The Gentle Alpha

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Chapter 8: Time to make a plan

Gerrard looks at his son and nods as he says, “So your mother is right that you and Lexi have spotted some possible trouble. Please tell me what you can so I can help you protect this pack. You are the alpha now, but even a former alpha can prove useful.”

Mark nods as he settles into a chair and says, “It started this morning when we woke up. Lexi saw something watching the bedroom window. So I had the trackers and Luke go look into what was going on. But they didn’t get much other than the faint scent of another wolf that we don’t know. After that I had them keep looking for any clues they can. Lexi then saw something similar watching the room again when she went to clean up after training. I was just there comforting her because something is really spooking her. We need answers but whatever they are using to keep their scent masked is weakening the scent of their wolf.”

Mark sighs when he is done speaking. Gerrard thinks on it and says, “It could be someone from the pack you went to before finding Lexi. That pack alpha has a daughter he really wants you to be with. Remember how often he brings her with him when he visits and I am sure your visit there had her at every possible spot hoping to force your hand and accept her. Now that you have a mate, things could be forming because your mate isn’t who that alpha wants it to be.”

Mark considers it and has to admit his father’s insight on this could be true. But for now he is not sure as there is not enough evidence to prove if that is the true culprit or not. He talks with his father for a little bit longer before deciding that they both need to eat and come back to this in the morning.


Lexi is eating with Melania. She knows something bad is going to happen. But she doesn’t know when or how. She is worried as she finally has her mate and feels happy. She is just starting her training to be a good luna. She feels like she is being tested by the moon goddess with this trouble. She hopes this isn’t a test being sent her way because she would like to prove herself without a war.

Melania can tell what is going on must be bothering the poor girl. She is not sure what to say because honestly it just comes down to finding out what is going on and solving it the best they can. There is no point in worrying the girl with things that may not happen because there is one thing Melania knows and that is that her son will do anything to protect the pack and Lexi.

Lexi hears Mark and smells his scent as he finally joins her. She smiles at him and is glad that he has arrived. Gerrard is now coming down to sit next to Melania. Dinner goes by with mostly light hearted conversations to try and keep tension from building too much.

After dinner Lexi and Mark cuddle on the couch with a movie on Netflix. They are in the living room keeping things innocent because Mark just really wants to hold his mate right now. Lexi agrees as she is feeling safe and loved in Mark’s arms as a romantic movie plays on the screen. The movie is Lexi’s pick as she snuggles with her mate.

Mark is not really a fan of these movies but for tonight if that is what his mate wants, then that is what she gets. Mark wants to make her happy before they start planning together how to handle this threat to them. Mark ends up dozing off by the halfway point of the movie and so does Lexi. The alpha couple is napping on the couch with Lexi curled up against Mark’s chest. Mark’s arm is around Lexi to keep her safe.

They stay like that for a little while until finally the darkness of the room other than the TV screen makes Mark wake up enough to look around. He realizes they fell asleep. So he turns the TV off and carefully picks up Lexi. That is when the sound of glass breaking catches his attention. A rogue has made it into the pack house through the back door. Lexi is suddenly alert in Mark’s arms as she hears the glass break. Mark sets her down and motions for her to run to his parents and hide there.

Lexi refuses as she will help her mate. In the mind link, Mark calls to his pack to get any nearby wolves to come help him protect Lexi. There is sounds of fighting in the backyard of the pack house. It seems that there is more than one rogue here. Some of the pack has already found them but there is only one so far in the pack house.


The rogue grins as he moves along the dark pack house. He knows the alpha is alert, good maybe he can kill the alpha for his boss while taking the female while she is too heartbroken to fight. Just as he is about to sneak out of the hallway he is in, that is when a punch hits his face. Luke has come from his room after securing his mate and pup into a room for safety.

The rouge growls as he attacks Luke. Two more rouges enter the pack house while Luke is busy fighting. The rouge that Luke is fighting says, “Go find the girl!” The two nod and run off to try and find the female, Lexi. Mark keeps Lexi behind him as he follows her upstairs. He mind links with her, “Lexi, get to my parents now. They can help keep you safe. I just heard one of them order others to come find you. Go hide, I will be fine.”

Lexi looks at him and is determined to fight so instead of running to hide, she runs instead to get his parents to help. Along the way Gerrard sees Lexi coming to him and he says, "Go to my wife. Stay hidden, they are not getting what they came for." Gerrard will make sure of that as he goes to join Mark.

Downstairs is a battle starting as Mark is against two rouges fighting with them. He just killed one when the other stabs Mark with a silver knife in the leg. Gerrard hurries to kill the rouge that did that and goes to his son's side. He asks, "Mark are you okay? How bad is it?"

Mark grits his teeth as he says, "I will be fine, it is not as bad as it could of been. It just burns thanks to the silver. We need to make sure Lexi is safe. They want her, we need one of the rouges alive to get answers."

Gerrard agrees as he says, "We will get our answers. Send the order out to bring one back alive." Mark nods as he does what his father has suggested while leaning on the railing of the staircase. His leg feels like it is burning thanks to the wound. Lexi has reached the safe room because she knows that someone needs to stay with the women and pups who are not able to be out there fighting. She will protect them as their luna.

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