have to wait until after dinner."

One of the pack members nearby says, "Save it for the bedroom, Alpha Mark." The tone is joking as everyone is like this when they get their mates. Mark just laughs as he says, "Well of course, I wouldn't want to make you or the others go blind from how bright and stunning my sexy Lexi is~"

It is Lexi's turn to laugh even though she feels the hold tighten a little. She knows that Mark is feeling protective while joking with the pack like he is. So she doesn't mind but says, "Well, I will let you two debate this because I really need a shower before I eat."

Mark lets her go after kissing her and whispers, "Tonight, I am looking forward to seeing what we can do." He knows she is tired and will respect that if she isn't in the mood. But what Lexi whispers to him makes his eyes light up. It seems he is right to say what he has.

Lexi grins at Mark before heading upstairs to shower. Her stuff is going to be moved into his room by the end of the week. Mark's old nursery room is being touched up and prepared by his parents because they want to make sure that there is no dust on the stuff in there. They have maintained the room so that their son could have a safe place to set any pups he has now that he is with a mate.

Lexi doesn't mind what they are doing as it shows that she has loving in-laws who just want her to have a safe home with Mark. And when the time comes to have a little one, she knows that Mark and his parents will help her keep the nursery a safe room for a pup.

Lexi showers and gets dressed in the bathroom. She leaves the bathroom only to feel like she is being watched again. She shivers out of fear because for some reason this wolf or creature watching her is strong enough and fearful enough to actually spark fear in the new luna.

Mark feels through their link that Lexi is feeling something strong and rushes up to their room. He opens the door and carefully embraces her as he does his best not to startle her. Lexi jumps in fear anyway with a growl before smelling her mate's scent. She calms down and says, "I don't see anything but something horrible was watching our room again. I know the trackers are near..."

Mark rubs her back and just does all he can to soothe her. He says, "Yes and they told me they just caught the scent of the one watching this room. They are going after it. There is no way they are going to let whoever it is escape unless this person has inside help."

Lexi shivers a little knowing what that will mean if it does. Her beloved and gentle alpha will be forced to kill whoever is helping put the pack in danger. She knows that as alpha he hates having to kill any of his pack for their severe crimes but he is not going to just let highly dangerous wolves go loose as rouges.

Mark hopes that he is wrong about anyone helping the enemy because he always does what he must but all the packs know that Mark is not the type to enjoy killing anyone. Other packs challenge him from time to time because they see this as a weakness. But Mark wins every single time because he is not afraid to defend what is his. Gentle or not, a wolf will defend what belongs to it.

Lexi stays in his arms while she calms down. She finally says after a few minutes, "We should go eat dinner. Thank you for coming to comfort me. I am glad I have the gentle alpha as my mate." She kisses him softly with loving purple eyes.

Mark kisses back and says, "It is my pleasure to always be there for you. I love you Lexi and I have since we were teenagers." He means it as he has always wanted Lexi even though at the time he knew there was a big chance of her not being his mate.

Lexi blushes at his words as she says, "I love you, Mark. It took me leaving to figure out my feelings for you. But I am glad I came back and ended up being your mate. Now let's go eat dinner and show the pack that I am safe." She knows that by now there is probably at least one of their trusted family spying behind the door to make sure all is well.

Mark smiles as he says, "Mom, you might as well come in. We are dressed still." Melania comes in laughing at being caught. She says, "I saw you running up here and I had to make sure all is well. I told your father something happened and he is waiting for your report when you have it. He wants to help you protect this pack."

Mark nods as he says, "Take Lexi downstairs to eat. I will go talk to dad and then be down. He deserves to know as he may know what the threat might be." Once his mother and Lexi are gone he leaves the room to find his dad in the office waiting. He looks at his father and says, "Well, it is time to talk about something I have been looking into all day with the trackers and Luke."


Author's Note:

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the story so far. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think will happen.

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